SF Examiner Spotlights Biscardi

Posted by: Loren Coleman on October 9th, 2011

The news reporter who spoke with me finished his article about Tom Biscardi, talking of the BBC filming the man soon.

Here’s what Paul Gackle wrote, in part:

Biscardi hopes to finally silence his critics during an expedition that will focus on Arkansas, Florida, West Virginia and Illinois, where Bigfoot-related activity has recently been reported.

But others working to solve the Bigfoot mystery think Biscardi’s latest hunt is just another gimmick.

“It always ends up being nothing,” said Diane Stocking, who has researched Bigfoot sightings for almost four decades and created Stocking Hominid Research Inc. in Oregon. “To the Bigfoot community, he’s a joke. No one takes him seriously.”

Diane Stocking, left, with her twin sister Donna Cohrs.

In the past 40 years, Biscardi said he’s encountered Bigfoot six times. But while capture has eluded him, the infamous monster hunter, who moonlights as a Las Vegas promoter, has managed to turn Bigfoot into a thriving commercial industry.

Over the years, the founder of Searching for Bigfoot Inc. has produced four documentaries while hosting the weekly radio show “Bigfoot Live” on his website…where he sells caps, T-shirts, mugs and doormats, among other creature items.

“You bet I’m in it for the money. I don’t work for free,” Biscardi said.

This isn’t the first time Biscardi has been accused of plotting a hoax. In 2005, he went on the radio show “Coast to Coast AM” claiming he knew the location of a captured Bigfoot close to the Oregon border and would air footage online via webcam for a small fee. But on the day footage was slated to be released, he said he’d been “hoodwinked” by a woman in Nevada.

Then in 2008, Biscardi held a news conference in Palo Alto with two Georgia men who claimed they were holding a Bigfoot carcass in their freezer. Biscardi confirmed the creature’s authenticity, saying he had measured its feet and touched its intestines. But soon after, the Georgia men admitted the pictures were nothing more than a Halloween costume stuffed with animal parts.

British director Morgan Matthews said his documentary, tentatively titled “Of Monsters and Men,” will be a portrait of several men like Biscardi, who devote their lives to chasing mysterious creatures.

“I think Tom has something to prove and that makes it interesting for us,” Matthews said.

“When you’re on top of the mountain, they all want to knock you down,” Biscardi said. “Hopefully this will be the time we put an end to this thing.” San Franscisco Examiner

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
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8 Responses to “SF Examiner Spotlights Biscardi”

  1. David Echevarria via Facebook responds:

    Well that explains a whole lot…. moron.

  2. Mark Stenberg via Facebook responds:

    Wouldn’t waste my time or money on that “FOOL!”

  3. oldphilosopher responds:

    When pigs fly.

  4. Randal Bradford via Facebook responds:

    he’s nothing more than a circus sideshow ringmaster……wouldnt surprise me one bit if he DIDNT believe in sasquatch but decided he could make tons of money off the legend……bottom line: he’s an publicty whore!

  5. choppedlow responds:

    “When your at the top of the mountain”? What mountain is he talking about? And what magical world is it in? This guy is surrounded by maybe a dozen people that are the same ones he does “shout out’s” too on every podcast, and are the same ones who keep telling him that he is relevant. If you want the names of these guys, they are listed as “victims” on his documentary. I have a feeling that these people send the other half of their pension checks to TV evangelists. I also believe these were the same kind of people who would give the popular kid their milk money so they could hang out with the cool kid. And there is nothing cooler than an old fogy who dresses like Elvis and who sees monsters at every stop.

  6. mungofoot responds:

    top of the mountain eh? I don’t know about getting to the top of that thing but I bet with a couple of steam shovels I could move the pile, a regular shovel just won’t do for that great heap

  7. davidk responds:

    “I think Tom has something to prove and that makes it interesting for us,”

    Of course he has!! A worthy scientific endeavor.

    Through his work Biscardi will be able to prove his hypothesis that…

    “…there’s a sucker born every minute.”

  8. aenea responds:

    Mountain? His perception’s too twisted. He’s not standing on a mountain, but a molehill. A very very small one.

    Sorry. Can’t help it. This guy leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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