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The Blue Hill Horror

Posted by: Loren Coleman on September 17th, 2009

What is “It”? For now, it is “The Blue Hill Horror.”

“Shocking photographs of ‘something’ that has washed ashore in Panama is sending chills up the spines of Central American readers for a creature rivaling the Montauk Monster has invaded their land.”

Well, that’s a caption I created of what I imagine some editors are feeling they would like to have written about the photos published this week in Panama.

Instead, here is Cryptomundo correspondent Harris Eisenberg and my rough translation of the text accompanying the images above:

“The finding of a strange Blue Hill creature has awaked controversial among the population, because while some assert that it is a being of another planet, others think simply that it is an animal. Four adolescents between 14 and 16 years of age, discovered it in the Blue Hill Spurt, this past Saturday [September 12, 2009], while they were amusing themselves in the area. According to what they related, one of them suddenly saw the creature leave a cave located behind the water spurt. When it saw their appearance, it began to climb on rocks towards them; one [of the teens] was scared, so he began to stone it and to throw sticks at it, causing it to be killed; then they threw it into the water and they fled.”

Telemetro, September 15, 2009.. (Smoother translation text will be welcomed and used to replace the one above.)

It looks like another mundane animal washed ashore, and a story has been created to explain it.

But what species of animal could it be?


New photo added of the decayed body, allegedly.

Thanks to Alex & Tansky.


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68 Responses to “The Blue Hill Horror”

  1. flightsuit responds:

    It’s a tree sloth that’s been in the water for quite some time.

  2. Loren Coleman responds:

    Dear flightsuit…yes, I see your point but until we have firm DNA confirmation, perhaps a more tentative, “I think it’s a tree sloth” would be more in keeping with this site. That is, unless, of course, you have inside info we don’t know about?

  3. YourPTR! responds:

    Geez that really does look freaky Loren! Supposing it’s not a hoax (and there’s no reason to believe it is I guess) i’ve no idea what that could be, but flightsuit’s suggestion is interesting.

  4. Andrew Minnesota responds:

    My guess was a sloth without hair as well

  5. Radical Dreamer responds:

    I would like to know the size of it before beginning to guess. A sloth would be a very interesting answer, however, from my brief scrolling through images, a Sloth has a darkened snout, with a rather dark nose, like a dark colored dog. I am giving myself room to be incorrect, but small, possible clues, lead me to think it’s not a sloth. Perhaps in some case it is a sloth? Could it be rather young? Are there offspring born hairless?

  6. Jonathan Marrero responds:

    Look at his hand in the first pic, it has claws just like a sloth. See?

    It could be a different type of sloth that we don’t know about yet…

    or, a completely hairless new creature. I gotta say, I shivered when I saw the pics, creepy as hell.

  7. adrianaitken responds:

    junior gollum – obvious when it was found living near a waterfall.
    Looking for ‘my precious’ no doubt.

  8. vampira309 responds:

    New to the site. First post. Greetings.

    I’ve really no idea what a turtle looks like without its shell, and all bloated and waterlogged…..but the face sort of looks turtle-y. Gollum sort of works too.

  9. maeko responds:

    the kids were playing by the sea, saw the creature emerge from a cave, the creature began climbing the rocks towards the children, the kids threw rocks and sticks at it until it was dead, and then it was thrown back into the ocean only to be found again right away?

    story doesn’t add up for me. this animal does not seem suitable for the environment if the carcass is as fresh as claimed. the skin has an odd sheen to it, lacks any hair (looks mammalian), and is very uniform in color. almost plastic-like in my opinion.

    it could be an older carcass of a real animal that washed up and the kids’ story is just rubbish. i would expect a little more decay in the facial area though. as to what it would be? beats me. really long upper forelimbs, long neck, small teeth, ears on the side, and a nose like a sheep? won’t even attempt it.

  10. darkshines responds:

    I also submitted this story to Loren, and I have to say this is the first cryptid in my 24 years on earth that has genuinely made me feel uneasy. I can look at half rotted basking sharks and hairless raccoons all day, but this. Maybe its because it looks more humanoid, I don’t know. I hope that the kids were lying and this thing wasn’t alive and moving around, otherwise I am moving out of my riverside apartment tomorrow! Even if I do live in Wales!

  11. minxerelli responds:

    another conundrum is that Cerro Azul (where it was supposedly found) is not anywhere near the ocean…

  12. odingirl responds:

    I have no idea what this thing is, but given the bloating and bluish tinge, I have my doubts, assuming these photos were supposedly taken soon after the event. It appears to be something that’s been dead a while. And why would you take photos of only the upper portion of the ‘creature’?

    I see no obvious wounds from the supposed stone and stick attack, either. So, I’m tempted to cry foul on this one.

  13. cryptidsrus responds:

    To be honest, this does not scream “Hairless Tree Sloth” off the top of my head—but hey, what do I know, right??? :)
    I agree with Loren. Let’s wait for the DNA test to be sure.

    I DO agree…

    Whatever this IS or is NOT—very creepy pictures. “Shiver.”

  14. Dan Gannon responds:

    Some kids found a tree sloth with pink skin under the fur, (or perhaps somehow de-melanized portions of the skin, after removing the fur,) either alive or already dead, removed its fur, (full body wax?,) and made up a bogus and not particularly believable story, to hoax the public. Seems the most likely explanation, to me. I note the unmistakeably sloth-like features, including the claws, as mentioned here already.

  15. TeacherChaisson responds:

    It looks like who ever took the photo deliberately left out the ends of the “arms” and the bottom of the body. It seems like it could be some sort of seal whose neck was elongated due to decomposition. This might also explain why the body appears to be so “fat” because lurking just outside the picture frame are its flippers…

  16. Sordes responds:

    A sloth seems very probable. If you look at one of the “hands”, you can even see the long thin sickle-claws of the sloth. And there is no need for a DNA-Study. A simple look into its mouth would show the dentition, which is very typical in sloths. Furthermore, an X-ray-examination would bring full light to the true structure of the skull and the rest of the skeleton. What I find strange again – and very typical for cryptid photos – there is no size comparison, there is no picture of the whole animal. And a further notion, why are the to photos on the left side from the same position but not symetrical? This means the lower photo was reflected to the other side on a PC, for what reason I don´t know.

  17. raedarius responds:

    There is an associated picture {added above ~ Loren} from the set which is said to show the creature in a later stage of decay. The claws suggest a sloth in that picture.

  18. English Boy responds:

    Yes the thing odingirl said about being no wounds hits me as the story being fake, but still couldnt tell what the creature is, if the story was to be true i’d feel sorry for it the kids could just run it looks harmless haha.

  19. MS Lurker responds:

    Tree Sloths are common in Panama. The claw looks like a sloth claw. Head shape, pretty sloth-like. The story sounds false…as the creature appears to have been dead for some time. Similar to other washed ashore creatures..there appears to be some fur left. I’ve written to family in Panama looking for more info.

  20. crackheadcheesecake responds:

    I’m thinking it’s a hoax. No shots of the feet and all of you seem to share the idea of it being a sloth. Hopefully in this hoax the sloth was truly found dead and not killed for the hoax.

    Have any of you watched the movie Eraserhead? Honestly it struck me right away. It looks a lot alike the deformed baby in Eraserhead and if this isn’t a sloth I can see how a movie may have helped someones creative side.

  21. StinkFoot responds:

    ha! thats me in luaghlin last week for labor day. i was a little bit more sunburnt and hungover looking but yeah that was me.

    its obvious, at least to me that its a tree sloth.

  22. Buckeye1 responds:

    Yes, the claws are a dead giveaway as are the long arms. It sure looks like a tree sloth that’s lost its fur.

  23. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    Come on People! This one is easy!

    Aren’t there any fans of director David Lynch’s movie “Eraserhead” out there? In the movie Eraserhead had a deformed baby. The producers of the movie used a real dead unborn calf wrapped in gauze as the baby and made it move like a puppet.

    Here is a link to some photos of the “Eraserhead” baby. Looks like it’s twin right down to the neck! My 2 Cents!


  24. Andrew D. Gable responds:

    That last picture is kinda weird, it has no real legs? Almost resembles a mermaid in a way.

  25. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    Actually there is debate as to if it was an unborn calf or an unborn sheep that was used in the movie. Either way whatever was used is the same species as what washed up on that shore!


  26. one4show responds:

    Looks to me that ET fell out of the basket on the bike he was riding in.

    I do have to say though when i first saw these pictures the other day and seeing the claw-like hands then considering the area around which it was found I thought sloth. Now whether it had no hair or the kids did something to remove the hair would be interesting to know. Good find and creepy none the less

  27. steele79 responds:

    tree sloth look at the claws

  28. shownuff responds:

    Could it be a sloth with no hair? Does anyone know if Sloths loose there hair after dying? The children killed it rite? Was it hairless or did it have hair before its departure? Who knows. But it is creepy and freaky.

  29. knotwing responds:

    i agree, it appears to be a sloth. the decomposed photo only proves it more- the claws on the hind leg in the foreground are rather obvious.

    sloth skeleton

    and i feel the need to point out that the article mentions “smoother translation text will be welcomed and used to replace the one above”, so all of the facts may not currently be accurately translated 😛

  30. korollocke responds:

    Nothing more than a tree sloth,yawn…

  31. fossilhunter responds:

    Greetings All!
    Well, well, well!! Today, boys and girls, we’re going to learn about the power of suggestion! All it takes is for someone to say it is hairless, and everybody sees no hair! Au contaire! The top left corner of the top left picture of the foursome shows… hair! And whadda ya know, it looks like sloth hair to me! And they would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for us meddling kids!

  32. flightsuit responds:

    The story about the alleged kids allegedly killing the alleged sloth-monster sounds way too much like the “4 inch alien found in Lahore, Pakistan” story, as wells the “Snake with claw stuns Chinese scientists” story which is currently making the rounds. In all three cases we have odd, but inconclusive photos supported by stories of backwoods folks discovering an extraordinary creature and immediately killing it.

    Interesting how memes repeat themselves.

  33. on the track responds:

    My money’s on sloth.

  34. Insanity responds:

    Sloths do not live in caves as far I know, they are strictly arboreal and often have difficulty moving about on land.

    That being said, this does look like a bald sloth to me. You can see the long, curved claws in some of scenes in the first image, and definitely in the second where the carcass is fairly decayed. The face reminds me of a sloth as well, short face, wide nose.

    Unfortunately, you cannot see a good view of the skull in the second image, would have been helpful.

    If this was a sick sloth, mange perhaps, that would explain the lack of hair. A sick sloth might be on the ground, as sick animals do not always behave normally.

  35. laGuerita responds:

    Here is a better translation of what was written… it says nothing about any ocean, btw…

    “The discovery of a strange creature in Cerro Azul (Blue Hill) has caused controversy among the population of the area. While some assert that it could be a being from another planet, others believe that it is simply an animal.

    Four adolescents, between 14 and 16 years of age, encountered the creature at the Cerro Azul Stream, last Saturday, while playing in the area.

    According to the account of one of the youth, they saw the creature come out of a cave located behind the stream. Upon seeing its appearance, and that it started to climb over the rocks toward one of them, they became frightened and started to throw stones and sticks at it, managing to kill it, after which they threw it in the water and fled.”

  36. inbetween responds:

    I am extremely suspicious of this story, there are a lot of holes in this story. They took photos but conveniently left out photos that show what we would need for a positive I.D. I doubt the part where they say they killed it , I see on injuries that would suport that , also it appears to have died long long before the photos.
    Did anyone even get tissue for a DNA analysis? If so who has it and which lab is it going to, too many inconsistencies.

  37. Ceroill responds:

    I agree that the most likely identification is a sloth.

  38. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:

    Hmmm it came out and it was thrown rocks and sticks… I wonder if the rocks were big enough to kill it. Plus it could of died out of shock when the objects were hitting it. Especially if it was a baby or a Scared, Frustrated or Sick animal.

    Second: if it was hairless in the beginning i don’t understand how it could be a sloth.

    Third: I can see the body sorta resembling a sloth, but the head and face does not resemble a sloth which leads me to think it’s an unknown bipedal animal. Sure i’m not ruling out a sloth nor i’m not ruling out a Unknown Sloth Kind. But as of now i can’t say it’s a sloth.

    of course. Someone trying to deny it’s existance would claim it’s a sloth after taking DNA test. I believe that Some people who take dna test can deny it’s an unknown new animal and say it’s some known animal and give us the name of the known animal.

  39. SOCALcryptid responds:

    This must be a sloth. Panama, hooked claws, come on.
    They do not swim well. I know because I have rescued a few while in Costa Rica. I have spent months in their enviroment.
    My daughter just spent six months in Brasil and she also rescued one. Like father like daughter. LOL

  40. bamaboy responds:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Sloths live in the jungle in trees? If that’s the case why would this thing be coming out of a cave?

  41. flemardo responds:

    This sums up my opinion on this.

  42. TeacherChaisson responds:

    With the new picture I would definitely put my money on sloth too.

  43. Westenra responds:

    Looks like a Sloth!!

  44. cryptomaniac responds:

    It looks like something from outer…three toed sloth

  45. parkus responds:

    I think this is the definitive answer.There’s your creature.


  46. Sordes responds:

    It is very common that carcasses will loose hair as a result of decomposition, especially if the carcass was for some time in the water. So there is no need to think about the riddle how a living sloth lost its hair, because this carcass was very probably for some time floating in the water. It looks at the first pictures also a bit bloatet at all parts of the body, and the skin looks also a bit wax-like, what are typical results of a dead body which was for some time in the water. Without predation by scavengers, a carcass in water needs about two times as long as on the air to decompose, and the grave wax which develops conserves the body for a longer time.

  47. dambert responds:

    so he began to stone it and to throw sticks at it, causing it to be killed; then they threw it into the water and they fled.”

    If objects large enough to kill it were thrown, would there not be bruises or cuts?

  48. faron27 responds:

    it look’s like a sloth however i myself have never shaved one to see :)

  49. Weezy responds:

    Lol, my first thought was the Eraserhead baby as well. As for the story, of course they would kill it, “oh no, something that looks a little weird that we don’t understand, let’s kill it”, typical.

  50. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:

    Apes and Monkeys have long arms like a Sloth. They have 2 legs and a body like a Sloth. They love trees and climbing. Yet they’re not Sloths. They’re very different animals.
    Whales can not mate with Sharks, but they both have fins.
    Sharks can not mate with Fish, they both have gills. Eagles and Ducks both have feathers and can fly, but they’re not the same kind of fowls. Both Sloths and this animal both have curved claws and long arms, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same kind of animal. For all we know, it needs this claws for defense and climbing.

    socialcryptid: I agree. If this were a sloth, i can understand that it couldn’t swim.

    Bamaboy: i agree completely. I personally don’t wanna say it’s a sloth. But it may be, at least an unknown kind. We can say it’s a Cave Dwelling Sloth (new kind). Can’t rule out the possibility that someone brought the animal to the cave and left it there. I’m sad the animal is dead, cause it could of been harmless. When it approached the kids, it probably want to play with them or thinking that it can help it somehow, or just passing by. Poor thing. ;( But i still don’t think it’s a sloth.

    Dambert: Never thought of that. Good point. Then again, the kids probably throw rocks in it’s back region. Notice in the picture it’s laying on it’s back, you only see it’s face and stomach region. And as i said before it was probably scared and/or frustrated so it died out of shock when the object hit it. That means that the objects don’t have to be big enough to bruise it.

    As for the curved Claws… well, let’s just say if this were not a sloth or not an unknown sloth, that is is a unknown animal, it’s possible that it can posses a curved claw. Lots of animals that are not the same kind, can posses something that the other animals have.

  51. Jeremy_Wells responds:


    That’s an interesting observation, and there is indeed a similarity. However the eye position is much different. It’s obvious in the cow fetus that the eyes are going to be offset, on the sides of the head. Whatever this is, its eyes are forward facing (and with the claws too, I’m leaning toward sloth, although initially I was shocked and at a loss, for lack of better words, at how otherworldly it looked).

  52. Platin responds:

    ok, there is a video of the teenagers explaining the sighting. And they didnt say anything about a cave. What they say is that one of them (the second one that talks in the video) was in the water and something touched him, then he came out of the water and all of them started throwing rocks at it until they realize “they have killed it”. The first one talks the story a bit different saying that the “creature” came out of the water. Besides, the photo in which a more decomposed body is shown (the second photo in this post) is said in the video not to belong to that sighting but is shown just to see the differences and similarities of the photos taken by the 4 teenagers and a death sloth.

    My guess is that the “creature”, which I think is pretty obvious is a sloth (it even has some hair if you look closely in the photo, up and to the left), was floating dead and they got scared and start throwing rocks at it until they thought it was dead or realize it was already dead. Then they put it out of the water, take some photos and threw it again to the water.

    Sorry about my english 😛

  53. mystery_man responds:

    Darkshines and others freaked out by these photos (including me), there is actually a pretty interesting hypothesis posited by the Japanese for why these kinds of things are so disturbing.

    There is a phenomenon proposed called the “Uncanny Valley,” which refers to a certain point when something is somewhere between barely human and fully human, which provokes a strong sense of revulsion or unease, and a profound feeling of strangeness. If the object is obviously non human, everything’s fine, and if it is practically human, that’s Ok too. But that zone between the two, the Uncanny Valley, can really freak some people out. I’m not a psychologist, but I believe one of the reasons is that the more human looking, but not quite, something seems, the more the inhuman elements jump out and disturb us.

    The Uncanny Valley originally was used to refer to humanoid robots, but it can be applied to puppets, dolls, mannequins, zombies, and anything else that somewhat resembles humans.

    That is just my two cents trying to figure out just what it is about these images that disturbs me, others, so much.

    As for the creature in question, I think it is a sloth too.

  54. Sordes responds:

    Sloths can actually swim very well, but not very fast, but they often swim faster than they move on the ground. There is really no doubt that this animal is (or was) a sloth. The overall shape of the body, the shape of the head, the typical claws, the fact that sloths are very common in this region. The background story of the children which allegedly killed it, is most probably untrue, because this animal was surely already dead for some time when the photos were taken. So you should not be too fast with posting comments about the “poor animal which was stoned to death”. The fact that the tongue is swollen and partly out the mouth also indicates that the body was already partly decomposed from the inside.
    Parkus already posted a link to a site where a sloth fetus in formalin is shown. This pictures shows very well the similarity to the carcass:
    The overall proportions are of course different, because this is a fetus and not an adult sloth, but as it is not covered with hair too, you can much better see the similarity of the body and head shape. Sloth heads look very strange, and in earlier times they were even described to have human faces, and actually in some regions of South America people use them to create faked shrunken heads for tourists. So there is no wonder that a creature which has at least a very fague similarity to a human being (at least without fur), irritates so many people.

  55. Rogutaan responds:


    That changes everything. Instead of it charging the kids, it was just floating by, assumingly already dead. This could also explain lack of lesions on the body. If it was already dead, blood is not flowing, thus no bruises would appear on the corpse.

  56. faethor responds:

    Hail fellow travelers and may we be well met. This is my first post and I must say I haven’t a clear idea of what this corpse may be.No amount of time in the water will take out the teeth; though it apparently has not been in the water that long because there are no predatory markings on the corpse. Alien? We can’t get that lucky. This is probably just another newly found animal species.

  57. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:

    notice in the first picture the right arm is hanging from the rock.

    in the second picture Both arms are flat on the ground?

  58. coastlistener63 responds:

    Well, for starters, the creature is hairless, and the snout is more pronounced. It appears to be larger than a sloth, and the post photo appears to be an actual carcass of a dried up dead sloth. (bait and switch) It may be an experiment gone wrong. There is a very famous laboratory/institute there in Panama that is dedicated to the various creatures that are found in South America. Who knows what goes on there?

  59. laGuerita responds:

    I’m sorry coastlistener63, but have you even read any of the other comments here? It has already been pointed out that the creature does indeed have hair, if you look at the top left of the first picture, and that the carcass in the post photo was not of the same creature, but is the carcass of a sloth shown for comparison. So other than people mistranslating the Spanish, where is the bait and switch?

  60. coastlistener63 responds:

    Well, as you have so eloquently pointed out, there does seem to be some hair. The bait and switch is that whomever posted the picture of the sloth carcass, is apparently trying to deceive us by indicating that it was the same creature after a prolong period of time. There was no mention of it in the original story.

  61. BunniesLair responds:

    I think Parkus nailed it with the link to a preserved sloth in formaldehyde.

  62. dambert responds:

    Dj Plasmic Nebula pointed out the difference in how the arms lay between the first set of pictures and the last one.

    In addition, it appears to me a different background. The last one is a more solid boulder whereas the first one was on a boulder with cracks. The last picture is a smother background, of slightly different color, but the color issue could simply be a case of different exposure on the camera.

    It appears to me that someone moved the body to different locations.

  63. Paint responds:

    I have to agree with pretty much everyone here, it definitely looks slothlike.

    But, then again, I am somewhat creeped out. I recently read an article on monster sightings, and the top ten scariest and all that, and the backstory to this, and its overall appearence bears a striking resemblance to the homo hadalis stories. Of course, the name was pawned from the novel, The Descent, but still, the stories and reports scare the heck out of me.*shiver*

    In short, they were described as cave/underground dwelling, white/pale skinned creatures who would occasionally be seen above ground, walking on all fours. Their almost always described as humanoid, and without eyes, or seemingly blind.

    Recently I read an article on these complete with a photo of a statue depiction of something similar to the homo hidalis, something along the lines of cave dwellers, and them finding statues depicting humanoid cave creatures with knives, and the article was along the lines of how they couldn’t figure out who (or what) had carved the statues.

    Either way, the likeness to the stuff I’ve been reading, and this photo is very eerie (Although, I am sure its just coincidence). But one has to admit, the resemblance is freaky (creature comes out of cave, is ‘assumedly’ hairless, looks like something that could have lived its life underground, has dagger like claws, and is all in all, humanoid enough to creep people out, and as mystery_man wrote, humanoid enough to cause the Uncanny Valley reaction) well, I’m sort of glad that I live in Canada and not Panama at the moment.^^

    Even though I’m sure its just coincidence, I thought that might be something to put out there, for a creep factor, if anything.^^

  64. miranda moser responds:

    I watched an episode of destination truth and they investigated this creature. The description in this photo is false though according to the show.
    The kids were actually playing by a river when the creature emerged. Not the sea.
    I though the creature was a sloth when i first saw it too, but im open to the idea that it is a new species we have yet to discover.

  65. miranda moser responds:

    actually the team on destination truth labeled it as either a diseased sloth or a mutated sloth.
    There are sloths in panama…
    if you want to watch the video to see their evidence here is the link

    and make sure to choose the video about the cerro azul monster!
    i hope this helped you guys out!

  66. Corissa_Hall responds:

    This “Animal” Looks as if its deaf n blind, Of course it has been in the water, n possibly decayed some. But after reading that it came from a cave that makes since. Like a bat.. Unfortunatley the kids killed it wen they did, bc i could have been reported, n possibly found n studied. But mayb now there will b a search, Of course i am a realist. N I believe if we havent found it before then we should let it b, its thrived on its own this long. Humanity has no reason to interviene. Saying this creature is real of course.. Last night i watched a show on Animal Planet about Mermaids, (Same senerio) Teenagers found it as well, washed up on a beach alive. I would classify this in the same group… As my opinion, Ill believe it wen i see it further.

  67. flightsuit responds:

    Corissa_Hall, if you’d bothered to read the previous comments, or even use a little common sense, you would know the story about the kids killing this thing is complete BS. Also, you are commenting in a forum seen all over the world, not typing a text message to your “BFF”. You might want to think about maybe spelling words the way they’re actually spelled.

  68. 9jaydon99 responds:

    Here ya go and it is a sloth

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