The Capture Of The Yeti (Updated)

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 16th, 2011

In the new Adventures Unlimited Catalogue there is mention of a strange “documentary” unknown to me. Has anyone seen this one? Is this for real?

Here is a scan from their flier:

I haven’t yet received my copy of The Bigfoot Filmography to discover if it is listed in there. (Dave Coleman has not heard of it either, as it turns out, and it is not in the forthcoming hardbound first edition of his opus.)


Just so there won’t be any doubt about what I think about this: I feel The Capture of the Yeti is a badly and hastily constructed fake film made to fill a gap in pseudodocumentary history, in the “tradition” of the “found footage” of The Blair Witch Project, the New Jersey discovered video, and so forth. However, as I have not seen this specific motion picture, have not bought it, and/or have not obtained it for review, I thought I would throw it out there to see if any Cryptomundian had actually viewed it. Apparently not.

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8 Responses to “The Capture Of The Yeti (Updated)”

  1. airgunner responds:

    This looks bogus to me. DNA experiments in 1947? A race with the Nazis and Japanese to capture a Yeti? Like we had nothing better to do at the time?

    I doubt if DNA had even been discovered back then, much less messed with. And we had serious scientific projects back then, like developing an atomic bomb and jet aircraft.

    Making hybrid ape-humans? This idea would have been anathema to the Nazis. The Nazis’ racist ideals forbid the mixing of “pure Aryan people” with humans of other races. Hybridization with apes would have been a non-starter.

    The Japanese regime felt the same way about their own people.

    This doesn’t pass the sniff test.

  2. RandyS responds:

    I agree with airgunner. Sounds like somebody’s trying to position their newly-produced film as a yeti version of “Alien Autopsy” or “found” footage like “The Blair Witch Project.”

  3. Surveyor responds:

    DNA was discovered prior to 1920, and heredity principles were known prior to that. The chemical and physical makeup of DNA was not known until 1953, though.

    I agree with you about the desire of Hitler to keep the Aryan race pure. It was actually the Russians who were the ones who were trying to create the ape-man super soldiers, not the Germans or the Japanese. I doubt the authenticity of this documentary as well, but it might be fun to watch, lol.

  4. Scopi responds:

    Really? People still believe in the Stalin ape-soldiers? The only source for that was a Scottish newspaper, and it’s been conclusively shown that the paper made it up.

    I wonder if the “documentary” here could be a modified version of Half Human (1955), or maybe some footage from The Snow Creature (1954). Both of those would look about the right age.

  5. Lyle Blackburn responds:

    Never heard of it.

  6. shmargin responds:

    Haven’t seen it, afraid ordering it might be a waste, 😛 but here’s the full description and link to the online store to by it if anyone wants to brave their $20:

    “This long-lost 1947 documentary has been found, restored and digitally enhanced. Thought lost for decades with no prints available, this is a documentary made at the end of World War II. It chronicles the efforts of British and American intelligence to beat the Nazis and Japanese on a race to capture a live yeti in the remote mountains of Nepal and Sikkim. British intelligence learned of the Nazis’ genetic experiments and were determined to capture a live yeti in order to use the apeman DNA for their genetically created super-soldier. As seen in this amazing documentary, filmed by British and American military camera crews for the Ministry of Defense, a yeti was actually captured and brought back to the United States for research. While some of the scenes had to be recreated for the purposes of the documentary, this astonishing film is a rare gem of bizarre WWII bigfoot and yeti fascination by the Nazis as well as the Allies! Bonus Mini-Movie Madness! ”

    Even though it says one was actually captured, I’m guessing that’s probably one of the scenes that had to be “recreated”.

  7. joedastudd responds:

    I’d love to believe it was true, but it all sounds too fishy for my liking.

  8. Jason P. responds:

    Good call, Scopi. It is, in fact, a ‘re-edited’ version of The Snow Creature. I wrote to Adventures Unlimited, asking them what the movie was. I got this response (which I’m leaving intact, even though the person who sent it has the incorrect release date for The Snow Creature):

    This dvd is in the public domain. It has been enhanced and edited by David Hatcher Childress. If you want expedited shipping you can call and we could ship ups.

    Here is the link to the original 1947 film.


    Lori Brandner
    Mail/Invoicing Clerk, Receiving Clerk,
    Adventures Unlimited Press’

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