Cow-Eating Tree Video

Still more on the “India’s Cow-Eating Trees”.

A fascinating video report from tvdaijiworld India has been broadcast about the cow-eating tree, the eyewitness villagers, and the cow.

Here is the footage, hosted by Gloria Rodrigues:

Update: David Pescovitz at Boing Boing did a good job of capturing a couple frames from the video, here.

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  1. ok, that was strange…to say the least. The said the name of the tree, but none of the trees they showed would be big enough to pose any threat. Do they usually run 7 minute news clips of mostly nothing with disco (almost pornesk) music in the background? That was terrible filming.

  2. Wow…Even in India they can’t report on the unexplained without ripping off The X-Files. (Note soundtrack at the 4 minute mark).

  3. The music totally made that. I was expecting something more substantial. Those trees look like they’d have a hard time eating a dog let alone a cow.

  4. Shumway and rogsim are right. Geez, that thing looks too skinny to eat a cow!! and how did it grab the cow, anyway?

  5. That tree looks a bit tame for a cattle consumer. I was expecting something like a giant sundew or rafflesia arnoldii, not something that looks like a pipsqueak talla tree.

  6. That isn’t for real is it???? I kept expecting the screen to go blank and the word “PSYCH” in big bold letters. That is just too much.

  7. Reminds me of the tree we saw chasing a dog down the road during a severe drought!

    More like something out of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter!

  8. The cow probably just snagged its tail on a piece of broken branch and couldn’t free itself.
    X-file closed!

  9. Trees cannot move, there is no way this tree grabbed a cow and ate it.
    First of all there would be meat inside it after they chopped it down, secondly, other plants that do move are triggered by movement and can only move a slight bit, like the venus fly trap, it’s leaves are triggered by pressure or movement and they close slightly, it then releases a sort of poison or acid that breakes down the fly. Takes forever to do. There is no way a tree ate a cow people.

  10. Too bad they were so quick with the ax. What is worth more? A cow in an Indian village or video of a bovine buffet being enjoyed by a piece of local flora.

  11. Simply stunning. They filled over seven minutes of news with porn music, film of relatively small and unimpressive trees and shrubs and a story about one of these trees eating a cow. Man, that must have been a slow news day. Didn’t anyone record the evening news the night before, where in a nearby village a large rock ate a baby elephant.

  12. Slow news day isn’t even the word…..that can’t be a real news station, please tell me that it’s something more like entertainment tonight!

  13. I like the “cow got its tail snagged in the branch” theory, but I think the whole thing is just made up. All I saw was just a measly old tree stump, and besides, those people could have been talking about anything for all i know, it wasnt even translated into English.

  14. showme, that was THE comment for this news (LOL!).

    And yeah, that music was just… No. I would have preferred a little punjabi instead.

    And the news clip was waaay too long for what little they showed.

  15. Porn music and some stumps??? How in the bloody…. do you get a man or cow eating tree out of that. The scariest thing in the whole piece is the music and that man at the 5:28sec mark. He just comes out of no where…. hmmmm maybe he is linked to BF somehow? Did they not think that someone out there might want to study this abberation of nature? I guess local folklore is just as backward today as it was 100 years ago. Now please, can I have my seven minutes back….with interest.

  16. PORN Music?! I think not!

    The first segment is the theme to the classic early 1970’s British sci-fi series, “UFO”. It is followed by the theme to that other classic British (late) 70’s show, “Space: 1999″.

    India was a British Dominion. COINCIDENCE?!

    I think the X Files music confirms that there MUST be a connection between British Sci-Fi, British Imperialism, cow eating trees. THE TRUTH is out there…

    And now for something completely different….

  17. kimble your correct both were produced by the partnership of Sylvia and Gerry Anderson, famous for the TV series Space 1999, UFO and Thunderbirds.

    Wow a plant that eats cows in India.
    but why let it eat it since cows are sacred in india am i right

  18. music: Trapper John MD meets Starsky and Hutch meets X-Files. I love it. Not the first incident either. No translation needed.

  19. I’ll never take my cows to India!!

    At least the music was a nice touch. Gave me something cool to listen to while I read everyones comments!

    Hey, don’t they worship cows or something like that? I know some group over yonder does.

  20. Wow. That was quite the display of unnecessary video. Interesting story, badly produced.

    The one point I would have liked to understand was not translated – that of the people being interviewed.

    Is there news of the Zoologists and Botanists checking this story out?