September 26, 2011

Did Connecticut Cougar Not Really Walk From South Dakota?

There are rumors, no, serious leaks from wildlife officials who are beginning to speculate that the cougar recently killed in Connecticut might not be so easily explained as once thought.

One unnamed governmental source is reportedly telling friends and associates within a circle of cougar-involved researchers that the cougar’s tests have actually shown that only 67% of its DNA can be linked to a South Dakota origin. This raises serious questions about the what, why, and where of the initial source of this cougar. Could it be a native New England cougar, after all, that happens to merely share part of its DNA makeup with what is found among Dakota cats?  Is there the beginnings of a cover story being developed that the cougar was an escaped pet from a mixed breeding captive background?

Are we beginning to see the start of yet another version of the “it escaped from a circus train wreck” cover story?

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