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Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 6th, 2006

Here’s the photo of the dolphin that goes with the story previously noted here of the dolphin with "extra legs," actually fins, apparently.

Dolphin with legs

Dolphin with legs

This photo, released by the Taiji Whale Museum, highlights the extra set of fins. The tail is being held by a diver whose hand is visible at upper right.

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9 Responses to “Dolphin Photo”

  1. tongpo responds:

    Looks like they were added on to me.

  2. dws responds:

    It may look that way, but CNN did a spot on it. THEY’RE REAL ALRIGHT

  3. Maohk Kiaayo responds:

    Its on foxnews dude. I wonder what they blurred out in that spot.

  4. youcantryreachingme responds:

    The spot may well be a drop of water on the camera lens

  5. EastexQueenB responds:

    I’m not sure whether the extra fins would be considered vestigial limbs or not, but it’s not unusual for that kind of thing to happen in nature. I raise chickens, and I had two chicks in the past year have an extra claw on the wing like a bat, right above the alula. I have the photos to prove it, although no one on the poultry forum I go to had ever seen it before.


  6. jasonpix6 responds:

    I have two things to say, first, this web site is called crypto-mundo, NOT SKEPT-AMUNDO. Every time a pic of something is shown here, the first thing people do is RIP IT APART. Oh, looks fake, staged, etc. I’m sure there’s a site somewhere that just loves to do this, go there, you’ll be in good company.

    Finally, I get to talk about this. For a long time I’ve heard science say that all marine mammals started on land, then went in to the water. Who’s to say they didn’t start in the water, I mean why can’t they be evolving to come OUT of the water. I just recently have seen some video (and NO it wasn’t faked) that show a group of dolphin (4)working together to rush a beach, in doing this they would push a small school of fish up onto the beach, then as they lay there, they would scoop up the fish. When the fish were gone, they would scoot back into the water. An extra set of pectoral fins would definitely help this hunting/feeding technique.

  7. mystery_man responds:

    All of the fossil evidence points to them evolving from a land based animal to an aquatic one. There is nothing whatsoever that points to them evolving to come out of the water. Scientists are not just making this up. This is not just a pet theory, it is well documented fact with hard data to back it up.

  8. mystery_man responds:

    Also, I don’t believe the posters on this site to be overly skeptical. A true skeptic, I feel, is someone who outright and flatly denies the existence of any of these cryptids, despite any evidence there might be to the contrary. There are also the true believers who adamantly stick to their belief in a cryptid no matter what evidence there is perhaps against its existence. I feel most posters here fall somewhere in between. I feel the people here are very open minded. This is also not “buy everything you hear hook, line, and sinker-amundo” either. A healthy dose of skepticism is crucial when approaching this topic. Just because the posters here don’t buy into every dodgy photo, story, or piece of hogwash that comes along doesn’t mean they are hard core skeptics. If I see a fake looking photo or here a suspicious story full of holes and question its veracity, does that make me a skeptic? I don’t believe it does. If I see something, a photo,say, and find problems with it or inconsistencies, am I ripping it apart? No. I think the posters here are intelligent, open minded, and don’t like to made fools of. They are questioning what they see, not blindly believing everything that comes along and that is a good thing. That is why I consider this to be one of the best cryptozoology sites. Oh, and for the record, this is a real photo.

  9. MattBille responds:

    It’s interesting to wonder if this is a useful mutation. Are the disadvantages of this extra set of fins (more flesh to feed, more drag) offset by possible advantages like incrased maneuverability? Presumably not, since marine mammals in general have evolved in the other direction, but it’s interesting that sharks and icthyosaurs like having those extra fins.

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