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New Easterville Cree Bigfoot Video

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 10th, 2007

Here’s a new YouTube Bigfoot video. A YouTube viewer says the men are speaking Cree, and the translation of what they are saying is: “There’s someone standing here boy”…(another speaking) “it looks big”….”can you see it boy?”…”it’s kinda far away.”

Easterville is a First Nations community in Manitoba. The following is the only info on the site. See below the video for more historical insights.

My nephew & his buds seen & captured this bigfoot on their camera phone…it didn’t even notice them approaching cause of the wind…very interesting….cooldude311

The damning (I know, they created a “dam” but you get my editorial comment?) of the Saskatchewan River in northern Manitoba flooded out a Canadian Indian community, and an entirely new community on the south shore of the Cedar Lake was built. It was called Easterville, and inhabited by relocated First Nation Cree and others. (Sorry, being part Eastern Band Cherokee, I tend to be sensitive to “relocations.”

On pages 242-248, in John Green’s 1978 edition of Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us, he spends a considerable amount of time detailing the 1968 through mid-1970s sightings and his investigation, along the new road built in northern Manitoba, at Easterville. Indeed, on page 455, Green says Easterville is one of the places where one might have the best chance to see a Sasquatch.

As Green points out, the Cree in Manitoba call these Sasquatch the Weetekow and the Saulteaux term them the Wendego. These are variations on the spelling of the Windigo that I discuss in Chapter 3, “Native Traditions,” in Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America, pages 26-34.

It seems only logical that someday, some place a young Cree out with his friends near Easterville, with a cellphone camera, might have caught digitally what their ancestors had only talked about. Either that, or it was a hastily dressed friend in a gorilla suit filmed with that cellphone to get a chuckle via YouTube.

Frankly, what I find interesting is that some of the best, below the media radar, activity and footage, continues to come from First Nations people.

Intriguingly, in Green’s march across historic Sasquatch cases in Manitoba and Canada, the next location he points to for an old case, after Easterville, is Norway House. Of course, Norway House is the location of the relatively recent Bobby Clarke camcorder video of a blurry Bigfoot.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

53 Responses to “New Easterville Cree Bigfoot Video”

  1. old crow responds:

    Interesting video. However again the skeptics will circle and land on it as they do all video and photo evidence.

  2. richcap responds:

    My first reaction –
    “Wow, thats close…Wait a second – how come the thing can’t hear them talking at a regular volume?”
    As far as I know, cell phone cameras don’t have zooms….
    Hearing impaired Squatch?

  3. Digger44 responds:

    Yes, it is an interesting video. It’s kind of strange to film the subjuct from the waste up. Than kind of make me second guess the authenticity. On the other hand, it the cell phone is junky, then the field of vision may be to blame.

    From what I see in the video at full screen, there are two things that stand out. First is the mass of the subject. It seems very wide and has a bulk larger than a regular costume.

    Second, is the position of the subject’s rear end. That may sound funny, but the shape and position resemble Patty. IMO, that is still not a normal costume.

    One step closer I hope.

  4. baronvondoren responds:

    Interesting footage, especially considering the connections to the location. But…

    A. Wish there wasn’t so much pixelization, but it would make sense on a cameraphone.

    B. Why didn’t the camera pan down? Hiding something?

  5. showme responds:

    An interesting video. The arms appear a little baggy near the end, when the subject appears to raise them up.

    Still, too vague to tell whats going on, or make any real conclusions.

  6. windigo responds:

    Once again, what looks like a promising video falls short because the footage inconspicuously is stopped while the subject is in plain view.

  7. 3tIeNnE responds:

    @ richcap : Yep, cellphones can now spec digital zooms up to 8x (see Motorola RAZR). But i agree, the fact that we hear the kids speaking out loud is a bit strange, i would have thought the Sas would run away as soon as we hear them.

  8. ddh1969 responds:

    At points it almost reminds me of a dark haired guy wearing a windbreaker…and the fact he never turned around to check out the chatter…

    You YouTubers are killin’ me…

  9. Pentastar responds:

    Like a lot of writers here I also reacted on the talk and that they did not film under it’s hip. But I watched the clip a few times and noticed that it is rather windy cause the trees are waving quite a bit and you can hear the typicall wind noise in the clip as well. It hit me that when you are standing in a forest and it is windy it is hard to hear anything at all especially if it’s behind you. I realised this cause at work today I was out in the forest and I stood about 10 meters from two of my employees and I couldn’t hear them chatting even when I turned around and faced them. If bigfoot doesn’t have turnable ears I guess it is not so strange it didn’t hear the talkinf youths. But why did they not film below the creatures hip? Perhaps they wanted a good shot of the face or perhaps it just didn’t cross their minds. Most people on this forum are enthusiasts and would probably think of such a thing but most likely these guys didn’t cause they might not share our interest. Think about it next time you watch for example pole vault on TV, Will or can you notice the small details that makes a jump great or a failure? Pole vaulters can see such things but not average Joe and Mr. Smith. When it comes to the pixel rate of the mobile phone’s camera it could be an older model without super zoom and built in bigfoot detecter.
    This clip is the most interesting and “convincing” I have seen in a rather long time.

  10. Pentastar responds:

    And a reason for the clip to just stop while the creature is in sight might be lack of memory space in the mobile phone or technical failure such as battery loss.

  11. PMC responds:

    The reason they did not film the bottom half of the “squatch” is because he is wearing light blue pants. Watch at the beginning and towards the end when the camera accidentally drops below the waist line. Looks like a guy peeing in the woods to me.

  12. ponyboy responds:

    per usual, I’m a bit skeptical of this clip. The behavior of the subject at the end of the clip seems a little too unusual to me. It appears to walk forward into the tree line, stop, back up to it’s original spot and then walk into the tree line again. Just looked to me like it was a bit rehearsed. If only the footage was of better quality, so we could analyze the subjects appearance more. But, I guess they don’t make camera phones expecting them to be used for this kind of thing.

  13. ponyboy responds:

    Nice eye, PMC, it does look a bit like a quick pants shot at the start.

  14. AtomicMrEMonster responds:

    Am I the only one that thinks the subject of the video is colored blue?

  15. Mike Smith responds:

    This is a very interesting video, but coming from you tube one may have to take the fact that this is real with a grain of salt. I hope this is real.

  16. richcap responds:

    @ PMC – good call.
    Man w/ pants and a blk bear pelt over his head?
    Defiantly see something at/below waist level for a split second….
    Tree branch? Didn’t look like it. Was it filmed above waist high due to people holding their phones up when shooting a photo/vid for whatever reason? Hmm doubt it too. I do question the above waist method…

  17. cmgrace responds:

    Wow Bigfoot shops at the GAP just like us regular folk!!!

  18. Quacker1 responds:

    At 29 seconds, (one second in), you can see the pants…

  19. halcyonicWV responds:

    I’m sorry, I really tried to be open-minded with this vid. I know wind can mask sound, so that did not present an issue for me, it was clearly very windy. But I see pants and a coat. I don’t see a head but a hood covering a neck and head that seems very pronounced at different points. I didn’t see muscle movement but billowing material. The erratic movements, including a bending-over that looks like someone adjusting a coat while presenting the least amount of area to wind force seems to reinforce this opinion. Without further enhancement and study to prove otherwise, I have to go with hoax, intentional or coincidental.

  20. bill green responds:

    hey everyone very interesting new sasquatch filmfootage but more research study etc needs to be done this filmfootage. plus it would be great if the people filmed the sasquatch creature were interviewed etc. it does look authentic. thanks bill green :)

  21. cylon6 responds:

    a dark haired guy wearing a windbreaker and urinating in the woods…thats my vote.

  22. Richard888 responds:

    For me the pants theory is out. Not only do I not see pants at 29 secs but at 1 sec the camera seems to fall below the 29 sec point and no pants are shown. What raises my suspicions is the “fold” at 4 secs surrounding the shoulder blade. It indicates a thick coat and not animal fur. This thing alone is enough to make me dismiss this video as a hoax.

  23. PMC responds:

    Richard888, I wouldn’t say the pants theory is out. I can clearly make out the lighter blue pants in the beginning and at the end. It is very obvious. I do agree with you about the coat though.

  24. skeptic responds:

    That’s a bear, you can see the ears at the start of the video.

  25. skeptic responds:

    That’s a bear, you can see the ears at the start of the video. Then it clearly goes down on all fours and “stands” up again.

  26. pitch black moon responds:

    This is just a group of otters in a monkey suit.

  27. MultipleEncounters responds:

    As for the video, obviously there is something in the very beginning that raises questions, but it could also be a stump as those are fairly young trees in the foreground. I just can’t get a good enough look at whatever it is. There is also what appears to be a fold on his back, but the pixilation is so bad, that it can also be shadows playing tricks with the pixilation. The swaying is also odd and a little different then the swaying people have described sas to do. So from that standpoint, the video subject and quality is definitely lacking.

  28. Stirling responds:

    Looks like a bear trying to bull his way into heavy undergrowth on a slope. Maybe he’s trying to get at something, which may explain his inattention.

    Either that, or it’s a guy in a hoodie.

    I see absolutely nothing that would suggest a bigfoot.

  29. grafikman responds:

    Guy in a hoodie. A blue hoodie to boot. C’mon folks, I’ve had a sasquatch experience myself but this is obviously a guy peein’ in the woods or something. We should be openminded, but not so openminded our brains fall out.

  30. Rillo777 responds:

    Even if the older First Nation people revere the Sasquatch, it doesn’t follow that the younger ones do. I think anyone can be capable of a hoax irregardless of their heritage or beliefs, especially in this day and age.

    The “hair” doesn’t even look hairy to me – it looks slick like a parka. I also saw the pants and agree this is just someone in the woods.

    Maybe it’s not a hoax but just an accident, but I’m sure the people filming it would certainly be able to tell a man in a parka from a Bigfoot! So, I’m going with hoax.

  31. Atticus responds:

    Looks like he’s wearing jeans while having a black bear pelt over his head. Thats why they aren’t shooting anything below the waistline.

  32. YourPTR! responds:

    Bad video too pixely but looks fake nonetheless. Doesn’t move like a Bigfoot or look much like one either. Terrible.

  33. Late Night Visitor responds:

    As with any potential hoax, it’s always best to identify what you DO know, versus being wowed by the detail actual going on. It’s a magicians trick, look at this hand while my other one pulls the rabbit. For the simple reason it never goes below the waist proves this is fake. It’s held at that spot very diligently and intentionally.

  34. raisinsofwrath responds:

    I saw this one over at youtube yesterday morning and didn’t report it to Loren because of the suspicious nature and appearance.

    If you would have read the description over there they claim the wind was the reason they were not detected by the BF.

    The above the waist thing got me as well as the crease around the shoulder and armpit that clearly looked like a coat.

  35. chabuhi responds:

    I’m not gonna say “hoax” (read the translation of the dialogue again — sounds like a few guys joking around abuot size of their pal’s johnson), but this is without a doubt a dude n a hoodie pissing.

  36. Mothmanfan responds:

    i am really open minded, but i can see that this is a hoax. if your gonno film a guy peeing in the woods and say that its a bigfoot, at least check to make sure it looks real.
    every time i go over, it looked more and more like a guy in a jacket and jeans.

    in not sure if this means anyhing, but they look pretty close to it, but, according to the translation, it sais,

    “There’s someone standing here boy”… “it looks big”…”can you see it boy?”…”it’s kinda far away.

    so if its far away why does it look so close?

  37. mystery_man responds:

    MultpileEncounters- That was some very thought provoking stuff and eloquently put. However, I have to say that I feel just because these are First Nation people, it doesn’t immediately absolve them of any chance of hoaxing in my opinion. I would certainly not start saying that any evidence presented by First Nation people should be accepted as fact based on that alone. All cultures have their share of snake oil salesmen, and to say that one is incapable of hoaxing based on their race or heritage is the slightest bit absurd to me.

    As for this video, some people can say what they want about giving it a chance and not being skeptical, but it looks very suspicious to me. There is the fact that it is very indistinct as well as the seemingly clear signs of clothing and the absolute indifference the alleged creature shows, wind or no. I cannot honestly see any evidence for this being a sasquatch as opposed to a person in dark, hooded clothes.

  38. iftheshoefits responds:

    I agree with those who see blue jeans and a jacket , nothing more than just some one standing face toward some trees. Lets see the Beavis and Butt-head Bigfoot video ” Bigfoot in Colorado Springs ” thats on Youtube.

  39. iftheshoefits responds:

    And for your further viewing pleasure ” Sasquatch Sighting at Wolf Creek ” a very entertaining video.

  40. BadState responds:

    PMC is right. I saw the pants too. They are visible at least twice.

  41. stormchaser responds:

    maybe if that try a little harder thay can fool me but not this time it screams phony to me

  42. nappyhead responds:

    PMC – That is exactly what I thought, on both accounts! Light-blue pants, and it looks like he’s peeing.

    I have to give the camera guy credit, though… he did a pretty good job holding the cell-phone steady to keep the lower half of the subject out of frame.

    To all you folks eager to believe, remember: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. “Test all things, hold fast to what is true”.

  43. sschaper responds:

    The jeans are somewhat difficult to explain, aren’t they?

    At the very first, I thought that we were supposed to see a blobsquatch in the distance, and that the guy in the foreground was just one of the friends taking the film.

  44. planettom responds:

    Good eye PMC, I watched again and it looks like pants to me too.

  45. CryptoGoji responds:

    I agree with PMC and planettom, I see bluish pants and a jacket of sorts. I can really see the folds in the jacket at the end when the arms raise up a bit. “Kid pees in the woods with blue jacket, film at eleven.”

  46. CryptoGoji responds:

    Sorry, ment PMC, not PCM.

  47. GAMMA-MAN responds:

    Hoax. Nuff said.

  48. awrvb responds:

    On the right side there are two persons. One wears a blue shirt with short sleeves and shorts. The other one wears a light green track-suit. On the left side between two trees there is a Bigfoot. But that Bigfoot behaves like a chimp and I don’t know what it is. Skywise in alt.bigfoot.research writes that it is a fake.

  49. awrvb responds:

    Right there are two persons.
    One with a blue shirt with short leaves and shorts.
    The other one is a person with a light green track-suit.

    On the left between two trees there is a Bigfoot he lift his left arm up and places it around the tree.

  50. linv5800 responds:

    From the view on the cell phone and knowing cell phone cams, they are with-in 20 feet. Cell cams usually have like a 28mm lens and that makes things look farther away, so they are close. Satch is deaf  and dumb.

  51. Syrhinx responds:

    Hey what, I’ve seen them wear the dark navy Fall jacket. It has a Hood that hugs the head. The fabric can look stiff on the back, which I see here. And the obscurity does suggest what is digitally captured here. This may also be an impromptu “Hey he looks like a Bigfoot” moment. I would very much want to see a credible convincing video of the big guy himself. This one, I’m sorry to say is not.

  52. Alligator responds:

    A couple of things here in regards to First Nations (I still call them Indians because the ones I know still call themselves that) views of sasquatch.

    1. All tribes do not have a sasquatch-like creature in their lore. A much more universal creature in North American lore is the underwater panther. This creature has been the subject of Hopewell and Mississippian pottery and art, right up through historic times. Some still believe in its existence and there are certain places in rivers and streams you avoid. It is not so much a physical creature as a spiritual one. It could help you or harm you depending on the situation you encountered it in.

    2. Belief in the “little people” was widespread among the Plains and Midwestern tribes. Refer to the Lewis & Clark journals about Spirit Mound in Iowa for an idea how these tales run. When visiting friends on a particular reservation, I asked about sasquatch. I was told they did not know such a creature in their history, but I was repeatedly warned about the “little people.” I was told that my children could approach them and even play with them, but if I tried to approach them, they could do me great harm.

    3. Indian people have a great sense of humor. Contrary to popular belief, they are not all stoic and constantly meditating on the spiritual forces in nature. They enjoy a good joke and often at the expense of a gullible white man. It took me a while to learn this, but did I ever learn it!

    Sadly many of the younger generation are losing what little they have of their language and culture. Like so many kids, they are in to video games, rap music, not to mention the widespread abuse of drugs and alcohol. Its a problem that alarms many tribal leaders. The tribal elders I know that still have some old knowledge generally won’t share it with until you have won their trust – and that takes a long time. Even then, if you start asking a lot of questions they usually clam up. You learn more by keeping your mouth shut and listening with respect. They tell when they’re ready to and if they think you need to know.

  53. DWA responds:

    GAMMA-MAN: The link you posted reads: “Visible waistline. Consider this image busted.”

    I had to laugh.

    Not that I have the slightest idea what this video is. But one thing that is indubitably NOT visible on it is the jeans and the waistline that everyone seems to insist upon seeing. That still image, in fact, SIMPLY DOES NOT APPEAR in my repeated viewings of the footage. It’s an electro-artifact, something several times removed from the original.

    I’m becoming more and more convinced by the day that modern video technology is actually helping the sasquatch stay undiscovered. Blobsquatch after blobsquatch gets served up on site after site. It is in a number of cases (and this is one) utterly impossible to determine what the heck the thing in the footage is. But people see what they try to see, pro or con. Everyone coming to this footage with a “let me debunk this for you, sir/ma’am” attitude will see just what they want to from this total blobsquatch – even if it’s Jordache! I’m surprised no one has read the tag yet. Seriously, it’s amazing the stuff people can see when they need to. It’s touching, in a way, this childlike need we moderns have to hold on tight to our debunking myths and folklore.

    Sorry, had to put the shoe on the other foot for a moment. But Need to Disbelieve or Need to Debunk isn’t helping here, anymore than Rabid Belief is. It’s always good to remember that people, Native or not, come equipped with often-unpredictable senses of humor. As to why the video doesn’t show this or that other thing that it “should,” there are a number of possible reasons. Only one, and in this case the most obvious one: Ever shot a video on a small (like a phone or mini-digital) camera? You are not going to get much video shot; in fact you’ll get the “memory done, dude” right about the time you think, well, let’s zoom back and get a full body shot here. What stays in the frame is at least mildly intriguing. It could indeed be a foraging sasquatch.

    If, that is, it’s not a foraging guy in a hoodie.

    The point has been made (and once again here) that circling Debunk Vultures aren’t exactly moving the field forward. Particularly when they see Gloria
    Vande(r)bunk shapes in digital clouds.

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