October 12, 2012

Hollywood Comes To Texas! Big Name Director & Celebrated Producer Announce Cryptopalooza Appearance

Two of the big names behind the forthcoming Haxan Films’ and Court Five’s Bigfoot movie Exists will be making a joint special appearance at the forthcoming Texas conference, Cryptopalooza, on Saturday, October 20, 2012. The two film people are journeying to Texas on the 45th anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film, out of respect and tribute to this milestone moment.

Exists director Eduardo Sanchez (director, Blair Witch Project), and producer Mark Ordesky (executive producer, Lord of the Rings) will be appearing to share with Bigfoot fans some special news about Exists.

The setting for their Exists announcements couldn’t be better. The Cryptopalooza conference is taking place in the midst of prime East Texas Bigfoot country, the cryptofiction location of Exists.

The character “Bigfoot” is played by Brian Steele (Hellboy).

Exists, written by Jamie Nash, is about a group of young folks who take a trip to a cabin deep in the wooded wilderness and are methodically stalked by a Southern variety of Bigfoot. Producers are Mark Ordesky, Jane Fleming, Robin Cowie, and Andy Jenkins with Gregg Hale and Reed Frerichs being the executive producers, along with George Waud and D. Todd Shepherd of Miscellaneous Entertainment. I, Loren Coleman, worked closely with Gregg Hale and Haxan Films on the new version of In Search Of (as the senior series consultant) in 2002. The Haxan folks told me then how important Bigfoot was to their beginnings.

“Ever since we experienced the 1972 film The Legend of Boggy Creek, Haxan has dreamed of bringing Bigfoot back to the dark side,” says their early publicity about Exists. It is no surprise they found a way to return to their roots. (Haxan was also behind the “Civil War Thunderbird” creation on Freakylinks; the “Thunderbird” prop, 11 ft long, is part of the International Cryptozoology Museum today.)

“The film is the first in a trilogy exploring and reinventing the Bigfoot myth,” Sanchez told Variety last year. “We all remember the terror of watching such classics as The Legend of Boggy Creek, and I look forward to making Bigfoot scary again.”

The found-footage fictional film The Blair Witch Project took in more than $140 million domestically, mostly due to its online word-of-mouth push and viral marketing campaigns. The film grossed $250 million worldwide.

(Yes, Mark will autograph LOTR items brought by any attendees, and Sanchez will sign any Blair Witch Project items you might have!)

The Haxan Facebook page for Exists is here.

Cryptopalooza will celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin footage in a family friendly setting.

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