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Georgia Gorilla: Bigfoot Body’s First Photo!

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 12th, 2008


In a news conference on Friday, August 15th, to be held in California, the DNA results of a probable new species of primate, call it “Bigfoot,” “Georgia Bigfoot,” or “Georgia Gorilla,” if you wish, will be announced. You have read the press release already.


Also a photograph of the body was to be released, but a mistaken uploading and premature release of the photograph tonight on the Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. website has rushed that timetable.

I, Loren Coleman, author of The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates and Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America, was given an exclusive first look at the body, via an early email delivered photograph today. With the mistake at the Biscardi site, I have now been given full permission to post this here tonight.

Bigfoot Body: Georgia Gorilla Photo

Click on image for larger version.

Is it real? It certainly looks like the real deal, and with a surprising variety of features. But that’s what it is suppose to look like, so read on, all the way to the end.

The alleged hominoid (please note, not hominid) body, found in the Georgia woods, is now in a secure location, under armed guard, and set to be examined by a battery of academic scholars, skeptical scientists, Bigfoot researchers, and debunking writers.

Who is to say the discovery of Bigfoot won’t happen this way?

With offers of millions of dollars, just for the photographs of the body, Loren Coleman and Cryptomundo was given one copy of the first image to share with you, our readers.

The body doesn’t look exactly like people thought it would, because the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot has been the model in our minds. However, this looks as if it is an actual apelike primate. Indeed, the gorilla-like facial features, the alleged lack of canines, and the grinding surfaces shown in the teeth suggest a bulky vegetarian with a mixture of higher primate characteristics.

Will further tests and the proposed live capture of others prove beyond a doubt that Bigfoot is a new species? Stay tuned. And read on.

Here are some enhancements and other views of the amazing photograph:


The decomposition has caused the tongue to stick out from the mouth. (Or at least so it appears.)




Compare the nares with that of a gorilla:



Tom Biscardi will appear on Fox News at 7:45 AM Pacific, 10:45 AM Eastern, on Wednesday, August 13, 2008, discussing the carcass, with the image above and probably additional photographs.

Below is Tom Biscardi with the two Georgia gentlemen who discovered the body.

Bigfoot Body: Georgia Gorilla Photo

Bigfoot Body: Georgia Gorilla Photo


Every alternative must be explored, including comparing it to known costumes. Could it be an elaborate hoax? More physical examinations of the body must take place. (Posted as soon as we could get this costume update uploaded at about 9:40 pm, after much crashing of this site, due to traffic.)

Credit: Ryan Thrash


JJ Analysis

I have been an unpaid and am in no way joined with those who say they have this “body” in their possession, regarding my conversations with the principals and my examination of the materials sent to me. I hope to examine the body (if it is real and does not mysteriously vanish) at a future date, along with other consultants who will be named via forthcoming releases. I retain my skeptical open-mindedness and nonaligned objectivity with regard to this “carcass.”



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Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

139 Responses to “Georgia Gorilla: Bigfoot Body’s First Photo!”

  1. Xome responds:

    Well I have to say it certainly looks more like what I assumed a “Sasquatch” would look like than the popular idea… I’m as intrigued as ever.

  2. pat2lucas responds:

    What is that laying on what appears to be the stomach region? intestines????

  3. fossilhunter responds:

    Very intriguing! But not enough detail to constitute evidence I think. Looking forward to the official release and better (clearer) pictures!

  4. Xome responds:

    It certainly looks like what I imagined a bigfoot to look like… I’m at very least intrigued.

  5. Quazie responds:

    Wow. This is certainly looking promising.

    I’m not sure I can really see the tongue protruding like the article states.

    Any idea what the mass is in the middle of the pictures? Are they hands, entrails, something else?

    Truly amazing photo, thanks for sharing it Loren.

  6. TommyGun responds:

    Interesting. I’ll be watching tomorrow.

  7. Scarfe responds:

    I refuse to buy into the hype. I don’t trust the people involved in this situation.

    Who are the academic scholars, skeptical scientists, Bigfoot researchers, and debunking writers involved?

    Until there is more information, this remains only an intriguing picture but not anything that a team of special effects people couldn’t whip up.

  8. Redrose999 responds:


    It’s either a expensive fake or a real primate.

    The detail on the face and discolorations on the skin makes it look very real to me. Also the condition of the body has that frozen “pickled” look, almost like specimens we used to get for the lab. The hair especially.

    The entrails are a nice touch.

    I’m not sure what to think. As an artist, I can say, such a model could be made. Especially today with our understanding of detail and technique. As someone who would be excited to find out Bigfoot is real, it makes me hopeful. But my skeptical side keeps me wary.

    For the sake of the scientists and folks risking their reputations in the bigfoot field, I hope to heaven it’s real. The last thing they need is to be associated with another hoaxer.

  9. fossilhunter responds:

    The tongue is curling out just below the teeth.

    I found I could see MUCH more detail when I put the photo in a word processor and hit “select all” under the edit menu. It is in reversed color, but many many more details, like the nose.

    Very intriguing! I’m not sure that there is enough detail to constitute “evidence”. I’m looking forward to the official releases!

  10. clancyryan responds:

    Holy Moley!

  11. PLMerite responds:

    Color me skeptical. It looks a little too “fresh,” no matter how well it was frozen.

    Let me know when Loren has been allowed to poke it with a stick.

  12. tinkerscuss responds:

    As a long time reader and first time poster to this site, I am struck by the earnest euphoria of previous entries as well as the confirming tone Loren writes of the evidence just posted (nice work Loren, kudos!) on Cryptomundo. But what do you do with the posts like the Dyer/Whitton youtube video where Mr Whitton claims to have a “scientist” (“Dr. Van Buren”) fly in to examine the evidence? I am lead to understand that “Dr. Van Buren” is actually Mr. Whitton’s brother (who hands in a pretty ham-fisted impersonation of a “primate pathologist”). With all due respect and empathy to the high hopes and best intentions of this wonderful community, I still think this whole think this thing smells funny.

  13. mystery_man responds:

    Well, it is certainly not in keeping with the description of it as being super human like. One of the earlier descriptions claimed that if you shaved him, he could pass for a human. Not accurate, I would say from looking at this photo. I agree that the subject of the photo looks to have more features in common with an apelike higher primate than anything else. Very interesting.

    This looks like it is either the real thing or one of the greatest hoaxes in cryptozoological history. Now that the evidence is offered is doing a 180, so is my view of the whole case. For me, it has never been about “belief” or “being wrong”. It has always been about the evidence (or lack thereof) and how it corroborates to the claims. The credibility of these Georgia gentlemen has definitely gone up in my eyes, although it remains to be seen if this is all legit. I for one am compelled, and I look forward to seeing what else is brought forward.

    I have to admit that this case is turning around dramatically. Whereas before we were giving nothing to go on other than what the Georgia guys told us, and no evidence at all, now we are starting to be shown something more concrete. This is all I or any other skeptic wanted.

    I think everyone who has been skeptical up to now has had every reason to be. It is normal scientific inquiry not to just believe every wild claim that comes around and rather base one’s assumptions on the evidence at hand. All we can really do is follow the evidence, of which in this case there had previously been none at all. I am very interested in the scientific integrity of cryptozoology, and so on those grounds of course I was doubtful of the Georgia claims.

    But now it seems things might be changing. If this all ends up as the real deal does that mean I have to hear “I told you so?”. Probably. But at least I have been following the actual evidence to the truth rather than blind faith. I would be ecstatic to have been “wrong” about this one.

    Can’t wait to see further developments.

  14. sschaper responds:

    Hmm. How does this compare with the eastern nape? With the swamp ape, particularly the Myakka photos? Why does it look like a mask? The decomposition? I see the tongue, that is what at first glance looks like the teeth.

  15. PDNate responds:

    I must say, I doubt that Biscardi would go on Fox news with something like this if it weren’t for real. If he did and it turned out to be fake his credibility would be totally shot. I’m still scared to say that I believe it though.

    Loren, give us some of your insights as to some of the specifics you see in the picture.

  16. red_pill_junkie responds:


  17. NHbigfoot responds:

    WOW! That is quite something! Could be promising! Guess we’ll have to what happens on Fox tomorrow and what happens on Friday!

  18. markbird1 responds:

    Well until someone shows me a certified X-ray or a CT scan of it`s “inner workings”, I wish to remain sitting on the fence.

  19. thelastsketicalive responds:

    To say the least. Excitement has mounted. The weighing of the facts: What we know about these people. What we think we know about a North American bipedal hominoid.

    There are advantages to staying up late and reading Crytomundo. I hope being one to respond after the first evidence of the existence of bigfoot is released is one of them.

    Here’s hoping and fearing tomorrow.

  20. jguil responds:

    By no means am I offering an expert opinion on this particular specimen (if indeed its real) I will say this…This is the second post I’ve ever made to this site (the first one being earlier today) or any other site regarding this topic. I have been employed as a police officer for 15 years. All of that time has been as an inner-city patrolman for a major sized city. I have seen more than my share of decomposing bodies.

    The fact that the photo shows what appears to be entrails protruding from the midsection of the body and the tongue protruding from the mouth does lend credence to this story. I mean this in the fact that any body that has been exposed for a period of time will indeed build up internal gases and cause the midsection to rupture typically exposing its entrails. Along with that, it is also common for the same gases to build up and swell the tongue to the point that it also protrudes from the mouth of the body.

    With that said, either the fact that the “finder” of this body is also a cop and would most likely know these things points to an elaborate, yet impressive hoax, or this thing is real. I know, I know, you don’t have to be a cop to figure that out.

    I have to say, I lean heavily to the skeptic side but this is impressive.

  21. ThrashMoney responds:

    Sscaper, it does not compare well to the Myakka skunk ape photos, which I believe are of a baboon. This definitely looks more “bigfootish.” Still, I refuse to give in to my wishes that this is the real deal until it’s been verified by the scientific community.

  22. red_pill_junkie responds:

    But I hope they show better photos of the body during their Press Release. With better lighting too, and MUCH more resolution.

  23. Scarfe responds:

    As an added comment, I showed my girlfriend and her friend. My girlfriend’s friend is a veterinary nurse who thought that the exposed organs (what seem to be part of the intestine) seem out of proportion with the alleged size of the body in that they are too small.

  24. korollocke responds:

    wow! if this isn’t real its the best fake ever!

  25. TommyGun responds:

    Would an animal eating on this cause the intestines to look too small?

    I’m impressed, but still not sure. I am hoping it’s real. If it’s not real, then going on fox with this is pretty gutsy.

  26. AlbertaSasquatch responds:

    Jeez I don’t know what to think. Part of me so so wants this to be real but I swear I can smell something fishy going on and the body looks kind of fake to me but I really hope we are not all being hoaxed. Time will tell I guess. Also thank you Loren for reporting all of this in such a timely manner.

  27. jguil responds:

    “As an added comment, I showed my girlfriend and her friend. My girlfriend’s friend is a veterinary nurse who thought that the exposed organs (what seem to be part of the intestine) seem out of proportion with the alleged size of the body in that they are too small.”

    If you look closely at the photos you will also see what appears to be part of the large intestine also protruding from the body. Nice touch if its fake.

  28. bill green responds:

    wow very interesting possible sasquatch body there indeed. its amazeing wheww wow im very inpressed. good evening thanks bill green

  29. planettom responds:

    OH how I want to believe, I truly do. I work in medical research so I’m taking a more analytical approach to this whole thing. The pictures surely look interesting and the descriptions sound impressive. For now, I’m just gonna sit back and watch and see how the evidence unfolds and holds up to scrutiny and testing.

    So we didn’t have to wait until Friday afterall. :-)

  30. Medieval1028 responds:

    “Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. has exclusive rights to all publishing rights, photo rights, television and film rights, production and distribution rights and other commercial opportunities related to the discovery and findings regarding this body and these creatures”

    As relayed to me by an expert: “That’s pretty ridiculous. It’s not a patentable new idea, it’s an intelligent biped. Claiming to own the right to a bigfoot species is unbelievable hubris”

  31. rayval responds:

    O MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. korollocke responds:

    hard to say what that mass is, im not too versed on bigfoot organs to judge size and what not, who among us is?

  33. Munnin responds:

    Well- this is promising indeed, so far. These photos are compelling. It’s GREAT to be able to view them here, now, in advance of the breaking of this story into the “mainstream” media. I look forward, eagerly, to the conclusions of those aforementioned experts who will be examining these apparent remains, according to the article posted earlier here on Cryptomundo. It will be a fine thing if some of the other researchers, who have spent decades of hard work investigating the subject of North American primates and promoting further study on it (Loren Coleman, Jeff Meldrum, and others), also get a chance to view and examine this evidence in person. I hope this will come to pass.

  34. Harlequin responds:

    I really hope this is the real thing. The fact that it’s a scanned picture of a hard photo says, to me, that this wasn’t Photoshopped. If it was just a file directly uploaded I would be a lot more suspicious. This isn’t to say that I definitely think it hasn’t been, but that in my mind this lends it a bit more credibility.

  35. ndfullthrottle responds:


    could be a hoax.
    either way those “messing with sasquatch ” commercials don’t seem to far from the mark

  36. gridbug responds:

    My initial reaction was a lightning bolt down my spine, followed by a sensation deep in my stomach. This very quickly gave way to a lingering feeling of sadness. If it’s a hoax, it’s an impressive one. And if it’s real, then we as a species have just turned a corner and I anticipate that many are not ready for this. At all.

    Let’s assume this is tragic fact. The idea that these guys and their friends were able to recover the body without any hindrance from the creature’s family (or pod?) has always given me pause. I’ve always thought that these creatures were intelligent, feeling beings with a strong sense of self preservation which they would extend to their own kind. Is there more to this story regarding the extraction of the corpse? Did other creatures witness this? Did they in fact try to prevent the body from being taken? So many questions…

    The mind boggles, the soul reels.

    At this point, faced with these photos, and being a true believer all my life, I find myself hoping that this is actually a hoax. And I wonder if I’m alone in that thought…

  37. The Blogsquatcher responds:

    I’m just signing in so I can subscribe to the comments. Events are moving pretty fast now.

  38. loyalfromlondon responds:

    My hair stood on end when I saw the photo.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  39. Alivegarden responds:

    I remain skeptical but extremely hopeful at the same time. Given Biscardi’s involvement, I can’t help but take this with a huge grain of salt. Then again, I always thought that a body would be found by someone who wasn’t really looking for it, so let’s wait and see. I am reminded of the alien autopsy fiasco, and the similarities here are unfortunate, but I will give all parties the benefit of doubt. I say: prove it. Prove it by letting university scientists examine it fully and get the legitimate results on a major news network, then we can all join in and say, “We told you so!!”

  40. Richard888 responds:

    Wow! I am speechless.

    I don’t see the human appearance. It looks similar to a Silverback Gorilla. It doesn’t fit my preconceived idea of Bigfoot. I imagined it as a version of Cro-magnon. And it looks as a different species than the PG Bigfoot. We may be witnessing history in the making.

    Are those intestines?

  41. Wiseman responds:

    All I can say is : WOW this is very something incredible, hoax or not( To be able to shake our little world like this, they merit praise or our justified wrath!! Mwahahahaha!)

    To enter much more in my nickname, I would recommend to anyone not to make their ideas on these photos yet. We must stay objective yet alert and wait for the press release. Or should I say after the release.

  42. korollocke responds:

    amazing isn’t it, people complain of lack of proof you slap proof in there faces and they can’t except or cope with what they demanded to see.

  43. zigoapex responds:

    I’ve been following this for a while and have to admit I was skeptical about it.
    I always believed in Bigfoot and followed it sense I was a kid.
    After listening to the radio show on Bascardi’s site and Lorens information
    I have to say we are all going to be very happy!!!
    You have to understand the negative ramifications that Bascardi’s
    And Loren would incur if there were wrong. It’s not like us john and Jane doe’s
    That will get a good busting at the water cooler on Monday morning.
    They have much to lose in more ways than one. I highly doubt they would be backing this up unless they knew that there was undeniable evidence to this historic event.

    I’d like to thank Loren and Bascardi for their commitment to this unbelievably
    Difficult task of supporting something that most of the world never believed in.

    And Loren I can’t wait until you can give the old pie in the face to all the “professional Skeptics” out there and I will gladly come and hold them down for you! :-}

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

  44. Bucky responds:

    I’m impressed with the photos. It looks pretty much like I would have imagined. I even think it looks like it should if it had been frozen in the freezer…..either this is the real thing, or an incredible hoax. I’ll be on the computer and tv all day tomorrow.

  45. forsakenfuture responds:

    i soo want this to be real but to me it looks like some animal hide with a mask laying sideways on it.

  46. trackerdave responds:

    Here’s a link from a Google News search of “Tom Biscardi” around 3:30pm MDT today:

    (I can’t translate this, but it does include the pictures)

    CBS5 also has a story now listed on Google news search.

    My hunch is Biscardi will show the pics on Fox, congratulate himself (alot) and nothing else.

    Also, no one does a Friday afternoon press conference for a major story. It doesn’t hit the papers until Saturday and fewer people read the Saturday papers than during the rest of the week.

    My guess is the body will be “purchased by an undisclosed party” before we get anything. I wrote this a few days ago and still believe it today.

    I hope I’m wrong.


  47. GreenEyez responds:

    In response to this..

    # gridbug responds: August 12th, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    My initial reaction was a lightning bolt down my spine, followed by a sensation deep in my stomach. This very quickly gave way to a lingering feeling of sadness. If it’s a hoax, it’s an impressive one. And if it’s real, then we as a species have just turned a corner and I anticipate that many are not ready for this. At all.

    Let’s assume this is tragic fact. The idea that these guys and their friends were able to recover the body without any hindrance from the creature’s family (or pod?) has always given me pause. I’ve always thought that these creatures were intelligent, feeling beings with a strong sense of self preservation which they would extend to their own kind. Is there more to this story regarding the extraction of the corpse? Did other creatures witness this? Did they in fact try to prevent the body from being taken? So many questions…

    The mind boggles, the soul reels.

    At this point, faced with these photos, and being a true believer all my life, I find myself hoping that this is actually a hoax. And I wonder if I’m alone in that thought…

    Ditto.. I too almost hope it’s a hoax in some small way. I just couldn’t figure out why until I read your post.
    When I saw that picture, I was overtaken by emotion. Fear, sadness, anxiety.. I didn’t feel happiness or relief or any such thing. Maybe because it’s dead and gone.. but, I’m just not sure. I have such mixed emotions about this as well.
    I hope I can figure them out because I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight..

  48. flash442 responds:

    I’ve often wondered about the logistics of moving a carcus of that size and weight. If I’m not mistaken,that looks to be a styrofoam? cooler. I would think it would be very difficult to place the body face up in that small of a space without causing damage to that type of cooler? I’m assuming they found it in the deep woods? and I believe it would be quite a chore to remove it to the closest road to load up and haul away without damaging the corpse. I know it could be done but don’t believe it would be a two man operation. I’ve often thought about what I’d do if I found a Bigfoot carcus. If it were by the side of the road I would be able to load it on a trailer easily(with winch and tow strap) but would be difficult without causing damage to the carcus of some sort. Removing it from the woods would probably require a four-wheeler,tow straps and strapping it to a sheet of plywood. All this would be difficult to do without drawing attention or being spotted I believe. It’s just my two cents and something to look for in pics and exams(signs of dragging and areas where chains or towstraps might have been.
    I’m hoping it’s real but this is just another angle to look at that I haven’t seen discussed before. Thanks-

  49. korollocke responds:

    my gut says this is on the level, and i really doubted this at first even making a cheap at loren for taking a bribe to keep his museum open, crow dinner for me,

  50. springheeledjack responds:

    The jury ain’t in until we get some confirmation from people who are actually qualified to say what’s what…I’m sticking by my July 29th prognosis until somebody proves me wrong…

  51. simian fever responds:

    They dug up Roddy McDowall?

    Seriously that could be Cornelius from Planet of the Apes. Looks dead on in the rotated face pick up top.

  52. Greg102 responds:

    Just my opinion. If in fact that this is a true specimen. I don’t understand why people don’t think it looks like Patty? The resolution on the PG film from 1967 is so bad you can’t really conclude anything, even with the MK Davis “enhancements”. The head of patty (of what you can clearly see in the film) does in fact resemble this bigfoot. If this is all true, I can’t wait to see what Joe Nickell and Ben Radford will have to say. Bandwagon is one word that comes to mind…Their explanation will be something like “we’re scientists, and we’ve never seen any real evidence until now”..blah blah blah….Not that anyone should get any satisfaction over it, but guys that spend their lives telling everyone Bigfoot is not real will certainly be vindication!!! Maybe they’ll turn a 180 with their entire careers of skeptics, to people that prove mysterious phenomenon exists. I won’t hold my breath…. 😉

  53. mrdark responds:

    Without further debate on authenticity (my original comments on that still stand…and there’s not much in this ‘detailed in some ways and extremely vague in others’ photo that changes my mind on that) at this point I think there needs to be some attempt at intervention if we’re to consider this as even potentially authentic.

    I’m shocked that nobody has piped up and questioned the method of keeping this carcass. Now that we see, that it’s a simple commercial chest freezer, sometimes just filled with ice cubes like a cooler (look at the photo of the men with Biscardi) we are running a massive risk of -losing- this specimen. On the microscopic or even widescale level, decomposition and improper preservation procedures could be erasing evidence vital in both identifying and learning about this specimen. The word of experts examining it in an ‘undisclosed location’ over the ‘next few months’ raises gigantic alarm sirens in my head.

    Here’s a scenario. Let’s say this is real. If people who are blatantly unqualified scientifically to preserve and study a massive biological specimen with highly complex internal systems are allowed to continue to handle this beast the way it has so far been handled, and talks of an ‘autopsy’ are going around (disregarding the simple show of ignorance by calling it an autopsy, when it would in fact be a necropsy) I think it’s entirely possible that by the time real, qualified zoologists, veterinarians, etc. are allowed to handle it there may not be enough left in good enough condition to prove it’s authenticity one way or the other.

    If there’s even a chance this is real, it doesn’t belong in an ‘undisclosed location’ for experts selected by the likes of Biscardi (think well or ill of him, he’s no scientist, at least not with the expertise to correctly adjudicate the handling of remains like this) it belongs at the Smithsonian or some similar institution or university with facilities and expertise at preserving and studying large mammals.

    Yes, I’m excited. This could finally be -it-. But then my stomach turns when I realize that the zoological find of, hell, man’s history, could be laying at the bottom of an old chest freezer being guarded by two law enforcement officers whose knowledge of preserving dead mammals amounts to having their annual deer dressed and packaged for freezing.

    This should -terrify- people like you, Loren, unless you’re convinced that this will outgrow these men and their media plans fast enough to rescue the remains before more massive damage occurs.

  54. jguil responds:

    “At this point, faced with these photos, and being a true believer all my life, I find myself hoping that this is actually a hoax. And I wonder if I’m alone in that thought…”

    With all due respect gridbug…why would anyone in thier right mind hope that this is a hoax? I stopped BELIEVING in BF when I was twelve. But, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t kept an open mind in the scientific sense that, we as human beings, certainly don’t have all the answers nor have we discovered all that’s to be discovered. I, for one, hope its real! Although I keep a healthy skeptical view of things what a wonderful and stupifying discovery this would be!!! However, I have to say my gut says there’s a 99.9999% chance that this indeed is a hoax of some sort.

    Your post about the “pod” having a reaction to the discovery is making tremendous leaps that just can’t be made at this point.

    Who’s to say that the “discoverer” of this supposed BF, being a police officer shot in the line of duty, simply doesn’t have any intention of returning to the force and is looking to make his retirement off of this story. I really hate to say something like that about a fellow police officer but it does enter one’s mind.

  55. obastide responds:

    Like many of the above, I’ve waited for this all my life. In fact, my family has for over a century, having had an encounter far back in our past. In one sense, the debunkers will be debunked and the brave souls who risked all professionally for this will be vindicated. I hope Grover Krantz is watching. Still, there is a vague sense of regret, I guess. It wont be a mystery anymore or a matter of unpopular faith. But, If the species is verified, the most important result will be that they will be protected and regarded, hopefully as an extremely endangered species. I can’t imagine what this will do to certain belief systems, including Biblical literalists and anti-evolutionists. One puzzlement to me is seeing how apelike the face seems to be. I have never doubted the veracity of the Patterson film, ( guess the debate over that will stop ) but it appears to show an individual that seems to have a much less apelike nose with a broad tip on it, not open, gorilla-like nostrils. Regional variation? Reason to question one image over another? I hope not.

  56. GWK135 responds:

    This would be my first ever post to this site. I’m a long time fan of Loren, have donated to the museum, and have been a believer of the “idea” of Bigfoot since talking with my uncle that lives in the Pacific NW and has spoken of encounters with people that have seen things in the mountains out there. I’ve got a BS in Wildlife Biology and work in a field that gives me some background in investigations. I’ve seen lots of dead “critters” in my profession, and I must say, this looks like a fake. To me, it looks like a bison (buffalo) robe with a manufactured “monkey” mask. I hope I’m wrong, but my guts (not like those dumped on the robe) tells me this will leave us flat.

  57. Andrew Minnesota responds:

    I don’t like how they handled this at first but I think that they are going about this much better now and I am truly excited. If Loren thinks this is legit then I am inclined to believe him because of his expertise and to be honest, that photo is compelling. It seems like the fellows from Georgia are handling this better now and I commend them for it.

  58. tizzidale responds:

    I don’t think that’s a Styrofoam freezer. Looks like an electric chest freezer, but they’ve taken the extra step of dumping water in it. Heck it may be frozen solid by now. Some of those freezers are huge (we have one), and if that things as big as they say it is, that’ll explain the weird cock of his head. I’m glad I stumbled on this story tonight, as I rarely visit any more. I’m excited to say the least.

  59. Macleod responds:

    The tongue looks really wierd, but I really hope this is a legitimate creature, you should take a look on all the other “skeptics” blogs and message boards it is like bullies throwing insults at the nerds, it seems some people are content to be sheep, to go through life not even curious about the unknown, just content to go to work, make money and laugh at anyone that looks beyond that. I am glad I am not one of these people. Whatever the outcome may be I have had a blast following this story and reading all your comments, it is a great time to be alive and to think outside of the BOX.

  60. jguil responds:

    I hate to say it but Loren Coleman just broke this thing wide open. If you go to the website for the sasquatch costume that he posted below the cooler pictures it pretty much puts this thing to rest. The nose is EXACTLY the same, the colorations on the face are EXACTLY the same, the expression is EXACTLY the same (with some hair moved, dyed and placed here and there) and low and behold…the costume stands 7’6″ tall JUST like our specimen. What a disaster.

  61. Ouroborus Jay responds:

    I’m not convinced.

    In this day and age, a photo just isn’t good enough.

    To me, this is no more or less convincing than the Denver Alien photo.

    I guess we’ll find out more in time.

  62. gridbug responds:

    Another thing to consider: these “Georgia Gentlemen” have demonstrated less-than-professional candor as this whole thing’s been developing, and that’s a documented fact. Now, I don’t profess to know the “good ol’ boy” mindset very well, but their behaviour toward the crypto community and their arrogant ignorance as to how to best handle the situation has me leaning more toward “elaborate hoax” than “earth shattering find of the century.”

    What I mean is that if I were the one to stumble upon a Bigfoot body in the wild, I’d have a multitude of emotions and thoughts flash through me. But ultimately I’d be humbled by the find. Frightened, puzzled, confused, all these things, and I’ve been a life long believer that something is out there, and always has been out there. But to turn around and act like a first class horse’s ass? I just don’t get it.

    Maybe I’ve given the bftrkr’s too much credit. Maybe they really are just plain iggnint and were too busy high-fiving each other and talking about early retirement to dwell on what they had before them. I know it’s wrong to make judgments on folks I’ve never met, but their first (and second, and third, and all subsequent) impressions speak volumes about who they are, what they stand for, and how much (or little) they know about what they have in their cooler.

    Considering of course that they’ve got an actual body and not just a stuffed costume trimmed with deer intestines and freezer burn.

    I have always believed, and I always will. I just didn’t expect to feel genuinely troubled about being faced with prima facia evidence that this creature truly exists. Maybe it’s the messengers to blame, whose childish antics have soured the message. Maybe it’s the image of some nondescript humanoid figure slumped in a box freezer, something that resembles us “superior” upright primates, treated here like little more than a cash cow.

    These creatures aren’t dumb, senseless animals. And contrary to the dissenting opinion earlier (skeptical, fair enough) it’s far easier to assume that they are more intelligent than some give them credit for. Why wouldn’t they have families and/or nomadic social groups? To have gone this long escaping hard detection is a remarkable feat. If nothing else, these creatures deserve our respect. Which brings me back to the supposed carcass dumped unceremoniously in the freezer. It’s the same thought that reportedly keeps hunters from pulling the trigger on the rare occasion that they get one of these creatures in their sights, or keeps an eyewitness transfixed on the silhouette within the treeline.

    My God, is that be a man, somehow?

    Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, he still deserved better than this.

    And that’s what haunts me more than anything.

  63. drjon responds:

    That looks like a very close match, Loren.

    Is the body in the box actually a soggy costume-suit?

    Was the delay in the photos coming out actually to allow the purchase of this costume and the staging of the photos?

    Habeas corpus. I’ve been saying it from the start. These are nice photos, but independent DNA test and an independent autopsy by professionals are what’s needed.

    The Georgia Gentlemen have had their fun. They need to hand their claimed corpse over now.

  64. jguil responds:

    Its a hoax. Not only are the noses, facial colorizations, facial expressions and height descriptions exactly the same but if you look closely at the bump or notch over the right eye (over the eye, not on the forehead) they are in precisely the same place. There are better pictures of the costume on the website. I have been comparing both faces for over an hour now and there are many many characteristics that are in the same exact places on both faces. Very disappointing.

    I cannot imagine that the news conference will actually take place on Friday. I mean these guys got attorneys, pr reps, bigfoot experts etc. involved. Not one single mainstream news service has picked up the story. No way this goes off as planned.

  65. c_streed responds:

    I want to believe this but that final image you posted of the bigfoot costume is just too eerily similar to the picture. From the flared nostrils and angry looking brow to the shape of the mouth, it’s almost dead on. Coincidence? Probably not. I hope I’m wrong.

  66. gridbug responds:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I can now sleep easy tonight. This charade has been blown wide open.

    Johor Hominid – strike one.

    Georgia Bigfoot Body – strike two.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next. Excelsior! 😀

  67. Cryptoraptor responds:

    This is a hoax. Apes noses aren’t directly under the eyes. That’s how artists caricaturize them and give them a ghoulish look. The hair looks like a rug.

    As badly as many want to believe ….everyone will still eventually find this out to be a hoax. And then what? You’ll still believe in the next one.

    Think about it. Something that looks like that and is close to eight feet tall has been eluding photographers and hunters over the last 100 years???? That’s absurd.

  68. eyeofnewt responds:

    No more realistic than the photos found here.

  69. on the track responds:

    i’m kinda speechless…this is looking pretty real here folks. i’d be interested in hearing what the DNA tests and what not say and i also want to see these alleged photos they have of multiple big…feet? what do we call a clan of bigfoots?

  70. carlo.m.c. responds:

    I have mixed feelings about all this. If this truly is the real deal then I cant help but think that some of the awe and mystery of Bigfoot has been lost. I almost think I would have preferred it if the body was never found at all. At least not by these two Georgian idiots. This whole thing doesn’t seen right. Then again, I guess it was only a matter of time before someone got hold of a body.

  71. steelcut responds:

    ROFL… it screams: FAKE…

  72. carlo.m.c. responds:

    I almost want this to be fake. If it is real then all the awe and mystery of bigfoot is lost. Then again, this was bound to happen eventually, I just wish it wasn’t discovered by those two Georgian guys!!

  73. thehoch responds:

    I sincerely hope it is real, because I am always the guy at the party who swears that Bigfoots are real, as everyone else makes fun of me.

    But the one thing I don’t understand is if this Bigfoot is real, the guys who have this body, could be making a lot more money selling the rights of the pictures and results to some of the biggest magazine, TV, and newspaper people around.

    The profits would be huge, yet they have already unveiled the pics, without any fanfare?

    Something doesn’t make sense, especially when these same Bigfoothunters have their own website where they are trying to sell t-shirts and junk for a buck.

    Why have this elaborate website and try to sell a bunch of bigfoot merchandise, when you could just sell the pics and rights to the story for millions to some legitimate news agency?

    Something smells and it’s not Bigfoot’s decaying corpse in an ice chest….Stay tuned!

  74. rayrich responds:

    You people can’t be serious. This screams fake and a lousy one at that. Having had my own encounter, this looks nothing like the creature I witnessed. Way too much facial hair and whats with the jet black costume? Very few sightings describe that color. Looks like a costume with some obvious add-ons. WEAK!

  75. c_streed responds:

    Either someone from tracked down this particular bigfoot before he got shot and the bigfella allowed them to take a latex cast of his face, or Rickmike paid $445 for a costume, stuffed it full of stuff and stuck it in a freezer. I wonder how much money they’ve taken in for their “expeditions” and T-shirts. Looks like Rickmike are going to jail for fraud and Tom Biscardi’s career is officially over.

  76. Razimus responds:

    I’m a hoax-expert, and this is a hoax, they even show the rubber suit that this dummy was made from, the hair is dyed dark brown, note: other photos these ‘bigfoot hunting experts’ have taken show a fat bigfoot first light brown, then dark brown, they first used the bigfoot costume and then dyed it dark brown and since nobody bought the live action shots they hoaxed they are now trying to re-use the costume once again as a corpse. There is no skeleton, no skin samples or hair samples will surface and of course the fake body will disappear, look at the faces of the 3 frauds, in the above photo they are all smiling, in the photo with the corpse-box they are all grim, because they are in on the hoax, this entire site cryptomundo is a hoax.

  77. rayrich responds:

    Lets get real, besides how ridiculously fake this costume looks, what are the odds of a perpetual hoaxer in Biscardi actually finding the real deal? Zero to none. Im surprised at the number of posters who thought this could be real. How many sightings describe a jet black bigfoot with long flowing hair which covered most of the face. Few to none. Curious to read some posts from other eyewitnesses.

  78. sean_s responds:

    well thats it then. i’m so annoyed, i was so ready to belive it, but i guess it is a fake, it seems impossible for a fancy dress costume to look identical to the body in the freezer and still be genuine. i would be less suprised if the body looked more like the patterson-grimlin footage, as least we would match with other accounts.

    i’m really annoyed by this to be honest. it’s just going to make proving these creatures exist even harder.

  79. c_streed responds:

    How do I get a job as a hoax expert? Does it pay more than minimum wage?

  80. Macleod responds:

    I believe Hoax expertism is a salary position….

  81. alchemical responds:

    I call hoax. If it proves not to be, which I doubt, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    But the entire story is far too convenient. Some self proclaimed Big Foot trackers just happen to find a body, they just happen to accidentally “prematurely” upload and release photos (excuse me, WHAT?! This doesn’t happen by accident), their DNA evidence is conveniently back from the lab in time for the rushed press conference, they just happen to have the conference hall all set up to go for the big day….

    Nope, sorry. The pieces fit just a bit too well, guys.

  82. yakcamk responds:

    Well, I wanted this to be real, sadly though, It’s not.

    Considering that one of them is an officer of the law, it doesn’t surprise me that they did such a good job on the bloating/decomposition effect. Although, the tongue does seem to be just placed there, like it’s not attached, surely if it were natural, the bottom jaw would be open considerably farther than what it appears in the photo.

    Has anyone called the place where the press conference is supposed to take place to see if it has indeed been booked?

    Is it a criminal offense to commit this kind of fraud in the U.S? Surely Tom Biscardi has the right to claim for expenses and compensation for time wasted. Although I’m not a huge fan of his, I do feel sorry for him, this, unless it’s a decoy and they do have a body, will be a huge impact on credibility and probably his life in general.

    I sincerely hope that the police department that one of these “gentlemen” works for seriously evaluates his employ, not really becoming of an officer of the law to pull such a “trick” on the public, not to mention media outlets.

    Chin up folks, the truth will be revealed, just not today.

  83. Lyndon responds:

    This is fake.

    Patty is real.

    That’s all there is to it.

  84. davidk responds:

    Wading into the true/not true based on these photos, little other information, Loren’s rather cryptic clues here today (no disrespect to Loren in the comment, I do understand why he’s being cryptic) and the behaviour of the guys who found it over the last few months – has it occured to anybody that maybe, not a conclusion for reality here, but that they might actually be fake photos designed to drag this drama out longer and build a bit more excitement…?

  85. c_streed responds:

    Um, yeah, we’re saying they’re fake photos.

  86. wanderingwildebeest responds:

    The teeth remind me of my Grandfather’s false teeth. I wonder if anyone around those parts are missing their dentures.

  87. c_streed responds:

    yakcamk- I would consider soliciting profit from false claims would be fraud. I’m no law expert, but I think that’s the case.

  88. hudgeliberal responds:

    I just dont know what to make out of this whole situation. I dont know what to think. It is a fairly convincing photograph,but as pointed out by others,it could be a model or just a fake photo. Still,with all the attention and now mainstream media…a hoax would destroy both of the Georgia boys and Biscardi. Still,with Biscardi ya never know. He reminds me of the old circus just never knew what was real and what was fake. On one hand,I would love it to be true to validate all the hard work and time put into the search by everyone. However,part of me kind of hopes it is a hoax or media marketing scheme for the new Biscardi film(another rumor making the rounds). I dont know man…just really confused at this point.

  89. hudgeliberal responds:

    I am leaning towards hoax…but do have some excitement to see how this plays out. Maybe a marketing scheme? I dont know. Just a crazy,crazy few weeks for sure.

  90. hudgeliberal responds:

    As for people saying it doesnt look like the PG film,I think if it is real and the size given is accurate..I think it will be very close to the P/G film. Remember many of the close ups that people see of the Patterson film are retouched as to how the face isnt really clear from the film. Tune in tommorrow for another episode of “As the Crypto world Turns”. Peace fellas.

  91. hudgeliberal responds:

    After looking at the various sites of those involved and hearing that a film company is doing the Public Relations for this find..really leaning toward a viral marketing scheme for a new film,documentary or such. As much as I believe that it will be a hoax,there is some little part of me that thinks…what if? I just dont you can tell from my posts. I am wrestling with this story. The fact that Loren is really leaning towards this being what really gives me pause. I respect Loren Coleman very much and I think that his credibility is the only thing really keeping this story alive for many people. Imagine the backlash of a hoax? I would not want to be those boys or Biscardi…whew. Good luck to all involved..guess we will see soon. I hope!!

  92. FUZZYD responds:

    I understand peoples need for this to be true……But, look at the images, its very clear these are fake, very clear. There is no skeletal structure, no muscle mass, but yet, the intestines remain fresh!!! :)

    This isn’t even a good hoax. They’re simply praying on peoples desires for this long running story to be true. So much so, that people leave all rational thinking behind.

    Its a costume in a freezer, with added intestines for effect….sorry to break it to you!!!


  93. rugby411 responds:

    This is **astonishingly** fake!

    I don’t see how anyone would see this anything other than a costume with some deer guts thrown into the mix.

    It’s one thing to **want** to believe, but it’s another to listen to these guys who have postured, lied outright, and disrespected respectable investigators before getting in bed with Biscardi.

    Please see this for what it is….

    Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake,fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake…..

  94. ruslan responds:


  95. normalguy responds:

    First clue
    “and set to be examined by a battery of academic scholars”.
    You would have it examined first,,then made the announcement.
    2nd clue
    “With offers of millions of dollars, just for the photographs of the body”
    So they release them for free instead of for money.
    3rd clue-
    Tom Biscardi,Tom Biscardi,Tom Biscardi
    Its going to be stolen by…
    1/the secret government 2/researchers
    Before it gets tested…
    Its not “decomposing”..its a cheap gorilla suit.
    Truly sad this is run as a serious “case” instead of just the obvious joke that it is.
    No doubt my post will be removed for telling the truth..

  96. sasquatch responds:

    Yep, looks exacly like the mask in the ad. The hair on the “body” also looks a lot like the costume….just a litttle mussed up….with some chicken or rabbit entrails thrown on top. I would think an “over 500 lb. male ape creature would carry an incredible amount of it’s wieght in the shoulders like a gorilla and unfortunately (or maybe because they didn’t have it looking too realistic) the angle has no hint of the massive shoulders we’ve come to almost always hear about from alleged sightings. My bet is the whole thing is a hoax and “the out” will be; they staged the whole thing to draw attention to Biscardies DVD/movie “Bigfoot lives”. Just a simple P.T. Barnum-esque ploy; “Can’t We take A Joke?!”
    Maybe an actor will be hiding in the suit of the presumed dead animal and resurect once the press are all assembled just to get a rise out of them! Ha, Ha, we fooled YOU Ken and Barbie(!), don’t make fun of us anymore!” But, then again…maybe this picture is a ruse and they do have a REAL one! You never know, life is wierd. And the pride of men/women can sometimes cause us to do strange things to get percieved revenge and verification of our position or even lives. I hope not too many people are hurt by this…I was also wondering if either of the two guys in GA. had recently been seen purchasing new pick-ups or other expensive items?
    When you know you have the goods don’t you sort of show it by running out and at least start to aquire some finer things(?) even if the big check hasn’t actually shown up? Oh yeah they’ve also covered themselves- remember: “for entertainment purposes only”….A perfect disclaimer. That is IF they need it, Wink, Wink…

  97. darkshines responds:

    Razimus, its not fair or justified to say the whole of cryptomundo is a hoax, we discuss a lot of evidence, historic and comtemporary, in the filed of cryptozoology. We discuss new species, exam photographs, try and gleam facts from historical accounts. Maybe the subject in this photo is a hoax, but until that is proven, maybe someone who is so quick to put down the site should remain a litle more humble and quiet.

  98. Buzzard responds:

    I’m not sure if I can keep coming back to this site. All of these guys have HUGE records of lying and fraud, yet it still became way over-hyped here.

  99. mystery_man responds:

    Yes, for sure I think we should stay calm and follow the evidence. These photos are pretty incredible in my opinion, but they don’t prove a thing other than if it is a hoax it is a pretty clever one.

    I have to say that my excitement at the possibilities has been somewhat cooled by the excellent points brought up by some here on the storage of the body as well as the remarkable resemblance of the body to that costume. The chest isn’t the same, but that could have been covered. The face looks very similar, although that could be a coincidence. Also, the behavior of these Georgia gentlemen from the outset is suspicious as well as the twisting of facts and less than honest going ons that have occurred. In light of everything that has happened up to now, I just simply don’t trust these guys. But still, evidence will be evidence and we can’t always be sure that a person of scientific integrity (or good manners for that manner) is going to be the one to come across a body.

    I am open minded, and think this case has taken a promising turn. But alas I remain skeptical until more information other than just photos is forthcoming as compelling as those photos may be). Why do I have the biggest suspicion that the body is suddenly going to disappear and leave us all wondering if it was real or not? Let’s just say that even though the situation has gotten interesting, I am not completely convinced.

    I say keep an open mind, but don’t accept this as completely legit just yet. Let the evidence rather than smoke and mirrors and faith guide you. This body could be real, sure, but it is not a sure thing yet. If it is real, the forthcoming evidence should be undeniable.

  100. joeseph8 responds:

    Moved to enter my first post, after anticipating this revelation. I must say i’m dissapointed by what I see. Unless theres other information or clearer pictures to come, then this is clearly a fake and cannot believe some people have been so suckered by it! I look forward to being proved wrong.

  101. joeseph8 responds:

    In fact it reminds me of some film, where a guy in a monkey suit gets locked up with an amorous gorilla, it’s that obvious.

  102. booberwatt responds:

    there is only one way this could be a hoax- certain individuals who have access to human body parts. start with the costume shown in this site(fake hair removed). Somehow fix or adhese human skin to inside and outside of costume.fix human hair to entire costume(not unlike a wigmaker).Piece together human body parts of arms,legs,torso,including head.Then somehow
    secure outside”skin” to skinless body parts,possibly by means of natural protiens or polysaccharide extracts.Sure it would take a a very long time to pull this off, but if it could bring you millions of dollars and notiriety, what better project for,say, a group of Med studentsw/ to much time on their hands. I truly hope this is for real as there will be several skeptic,and ridiculing friends of mine who will find me hard to live with-

  103. mystical_rain responds:

    To be honest, it looks like an ape to me. I have’nt had much experiance with these big foots but i do belive this looks like an ape.

  104. tomdee27 responds:

    Hi. I really want to believe this is a Bigfoot but the photo looks like a fake. The face looks too much like the mask. The nostril line is exactly the same. I’m not sure what these guys are trying to pull but I lay odds that they cancel the press conference before Friday.

  105. freya3 responds:

    I hope it is a fake. If science gets a body to chop it will mean the end of another happy mystery. Bigfoot could become another creature that we take for granted. I can’t stand the thought of it.

  106. swnoel responds:

    Any animal in a state of decay would show similar traits, sucken eyes, bloated body(undoubtably opened up to assist in reducing the bloat), tongue fallen out and drying up, if this animal is real, we’ve gotten what we wanted… proof

    My guess is they came across this animal in a diffrent scenerio that they have stated.

    If this is a hoax, I wouldn’t want to be the one doing it.

  107. YourPTR! responds:

    This is really interesting! I sure hope I’m proven wrong when I said it HAD to be a hoax! I am praying this is the real deal here! I so want this mystery to be solved once and for all, even if it means a Bigfoot has had to die because of it. But wait, it’s not even that…they found it already dead in the woods? That makes it even more incredible. And the pics look much better than I thought they would as well! This has to be either an eleborate hoax or the real thing here! Just like the Patterrson film was/is! I said I wasn’t gonna get my hopes up but it’s kinda hard not to now, this is getting exciting! And things are moving along at a greater pace than we thought they would as well which is nice. Just hope this is not gonna turn out to be a disappointment! This is gonna be absolutely enormous if not a hoax, the lead story around the world for weeks I reckon, it’s gonna change so much, wow it’s hard to take all this in. When I first saw the tiny thumbnail I got that feeling like “someone walking over your grave”. It just looked so real! And spooky. It could also be a gorilla or chimpanzee I suppose. I think it does look quite chimpanzee like, but still nothing quite like i’ve seen before. Just hoping and praying this is not a hoax! And waiting with baited breath for hopefully only better things to come and soon!

  108. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:

    Bigfoot, Hmmm.. :) i say it’s Legit. for Many Reasons:

    1. Of course Gorilla Like Nostrils, for it is an ape.

    2. Decomposition is really what’s going on Here. Yes have you all heard the Decomposed basking sharks, whales..etc. that resembles Plesiosaurs??? this decomposition may resemble the pic of the costume.

    3.It doesn’t even look human like

    4. the Description of the Teeth and Such is what triggers me into thinking it’s Legit.

    5. If it’s indeed that Costume in that add, i Find it strange that Tom would put that in there, knowing we seen that costume before on the add and tv… that wouldn’t be a great idea for a hoax and to go on FOX NEWS.. i wouldn’t want to be in His shoes if it was the Costume.

    6.Loren Coleman well.:) If He believes in IT, i most likely wouldn’t have doubts on this Bigfoot.

    ***7. i just noticed that…if it did resembles the costume, makes me wonder. The Person who did the Costume must of saw the real Bigfoot and remember exactly how it looked or took a photo/vid of it that keep it a secret from the media…..I would of done that.

  109. sundevit responds:

    yup, i have to agree with the ones before me … after getting really excited by loren’s statements yesterday, i feel pretty much disappointed by these pictures. the body has no real structure / substance, it looks like a badly stuffed blanket (costume) thrown in this box and then some oddly fresh intestines placed on top of it. the way the head is angled hints to no real muscle structure in the shoulders and neck that you would expect from this kind of animal. it simply lays there like a stuffed mask. well, i could be wrong of course. i would love to be wrong. but i find these photographs rather fishy to say the least …

  110. proriter responds:

    Fakie McFake.

  111. Doug responds:

    I am not convinced yet. Still looks sort of “costume-ish” to me. If it is real, then someone may have to explain to me how they got a gorilla to shoot to pull this off.
    I believe that the DNA will show surprising results, but not what we think (or hope) it to be.
    If it does turn put to be real, and something new, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.


  112. PhotoExpert responds:

    Interesting photo. I predicted they would leak a photo or two and that is exactly what they did. I don’t believe it. I do believe this is a hoax or some kind of vague money making endeavor.

    Loren, please be very cautious and keep your skepticism here!

    Let’s recall just a few things that have transpired.

    First, the individuals in question were trying to go into the business of BF expeditions. They claimed to have a BF body. They tried booking “expeditions” and selling T-shirts. Then, mysteriously, as Cryptomundo readers accused them of hoaxing, they said they were planning the announcement. When criminal activity was mentioned, from them booking expeditions based on the assumption that they had a BF body, they then said they had a lawyer. The police chief distanced himself and the department from the police officer. Then they started attacking you personally Loren in video posts and the readers here at Cryptomundo.

    Secondly, if they had a body from the beginning as they claimed they did, then why would they be worried about selling T-shirts? Why did they refund the booked expeditions when fraud was implied? This happened after they consulted their lawyer. As they continually attempted to demean and belittle you Loren and this site, they showed us their lack of intelligence and juvenile behavior. This went on for a while. The videos got more and more abusive and their stories kept changing as time went by. They said they were flying in an expert and went through the trouble of an elaborate hoax of bringing in a biologist who later turned out to be the police officer’s brother. He was ticked off and surprised when he was found out so readily.

    Thirdly, if he had a BF body the entire time, he was set from that point on. It would be worth millions. But he was more concerned about increasing the number of hits at his site in an effort to sell T-shirts and expeditions. Why do that if you have a body of a BF? You wouldn’t if you were a normal person.

    Fourthly, they announced a date of October 1st and then September 1st as they continued to attack you Loren.

    Fifthly, remember, the brother is no biologist but actually a photographer. And many here predicted the police officer would be having his brother photoshop some photos and release them or leak them prior to the September 1st date. They did that!

    Sixthly, Tom Biscardi became involved. That is when things quieted down just a tad. Mum was the word. And then we find out, Biscardi is indeed involved and has partnered with them. Hmmm, I find that interesting and convenient.

    Seventhly, if there is such a word as seventhly, none of the actors involved in this “finding” have ever taken Loren or Cryptomundo on in a one-on-one session. Be it posting or otherwise. After the biologist scam, with the biologist being his brother, and we found out in seconds, he dared not get involved in a battle of wits with people here at Cryptomundo. He was at least smart enough to figure that out. The hoax would be up or the money making scheme or whatever they are doing.

    Eighthly, that photo is clear enough to give some detail but not enough resolution to be telltale one way or the other. Just as people had predicted. It could be a mask and a fur suit or fur from a known animal.

    Ninethly, didn’t they say they found it and it took a couple of days to carry out of the woods? They said it was dead when they found it. I assume in that part of the country, in that heat, after that amount of time, that rigormortis set in. I think it is very convenient that the creature died with it’s head tilted in just such a way that it fits nicely into that freezer. If it supposedly weighed 500 and took a couple of days to get out of the woods and had been dead for a day or two, and they are using ice to preserve the remains, we can safely say that the body would have been in a moderate state of decomposition. I notice entrails or intestines in the photo. The intestine does not look to be of appropriate proportions for a creature that size. And if it were a couple of days from death to freezer, one would think bacteria would have taken over the intestines and turned it a bloated purplish black. Those intestines in the photo look very fresh and pliable.

    Lastly, Loren, you are the person that they seemed to have it in for the most–with burning your books and taking swipes at your beard. You may rule that out as their juvenile behavior, but psychologically speaking, I think it goes deeper than that. And if they have this hatred towards you, why would they release the photos as an exclusive, before any other agency? Hmm, interesting!

    So let’s use our common sense here. If it is an elaborate hoax, and you want to make a name for yourself, while making fun of others whom you may despise, wouldn’t you play it out like it is playing out now? Think of all the mistakes and backstories told along the way. Was there more truth hidden in those stories than there was fiction and other motives? I believe so!

    I can see that the tide here as turned from one of skepticism to one of belief or wanting to believe. I guess I will remain in the minority and be skeptical of all this. I will continue to say it is a hoax until they show us a body, a body of DNA evidence from reputable scientists. Until then, I will call it a hoax!

    Use your heads and common sense. And other people have brought up some very good points about the way the photo appears and how did they get the body out with the BF’s family hanging around nearby. Think of all the things that have transpired. Do you really think it is for real just because Tom Biscardi partnered with them financially? Wouldn’t you be calling National Geographic or the Smithsonian to document the event? Of course you would. But they have a small film company doing it? Does that make any sense? Have they ever made any sense?

    This sounds like something out of Ringling Brothers. And I believe it was PT Barnum that said a sucker is born every minute. I am not going to be sucked into the hype. I would rather be wrong than be a fool. If they do produce a body, I will just be wrong. But if they don’t produce a body, I would be a fool. Given the circumstances surrounding this ordeal, a scheduled press conference is not going to change my mind. DNA proof will. I am no fool.

    Loren, please remain cautious and keep your skeptical radar up. Why would they include you, of all people, to release photos to, after they have attempted to ridicule you over the last couple of weeks? Do you think they had an overnight change of heart and just need a skeptical cryptozoologist involved, in order to keep things fair? Or do you think they are drawing you in to further attack you or your character? Remember what all saw and were dealing with on those videos.

    I appeal to all Cryptomundo readers here to remain cautious and use your better judgement and let past history be your guide for judging their future actions.

  113. Max Paddington responds:

    Long time reader first time poster here:

    Just wanted to say, wait and see. I’m going camping this weekend so I guess I’ll see what happens when I get home. And I’ll definitely keep my eyes open.

    The similarities to the mask ARE pretty Eerie.

  114. hlw responds:

    Wow… reading these comments is like a psychologist dream, watching you people leading each other all over the place. Its real, it isnt, its a costume ,it isnt. Reading these as a whole it becomes obvious how few can think for themselve. Rather than second guess a photographic image wait a few more hours. Most of us have waited many years, give it a few more hours.
    If it is real I just wish Bernard,Ivan, and so many others that laid the groundwork, and spent there lives searching could be here to see it happen.

  115. Max Paddington responds:

    also just noticed, and wanted to say, there are still differences… the facial profile, especially of the jaw, is flatter for one thing. And the brow ridges look to be smaller and composed more of hair in the BFT pic.

    Just an observation…. I’m wondering why the fur looks so sketchy. Like no indication of proper ‘skin’ underneath, unless it’s been rendered the same color as the fur by freezerburn

    I’m going on faith here, faith that Loren Coleman wouldn’t seem so optimistic about something he didn’t believe…. and the fact that these guys were rude to him before makes this sudden about face even more interesting.

  116. ksr responds:

    If this IS the real deal then let’s take steps to get it classified as Endangered, so this is the last one we see in a freezer.

  117. marcodufour responds:

    Lifetime searcher of cryptids here and first time blog post. Let`s hope these two gentlemen aren`t pulling the wool over all our eyes as Bigfoot and others very obviously exist and it would put us all back years if they are hoaxers ! But if true it will be very useful for all the searchers of other cryptids too. Stay sceptical until it is proven but here`s hoping !!!!

    Keep up the great work Loren. London, UK,cryptozoologist.

  118. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:


    (chuckles), i do agree with you at a certain extent.
    Let’s be real here shall we.

    1. If he’s really wanting millions, and then wanting more hits on his site,. Has it occurred to you that, if He wants millions, and the more hits he gets. Don’t ya think he might be thinking the more hits he gets, the more money he’ll Get??? some people actually think this way, and i was one of them…

    2. As for selling items, i understand that if i had a Bigfoot body or Nessi at that, i would sell items, so i can draw people into my site and get to know me a lil, so they can trust me or at least have an open mind on my possessions..

    3. As for a Fake Biologist. Makes me think that.. that the person who was a fake, wanted to Help Him, and is wanting to get people to believe the Body is legit even if it is legit. Remember Friends Help Friends out. And some Help out by Planning Strange Plans to do things.. like This one. Although i would of done the same thing if i was the same person i was long ago, now i understand lies get us no where, so i wouldn’t do what He did. :)

    4. No, not everybody would be calling national geographic.. I wouldn’t.. i would of gone straight to youtube, myspace, Loren Coleman, Yahooanswers, and Find My way to the news.. Since Myspace has a lot of hits, and so does youtube. Yahooanswers may get lots of hits, depends on your question, but this would of been a spam in yahooanswers.

    5. I do agree that Just cause Tom Biscardi is in it, it seems legit.

    6. when you said “The intestine does not look to be of appropriate proportions for a creature that size. And if it were a couple of days from death to freezer, one would think bacteria would have taken over the intestines and turned it a bloated purplish black. Those intestines in the photo look very fresh and pliable.” I agree in some point… to me, the picture isn’t clear, so the intestines may seem small, plus you got to remember, Bigfoot is unknown to science. So this animal may have unusual characteristic and body, guts structure..
    You got me there, when you said it looks fresh, but then it’s just an unclear photo, and it probably didn’t get black from being frozen?

  119. Kent responds:

    To me the body hair looks fake.

  120. wmmott responds:

    Looks like a hoax–the similarities to the mask of the costume shown are just too close to be coincidence.

    If it is a hoax, I hope that some sort of law against fraud will be brought to bear.

    They are about to be on Fox & Friends. The ridicule factor for all anomalies research is about to be set up for a major tumble.

    I hope I’m wrong, but…

  121. mystery_man responds:

    I really have to say that the lack of any coverage in the mainstream media so far is a little odd, if this is indeed such a groundbreaking discovery.

    PhotoExpert- You very nicely detailed some of the behavior and dishonesty that makes me distrust these guys so much. I also agree that it is interesting that they have not engaged us here at Cryptomundo and that after all of the vitriol brought against Loren, they would choose this site as an exclusive. I don’t know what it means, but it is strange. Anyway, like I said, there is no guarantee that the people who find Bigfoot (if it is to be found) are going to have any common sense, manners, or knowledge of scientific protocol. I’m just going to say follow the evidence here regardless of the claimants’ characters.

    It is true that these photos do not exist in a vacuum. There have been a lot of other questionable developments surrounding them, so I think absolutely a cautious approach is prudent. Maybe there is some information that I am not privy too, but so far with these photos this case is merely an escalating curiosity. Very interesting, but if they have solid physical evidence, I’d say now is the time to put it forward. I will consider anything released for public scrutiny or peer review. I’ll keep an open mind, but my brain isn’t falling out here. They have not proven anything conclusively yet, this is important to keep in mind.

    There are still a lot of idiosyncrasies to this case to be skeptical about and the evidence is not overwhelming so far. Very interesting photos but I can’t stress it enough, follow the evidence. It will speak for itself if it is there.

    It’s hard to tell just what in the world is going on here. Wait and see. That’s all we can do.

  122. Christoph responds:

    If it’s a hoax it’s even worse for the bigfoot research than the whole Johor fiasco last year. After comparing the head of the creature with the mask of this costume I’m pretty convinced that it’s a fake. This is just sad…

    But I’m still interested: What made you turn from a nonbeliever into a believer in this Georgia thing, Loren? Just the picture?

  123. Ann Unknown responds:

    I only have one question: is it possible to uniformly degrade the proteins in a specimen this large by some means (lets say, microwave irradiation) so that any form of DNA analysis would be rendered “inconclusive”, and therefore meaningless?
    Please don’t take this as closed minded nay saying. “I want to believe”, as much as anyone else out there. All I am saying is, be prepared to listen very carefully as the investigation progresses.

  124. alcalde responds:

    I think that if a DNA test is performed, the results will show that John Edwards is the father. Oh, wait, that’s the other DNA test I never expect to happen.

    The biggest sign that this is a fake is that we can see intestines, yet no sign of pancakes in the digestive tract.

  125. jinxari responds:

    I don’t buy it. Comparing it to the costume, most notably the shape of the nostrils and their placement near the eyes, it’s far too similar. The features are awkward and unnatural in my eyes. It doesn’t look nearly similar enough to any sort of ape I’ve seen.
    If it weren’t for that costume, I’d be much more convinced. However the fact that everything lines up perfectly is just too much of a coincidence.
    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  126. c_streed responds:

    What has Tom Biscardi done to negate his credibility? I ask this sincerely out of ignorance. Just genuinely curious.

  127. amylopan responds:

    I want to believe this as much as the next person, but we’ve pretty much established it’s a total hoax with the people involved and the YouTube videos with the fake scientist.

    This is a total hoax! Biscardi’s Fiji Mermaid, on the other hand, is totally real. I poked it with a stick and everything! 😛

    I don’t want you guys to be too bummed out when this unravels. It’s exciting to believe, but don’t get your hopes up again!

  128. FijiFugu responds:

    It looks FAKE. The fur looks like Bison or Bear, not Hominid. I think Tom Biscardi said on FOX news that these two guys came upon the dead body, and that it is partially decomposed. Well those intestines should be bloated and black and blue, not small and pink. If I’m not mistaken someone claimed to have a bigfoot body a few years ago that was 8FT tall and 400LBS, isn’t that the exact size of this animal? Coincidence?

  129. mythusmage responds:

    Has it occurred to anyone that the costume is based on observations made of animals in the field?

    There are simply too many details, too many niggly bits for me to accept the hypothesis that it is a hoax. Why include a protruding tongue when most people don’t know such a thing happens with decaying bodies, and so would never think to look for it?

  130. Ceroill responds:

    mystery man, I think the reason they have chosen this site is that Loren has a fair amount of respect in all camps, whether believer, skeptic or neutral. Also, despite their vociferous complaints, this forum has been fairly even handed in the comments.

  131. MattBille responds:

    Gut reaction – the appearance plus the activities of the promoters involved add up to a fake. Dead animals can look odd in any number of ways, and no one can say exactly what a dead sasquatch should look like, so it’s possible (and I hope true) that I’m wrong. But so far, it doesn’t feel right.

  132. mythusmage responds:


    How should a decomposing bigfoot corpse appear? Like the decomposing corpse of any large animal. The mechanics of rotting are not species dependent. You’ve studied how a horse decays, you’ve got a pretty good idea of how a bigfoot decays.

  133. cento57 responds:

    This is a fake. This could not be a hoax if it was alive. When alive one could confirm whether it real or not. Dead allows the special effect wizards of Hollywood to their magic. There have been so many stories of Bigfoots in freezers I have lost count. It has become a joke. A few years Coast to Coast AM, Art Bell had a caller who claimed he had bigfoot in a freezer. It was a hoax. This could be a typical carnival trick. One peek and the lid is slammed shut. These people think we are all fools and suckers. I cannot wait for their explanation on why they killed it. That should provide a great laugh. Unless some reputable person could do an autopsy, which I doubt will happen, then we can assume it is not real. Remote viewer Ed Dames’s explanation seems more believable. On a previous show with Art Bell, he claimed that a remote viewing research study determined that Bigfoot was some type of holographic image sent by some alien species near earth. That is probably why it so hard track Bigfoot. It there, yet it isn’t there. To me this latest Bigfoot story reminds me of all the typical female scammers on dating sites who all claim to be living in Guana or Africa and whose only interest is taking some single guy’s money. There is a sucker born every minute.

  134. John Bynog responds:

    I see mixed feeling’s and opinion’s on this subject. Until we have the fact’s the authenticity shall remain in question. I personaly hope it is true and one of the greatest mystery’s will be solved. We can then move on to true scientific study of an elusive but proven new known specie’s. I would rather see a dead specimen than capture and remove one from it’s family. Nowaday’s there’s no proof in photo’s. As I see it these guy’s stand to lose alot if it’s a fake. The precaution’s they’re takeing guarding the body seem’s credible as if it go’s missing then so does their credibility. My question is, what if it turn’s out to be just a gorilla. Then they could make claim’s that they didn’t know and it was just an escaped(?) primate. I threw that in though knowing that the average height of a gorilla is around 6 feet. Just thinking about how they could perhaps weasel out of a false claim. But for now the ball is in their court and I look forward to (Friday) tomorrow. For those that hope it’s false but turn’s out true, new book’s can be written and sale’s are going to boom. Cheer’s Everyone.

  135. mystery_man responds:

    Ceroill- I agree with you. My comment was made without really thinking through what I was saying. In my opinion, this is the best places out there to break this story and the respect Loren has in this field is undeniable, of course. I actually would like to retract my statement about it being odd that the story should appear here first, before the mainstream media. It was a foolish thing for me to say.

  136. NorthbyNorthwest responds:

    I agree with some other commenters that this is a hoax. The proportions in the face are not right. The bridge of the nose is not long enough to be an ape, but it is identical in length and shape to the costume. In fact the “creature” and the costume look almost identical to me. I wish it were not a hoax, and that hoaxers would stop their infernal hoaxing. I’d like to belive that Bigfoot is real. After all, if 150,000 lowland gorillas could go undetected until now, why couldn’t Bigfoot have been hiding out all this time too?

  137. mjm1358 responds:

    Well, I have to tell you it looks pretty darn fake to me.

    Trust me I would like to believe it’s real, but the fur looks a little to thick without any imperfections. I looks almost like a fake bear skin rug. I know they mention the state of decomposition of the tongue, yet the intestines are still a bright pink and look almost fresh. That and they look a little too conveniently placed.

  138. beautifulfairy responds:

    So all we have to do is wait to see if it’s real or not. I mean why can’t it be? If “evolution” created us why can’t it create something that is almost similar. Yeah the intestines may be pink, but remember they did freeze it and the point of freezing something is to slow decomposition, so wouldn’t that be a major factor? And besides the face doesn’t look exactly like the costume, if it was the costume wouldn’t it be the exact same? And yeah the similarities of the fake from a couple of years ago, well a couple of things. If its a costume besides shaq have you seen any 7’7″ people around for the costume to be that big? And maybe this lady saw a bigfoot once. Animals of the same species usually seem to be around the same size and weight as eachother. I once watch a show reguarding bigfoot, they explained why more bodies haven’t been found(scanvengers, so these guys must’ve found a newly dead one), that famous video(possibly could be real due to bigfoot looks with his upper body, something gorillas do because their shoulders are to big to turn there heads to look over). So why can’t this be real, because 2 guys are getting mocked for what they found and so they want to keep it hidden. We as people always doubt what is new. I mean if there is a bigfoot in almost every continent why isn’t there some truth to that? My mom knew a lady that lived down our street who said that bigfoot would come through ever summer and he smelled really bad, she even saw him once. But that migration changed when they built more houses and they changed the path of the creek. So the saying goes everyone is a critic
    *****oh and i really haven’t heard anything else about it so I hope this isn’t late

  139. thesasquatchbeliever0302 responds:

    This was proved a hoax they sent the body to be observed they said everything on it was real but unfortunately it wasn’t a real creature but the remains of different species of animals. They said it broke their hearts but it was true that it was a hoax. It broke my heart too. I finally thought that we have proved scientific history. Until it was proved fake. And know its just making me push further into finding Bigfoot and capturing or trapping it (without harming it) and show the world that there really is something out there and if people want to find one we don’t need to kill it!

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