Hand of Bigfoot

Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 14th, 2006

Looks like a sideshow or carnival manufactured gaff to me, but this is Mr. Tom "I’ve got a captured Bigfoot" Biscardi’s "Hand of Bigfoot." See Craig’s posting here on Cryptomundo for more details.

Hand of Bigfoot

What do you think?


For an update, click on the "Backstory on the Bigfoot Hand."

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20 Responses to “Hand of Bigfoot”

  1. Ole Bub responds:

    Pretty damn gruesome…looks like one of my old golf gloves….at least the victimized sasquatch will be easily spotted….

    seeing is believing….

    ole bub and the dawgs

  2. akbens responds:

    What is with all this crap evidence on Bigfoot as of late? It’s not a Bigfoot hand. IF it’s even something that was once living to begin with at all.

  3. timi_hendrix responds:

    Looks exactly like the Yeti hand that was stolen by, I think it was Tom, or one of his men.


  4. traveler responds:

    hmmmm just me, but i would have figured even a juvy hand to be bigger than that..any idea on how he found this? one would assume it was taked from a dead bf, but then that would have meant a carcass was found….in a cave maybe?

  5. stonelk responds:

    Looks like it is made of clay.It is also very small, the hand of a child. Or perhaps a hand sculpture made by a child in art class.

  6. Ole Bub responds:

    Timi…we need to keep that hand away from Peter Byrne…I had the same thought…LOL

    seeing is believing…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  7. bill green responds:

    hi everyone that sasquatch hand is definetly a HOAX… in my opinion. bill

  8. mrbf2006 responds:

    That reminds me of a hand I saw on a fake carnival Bigfoot once. Who does Biscardi think he’s fooling? You know, a few months ago, I said that we shouldn’t focus so much on Biscardi, because as I said, it was a “last Summer” thing. However, I have since changed my mind about it. I think we need to know everything there is to know about this guy, and avoid any contact with him. Good job, Loren.

  9. Mari responds:

    In my opinion the “hand” appears too small, too rigid, and the fingers are too stuck together. By comparison it looks to be about the same size as the man’s hand in the photo. In any case, has any analysis or research been done on this object?

  10. shovethenos responds:

    Well if he thinks the hand is authentic let’s see the DNA analysis. A few small samples to test DNA aren’t going to damage the hand significantly. That specimen shouldn’t be even shown until DNA analysis was performed on it. It’s waving around “bigfoot hands” that turn out to be a hoax that hurt cryptozoology’s credibility. I’m not saying that it is a hoax, but one should be skeptical until DNA and anatomical analysis is performed.

  11. Chymo responds:

    Could be a mummified ape hand. Not hard to come across in old taxidermy lots. Hack it off a stuffed chimp.

    It’s not a bigfoot hand, obviously.

  12. cor2879 responds:

    I agree with Chymo, the hand looks like an authentic mummified hand of some type. Not saying I think it’s a bigfoot’s mind you. But keep in mind if it is mummified, it would have shrunk considerably so the fact that it is small may or may not be, by itself, enough to disqualify the hand. That said, I do not think this is a bigfoot hand. Probably from a chimp, gorilla, or even a human mummy!

  13. BBatts66 responds:

    It looks like a baseball mitt from the 1920’s…

  14. Jeremy_Wells responds:

    Even with the “shrinkage” one would expect from mummification, this wouldn’t get any smaller than the bones in the hand, which, one would assume, are still larger than the bones in a human hand.

    Plus, if it were real, handling it with ungloved hands, as shown in the photo, is a great way to contaminate any DNA that could be taken from it (and a great excuse for not letting DNA samples to be taken since getting “clean” DNA might be too “invasive”).

    Even if everything about it were real (which I don’t believe it is), Biscardi still gets a big, fat “F” for failing to handle the evidence properly.

  15. Senor Chubba responds:

    If the Bigfooot hand does not fit- ACQUIT!

  16. eyeofnewt responds:

    Well, clearly NOT “identical” to the Pangboche hand, which was largely skeletonized. Hmmm.

  17. Doug Tarrant responds:

    WDT says:

    Hey, just run the prints thru
    CSI and see who’s mug pops up.

  18. scmarlowe responds:

    Loren, as you well know, such “artifacts” are common in Asia. Most turn out to be from a common primate ape.

    Has Mr. Biscardi made any recent trips to the orient? Having run out of “original” hoax ideas here in the States, it would appear that he’s now “borrowing” from the standard fakes from abroad.

  19. scmarlowe responds:

    Now that I think about it, weren’t there some “Bigfoot” materials of this sort recently sold through E-Bay?

  20. aaha responds:

    If it is Biscardi, it has to be true. 35 years of bigfoot research experience crammed into 2 years………….

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