Heuvelmans Files

The following images are the first ones I have seen of the inside of “The Department of Cryptozoology B. Heuvelmans, Museum of Zoology, Lausanne, Switzerland.”

This location is now the sanctuary for Bernard Heuvelmans’ collection of books, paintings, and raw material detailing his years of cryptozoology research and gathering of cryptid data.

These photographs were taken and shared with me by Christoph Kummer, who was allowed to do an initial examination of the Heuvelmans files and then take these photographs, at my request.

I then asked and was granted permission to publish these photos at Cryptomundo, by Olivier Glaizot, Conservateur, Musée cantonal de zoologie, Lausanne, and his associate Michel Sartori.

I thank these three individuals for their assistance in sharing with our cryptozoological readership these interesting images of Heuvelmans’ massive collection.

Heuvelmans Files

Heuvelmans Files

Heuvelmans Files

Heuvelmans Files

Heuvelmans Files

Heuvelmans Files

Click on the bottom image for a full-sized version. All photos above by Christoph Kummer. Copyright 2007, Christoph Kummer.

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  1. Cool. Thank you Loren.

    For a short explanation: The first pic shows a box called “homo pongoides” which contains most of the stuff Heuvelmans collected about the minnesota iceman, mostly newspaper and magazine articles but also unpublished drawings and pictures of the iceman. There were also three dossiers about the iceman (you can see one on the pic). They contain correspondance from 1968 to 1970 between Heuvelmans and Sanderson, Frank Hansen and others who were involved. One of the dossiers is the manuscript of the book “L’homme de Neanderthal est toujours vivant”.

    The 2nd image shows boxes about unicorn and dragon reports, mostly from europe and asia.

    On number 3 you can see some books of Heuvelmans vast collection. These are about giants, sirens and fairies.

    The next one shows three paintings by Alika Lindbergh. Heuvelmans used two of them as front covers for his books. There are more paintings in the room: Two which show Homo pongoides or Nguoi Rung (the landscape shows south asian rainforest) and two which show Heuvelmans.

    Number 4 shows more books and more boxes. Down in the bookshelve there are some boxes about american cryptids: 4 about bigfoot, one about mammoths and some about marine cryptids. There was also one about thunderbirds but it’s not on the pic.

    Number 5: More boxes. Mostly about wildmen and zoological discoveries.

  2. Odd that for such a critic of the Patterson/Gimlin footage ,who obviously thought it was a hoax, that one of the boxes shows a picture of Patty.

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  3. Thanks for this. Great to see collections and interest from other places. Loren, did you happen to notice if any of your books are on the shelves?