Update: Nessie Video Posted

Posted by: Loren Coleman on May 31st, 2007

Below the image from the video is the news report containing the videotape by Gordon Holmes of the unknown in Loch Ness.

Gordon Holmes Loch Ness Monster

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16 Responses to “Update: Nessie Video Posted”

  1. Bobby the K responds:

    The best explanation I have read is that Nessie is actually the trunk of an elephant swimming in the loch.

    Traveling circuses used to go by there, stop and let some of the animals out for a drink and a swim.

    Before we accept the extraordinary, we should eliminate the simple and most plausible. And no one has done that yet.


  2. mrsatan responds:

    Hmmm that is a tough one. The video is actually fairly good quality and the guy who took it seems like a logical chap. The problem is skeptics will say that it looks too much like a beaver or something swimming through the water. Also it suffers from the old “how big is the object really” problem, because of nothing at hand to compare it to size wise.

  3. Joelle responds:

    I just watched the clip again, and seeing it on a larger scale, I noticed that you can see at about 2:40 on the video, the creature puts, I’m guessing its head, up out of the water. I’m not sure if its just me seeing this, but it might be something to consider. Its a bit hard to see with the lettering over the image.

  4. Labyrinth_13 responds:

    Interesting footage. It seems especially good because the camera person zooms out to get a shot of the surrounding area, giving some perspective on how large the swimming creature/thing appears to be. That should help in future analysis of this film.

    This one should cause some real discussion!

  5. Darla KnD responds:

    I expect them to say it is a school of fish.

  6. Rillo777 responds:

    What I was most happy to see was that the whole thing was treated with respect by the news people. Just reported. No silliness or smerks. That is almost as rare a footage of the creature itself!

  7. ovocato responds:

    and i do see the head on the video on small frame

  8. windigo responds:

    I can safely say that the object appears rather odd and out of place. Beyond that, there just simply is not enough resolution to draw anything conclusive from the footage. A great deal of computer analysis and digital enhancement are the only things that can save this video.

  9. sschaper responds:

    Is that all there is to the video?

    I agree, I see that head-like movement, too.

  10. springheeledjack responds:


    I see what you are seeing too…of course the advertisement in the middle is right in the path of the object so it’s hard to get a solid look, but it could be a head…looked like solid object at the front (head???), then water rolling over it followed by the larger (dare I say hump???:) mass.

    Getting scale for size will be important, though I would guess the speed to be too fast for any really small critter unless the scale is severly out of whack.

    I was excited hearing about this footage, though to see it does not provide any clear description (at least from this footage as it is–maybe if they can blow it up large they can get some details). I am encouraged, especially if they can get some idea of size and speed (and it turns out to be larger than seals or otters), but I am also discouraged because we are still dealing with a blobnessmonster…

  11. springheeledjack responds:

    Yeah, I have got to make a comment about these people with their video cameras who go out and film this stuff and then like turn the camera off after 20 seconds or so…for the love of PETE…I don’t think we have to worry about conserving batteries…it would be nice once if someone would film until BF or LNM are completely gone, and then maybe, like, you know, keep on filming for a while to see if it reappears or resurfaces…not withstanding the hoaxes…

    okay, I feel better now…urge to kill fading…

  12. BluntedKid responds:

    This video is worth further research and inquiry. If you watch the full version you notice that Mr. Holmes pans the camera to the coastline, upon further and closer examination of the footage, researchers may be able to ascertain size, distance, and speed of the object within certain parameters.

  13. youcantryreachingme responds:

    The video is also available at SMH. I can’t access it from this PC (so I can’t check), but I’m hoping this version might lack the text across the middle.

  14. youcantryreachingme responds:

    springheeledjack – maybe they did keep filming. The news isn’t going to show 10 minutes of waiting around for a resurface!

  15. Maine Crypto responds:

    I too see the “head movement”. Also, there is an interesting flash of color for a very quick moment…… This is rather exciting!

  16. qumrum responds:

    Who is the news host? I love the brogue!

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