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Humboldt’s D.A. Asked To Investigate “Bigfoot Massacre”

Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 14th, 2008

Just when you thought the “Bigfoot Massacre” theory was getting rather wild, now comes word that Florida’s Scott Marlowe has sent a letter to the District Attorney in Humboldt County, California, “pursuant to an investigation of M. K. Davis’ ‘revelations’ about the Patterson-Gimlin ‘Bigfoot’ film.”

This is the first time I’ve heard “hypertrichosis” thrown into this story, which was suppose to be about a group of tribal hairy hominids being killed before “Patty” was filmed, but here it is.

Marlowe has given permission for this to be published here.

Needless to say, the opinions, speculations, and conclusions expressed in this letter are only those of Scott Marlowe’s.

June 14, 2008

Dear Mr. Gallegos,

It has become necessary to correspond with you as a number of questions have arisen over newly developed material from the film which Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin took in the Bluff Creek area of Humboldt County back on October 20, 1967.

A number of photographic experts have re-examined clarified images from the film, along with several animal experts, and concluded that the “animal” pictured in the film was actually a person afflicted with congenital generalized Hypertrichosis. Hypertrichosis is a medical term referring to a condition that exhibits as excessive body hair, the so-called werewolf syndrome, such as afflicts the now famous Mexican Wolf Boy.

In addition to this determination, there is increasing photographic evidence that the person, or possibly persons, so afflicted were shot and killed by others in the Patterson/Gimlin party who remain unnamed by Mr. Gimlin who survives Robert Patterson.

While circumstantial, there are additional inconsistencies in the account of the events that suggest there is something more to the story than has been revealed by those involved.

Having been associated with the analysis work of two of the photographic experts examining the film, Mr. Marlon Davis and redacted by Cryptomundo, I am compelled to contact you to avoid any hint of complicity in failing to inform the authorities of these potentially criminal acts.

I would suggest that it would be prudent for your office to initiate an investigation into this matter in order to ascertain the actual facts surrounding this event and determine if criminal prosecution proceedings should be initiated.

Please feel free to contact me for additional details, due diligence sources and information regarding the researchers who have discovered the material in question.


Scott Marlowe
Pangea Institute
514 Winter Terrace
Winter Haven, FL 33881

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
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58 Responses to “Humboldt’s D.A. Asked To Investigate “Bigfoot Massacre””

  1. springheeledjack responds:


    Now, we are not even debating whether Bigfoot exists anymore, but whether or not a family of them (that we do not even know were there), were murdered in the woods, and Patty was the one that got away…

    Okay, NOW I would like to say that this is WAY MORE SERIOUS than anyone would have previously thought. I think the government needs to get involved, because I think the murder of the Bigfoot family was no mere murder at all, but a drug cartel hit!

    I am positive that Patterson and Gimlin were part of a HUGE drug cartel operating out of the Northern California area. It was a regular drop point for drugs, weapons and Pixie Sticks (these were often filled with cocaine and other powdered illegal contraband at the time). Six Rivers National Forest was a known contraband area with several groups operating and a black market commercial drop point for contraband. And Bluff Creek was far enough removed that local rangers and authorities could not accurately monitor activity there at the time.

    I surmise that the family of Bigfeet (which do not exist by the way according to scoftics) stumbled across a shipment being delivered, and that they were executed to keep them from going back to the other BigFeet clans (If they had existed that is)–because the BigFoot nation was also trying to take over the area for illegal contraband coming into and out of Canada.

    So in essence, the Patterson/Gimlin footage is nothing more than the tail end of a “turf war” between cartels…and while the Bigfeet had been there first, they didn’t have the firepower (and the fact that they didn’t exist in the first place was detrimental to their cause) to keep claim on the land.

    The REASON the footage was published in the first place was due to an unknown smoking gun who accidentally obtained the footage–a man I will call “Lestor” received the footage in the mail–allegedly the footage was being sent back to the head of the cartel as proof that the competition “had been dealt with,” but it was sent out after a drunken night of poker and the address was mislabeled.

    “Lestor” received the footage, could not believe what she…err I mean he had, and brought the footage forward to friends and family and things snowballed. Interested parties from the cartel got wind of what had happened and tracked down the footage. The muscle at the cartel was forced to “Lean on” Lestor and her…errr I mean HIS family…but it was too late. The footage was becoming public knowledge and therefore the only way to cover up the evidence of the turf war was to name two patsies (Patterson and Gimlin) and get them to weave this elaborate tale.

    NOw obviously, the cartel also had to break the time/space continuum and go find some actual bigfeet because as all the scoftics know, there are no REAL bigfeet in this time/space continuum. Therefore a population of REAL bigfeet was moved in to take the fall. (the fake ones just weren’t serving the purpose anymore and the cheiftain of the fake bigfoot clan decided this whole contraband business was just way to much work and moved the clan to lake front property in Alaska where they are still living it up to this day–you know they do tourist stuff and take pictures with out of towners from time to time for a few bucks).

    Now I didn’t want to bring all of this NEW and ACCURATE information to light, but I was tired of all the rumor crap and people NOT getting their facts right…

    If you doubt me at all or want further corroboration of these facts, please go to Alaska, find the “Fake” bigfoot clan, and they will tell you square up that this is on the up and up…unless you don’t believe in BigFeet that is…

  2. jerrywayne responds:

    Now what?

    Hypertrichosis is an extremely rare genetic disorder. How is it possible for an entire family to have this defect (in accordance with the Davis scenario of a massacre)?

    This is turning into an opera: a soap opera.

  3. greywolf responds:

    There are two young men in Mexico who have this problem but they only look to be about 5 ft tall and not 800 pounds at 8 foot tall.

    I think this is a stretch of the imagination .

  4. graybear responds:

    So now we’re being asked to believe that Patty and family (which family does not appear in the P&G film) is a closely knit group of mentally retarded hypertrichotic humans who just happen to live naked in the woods. And to keep things interesting now Scott Marlowe wants the D.A.s office to look into the admittedly speculative report of this family’s alleged massacre.
    There is no statute of limitations on the crime of murder.
    It’s too bad there isn’t one on showboating stupidity.

  5. springheeledjack responds:

    THIS is such a load of …well you know…

    Now, we’re not even debating the existence of Bigfoot anymore (and this is really ticking off the scoftics because they have nothing to debate with the rest of the crypto-community…come on people these people have needs too, and they need to make a living too you know!).

    That’s it, I am tired of all of the rumors and innuendo and people making stuff up just for their fifteen minutes of fame…I am going to tell you what REALLY happened.

    First off, this was not the massacre of a family of bigfeet (afterall according to the scoftics there is no such thing as bigfeet so you can hardly have a massacre, now can you). This was a drug hit. AND more significant, this was not just a drug hit, but a turf war for control of the upper California area!

    You see, several groups at the time had been vying for control of the Six Rivers National Forest, more specifically the Bluff Creek area. It was too obscure for rangers and law enforcement to properly regulate at the time, and so several groups were using the Bluff Creek area as a drop off point for drugs, weapons and pixie sticks (pixie sticks were a hot commodity in the 60’s because they held those “powdery” substances that were so good to suck in and snort).

    It also turns out that a bigfeet clan (if they had really existed that is) was already set up in the area, dealing contraband between Canada and the US. They had actually set up camp almost two decades before and were doing fine. Then this other cartel, which I will refer to as “The New New York Mob” saw the advantages of the property and moved in. Well, as it turns out they had much more sophisticated firepower than the BigeFeet clan (who had only needed sticks and rocks at the time…sheesh they had been in the woods, they didn’t know about things like automatic weapons…after all, they didn’t even exist in some eyes…give them a break will ya?). The cartel “rubbed” out the clan, and only Patty managed to get away.

    The Patterson/Gimlin footage represents a “mopping up” effort on the part of the cartel. Patterson and Gimlin got footage of the last of the Bigfeet clan (which is a real trick, if you think about it, since they don’t even exist according to some people). Patty, incidentally, was on her way to inform the head of the BigFeet family operating out of Canada so that retribution could be exacted, but no, it never happened (you figure out what that means).

    HOWEVER, the footage of the drug cartel hit was accidentally mailed to an unknown smoking gun I will refer to simply as “Lestor.” She…err, I mean he received the footage in the mail (apparently the footage was supposed to go back to the head of the cartel, but it got mislabeled after a long night of poker and pixie stick abuse).

    Lestor was so excited by the footage that she…crap, I mean HE started showing it to friends, family and the like. And then things snowballed. The cartel found out what happened to the footage and went to pay Lestor a visit. The cartel “leaned on” Lestor and HIS family, but it was too late to make the footage disappear (who knew that there were so many crypto-s back in the 60’s?). So the cartel concocted the story to go along with the footage about a Bigfoot expedition and the footage we see today (ironic since some people don’t even believe the footage, let alone the TRUTH about what I am telling you happened), with Patterson and Gimlin as the patsies. Now, the cartel DID have to break the time/space continuum to go find some REAL BigFeet, because the ones in the video and the ones in the area at the time were fake (according to our favorite people, the scoftics), but it was worth it in the end…for the cartel that is).

    Incidentally, the chieftain of the bigfeet clan got tired of all this business and retired the entire clan to lake front property in Alaska where they still reside today, basking and relaxing…occasionally taking pictures with the tourists for a few bucks. Rumor has it that they do take vacations from time to time into the old homelands of California, Washington and what not. I even hear of a couple that like to vacation down around Oklahoma and other areas in the south…

    And that is what REAALLLLYYYYY happened. IF you doubt the sincerity or accuracy of any of this, please feel free to go to Alaska and ask the chieftain of the Bigfeet clan yourself.

  6. Lee Murphy responds:

    Bob Gimlin must seriously be thinking this film has been nothing but a curse upon him from the beginning! First, with people claiming the whole thing was a hoax to the point where he sold his share of the film to now, where (I don’t care how veiled) people are leveling accusations of murder at him BASED ON ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  7. ForestDude responds:

    Lunch with the Mayor: $30
    Gas for his SUV: $95
    Getting a letter asking to investigate the killing of a Bigfoot: Priceless

    I’d like to have seen the DA’s face when he read the letter. I bet he either tossed it in the trash or passed it around to his staff to give them a good laugh.

  8. John L. Johnsen responds:

    To Lee Murphy…

    I agree that this is too far.

    To Scott Marlowe…

    I’ll be in touch. Privately you may do what you wish, but to make the entire content of this public as it is written goes way beyond sensible.

    John Johnsen

  9. Found_One responds:

    Jerry Wrote :”Hypertrichosis is an extremely rare genetic disorder. How is it possible for an entire family to have this defect (in accordance with the Davis scenario of a massacre)?”

    Hypertrichosis is genetic.

    I.E. The four generation hairy family of Burma (google)
    Or perhaps a more modern example in Danny Ramos Gomez’s 5 generations of hypertrichosis.

    In Gomez’s family you have some 15 – 20 people with less to more extreme cases of the condition. Imagine them just breeding amongst themselves for a few decades or more. If the culture/community holds/held the more hairy persons in higher regard, they would have been breeding for more hair, and ultimately may become a society of people covered in hair due to a breeding forced dominant hypertrichosis gene.

    Though, it is extremely doubtful that Patty is a large human female with hypertrichosis. I’d sooner think a remnant neanderthal,who actually had the hypertrichosis gene activated. Either are extremely unlikely. I tend to feel hoax, but when I watch the steadied, colored version of the video, it’s hard not to wander to the “bigfoot” side of the fence.

  10. Doug responds:

    Yes, folks, this is getting both more weird and ridiculous by the minute…
    With the given nature of the pro/con positions of whether such a creature exists can you imagine the look on the D.A.’s face when he saw Mr. Marlowe’s request? Or even if he went to this website to see what was going on?
    Mr. Gimlin, with what you have already gone through over the years over this film, you certainly do not deserve this. My prayers are with you.

  11. CamperGuy responds:

    What the O.J. Simpson trial was not bizzarre enough?

    In my opinion Mr. Grimlin and the estate of Mr. Patterson are being done grevious injury. I sincerely hope legal council is sought.

    A line is attempting to be crossed.We are a nation of laws. Speculation in public forums concerning public figures is quite different than accusation (was it even veiled?) of mass murder to the legal system.

    I’d like to say there is nothing left except negative media attention but obviously this thing is taking on a life of its own and who knows how it will end. Disgraceful.

    To the proponents of the unsupported speculation are you aware and do you care of the damage you are wreaking? Aside from the Bigfoot community as a whole real people, their friends and families are and will continue to suffer from what has been speculated. Your needless harm to these people is unjustifiable.

    Please do not regurgitate your “proof” as rebuttal. Your “proof” has been read seen and dismissed.

    No D.A. not seeking a public platform for publicity will touch this.

  12. EdCraft responds:

    jerrywayne, you actually answered your own question. You state: “Hypertrichosis is an extremely rare genetic disorder.” The operative word here being Genetic, thus indicating that the disease does in fact run in families. This would make it potentially possible for at least a few members of a given family to be effected by it thus setting the stage for a potential “Davis scenario of a massacre.” That is, if Hypertrichosis is the actual underlying cause for the appearance of the animal in the film.

  13. fyrwokr responds:

    I have watched this site almost on a daily basis since it started. I was born in Cresent City in 1963. My father worked in the woods as a heavy equipment operator and log truck driver. He told me about seeing tracks and hydraulic fluid barrels being moved by being picked up. I have always been a follower of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery and I do believe they exist. I now live in Montana and my dad and the rest of my family live in northern Idaho where my youngest brother has had instances with hoots and loud screaming sounds at night -kind of like “the old man recordings” that I heard online.
    I can’t hardly believe where this all new information seems to be going. How ridiculous some folks can get. My opinion is that Mr. Gimlin is a straight up honest man and it happened just like he said.The obvious question to me is how to these folks explain the size of the so called afflicted person in the film.

  14. graybear responds:

    Another thought occurred to me; the sales of the enhanced DVD were admittedly less than Davis and Johnsen hoped for. This new wrinkle in this continuing mess may be no more than an attempt to drum up more interest and therefore more sales. Marlowe has to know that no D.A. in the country would take this case to court, or give it anything approaching serious thought. Not when they have actual crimes to prosecute. And the political repercussions of a D.A.’s office having anything to do with a Bigfoot case are mind-boggling (the next election would have the incumbent D.A. crucified on a
    Bigfoot campaign “Do you want Mr. Sasquatch responsible for crime fighting in YOUR neighborhood?”). So Marlowe’s motivation has to be something else. Profit seems like a good one. Either that or he’s been off his medication WAY too long.

  15. matthewnpng responds:

    Wow. This is so stupid. So a family of Bigfoot (they seem to be avoiding the term “Sasquatch” here) attacks Patterson and Gimlin (and the other secret gunmen?). Despite the fact that, aside from a couple unconfirmed reports, bigfoot do not attack humans. Like chimpanzees, they can act agressive, and seem to try to scare people away (throwing rocks, making noise). But countless sightings over the years indicate that these creatures, while they could easily kill a human, are extremely reluctant to even be seen, let alone attack a person. But we’re supposed to believe that for some reason a family of bigfoot viciously attacked these guys, forcing them to kill them all in self-defense (something I think they made up so it wouldn’t sound like too much of an attack on Gimlin…so much for that). Frankly, given such a fight, I would tend to think a group of angry bigfoot would overwhelm the humans–even with weapons–rather than vice versa (envision a group of grizzlies charging a few guys with rifles in the forest).

    But anyway, they killed all the bigfoot, then buried them. Then the next day, another bigfoot, shy creatures (or hairy people, now) that they are anyway, is in the open when the people come back. Yet this one–Patty–doesn’t attack them like the others, or try to hide like Bigfoot usually do, especially when faced with groups of people (we now KNOW there are at least three people here). Be she animal or human, Patty displays the unbelievable self-control to walk casually away (when they can run like the wind) as people shoot at it repeatedly and hit it in the leg!!! Yet, stoic to the end, she does not stumble or run, but strides off unlike her whole violent family who attacked the men earlier. But she was relatively safe. Although the shooters killed a whole family of bigfoot shortly before, the day they filmed Patty they were such bad shots that they couldn’t kill her or even hit her aside from a leg shot and a near miss to the head, as she walked sloooooowly off! Apparently they were shooting BB guns this day.

    And let us not fail to mention that Patterson and Gimlin felt so bad/guilty/afraid of prosecution about killing the other bigfoot before that they decided to just bury them, but now a day or two later, they are letting their team of gunmen go back to trying to shoot another bigfoot! And this is because people back then were all shoot-em-up big game hunters and had a philosophy that it was o.k. to kill unknown animals to prove their existence (and they need to shoot this one to prove its existence because they’d buried all the others…). But shortly before, they had been ethically modern enough that they felt remorse over killing the hominoids. But now they’d gone back to being trigger-happy “cowboys.” Does the M. K. Davis explanation just not work here?

  16. matthewnpng responds:

    I think I need to confess I tried to kill my siblings when they were little. If you “analyze” the footage of my brother’s sixth birthday party, you can see from the way the candles flickered on the cake that I was shooting an AK-47 inches in front of his face. But he was pretty tough, and just stood their smiling until my parents disarmed me. I figure I need to admit that now before someone sends the DA after me. And I just made all that up. Just like the guys who “analyzed” the PG film are making things up.

  17. Alton Higgins responds:

    In my non-expert opinion such preposterous allegations and the source are certifiable.

    What the press couldn’t do with this if they had half a mind () to do so. I have little doubt that the DA will dismiss this for the utter rubbish it is.

    Having met Bob Gimlin, and knowing others who have known him for many years, it really saddens me that this man of high character is having to endure this cockamamie assault on his reputation.

  18. scmarlowe responds:

    Actually, the responses so far reflect my expectations. However, you all need to bear in mind that the inflamatory accusations have already been made and I agree that they are doing Mr. Gimlin, et al, no service.

    Turning this issue over to the proper authories (i.e. not amateur OR professional cryptozoologists, conspiracy theorists and armchair quarterbacks who’ve seen too many TV crime dramas) is the prudent way to assure that the ALLEGED murder is or isn’t worth a proper investigation.

    If the authorities ignore my letter, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief and move on to subject more pertinent. If they do undertake an investigation, then there MAY be something to the intrepretation of the photo analysis AND inconsistant issues in the accounts of events associated with the film as already outlined here on Cryptomundo.

    It also is likely to flush out any parties who have been trying to engage in Machiavellian machinations designed to exploit the events and capitalize on someone else’s credibility for financial or intangible gain by discrediting professional “colleagues” who they see as “competion” or “bad for business.”

  19. bill green responds:

    this is a nice & shocking new article about the bigfoot massacre situation indeed. thanks bill green

  20. CamperGuy responds:

    “………However, you all need to bear in mind that the inflamatory accusations have already been made ….”

    You seem to ignore your singular role in taking matters one huge step further and trying to turn it into an actual murder investigation.

    “……is the prudent way…..”

    You sir, have not been prudent.

    “It also is likely to flush out any parties who have been trying to engage in Machiavellian machinations designed to exploit …….”

    Is further investigtion really needed?

  21. john5 responds:

    Does hypertrichosis produce a conical skullcap too?! This request by Mr. Marlow appears to be a vain attempt to keep this unsubstantiated theory in the news.

    Again, Patty has no limp or interruption in her gait as would be expected in a leg wound from a high powered rifle. The perserverance of these people with their violent theory gives rise to concern that they will produce photoshoped pics showing a bleeding wound claiming them to be real until they can be proven otherwise, just to keep this distastful debate going.

    Maybe it would be better for Mr. Marlow to focus his concern on investigating the Myakka in his homestate!

  22. cryptidsrus responds:

    You know what I think?

    Bob Gimlin should take a lie detector test. I personally think he is an honorable man but this is going to be on his head for the rest of his life—he doesn’t need this on top of the ridicule he has already endured for 41 years for the sighting.

    Let’s get this over with. If he “passes” the polygraph, then it should shut Davis up. We can get back to less “wild” and more sane “investigations.”

    Davis is already not passing the credibility test—this would put the nail in the coffin once and for all. And expose this for the BS that it is. There is enough good evidence that there was no “massacre.” The “what if” factor keeps rearing its ugly head, unfortunately. So this would be a victory for the Gimlin side (albeit symbolic).

    Unfortunately a lot of people are going to give everybody in the crypto community the “just because you say Gimlin is an honorable man does not make it so” routine. So to silence the naysayers and put this to rest I say let Bob come out and give himself over to a lie detector test.

    Sorry Bob, but being laid back about this and just telling a few friends of yours “It ain’t so” ain’t going to cut it. Like it or not, there are people out there with doubts who will not take your word for it and you are (however unintentionally) adding to the “cloud” by your “silence.” Not good and not fair, but that is the way it is.

    He almost certainly will not do it, but he should.

    I would like nothing better than this to be over with and Davis put in the wrong permanently and without any reservations.

    Rant over. I will take my meds now. We will now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

  23. cryptidsrus responds:


    Just saying this is ridiculousness will not silence the clamor. Even though I agree with you that this has gotten WAY out of control, for better or for worse there are people out there who are willing to believe this or keep an open mind at least.

    Gimlin passing a lie detector test would go a long way towards smacking a lot of the speculation and suspicion down. Not totally, but enough so that a lot of this would go away.

    Gimlin already has been through the ringer—he does not need this on top of everything else. And not just him, the whole cryptozoology community does not need this.

  24. Artist responds:

    Just what Cryptozoology needs – more nonsense!

  25. Andrew Minnesota responds:

    And just when you think it can’t get any more ridiculous…
    I think perhaps it i safe to say that Mr. Davis has done more harm than good at this point. I would hardly call him an expert, and his evidence has been less than impressive, and now this.

    IF an investigation is actually launched, and nothing is found I hardly doubt it will silence M.K. he has made a theory built out of smoke and if nothing is found what will he do? My guess is we would see another “theory” as to bodies being moved or other such nonsense.

    A quagmire has been created by M.K. Davis and it looks as if it might swallow Mr. Gimlin. Here’s hoping that it will not go any further because there is simply not enough genuine evidence to destroy one man’s good name because of the imagination of another.

  26. Melissa responds:

    Mr. Marlowe Writes:

    If the authorities ignore my letter, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief and move on to subject more pertinent. If they do undertake an investigation, then there MAY be something to the intrepretation of the photo analysis AND inconsistant issues in the accounts of events associated with the film as already outlined here on Cryptomundo.

    And if they dont? Question, did you ask for or receive an “expert opinion” from anyone in regards to all this? If so, who?
    Mr. Marlowe writes:

    It also is likely to flush out any parties who have been trying to engage in Machiavellian machinations designed to exploit the events and capitalize on someone else’s credibility for financial or intangible gain by discrediting professional “colleagues” who they see as “competion” or “bad for business.”
    Question and statement.

    Why do I get the nagging feeling I should be reading between the lines with that last comment Mr. Marlowe. I think if you have any information that can put this to rest, you should, and the sooner the better.

    I know many of us would appreciate answers from someone.

  27. elsanto responds:

    Fellow Cryptomundians,

    I’ve had a wee bit of a hiatus. Oh, what I’ve missed!

    The substance of this speculation (from M.K. Davis’ initial hypothesis, which, like a pusilanimous pythagorean switch, has now progressed into the current, putrid pas de deux we see, and which will only reach its coda soon, we can hope), has been best summed up by a detail in the run-on sentence that constitutes the third paragraph of Marlowe’s letter: Robert Patterson.

    This is but a ha’penny,


  28. Sergio responds:


  29. Loren Coleman responds:

    Comment from John Green:

    “What idiocy. Anyway, it’s Del Norte County.”

  30. Ole Bub responds:

    Good evening Cryptos…

    I am saddened by this ordeal and especially regret the unnecessary stress upon Bob Gimlin…who by all accounts is sincere and credible.

    I have never met Bob Gimlin…however having…Dr. Alton Higgins as a character reference of Bob Gimlin…is good enough for me.

    Live and let live…

    Steve Summar

  31. springheeledjack responds:

    Cryptidsrus…of course you’re right…I just wanted to descend into insanity with Marlowe and Davis for a few moments to see if I could glean any insights…

    and you know what? Nope, it’s still ridiculous…in technicial terms that is goofy with a capital “G”

    or as a friend of mine likes to say, “somebody has been eating ‘idiot’ sandwiches again”

  32. John L. Johnsen responds:

    Comment from John Green:

    “What idiocy. Anyway, it’s Del Norte County.”

    Oh man…this just gets better and better. I hope Scott sees this. But wait…if he does, does that mean another letter?

    Man, I need a drink.

  33. TaishaMcGee responds:

    I say dig ’em up. If “they” are there, then “they” deserve to be found.

    I fully support a murder investigation. I do NOT, in any way, think that MKD is accurate in his theory, but I want to know for sure, and I want him held accountable for his accusations.

    Dig. Them. Up.

    Also, thank you to all of you who rationally and respectively explained Hypertrichosis to those that did not know. It’s not nearly as rare as people think…

  34. jayman responds:

    This is libel and character asassination… Gimlin may have grounds for legal action.

  35. scmarlowe responds:

    Sorry about the “Robert” typo — shouldn’t have rushed it in order to get out of Dodge for an appointment in Miami. (There now).

    The quick search turned up Humboldt County when I Googled “Bluff Creek County.” Again apologies if that is an oversight.

    Yes John, that means that I will be crafting another letter and sending it.

    Thanks to everyone for the corrections required so that the mistakes won’t be contained in the properly executed message to the DA in the applicable jurisdiction.

  36. Alton Higgins responds:

    TaishaMcGee, you say you “want to know for sure.” How many empty holes in the creek bottom do you propose would satisfy this threshold? Do you suppose that the exact film location is known?

    It’s not.

    You say hypertrichosis is “not nearly as rare as people think.” I’m interested in knowing more regarding the basis for this comment.


    Fascinating how this particular filmed and supposedly wounded “person” afflicted with congenital generalized hypertrichosis also ran around naked and shoeless in the wilderness, unlike anyone else that I’m aware of who has inherited the condition.

    Making an imbecilic assertion to a D.A., even in the proper county, doesn’t mean that it has to be given credence.

    I trust.

  37. bill green responds:

    hey loren, what self respecting judge or da would take this case anyway. it will probley be dismissed. just my opinion. this still is still shocking & upseting me. thanks bill green. p.s. loren im not at all upset you about this article at all.

  38. Kathy Strain responds:

    It an’t worth much, but for the record, I have absolutely no respect left for MK or for Scott Marlowe. This has gone way too far and I’m taking a stand against idiocy. No one has a right to slander Bob Gimlin’s name or to waste tax payer’s money. I’m done.

    P.S. The site of the fictional burial is on National Forest land (Six Rivers National Forest) which would require a permit for any digging. I’m fairly certain no such permit will be issued, so be on notice that any unauthorized digging will result in arrest and likely jail time and heavy fines.

  39. Dougal Longfoot responds:

    How could Patty possibly have been shot when we all know Bob Heironymus is walking around happy as Larry? Does he have any scars on his leg from where he was supposedly shot? I think he’d have mentioned it if he was shot while wearing that suit.

  40. Lee Murphy responds:

    In reference to Mr. Gimlin taking a lie detector test, yes, he could. Or, he could simply say “To H*LL with all of you. Good-bye.”

  41. markbird1 responds:

    It sounds like someones trying to make Bob admit it to be a hoax, to force himself off of the hook for a murder charge… We have all seen dumber lawsuits go to trial… If Mr. Gimlin admits to a fraud, there is no trial. If he sticks to what he and most of us believe to be the truth, how can he possibly proove what really happened? Bob looks like a dope and the idiots that filed the suit make the news as the big, bad men who brought down the Patterson/Gimlin film. Sounds like someones attempt to force/extort a confession thats bad either way for Mr. Gimlin.

  42. mystery_man responds:

    This is going from a speculative exercise trying to disguise itself as a legitimate theory, into the territory of doing a lot of damage to the legitimacy of cryptozoology and the people who are involved such as Gimlin. This whole “theory”, which is in fact pure conjecture and has not been adequately put up for any sort of real peer review, is starting to try my patience a bit. Normally, I do my best here to explain my thoughts on these matters and go to lengths try to give reasons for my rational or assessment. Right now only one word is coming to mind-


    I might explain more on my position later, but right now I think I’m going to go off and bang my head against the wall for awhile.

  43. mystery_man responds:

    A few questions, though (before I bang my head against the wall). Who are these “experts” who have examined the clearer shots? What credentials do they have? How exactly was it “concluded” what Patty was? I was unaware that this had been determined. By what methods? Is their analysis available for peer review? In fact, where ARE these clearer shots? Where is the “increasing photographic evidence”? Why hasn’t this so-called evidence been made available for every researcher to scrutinize (as in, REAL SCIENCE)?

    Has a more unscientific stunt been pulled in recent cryptozoological memory?

    Now, back to the wall. And my head banging it.

  44. subrosa responds:

    This from a guy who calls himself a ‘scientist’ (sans credentials)!
    This from the same guy who has ‘swamp ape hunts’ complete with a person in a monkey suit running through the woods!
    The ‘pangea institute’ (nothing more than a website) must be getting awfully slow to showboat with this kind of crap.
    It appears that one’s background will ‘out’ eventually, it certainly has in this case.
    I want to see the subpoena for the remaining living relatives of Patty to appear in court! (Certainly wouldn’t want to be the one having to serve it).
    Maybe that was Scott’s motive all along, if we cant find bigfoot, turn a relentless process server loose on him!

  45. TaishaMcGee responds:


    As for the latter, one in 340 million are afflicted with hypertrichosis. The likelihood of someone being born with hypertrichosis with no prior genetic predisposition is 1 in 10 billion or so (all these statistics are debatable amongst the few doctors that research the anomaly), however, the likelihood when born of at least one parent with hypertrichosis is 99% certain if the baby is female. I could not find stats for male offspring. These statistics, remember, are based on the amount of people that REPORT having hypertrichosis.

    Also, when you HAVE hypertrichosis, it certainly does not seem as rare as most people think it is.

    As for the former, I was NOT aware that the location was not known. That seems absurd to me, though I am not challenging your statement. My “dig them up” comment was made more as a wild challenge than a legitimate call to action.

    Thank you for the “calling out” of sorts.

  46. eyeofnewt responds:

    Hmmm. First the D.A. has to prove Bigfoot exists; then that someone killed him/her/it; then that it’s a crime to do so–not a hunting violation, since there’s no season for cryptids; not homicide, unless BF is proved human; not even illegal discharge of a firearm unless it’s a restricted area–and finally must prove who did the deed. Seems … what’s the word I’m looking for? … unlikely.

  47. scmarlowe responds:

    Yes, I’m sure those profiteers who were planning “guided tours” of the kill site are highly disturbed by my letter and the possible reaction to it by the authorities and park service.

  48. Loren Coleman responds:

    See the latest on this by clicking on “Bigfoot Massacre Theorist Banned From Museum.”

  49. shumway10973 responds:

    trust me folks, the DA has more important things to do. Humbolt county is full of pot smoking students that get into trouble. The DA is not going to investigate the accusations that any killings happened, what…40 years ago, to a “mythological” creature (using that term because big foot isn’t an official animal yet) when the only footage of this creature has her walking completely out of camera range without any indication of being injured. Crime investigation is about facts. The facts are: 1) there is only 1 creature seen in the scene. 2) the gunshot is very faint (after all it took 40 years for someone to say there was one). There usually needs to be an actual crime with definite clues to follow before the DA will even attempt checking things out, especially here in California. Sorry, but this has gone way too far. Like I said in my last blog about this idea…the gunshot (if there actually was one) was for 1 or 2 things. Trackers use that trick to either get the animal to look towards them (face shot where she turned to the camera), or to make sure the creature leaves the scene. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I was just standing there and a very large female thing could just walk right over and do who knows what…I would fire a warning shot. I’ve done it with a black bear. This is ridiculous.

  50. Kathy Strain responds:

    scmarlowe responds: June 15th, 2008 at 7:16 am

    “Yes, I’m sure those profiteers who were planning “guided tours” of the kill site are highly disturbed by my letter and the possible reaction to it by the authorities and park service.”

    Just to help you out Scott – the Forest Service owns that land where the Patterson/Gimlin film was made and were any fictional burial site might be, not the Park Service. In particular, it is the Six Rivers National Forest, Orleans Ranger District.

  51. sschaper responds:

    There is only one word for this:


  52. Munnin responds:

    I’m with Bill Green and eyeofnewt. It seems to me that, since all the evidence for a murder case is based solely on a unique interpretation of images in a film already considered by many “authorities”, over decades of analysis, to be spurious, neither the local nor State authories are likely to delegate precious funds to such an investigation. Personally, I think the late Dr. Grover Krantz, among others, made an excellent case for the film’s authenticity. However, I don’t feel at all convinced by the arguments put forth so far in support of the bigfoot murder cover-up theory.

  53. subrosa responds:

    It is really hard to watch a simple case of ‘matrixing’ get so far out of hand, and become an embarassment to those who take Bigfoot research seriously.

  54. Rapscallion responds:

    At what point do we cross the line from theorizing garbage to espousing the relative “truth” of garbage. Honestly, as much of this foolish “non public” “theorizing” that has been quoted and referenced here i still note a disturbing lack of voices demanding the “middleman” evidence that can somehow link this whole jumbled mess of off-the-cuff trash together into anything even remotely resembling a theory worth investigation. Firstly, we have track marks that may or may not exist. Your kidding right? Prove those track marks exist, then somehow (good luck) establish it was in fact a backhoe that left those track marks. Secondly, bloody puddles? Honestly, where do we begin?. From what i can glean the theory states that a family of apparently defenseless giant and most likely powerful animals were at some time previous to filming accosted by one or more people and engaged with a fire-arm. In the ensuing melee the family of … well, whatever, were killed. Lets start with the fact that shooting an animal is a simple matter of point and squeeze. Keeping said animal still after shooting it is something entirely different. So lets assume that said blood puddles are actually from wounded ….whatevers… Arent we remarkably fortunate that at least one of the wounded ….whatevers…. happened to run in EXACTLY the same direction and elevation that the video camera would later track the wounded …..whatever… as it fled yet another aggravated shooter. Lets get serious, just guessing that blood puddles on the ground would happen to be in the “field of view” of the wounded …whatever… as it egressed is beyond mere coincidence, and to me personally, smacks of non-existance. Also, lets take the time to consider the blood itself, anyone who has ever seen blood, and that should be most everyone, would realize that both its color and consistancy would be dramatically altered when exposed to the elements, no matter how mild, for even a very short period of time. Lets move on then to the notion that the ….whatever…. in the film itself is wounded in the leg with a “high-powered” (on a side note, please, for the love of god, enough with this catch phrase. if it can kill you, its high enough powered, and who determines whats high enough to be considered high-powered?) rifle. Garbage of the highest and smelliest order. Who here has ever made even a slight motion and scared off elusive game?. Any animal capable of existing with only limited human observation is by its own habitual instincts extremely wary. Now add the joy of being both fired at AND injured by something outside normal experience and i think the safest bet is to imagine is for our filmed …..whatever…. to make a great and hasty departure with all due haste. Clearly this is not evidenced in the video. Not unless great haste resembles me getting out of bed in the morning as i hunt for something with with a stimulant in it to drink, as i observe my small children destroying something electronic and expensive over my shoulder. Lets get real here, the evidence presented to the best of my understanding points in direct opposition to this “murder” theory. And ive merely pointed out simple observations and opinions i myself have. Lets assume for the briefest of moments, any of this evidence did exist as stated, then we still lack any of the evidence linking these stand-alone “items” into anything representing a chain of events that could in any way be imagined as a cohesive timeline. Sure, im a bit of a run on, and ive likely mispelled more words than not. My thoughts and ramblings are about as likely to be understood as this ridiculous conjecture could ever be. But i certainly hope everyone gets my basic jist, and for those of you that dont, ill summarize, in plain english.
    Stupid unfounded theory. Almost as believable as the grubby homeless guy on the street corner peddling “real” non stolen rolex watches.
    Just my opinion, and whats that worth.

  55. Rangoon responds:

    This only gives more credence to my theory that Scott is off his rocker!

  56. gavinfundyk responds:

    There was a tribe of individuals, in Brazil that were recently discovered.

    They had a village. They are obviously human. They may not be “civilized”, but they are not animals either.

    Even IF there were a family of Indians that are all afflicted with hypertrichosis, they would NOT act like the animal in the P/G film.

    And before someone says “how do you know how they would act”, humans are still humans. Isolated tribes may view the world differently, but they are still PEOPLE.

    Patty most certainly is not human.

    Unfortunately, this will only allow persons to humiliate those actively searching for Bigfoot or other cryptids.

    Thanks for nothing.

  57. Ranatemporaria responds:

    Other points aside, can I quickly pose a question?

    If you did genuinely believe you had evidence of any form of mass murder, and were truly concerned, is this how you would handle it?

    Go public, risk everything, and allow the details to be posted on an internet forum?

    I don’t know.

  58. theprof responds:

    I choked on my coffee when I read this. Charles Fort would have loved this for its ridiculous -but sincere- humour!

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