Melba Ketchum, Loren Coleman, and Cryptomundo

Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 11th, 2013


Dr. Melba Ketchum addresses the media about the leak of information from her Bigfoot DNA study in November 2012.

I, Loren Coleman, have been here at Cryptomundo since 2005. No matter how many times I’ve said it, I am merely a blogger here. Not an owner.

Cryptomundo was founded by Craig Woolheater and a relative of his. He bought out that relative a few years ago.  We all must agree that Craig was able to break open the world of cryptozoology and Bigfoot commentary through blogging online. Many have followed in his footsteps.

Nevertheless, social media evolution sometimes causes missteps and misunderstandings. Great confusion has existed at Cryptomundo since Craig decided to get rid of the individual headers for “CryptoZoo News” for me and the titled subblog titles for others. I disagreed with that decision, but as Craig clearly let me know, it was his to make, as other decisions have been too.

The specific markers allowed the writings from the four initial bloggers (Rick Noll, John Kirk, Craig Woolheater & Loren Coleman), plus guest writers, to be identified immediately. I never was sure why the action was done to remove them, but I assumed it was for some branding and traffic numbers for Cryptomundo alone. I never experienced more numbers helping me, but I’ve been over that often. I wrote about whatever old, new, current event, or thought story hit my fancy. I tried to share my interests beyond the “let’s go chase Bigfoot” trend, and broaden the cryptozoological horizons.  I would write often and with passion, daily, not just infrequently.

But what happened due to the removal of the individual headers caused many people to think that everything and anything written at Cryptomundo was penned by me.  That has never been the case.

In the last year or so, Craig began adding more and more people who merely link to their own blogs. Again, it was a decision I did not consider helpful and one I disagreed with for several reasons. One was that I saw it leading to what has occurred: In-depth content has nearly vanished from this blog. This has caused still further diluting of what Cryptomundo use to be.

Still, however, people point to me as if I am behind this all.

In recent months, even Dr. Melba Ketchum and her supporters have blamed me for critiques of her DNA work that were not mine. Considering I have refrained saying anything about the Ketchum story for most of the year, I am flabbergasted by this. I’ve been patiently waiting for the results for years? Why would I jump the gun before the story heat up around Thanksgiving 2012?

But online comment makers love to make gross overstatements. Let me give you a recent illustration.  After I appeared on Coast to Coast, I was labeled by Dr. Ketchum’s followers as a “basher” for saying we need to practice some caution in this field.

Since the beginning of 2013, I’ve now read that blogs and other outlets have decided to “discuss Loren Coleman and his roll [sic] in bashing Melba Ketchum’s research.”

I am willing to be open to criticisms, if I am actually the source of unfair skepticism. But I wondered if this, once again, was another mistaken identification of everything written at Cryptomundo as being by me. So, I did an analysis of the postings involving Dr. Ketchum for the entire year of 2012, and came up with these totals:

Craig Woolheater posted 15;
Guy Edwards posted 10; and
I, Loren Coleman posted 8.

What are the Ketchum topics of which I posted about?

I posted straightforward, non-commentary notices that Ketchum was going to appear at a PNW conference (sharing her bio, without edits or comments).  I posted that she was going to be on a C2C radio program, and that I was asked to be on C2C to update the Ketchum-DNA news. I shared notes on how the DNA news was bringing out the “haters” (those against her, which I thought was a situation not allowing healthy discussion of Bigfoot DNA). I shared a media insight about how the DNA news was going viral, and how a Ketchum critic made a mistake using a Ray Wallace fake footprint in a graphic against Ketchum. I also, again, without commentary, shared Burtsev’s reasons for releasing the news of the alleged result and posting, without edits, Dr. Ketchum’s statement/press release. I posted a short intellectual consideration on the human-ape question, in relationship to Dr. Ketchum’s statements.

Oh, yes, I also shared, without any negativity, the sad news of the passing of her colleague, Richard Stubstad. That was a straight obituary, sharing the accomplishments that the man achieved during his lifetime, without judgement and without critiquing him.

But in the end, the only editorializing I did about the Ketchum leaks are my writings that it has been unfortunate and premature to have engaged in a public airing of this matter – now.

For those who have been following who has been authoring what postings at Cryptomundo have been appearing about Ketchum, you will have noticed I have been very careful to not say too much about 109 data bits we know not much about or the analysis of them.

The essence of the only statement I’ve expressed on the Dr. Melba Ketchum matter was given on December 6, 2012, here, when I wrote at Cryptomundo and repeated on Coast to Coast AM that I agreed with John Hawks’ memorable quote:

“One of the most pointed and yet considered opinions was posted by anthropologist John Hawks on his blog. He wrote, in part: ‘Until I see the data, I am withholding judgment….No data, no discovery.'”


“I’ve said some things, similar to John Hawks, that comments on the results are best held back until the paper is published and the findings are in.”

I would suggest those that feel I am “bashing” Dr. Ketchum may not be reading statements by or from me.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

47 Responses to “Melba Ketchum, Loren Coleman, and Cryptomundo”

  1. MR JOSHUA responds:

    The only true “haters” are these Melba Ketchum apologists who launch attacks at anybody who has any kind of criticism of her work. The Ketchum “police” troll this website constantly and will attack anybody who does not support her findings. That is the true desparation of this “fraud” known as Melba Ketchum and her minions. Your so desparate to believe bigfoot is real you pick all your stock in anything. Its pathetic.

  2. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Regarding Loren’s comment about the removal of the individual author blog headers:

    I did not remove them. This happened during the last site redesign under the previous owner.

    When the site was redesigned, that feature was dropped to speed up the performance of the site.

    There is a redesign of the site currently underway, and perhaps that feature can be included.

  3. dconstrukt responds:

    super easy to do all this… you’re running wordpress. you just design a layout for the homepage and for a blog post page and your programmer codes it within a wp framework. new site 🙂

  4. Piltdown responds:

    “Illegitimi non carborundum”, Loren.

  5. Wisakedjak responds:

    I think claiming that Mr. Coleman was “bashing” Dr. Ketchum or her to-be released paper is completely inflammatory. Though, it may not be done maliciously. I heard comments said on Coast to Coast am (I’m not a big fan since Art left and it has become another right-wing soapbox for Premier Radio but I listen when an interesting author, investigator or story is on), and I do wonder if the commenter(s) giving opinion about alleged “bashing” are intelligent enough to know the difference between a (perhaps, laconic) cautious statement and “bashing”.

  6. mike_noodles responds:

    It sucks Loren that in this day and age people have a hard time reading and comprehending what they read. I can see clearly at the top of this page who posted this entry. I do understand where you are coming from, but perhaps it is not only Cryptomundo to blame. I have been on the bfro site and you are listed as one of the best BF bloggers and that link goes to the cryptomundo homepage. Anybody that gets here from there could make the mistake of thinking you write everything that is on here.

  7. Grottenolm responds:

    In my opinion Cryptomundo is one of the best – if not the best – cryptozoological blogs out there and this also has to do with the professional and mostly unbiased attitude of the bloggers here when it comes to different topics. The whole mix of historical anecdotes, sighting reports, well-researched articles and “real-life” scientific news always motivates me to visit this site and it has become part of my daily routine to do so for the last couple of years. A lot of the oftentimes passionate postings by Loren Coleman remind me of why I first started being interested in cryptozoology over a decade ago after reading Heuvelmans book “On the track of unknown animals”.
    Anyone accusing Loren Coleman of bashing Melba Ketchums or her possibly up-coming study obviously never visited any bigfoot-related blogs in the last few weeks, where the word “Internet-Troll” gets a whole new meaning. Living in the Pacific Northwest with its vast wildernesses myself, I am convinced that there could be enough space for a nocturnal, cautious primate to roam the forests and I would love the whole Bigfoot-DNA paper story to be true but I have also have my doubts about it. My daily live as a scientist consists of gathering data with the ultimate goal to compile and publish the results in a scientific journal and a big part of this process consists of patience because referees of scientific journals nowadays want to have access to all kinds of supplemental materials and to see independent replicates of key experiments. It is highly unusual for someone who is not part of a certain academic/scientific environment (having a track record of articles in a highly related field) to attempt the publication of such a big study in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. But who knows, probably this might be the right thing to happen: Somebody who does not fear losing his/her scientific credibility and just goes for it. Anyways, long story short: This is a fantastic blog and I highly appreciate the work of all bloggers here to provide us with so much trivia about crypto-zoological topics without being another haven for paranormal/UFO/conspiracy theory trolls/nutbags. Keep up the good work !!!

  8. Redrose999 responds:

    Perhaps the issue here is that they are assuming Loren’s opinion is that of those who blog on this community. Guilt by association so to speak. This blog has been wonderful enough to give us all a voice, even those of us who are skeptical of the situation. This is a threat to Mr Ketchum and her associates so they attack Loren, who is the most visible of those of us on this blog.

    I say this because I have seen on other cryptoblogs that people are annoyed that there are folks who actually disagree with them. It’s this “all of us must believe” attitude. And I find it personally offensive.

    Loren, I am sorry they are targeting you. I find the behavior of these people insecure and immature. It is sad that Mrs Ketchum is insisting on using office-catwar tactics.

  9. todreynard responds:

    There is your big man standing there…your genetic blobsquatch…your Piltdown genome…

  10. Troodon56 responds:

    You know, sometimes I wish that cryptozoology wasn’t so controversial. Why do there have to be so debates concerning cryptozoology? Why is it so controversial? I just don’t get it!

  11. xzorter responds:

    Loren is a consummate pro the way he carries his daily business of writing for all to be informed on this fascinating subject.Carry on.

  12. norman-uk responds:

    Oh dear MR JOSHUA ! I am glad you are just a hater and not a ‘true hater’. I suppose it must be difficult to really get going on Dr Ketchums results as we dont have the data to know if she is right or wrong as yet and anything beyond reluctance for or against might seem premature.

    Personally I think she is on to something and I appreciate to tremendous effort thats going on to make progress into the mystery that is Sasquatch. This must be very difficult for some who feel they may have to face up to the reality of another hominim laying claim to their backwoods and wild places. What a scary thing this could be a real monster come to life and, hard to swallow, done scientificaly !

  13. norman-uk responds:

    Seems a lot of incontinet attacks flying about mainly it seems to me anti-Ketchum, some of it is appalling . The problem with the Ketchum situation is that in circles where you would have expected at least an A for effort she has received a cool reception. As have bigfoot matters historicaly except for spells such as when a newspapers have taken an interest.

    Cryptozoology isnt just for scientists any more than politics is just for political scientists and if cryptozoologists left it to scientists these pages would be empty because of the neglect and oft bloodymindedness of scientists.

    So loren I think you maybe technicaly correct in your nuetral stance but in effect it might be understood as condemning by very faint praise and from a distance underpinning those critics who can see no good in Ketcham.

    Looks like a great time in cryptozoology linking up with other amazing discoveries like the hobbit, like denesov, like australopithcus sediba and what are the red deer cave people ?
    What could sedibas foot and hand bones, found in complete sets reveal and if not found associated and would have been considered as not related.

  14. PhotoExpert responds:

    Loren, it has been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity. I guess if you look at the positive side, at least they mention your name. LOL

    I think you have remained very objective on the Ketchum thing. In fact, it could be said that you were even helpful to her one time. A few weeks ago, I gave you a heads up about her appearance on Coast to Coast. You posted that. That could have only helped her get more listeners when she appeared on Coast to Coast. It was up to the listeners to agree or disagree with what she was saying during that broadcast.

    That does not sound like a basher to me. A basher would not even list her appearance any where as to not draw attention to her. It sounds like someone who is objective and waiting for study results to come in and is willing to wait and listen until they do.

    I think a lot of the confusion with postings being attributed to you is the fact that people come to the site and just start reading from where they left off from the last time they visited. Many do not read the names of the people who wrote the article. They just make incorrect assumptions.

    If the site is redesigned, say in a phpBB type forum, each author could have their own section and articles. And phpBB is free. You could make up many different sections too for each cryptid. This would eliminate any confusion and also make the board more user friendly. And the price seems to be right.

    Just my two cents.

  15. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    I agree, Loren, the posts that are just teasers and only provide links to other sights are annoying. I’ve been a daily follower of this site for seven years, and miss the old format. These days, if I see the names of certain contributers I don’t even bother to open the link.

  16. squatchman responds:

    Melba Ketchum’s study was a scam.

  17. Goodfoot responds:

    Wisakedjak: I may have misunderstood what you wrote. Did you claim C2CAM is MORE right-wing since ART BELL left? Kidding, right?

  18. Goodfoot responds:


    Facts, figures. Stop slinging mud. Isn’t that what she did? Aren’t you BETTER than her?

    I’m one to talk

  19. Alamo responds:

    I was an active participant on all the blogs named. Never once did I get the idea that Loren, directly or by inference, was “bashing” Ketchum. As I recall, he had a very wait and see approach and took the position that we couldn’t jump to conclusions one way or the other. I thought he was rather charitable considering the available body of negative fodder.

    I think it’s all rather interesting no matter how you slice it… certainly better than an episode of (Not) Finding Bigfoot.

  20. dconstrukt responds:

    ya… i agree with you guys… i’m sure fixing the author posting (which literally takes a few min) will stop this from happening in the future… simple fix to end any more confusion moving fwd.

    on another note, if melba followed “protocol” for these types of things and didn’t release this news in such an unprofessional way, then we probably wouldn’t have this issue in the first place.

    am i the only one who thinks this?

  21. norman-uk responds:


    ” I thought he was rather charitable considering the available body of negative fodder”.

    ”On another note, if melba followed “protocol” for these types of things and didn’t release this news in such an unprofessional way, then we probably wouldn’t have this issue in the first place ”

    Ketchum is promising the greatest advance in sasquatch evidence ever, surely she has earned much more appreciation than this on cryptomundo generally a mix of negativity or nuetrality which seems to be the default position. We can leave it to the sceptics to do the rest and spoil what promises to be wonderful even if her work is found wanting she deserves hugh appreciation for what she has clearly attempted.

    Now is not the time to sit on the fence!

  22. Wisakedjak responds:

    Goodfoot: No I’m not kidding, that is my opinion.

  23. dconstrukt responds:

    @ norman..

    Ketchum is promising the greatest advance in sasquatch evidence ever, surely she has earned much more appreciation than this on cryptomundo generally a mix of negativity or nuetrality which seems to be the default position. We can leave it to the sceptics to do the rest and spoil what promises to be wonderful even if her work is found wanting she deserves hugh appreciation for what she has clearly attempted.

    Now is not the time to sit on the fence!

    yes… promising something SO big… why would you then make it like a circus?

    appreciation for what? I have yet to see any evidence.

    All I’ve heard is talk…

    I dont take peoples words that something that should not exists is real, for this, I need evidence, proof.

    Why not release such important information, KNOWING the scientific community laughs at this stuff normally, why wouldn’t you then make every effort possible to release this information in the most professional, academic, scientific way??

    its like this is coming out as another joke.

    if this is “greatest advance in sasquatch evidence ever” then it should be treated as such… not treated like it is now, it comes off as a joke…. it should be released and reviewed in a scientific manner, like other stuff similarly is done.

  24. thatericn responds:

    Wisakedjak and Goodfoot – Frankly, when I do listen at all to C2C anymore, most of the wingnuts on the show are pretty much impossible to peg to either political wing… I basically stopped listening to the show after 9/11 – all the sickening, opportunistic cranks and conspiracy times, and especially the wave of grotesque and not-so-hidden anti-Semitism that bubbled up were very unappealing.

    Regarding the Ketchum/DNA issue, like many of us, I’m leery of the Keystone Cops feel that the whole thing often exudes, but I will withhold judgment until it runs its course.

  25. Goodfoot responds:

    dconstrukt: THANK YOU, my friend. I think it’s time a lot of people took a break and wiped the blood off their knuckles. ENOUGH of this brutality. ENOUGH of this ugliness!

  26. MR JOSHUA responds:

    Bigfoot steaks, Melba Ketch-up, and plenty of blueberry bagels ! Hate on Dudes !!!

  27. norman-uk responds:

    I guess the circus has come to Dr ketchum and erected its tent around her, its not her tent its not her circus! What Dr Ketcham is about is the SCIENCE of Sasquatch DNA. Shes been at it for 5 years and she had an ace science record building up to do this. There is no good reason to think she has not suceeded. If people want to talk about blueberry bagels or any other of the irrevelancies its up to them. In her own way Dr Ketchum is a genius but she is entitled to be human as well and talk about whatever she likes not part of the study. I think I would be a bit loose of tongue at times if I was convinced I had to sit on proof of a new huge human like primate in my backyard. Meanwhile the guns are out doing who knows what damage. Not forgetting this has never been done before not because Sasquatch doesnt exist but because of a failure of science. Even the great Dr Sykes was unable to crack it when his ‘unknown’ specimen statement was withdrawn. (It was NOT not identified as a bear as is generally reported)

    Skeptics and those who wish to dismantle what she is attempting, hang on her every word and if she spills the coffee or whatever, unpleasantly and ferociously exploit it to undermine her efforts as they cannot face up to the reality of a new and extraordinary claimant to the N american backwoods and of course the invested interests like forestry.

    So what I say is be cautious about the science though a result is long overdue and I dont mean Dr Ketchums study, but give her loving break for what she is trying to achieve and very probably has. It is not right to be neutral about this or sit in that fence. At least she had a serious go and the science will have taken a step forward even if it turns out not to be a giant leap.

    Isn’t this what cryptozoolgy is all about?!

  28. Goodfoot responds:

    THANK YOU, Norman-uk… Who needs Joe Vialls when we have plenty of our own naysayers here. There’s a fine line between skepticism and denial, and too many have crossed that line here.

    THIS: NOT ONE of you have seen her evidence yet. NOT ONE. I’m actually NOT attacking you; I’m trying to save you from possible future embarrassment.

  29. MR JOSHUA responds:


    I will put the humor aside and come at you with some facts about why Kethcum is the head “clown” in this cirus of hers.

    1. Ketchum stated she firmly believed in Justin Smeja. Once the independent study came out that the “steak” was human bear-dna (same sample she is studying) she backed off and said he was untruthful.
    2. Anybody can say they have spent 5 years on DNA research on facebook. Why is there not even a shred of her research in ANY scientific journal or even a mention ?? If she did have the “brass ring” would this not be front page news ??
    3. Her company has terrible ratings and has registered multiple complaints over the years about botching DNA tests as simple as those for domestic animals.

  30. MR JOSHUA responds:

    Ketchum’s only “genius” is the attention she is getting by pulling the wool over a bunch of wishful thinker’s eyes. Where is this incredible video footage she promised weeks ago ?? She is a fraud and is as deceptive as Tom Biscardi. (do you want to erect a statue for him too, he has been looking for Bigfoot longer than her) What reputable scientist puts anything on facebook. You may want to ask Geogre Knapp but he is busy with Dennis Kucinich in a UFO. Give me a break.

  31. dconstrukt responds:

    All we’re hearing is talk.

    when you have the goods, the real thing, you dont need to play cat and mouse games.

    which, to me, is whats been going on here.

    This monkey business is why most people think this stuff is a joke. Every year its something new…. this year its the DNA… last year the “steaks”… This is the type of stuff that needs to stop in order for people to take this stuff seriously, and until that happens, i’m afraid, until you get a live or dead body, no one will give a rat’s a@@.

    i mean i HOPE the thing is real…. IMO, i think it is, too much overall body of evidence…. however most of it is crap, to me…. and with all the hoaxing and nonstop nonsense, one has a hard time sifting through whats real and whats not.

    i mean, when you see the level of evidence is considered legit in this field, it really makes you wonder.

  32. MR JOSHUA responds:

    My apologies to all if I offended anyone. I guess I am just frustrated that every year somebody comes forward with “irrefutable” proof and it falls incredibly short of expectations. Maybe she has the proof and maybe she does not. I am just going to sit this one out on the sidelines……the Bigfoot mystery is FUN and I might as well start enjoying it again. Cheers.

  33. Goodfoot responds:

    MR JOSHUA: My good fellow, this really is not a good place to display your hysteria.

  34. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    It was me, I did it. I am the culprit of much of the criticism. The way I understand this entire story my criticism is warranted. However as everyone can see I am not even close to being Mr. Coleman so they can blame me and others like me that have called BS from the beginning. I personally am not waiting for anything because I believe there is nothing to wait for. Maybe some smoke and mirrors and several gallons of snake oil but that’s about it. I don’t have waders tall enough to step into this one anymore so I will leave it alone so the rest of you out there will come to realize what many of us already know, 100% BS from the beginning.

  35. dconstrukt responds:

    just to note, i’m not attacking anyone in particular, just the topic as a whole. I think it takes brass cajones to go out in the field, invest your time and money into researching this stuff… i’m happy people are out there doing it, just wish it was done more professionally so that when something DOES happen, no one can dispute it.

  36. Alamo responds:

    Melba’s research is kind of like that high school yearbook picture she uses. You see it and think, “Hubba, hubba… this looks promising”. Then you take a closer look… and then… not so much…

    dconstukt has it right… because the methods are unorthodox and outside the prescribed process, the product is extremely suspect. Her work will not do legitimate Sasquatch research any good if this continues.

    I agree with Loren on this one. Publish or perish.

  37. Goodfoot responds:

    Just to be clear: I completely agree it is put-up-or-shut-up time for Chez Ketchum. The clock is ticking on Melba, and I don’t just mean her biological one. We cannot wait much longer. I just cautioned against going off the rails in criticism on her.

  38. norman-uk responds:

    I think the basic problem among you fellows is you dont believe in bigfoot, because you cannot. Then again who would honestly want their outdoors populated by a wild by a hugh uncontrollable hairy beast that in its own environment can outsmart them ? The stuff of nightmares ! We neither want them or have them in the UK, we exterminated them centuries ago. A walk in the park wouldnt be the same All we have are big cats ( I have seena puma running wild ) managing well on a plague of muntjac deer , but most are not aware of them, not the same and we may wander in blissfull ignorance o’er hill and dale.

    Best to listen to eyewitnesses not the scientific establishment who cant believe in bigfoot untill its official and it wont be official until they do. Meanwhile they cannot get the DNA right, until now that is, via Dr M Ketchum. They are (with exceptions) unable to recognise all the evidence etc etc. What could be hidden among the 32 million specimens in the NY natural history museum, many not catalogued ?

    Good examples of eyewitness reports can be seen in the programme ‘Finding Bigfoot’. When they assemble the locals many who very graphicaly and persuasively tell of their experiences. One special one in the Alaskan episode was by a native american name of Brenda Leask who saw a sasquatch while out hunting with another witness. After describing what she saw as a privilege she said

    I beleive it to be true
    it is here it is true
    you leave it alone
    you dont bother it
    you respect it
    (you) say a prayer

    I suggest this is a good starting point, you abandon all the negativity which is being foisted onto the bigfoot phenomenom and enjoy it all with a fresh outlook, dont be a sceptic but give balanced and fair consideration to the evidence. There is no good reason to categorise Dr Ketcham as a charletan if you look at what she has actualy said about her research into Saquatch DNA and where she almost certainly is on the point of publishing. A lot of misimformation is being invented about Dr Ketchum ignore it.

    Time to appreciate what an amazing reality Saquatch is in th ehere and now !

  39. Alamo responds:


    Don’t know what you mean by, “You fellows”… we all have varying opinions. I only speak for myself, and as far I am concerned, you are correct: I do not “believe in Bigfoot”. Do I think Bigfoot exists? Yes. Do I “believe ” in him: No. Perhaps that is a key difference in the way we approach the subject. I would very much like a legitimate scientist to use recognized scientific methods to prove what I have suspected all along. It’s looking more and more like Melba is not that person.

  40. Goodfoot responds:

    CHEERIO to you chaps… somewhere.

  41. norman-uk responds:

    I am pleased to see you ‘think bigfoot exists’ and you do not have an inability or wilful determination not to because of its how extraordinary it seems and the possibility of it upsetting present paradigms. Legitimate scientists generally in my opinion, have been obstructive to the process you would like as far back as I can remember by their faux science.
    It is clear that what is needed are rational open minded people, dont have to be scientists but can be to find the final proof for science needed. I think in fact we have the proof but not the data at this point.
    Anyway you have your legitimate scientist in Dr Ketchum who seems almost ideal for the job and the indications are she is on the point of publishing after no doubt a considerable and expected struggle with peer review in this case a protracted process.
    I dont mind being called a bigfoot believer there is no need to be defensive about it though sceptics do not wish to understand belief in something doesnt mean it has to be irrational or religious.
    Just hope Dr Ketchum can get her paper out soon and watch it blend in with all the other amazing discoveries in recent years like australopithecus sediba etc.

    Nice to talk with you.

  42. Goodfoot responds:

    I wish I knew what the hell you were trying to say.

  43. John Melland responds:

    In my opinion Mr. Coleman, you are entitled to an opinion as everyone else is. I am a Dr. Ketchum supporter and I think she will release her video and her paper in due time. Peer review takes awhile and there is no real time stamp for that as most others believe. They also believe I think what most blogs and sites promote as the gospel when it is just gossip. I have learned the only one being able to give up to date reports and have an idea, is Dr.Ketchum herself. She is a facebook friend so I can hear the info from her, not all the other unreliable Bigfoot sites gunning for visits, hits, and sensationalism to or on their sites. I learned that the hard way and it made me more of a believer in her work after researching myself and finding the false and misleading information about her and her paper was published on sites. Even my own question to her that she responded to on facebook, was taken, by photographic means, published, with an addition in the story that was twisted to fit their needs and was totally false. I myself cannot wait to see what she has come up with. She does have multiple authors on her paper, so I’m thinking this will take awhile. Each peer review can take weeks, months, or years. I know they exist. I have seen them and have had my own experiences with them. Only one in Maine though all the years I lived there. Most of mine are here in Idaho. My past ones have been in Oregon.

  44. Goodfoot responds:

    Good post, John. Thanks for sharing it.

  45. John Melland responds:

    Your Welcome Goodfoot! I know there is a lot of doubters and even I get some hate mail and bad comments against me but I can’t get mad at their opinions. Only once have I gotten a little upset and used racial remarks against me for being Native American. I did use logic and facts in replying to him. Anyways. I would love to stop in the next time I’m in Maine to see that Museum of Loren’s there in Portland. I was there twice this past summer but was busy with family issues and din’t have to time to go. I wanted to see that place for quite some time now. I loved all the comments you shared as well Goodfoot.

  46. norman-uk responds:

    you wrote to me,

    ”I wish I knew what the hell you were trying to say.”

    I have a link here to john mionczynski who has earned respect by his experience and sasquatch research. I think he said what I was trying to say from a different persepective. You may appreciate it and hopefully be pursuaded. It is a good read anyway and gives a clue to why sasquatch hasnt got the seal of approval in may years.

    Even if Dr ketchum fails in her research, I commend her for trying. As a true believer, for good reason, I am resolute in that sasquatch will continue to be a valid subject for research by amateurs and professional alike whatever and hopefully not confined and owned by by the deadning hands of the sceptic.

    I add this quote (again) at the end from Alaskan Brenda Leask a native american who had just descibed her eyewitness report which she regarded as a privilege. It has an appealing resonance. This might strike a chord wih you John.

    I believe it to be true

    It is here it is true

    You leave it alone

    You dont bother it

    You respect it

    (You) say a prayer

  47. Goodfoot responds:

    John: Welcome. Give ’em hell.

    Norman-uk: No, I was just saying I can’t figure out what your esoteric prose is intending to say, sometimes. Over here, I guess we have a more direct way of speaking.

    Well, MEN do. Not always so with women.

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