New Knobby Video

Posted by: Loren Coleman on March 23rd, 2011

Thomas Byers snapped this photo of Knobby along Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County, North Carolina, on March 22, 2011.

There’s a new video of Knobby, the North Carolina Bigfoot. A Shelby, N.C. man allegedly captured video of the state’s Bigfoot. Thomas Byers e-mailed NewsChannel 36, saying he saw Bigfoot walk across Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County Tuesday evening, March 22, 2011. Byers’ told WNBC that he was about 15 to 20 feet away from the creature when he captured a five-second video.

“It ran across the road and into the woods right in front of us and I was able to film it,” Byers wrote. “In the short video you can hear it snarl or growl at me.”

Channel 36’s Jeremy Markovich wrote the following, in part, about this affair:

The guy, a disabled Vietnam-era veteran from Fallston named Thomas Byers, told me Bigfoot crossed the road right in front of him. Byers and his friend Carolyn were driving to a cemetery to shoot some video when they saw something climbing up a road bank. Byers stopped the truck and got out the camera. Bigfoot looked at him. He threw up his hands and snarled. Then he took off into the brush.

Byers got four seconds of video. Blurry, dark video. He saw Bigfoot for a minute. Tops. He described the Sasquatch was around seven feet tall, 300 pounds, with yellow teeth. It left behind six-toed footprints. It gave off the stench of decay, and it also had something that’s not found on most gorilla costumes. “It was very clear to both of us that it was a male,” Byers said, fumbling around for the most polite words. “I mean, you could see, I don’t want to say, trying to think, uh, you could see its private parts.”

We’ve heard this story before. People have been talking about Bigfoot since the 1850’s. They started seeing it a whole lot more after an article in December 1959’s True magazine. The most famous Sasquatch sighting of all was caught on 16mm celluloid shot in northern California back in 1967. A few years ago, the owner of Charlotte’s Morris Costume claimed he sold a gorilla suit to the man who made the filmstrip.

Then came Tim Peeler of Casar, who said he saw not just any Bigfoot, but Ben Knobby Knob, the decades-old Bigfoot who’s, allegedly, indigenous to Cleveland County and those parts. Among the quotes that made Peeler’s description into a national story last summer:

“He had beautiful hair.”
“I rough talked him.”
Byers saw the story on Peeler. He isn’t sure if he saw Knobby. The thing he saw had long brown stringy hair, the shade of a winter deer, he said. Peeler’s version had beautiful blonde hair. Byers was scared and awed. “It’s the most amazin’ thing I’ve ever seen,” he said.

I looked through my Rolodex for a Bigfoot expert. I actually found one.

Mike Greene of Salisbury has been looking for Bigfoot for two decades. He just spent the night out in the Uwharrie National Forest looking for the Sasquatch. He came up empty. Didn’t even see any deer, he said.

Greene said he saw Bigfoot once, about five years ago. He speaks confidently and intelligently about sasquatches, the same way an Audubon would speak about a Tennessee Warbler. I told him about the six toes. Uh oh, he said.

First of all, a Sasquatch would weigh more than 300 pounds, he said. It would probably only have five toes. The arms would swing more. The stride would be longer.
“It’s a mincing walk,” Greene said of the video, “like someone who can’t see out of the suit.”

The video quality is terrible. What it shows is something Greene calls a “Blob-squatch,” or a blob that kind of looks like Bigfoot. The whole thing is, and Greene is willing to bet his reputation on this, a “lousy fake.”

It’s a matter of belief, then. The Bigfoot expert says it’s not Bigfoot. The Bigfoot witnesses say it is. I emailed Byers to ask him to send the video to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, where Greene says a group of 250 other Sasquatch experts will mercilessly pick through every frame of video in search of the truth. Byers said all he wanted was for somebody to look at the video and see if what he saw was what he believed he saw.

Did we air the video? Yes. Do we know what’s really on it? No. We are merely an objective conduit of images that either show science’s most elusive discovery, or a guy in an ape suit. It’s up to you to decide what you want to believe.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

45 Responses to “New Knobby Video”

  1. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    That looks like someone in a costume. Is it me, or does it appear that the creature seems to wave to the camera, at the beginning? Something is fishy here. It looks completely fake and the gate is all wrong too. It doesn’t walk, like I have seen other realistic bigfoot creatures in videos. It almost looks like a kid running across the street to retrieve a ball.

  2. Mothboy responds:

    It seems to me that in the first second or two “knobby” waves like any good citizen when a car stops to let them pass. It could be that he looked at the car and the headlights got in his eyes, and he tried to block out the light. However, there is no trace of light anywhere else, and it does almost look staged. His stride does seem like someone walking with caution because they can’t see. In addition, the sound of the snarl sounds a little similar to a sound effect in the popular computer game World of Warcraft, I know that the video game uses very generic sounds that I hear many times in commercials, and movies and in other places as well. I am certainly no professional, but I am leaning towards this video being a hoax. I am not ruling out that it might be real though, I could be wrong.

  3. BlueTinkerbell responds:

    Several things about this scream “fake!” to me.

    1. Where does one find a video camera that takes that low-quality video these days? Are people really running around out there with handycams from 1990 just stashed in their cars charged up & ready to go? To me, it looks like a cell phone video that has been (deliberately?) unfocused. Partly that impression can be blamed on the fact that I don’t see the camera even attempting to auto-focus on anything, which it should be doing, given the crisp stripes on the road.

    2. The car is not moving. Why are they stopped in the middle of the road? Surely if they saw the figure early enough to stop completely, whip out a video camera, and start filming, if it was a wild animal, it would be long gone. It takes about 5 – 10 seconds to bring up the video camera on my cell phone, and it’s a fairly new/fast phone, and that’s if I already have it unlocked and out of my pocket/purse.

    3. That sound is almost surely coming from inside the vehicle or added to the video later. I don’t see any possibility of having that much disparity between video and audio quality.

    4. The gait looks like some guy in a cheap monkey costume sort of hop-skipping across the street.

  4. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Oh for… can I swear in Spanish? >_<

  5. rquill responds:

    Sorry this looks completely fake to me. The arms are not long enough the gate is like a humans. A sas would have crossed that road in two steps…not shuffle along… completely FAKE… FAKE… FAKE…

  6. mystery_man responds:

    More like “Blobby Video.”
    I’m even sure where to start on my misgivings about the authenticity of this video.
    I’ll start out by postulating that the movement shown here in no way reminds me of a creature completely surefooted or confident in its own steps, let alone one that supposedly navigates remote, difficult terrain on a regular basis.
    Second of all, the ratio of ….oh come on, do I really have to point out the things that scream fake here? I think the video does a good job of doing that all by itself.

  7. scrambeledeggman responds:

    Look at the small strides it takes. It even has to hop to go a bit “faster”. I thought Sasquatch could make huge strides. This footage shows none of this.

  8. Hambone responds:

    Like all videos this close, out of focus and jumpy. This is clearly a costume and I can’t believe anybody would try to pass this spoof off as a real creature.

  9. shownuff responds:

    I just saw a parody of the old video of the mountain man. I could not stop laughing, Now on a serious note. Knobs is suppose to be like 9 feet correct? And greyish. Seems to me that’s just someone playing a mean joke. It is not a stride of a 9 foot NAPE to me. I do believe that someone will capture a NAPE on a Phone camera. I have 720p recording capabilities on my phone. No telling what’s around the corner as far as tech goes. An app that lets us record on our phones in Thermal. There you go geniuses, get rich off my idea.

    Just kidding. Fake all the way.

  10. gridbug responds:

    Sasquatch? No.

    Ewok? Yes.

    Case closed.

  11. DWA responds:

    What else to say but: I agree?

    Nothing, but: this is the first commuter in an ape suit I ever saw. So it was worth it for that.

    If I’m an investigator, I have better things to investigate.

  12. wshinhamjr responds:

    Once I actually watched the video of this on You Tube I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the little hop and wave to the camera by this guy in a suit which we clearly have here. I cannot believe anyone thinks this would be real. That is more funny than the video (that people would be this gullible)!

  13. Redrose999 responds:

    I didn’t know bigfoot like to skip and wave at folks holding cameras. This chap must certainly come from Tennesssee and is on his way to a neighbors house to barrow some garlic. Are you sure he isn’t Fox’s cousin or something?

    Snark aside. This screams fake to me. That walk is all wrong, the posture is more human than ape-hominid.

  14. squatchfoot responds:

    one of the WORSE fakes i’ve seen’s almost a joke (it is a joke, right?)..someone takes a video of a sasquatch in daylight and THAT CLOSELY and still manages to NOT take a CLEAR video or photo of it??? Unbelievable…On top of that, it looked rather small, so if it was a very young BF, it certainly looked too bulky, or fat, to be a real BF…But who would take such an UNCLEAR video and photo of such a thing at that CLOSE range?! All modern cameras (even old cameras, please) take better than what’s shown here.

  15. squatchfoot responds:

    …why would Loren post this? the blurriness at such close range is a HUGE red flag for hoax and fakery, even for any bigfoot lay-person…

  16. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    I was hoping this video would die, but apparently it’s making the rounds, even to Fox News. All this does is fuel the argument against bigfoot’s existance and make believers look like fools. It’s sad, that such an obvious hoax, is getting so much publicity. They make it sound like all bigfoot believers, think this video is real, when that is not the case at all.

  17. bgibbons responds:

    How many more fuzzy, fake video clips are we going to suffer in the 21st century?

  18. Loren Coleman responds:

    Squatchfoot asks for the reason as to why I would post this.


    Well, that’s easy: Because it is news, we need to know about it, to screen, analyze, and critique it. And so you can comment on it.

    Next question?

  19. froggie54 responds:

    I would have to say it’s fake as some 2 dollar bills, for I have seen Bigfoot up close and the smell would knock ya right out of your shoes and the fright alone is something else.

    I use to hike in the back woods all the time here in Colorado but not anymore the shock of seeing something like bigfoot standing 200 yards away scared me so bad I won’t go back in.

    I was watching the Legend of Boggy Creek today. It’s a reminder that things do live out in the high country and out of sight and only come down when they are lonely or hungry.

    The movie Boggy Creek I saw it the very first time was when I was house sitting in the woods.

    Talk about scared, I stayed awake during the night hrs and slept during the day for 2 weeks and I always had a loaded rifle close by and I was glad when those 2 weeks were over.

    So things do live they just wait to shock us all.

  20. froggie54 responds:

    Hi again. I think to that people need to re-open Boggy Creek spend the night away from town come spring to see what walks and stalks the whole area.

    Why bigfoot stays close to the river and see just what else is out there, maybe stay out in those woods for a few weeks to see whats there.

    Some say Bigfoot doesn’t live because they cannot find any bones or camp sites, but folks don’t hang out in the woods long enough either to know.

    Maybe MonsterQuest should do some research on the whole area, we have had several sightings here on bigfoot in different areas.

    We have done some camping in the high country here and our horses always get spooked and then the smell and the next day we find tracks close to where we have camped when we get ready to leave.

    I think seeing the unexpected is what shakes ya.

    It still to this very day gives me a fright just knowing that day when I was in the woods alone that hairy thing could have gotten me fast but didn’t.

    Never go to the woods the deep woods alone, always bring friends.

  21. froggie54 responds:

    To all the non-believer’s on Bigfoot until you spend some afternoon hiking in the woods alone and until you see and smell this hairy huge indiviudal then you will always be a non-believer I use to be just like you but not anymore I know what I saw and I know the difference between a bear, cat, wolf this was nothing like it. I take people out on tour rides and I hunt for wild game during the winter so I know the difference.I know something that big can move faster than a bear and the stride is longer, just think about it when anyone of you are out camping in the backwoods in places like Washington, Idaho,Ark, Miss, La, Colorado, Ala, Tenn, Ga, the high country can hide things and there are places back in those woods where man kind has never ever been, care to explore? Come on in and chat with me anytime……

  22. richcap responds:

    Frankly, this video offends me and the press this video is receiving offends me.

    They should call this “Ol’ Gimpy”. You’re telling me THAT’s the “unknown primate” that is so skilled at eluding mankind? Looks like he can barely make it across the street. Say, that reminds me – “Why did the Sasquatch cross the road…really slowly?” “Because the doofus in the suit couldn’t see out of the mask very well”.

    Clips like this set serious investigations back decades.

    Let’s drag this clip to the trash bin and move on.

  23. jerrywayne responds:

    Tag line: Heironimus and Morris – Together Again!

  24. TheForthcoming responds:

    Why did bigfoot cross the road?

    To get to the other side!


  25. Greg102 responds:

    I appreciate the fact that Loren posted this. Why? Not because it’s real, but any bigfoot video needs to be seen and critiqued. This is an absolute horrible fake video. BUT the real serious bigfoot researchers can slam this video for what it is. All videos of bigfoot need to be seen and analyzed. It’s sad though that any real news organization like Fox News or the local station that aired this would waste their viewers time on showing this video. I loved this video. Why? Because i haven’t laughed this hard in a looooong time!!!!

  26. squatchfoot responds:

    Thanks for the clarification Loren…I didn’t think you would even believe that this video was of a real BF, and I didn’t read any prefacing by you regarding this story, hence the question. It’s very annoying that some people decide it’s humorous to create these hoaxes, and even sadder when these make it to the news. What this type of publicity does is reaffirm to skeptics that bipedal primates do not exist anywhere, while creating new skeptics along the way.

  27. ChesterCopperpot responds:

    Its pretty terrible that people keep making these hoax videos. However, I do appreciate Mr. Coleman for posting it. It IS news and should be reviewed, analysed and scrutinzed by all. The guy making the video needs to get a life though.

  28. fuzzy responds:

    Oh, please…

  29. sasquatch responds:

    Yet another video to make the Patterson film look all the more real.

    These fake things ARE annoying but they provide a valuable service.

    All anyone needs to do is watch this or any of the cornball vids up on you-tube then watch Patty to know there are real AND fake sasquatches. Some people (with a lot of time on their hands) are so influenced by the real ones impressiveness that they try to copy it.

    The sincerest form of flattery IS imitation.

  30. sonofthedestroyer responds:

    This looks fake. Even if it was real its a waste of time when it is so blurry.

    I won’t be surprised if the media makes a noise about this. Anything they know can be dismissed later as a ‘hoax’ will be vigorously promoted.

    Real stuff, the media may make a mention and shove it under the carpet (Smithsonian secret vaults).

  31. brianinski responds:

    This is exactly how I have to move my legs when I try to run in my ‘Bear’ costume. Also this is the same telltale ‘look’ created by the low-cut armpits of my Bear suit.

  32. brianinski responds:

    I had to come back and leave another comment: I am totally shocked that a responsible program like Coast to Coast AM would even put this on their site.

    This is like the paper plate upside down and covered by tin-foil and connected to a fishing pole, being touted as the latest UFO “proof” “siteing” “contact”

  33. Cryptoraptor responds:

    More definitive proof of bigfoot. How anyone could argue with this undeniable evidence is beyond me.

  34. AlbertaSasquatch responds:

    Where’s my bucket, because I think I need to puke…

    Worst part about it, is that this is what makes the news!

  35. doubter responds:

    Some clown has too much time on his hands….and is completely stupid if he thinks people will buy this! Besides being a baggy butt suit…the idiot can’t hardly walk in it! Get some sense people, quit posting crap!!! imo

  36. bjdelephant responds:

    Do I see? I think I see? yes! those are definitely BUNNY EARS!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Cryptidhunter 1 responds:

    There should be a law passed making hoaxes such as this illegal. Not only does this discredit serious Bigfoot research and cryptozoology in general, it also as someone previously mentioned makes new skeptics.

    I just hope the media doesn’t promote this film as representive of all Bigfoot evidence as their is alot of REAL evidence such as the Patterson Footage that should be emphasized rather than this crock.

  38. cruz1352 responds:

    15 to 20 ft away? with an autofocus camera? is this guy kidding?

  39. jstealthfoot responds:

    Alright, a couple of things right off the bat.

    The subject height can easily be calculated when compared to the width of the highway, he is nowhere near 7 ft.

    The suit could be more convincing, but I must admit, the growl and especially the breathing are interesting.

  40. MrCoffeeCup responds:

    Another fine example of sharp video of Sassy quatch and family. Superb editing, great plot, excellent graphics.

    Was that Jack Daniels or Colonel Lee Bourbon Whiskey being served in the editing room?

    Too bad the actor had no time for autographs.

    Gawd why waste the broadband data?

  41. epster668 responds:

    This video is complete and utter BS. I created an account here just so that I could tell you that I’m 49 years old, and have lived in Shelby NC my entire life. We don’t have enough decent woodlands in the area to grow a deer bigger than 50 lbs, let alone to hide a 7 foot tall shaggy man.

    Further, Golden Valley Church Road is about as remote and wild as a DC suburb. That little dinky patch of woods that you see in the video couldn’t hide a good sized dog. Unless I’m mistaken, and I’m not, Knobby is seen fleeing towards a well developed subdivision.

    I truly want to believe in the Sasquatch, but he doesn’t live in N.C.

  42. JW STRANGE responds:

    Yes, see I didn’t know what I was looking at first. The Best Footage of a Sasquatch is still the Patterson/Gimlin Footage. Frame 357 in particular.

    Somebody mentioned “The Legend of Boggy Creek” I highly recommend it. I purchased it years ago and still watch it over and over again. It’s absolutely Frightening!!! I like the narration in particular, but the footage shot of the Creek itself is Fantastic! It really seems to put you there.

    I also like the Footage on the “In Search Of” Programmes hosted by Lenord Nimoy. I remember seeing Loren featured in that, along with Grover Krantz and Peter Byrne. I thought it was done particularly well. With Grover callously saying, ” let’s shoot Sasquatch ” and somebody saying, “well what if it’s the last one of it’s kind ?” To which he responds, “I don’t care. It doesn’t exist now anyway unless we have proof” or something along those lines.

    That would of course be extremely dangerous if somebody was faking a Sasquatch, especially for someone in the suit. That’s why I would not recommend somebody shooting one.

    That aside, the “In Search Of” Episode on the Yeti still stands as the Most Frightening Episode with the rock turning into a Yeti that gets up and moves.

  43. JW STRANGE responds:

    I’ll Definately be listening to Coast to Coast AM tonite. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  44. ualam responds:

    At the end the creature hasn’t yet disappeared into the brush and M. Byers stopped filming. “Ok now, that’s enough footage of this bigfoot. Now, let’s get out of the truck and start looking for footprints.”
    What about the six-toed footprints, did he not document that evidence?

  45. JW STRANGE responds:

    No he did not document it like Peter Byrne or Grover Krantz would have. Which was part of the problem. Also he got out of the vehicle to film it which I don’t think he should have. There’s been quite a few accounts where people will get out of their vehicles to get a better look at or film Sasquatch. I could never understand why people do something like that. I can relate more to people who would swerve around and tear on through with their car or pickup truck that I could with people that would get out of the vehicle and start filming. It’s something unknown and in the woods or the dark, that could be dangerous. Now I could understand if somebody were on a “Bigfoot Hunt” so to speak, then you are prepared. Not necessarily to shoot it, but to see it, perhaps capture it on film and or have witnesses and gather evidence.

    But this, how this Knobby video was filmed, and this just leads to tons of skepticism, anger, and laughter on the part of most people seeing having seen it. It is always dubious when somebody films something and won’t allow Bigfoot researchers look at it because they will scientifically go over it with a fine tooth comb and tell you weather it is legitimate or not as was seen in Schick Sun Film “Mysterious Monsters” hosted by Peter Graves, not to be confused with Monsters, Mysteries or Myths? that was hosted by Rod Serling (and apparently ignited the public’s interest in Bigfoot even more that the Patterson Footage) and was “In Search Of” before “In Search Of” was made, going on to become “THE MOST HIGHEST RATED DOCUMENTARY” In TV HISTORY!

    In this you see how the researchers can use scientific equipment to prove that film or other evidence turned over to them is gone over carefully and discovered whether or not to be real scientific evidence .

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