June 30, 2011

Kryder Bigfoot Video: Update

The man responsible for the video has stepped forward to comment. Here it is, unedited:

My name is Robert W Kryder. I shot and did the best job I could producing the vid. I did not and don’t want to prove anything to anyone. I just don’t care what anyone believes about this vid. It is what it is and that is REAL. I shared this to offer something for others to enjoy and use to gain more understanding … I already have recognition, respect and I am known for my honesty and integrity. I have nothing to gain from showing this other than friends and cooperation in finding some truth.

Wow, interesting to find and read these comments. Disheartening at first, followed up by disappointment. Sad in a way. I guess I never should have posted this vid at all. I waited 10 years to do so and only did after so many people I know urged me to do so. Now I understand why other finds and evidence fails to see the light of day. Who wants to share something just to be slammed by people who weren’t there and NEVER even took the time to ask. How rude. Just sit in here and write behind my back so I can’t answer anything. Fun to suppose huh guys? We here I am now ask….

And raisinsofwrath : You are just an ass. I never wrote any of that you liar.

I really love how all those people who have NEVER had their own encounter with a BF like to say what they WILL or WONT do. Like you know a damn thing. You don’t!!!

EVERY ONE OF YOU IS ALL TALK AND WON’T GO LOOK FOR YOURSELF !!! Keep your mouth shut and fingers still if you are not willing to go see. I challenge anyone in here to put up or shut u ! You want me to prove something fine, its on your dime now lets go! No excuses, lets go! Lets GO!!!

I worked that canyon area for 8 years solid. I stayed in a tent alone there for 8 mo. without leaving once. I/we had many many encounters in the years following this first time and know without a doubt what was standing there in the pic. This is the only vid I ever got and the only daylight sighting I ever had. Collected scat several times. Saw it close dozens of times at night.

John Ed Frost yelled BF because that’s what he thought of. He said it because these people have ranched these 100’s of thousands of acres for generations and know. They aren’t sitting on a couch and many don’t have TV’s.

For myself, I clocked in over 100 mi a week on foot in the field for many years. Not my living room (which has been a tent for the most part). Even now I have had no running water, no indoor bathroom, no kitchen etc in my place. Until you live out there for months at a time you shouldn’t make comments about what animals do or don’t do, or even what ones are there.

Here’s some truth:

They will stand perfectly still. Even 10′ ft off a trail as you walk by in the dark! Many, many animals do the same thing.

It was a long way away but I thought it was right in front of us the way he yelled… It stood out like a sore thumb to john who has looked at those mesas for 20 years. I don’t think it thought we could see it. But like just about every other creature you run into out there knew I would see it if it moved. To be honest, I really don’t think it cared !! It is a huge, proud, tough MF period.

It approached very close at night over the 8 years at our research site and didn’t really seem to be scared of us that much. It only broke and ran one time when it was exposed near the road in the moonlight when we emerged from a trail going to the truck. It stood up from crouching and bolted very very fast down through some salt ceders.

There are NO people running around out there after dusk. NO ONE. They are hardcore ranchers you just don’t get it. They get up @ 4:am and go to bed @ 9:pm 7 days a week even on Christmas. And don’t run around putting out targets, siliuette, cardboard, monkey suits whatever. People here work for a living and kill things endangering their cattle on a daily basis. They don’t shoot cardboard!

You people also don’t get that not too many years ago, cameras weren’t what they are now. And that people in some places are lucky to have one at all. This vid cam used in 95′ was the first I ever had and was one of the very first small cassette cams. It was 12 optical zoom x 10 dig. Before this it was film plain and simple !! So sorry its shaky… Gee you would think if I was going to fake it I would have had a tripod and not been jogging and out of breath. Geeze.

In the real world if you have a cam at all while you hike your either really lucky or a damn tourist. Most of the time its packed in my case/pack and in those days that was the first I owned. In the real world I never carry a tripod when hiking as I am not a photographer. In the real world your lucky to get the cam turned on fast enough even if its in your hands let alone set up a tripod in time. Yet you asses think its too shaky. Ya reality sucks.

It’s funny and cad that people refuse to learn. There are those like myself who have been around these animals and no one will really make the effort to learn from them. Just because the vid isn’t the way you imagine it should be or the animal doesn’t act like you think it should…. You say its not real. I am sorry but you imagination has no basis on reality. And the reality shown here is not affected by your vision of how it should be. Real just is what it is. I dont like the damn vid either. But Im not going to trash it just because the animal didnt run for me or that I was too far away.

If anyone really wants answers please write and ask. We have scat now that was collected mid winter @ 10,000′ in the Sandia Mtn range outside Alb NM. I would love to get it analyzed. I would be happy to offer locations, scat or whatever to anyone who is serious.

If anyone would ACTUALLY like to go out and get good evidence or will listen to the facts about the animals for a change please let us/me know.

If you want references on my character that can be arranged without a problem. Even those that don’t like me will tell you If I say it I’ll do it, and If I tell you I saw something then I did and can probably show you!!!

Thank you for reading. Please have some respect for people putting themselves out there and taking a chance on ridicule. It hurts the heart. I know I don’t like it.

Robert W Kryder
CEO/Project Manager
Kryder Exploration LLC
Teamster Local 492 NM

Full production and enhancement in HD 1080i:KryderExploration

Once again, I, Loren Coleman, without malice, must view this with caution. The total lack of any movement in the object causes me to wonder if this is merely a rock outcropping. This is not to say, at all, that this is a Kryder creation, but merely a misidentification. It’s happened before, of course. A simple mistake.

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