LaCrosse Lizardman

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 3rd, 2008


Then there’s…

…the mid-90s encounter another man and his son had by the riverbank in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, while hunting for a lost dog. They saw what they described as a “Lizardman,” covered in brownish scales and very reptilian-looking. ~ Linda Godfrey

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19 Responses to “LaCrosse Lizardman”

  1. Spinach Village responds:


  2. Lightning Orb responds:

    I’m guessing some guy in a suit? It looks like he has boxer shorts. Still you wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley…

  3. Doug responds:

    Sounds like something out of X-Files……maybe an alien. 🙂
    Seems like they have had similar reports out of skunkape territory down in Florida. A very interesting report.


  4. mystery_man responds:

    I’ve always been iffy with lizardmen and “reptoid” reports. They are interesting, but based on the descriptions typically given, I just can’t justify them in my mind as an evolutionary and biologically sound premise considering our current knowledge of the natural world. If lizardmen do exist, then what on earth ARE they? How did bipedal, humanoid reptiles (like that pictured) undetected and unrepresented by anything even remotely like them in the fossil records evolve right under our noses and why? I have not heard many plausible, solid ideas as to how they fit in to life on Earth as we know it. Could it be they are surviving two legged dinosaurs? I’d have an easier time with that explanation, but no, The descriptions seem pretty consistent that they are humanoid in appearance. They are just a creature that realistically doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    Maybe what on EARTH is the wrong question. For me, these reports are interesting, but in my opinion fall into the realm of aliens, inter-dimensional creatures and the paranormal. That’s not to say they CAN NOT exist. Just not in terms that we have any known scientific way of verifying, and in my opinion not as zoological organisms. Yes, I’m very skeptical that these are actual flesh and blood creatures.

  5. helgarde responds:

    I always took reptoid sightings as either hallucinatory or as sightings of non-physical or paraphysical beings. They just don’t seem likely from an evolutionary standpoint, at least not here on earth. They could be from elsewhere, but there isn’t enough data available on them to really theorize as to what they are or where they are from.

    I will never forget when a former friend of mine told me he had just seen a lizard-man while we were camping, and he couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to go out and see if I could get a picture of it, or have a sighting myself.

    I had to gently and calmly point out that the likelihood was that he had hallucinated said lizard-man because he was, at that time, tripping on mushrooms, and since I was not, the chance of me sharing his hallucination was not high.

    He looked so crestfallen and said, “Oh. Yeah. I forgot.”


  6. shumway10973 responds:

    repitoids have been in human myth and legend since the beginning of time. Most have been giving a place at or near the gods. In China their first emperor was suppose to be half and an alien (the legend does point to a specific star). One of the many Babylonian gods was repitoid and actually featured in Stargate SG1–the one where everyone thinks Jackson is dead, but really he is being kept captive by an alien who wanted to know what happened to his mate. Aztec’s greatest king was suppose to be repitoid (bad translations called him a dragon) with the description similar to the average European. The thing we have to find out is this: Are there legends from the Native Americans from the areas the lizard men have been seen? My only problem with lizard men is that I do not come from an evolutionary background. I don’t believe it would work. So, where in the creation story would these things fit in? Evolutionary, okay, that works a little. Though if found we may have to rethink what makes us different from the animals. That drawing looks to close to human. By the way: Why are the lizard men buff?

  7. coelacanth1938 responds:

    That pic looks like a Narn from Babylon 5.

  8. cryptidsrus responds:


    Wouldn’t want to run into that in a dark alley. Or lighted one, for that matter…Definitely supernatural-looking.

  9. bugmenot responds:

    >So, where in the creation story would these things fit in? Evolutionary, okay, that works a little.
    When these beings exists, they could point to a golden age of gen-technology in the 60,000 (or even millions?) years of unknown human history.
    And the gods could have been people surviving the collapse of their civilization, owning the last remains of the lost technology (airplanes, weapons, medical aid…), having an enormous lifespan (> 1000 years?) thanks to their gen-tech; but they were to less people to restore the old level of knowledge. (perhaps they survived in a bunker, like in the movie “idiocracy”)
    After all some of the old gods (roman,(=) greek, chinese?) behave like humans. And an ancient, lost (or could they live long enough to be still watching us?) civilization on the earth seems more probable than an alien contact.

  10. Markoswan responds:

    Am I the only one bothered by lack of details? 🙁

    For some reason the idea of lizard men fascinates me. I’d love to know what they observed him doing, the time of day of the sighting, ages of the individuals involved and so on.

  11. springheeledjack responds:

    I have always been intrigued by those things…but again, it does not seem all that probable…primates seem to be the only critters with a habit of walking upright…unless you count the latest theories on what the dinosaurs could have evolved into if their lines hadn’t been decimated by the extinction…there were some ideas about humanoid upright dinos…

    But as for recent sightings, I have no idea what to say…mushroom trips, costumes, aliens, scuba gear seen in the half light…who knows…but until I run across one, I don’t have much hope.

  12. Andrew Minnesota responds:

    You never know in Wisconsin, things can get odd when you get into the boonies. 😉

    I too wish there was more information on this sighting, Lizardmen have always intrigued me.

  13. Lightning Orb responds:

    I remember reading somewhere that some people think troodons (smallish, upright walking long-necked dinos with huge eyes) may have evolved into reptoids/humanoids, and maybe even started some secret technology base way down below the surface of the earth. I’m still going with monster suit though

  14. sschaper responds:

    A narn from B-5, and that is when it was on the air, too.

  15. larrykat responds:

    “You never know in Wisconsin, things can get odd when you get into the boonies.” – Andrew Minnesota

    As someone who lives in the boonies of Wisconsin, I can tell my fellow northerner from Minnessota that the oddest thing yet would be Brett Favre in a purple uniform.

  16. Dib responds:

    The one to make the drawing may not have been one of the ones who saw it. The artist may also have been familiar with Bab-5.

    Dry-mud matted fur tends to look scaly. A muddy squatch? He was seen near a riverbank.

  17. bugmenot responds:

    >primates seem to be the only critters with a habit of walking upright
    Actually it is quite common for lizards to run on two feets – but only for the small ones, i think

  18. mystery_man responds:

    Bugmenot- Some lizards do use two feet to run, but only for short durations under certain conditions, like evading a predator. It is a survival adaptation, but not their primary mode of locomotion. Also, it is not a common thing that all lizards that do. Certain species do it, but not all. However, it should be noted that these lizards are most definitely not considered to be truly bipedal animals and neither really are primates, except for humans.

  19. Roddy Hays responds:

    Man in a camouflage wetsuit (including head) seen by someone imbibing some of Wisconsin’s precious natural resources.

    Man in wetsuit obviously either doing something in water or playing a good trick deliberately.

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