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Time For Transformation, Transition, and Transmutation: Loren To Change His Blogging Presence At Cryptomundo

Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 22nd, 2013


I wrote the following posting on April 12, 2012. None, absolutely none of my criticisms in this posting have changed a thing at Cryptomundo. I am uncomfortable with the evolution of my presence here, and if I don’t change some things, I will begin to de-evolve.

The time is near for me to engage in metamorphosis, on my own, or die.

Stay tuned.


Loren Coleman, in his younger, pre-Cryptomundo days. The dazed look, no doubt, was caused by a producer asking the oft-heard but disliked question, “Do you really believe in the Abominable Snowmen?”” Screen capture of a “In Search Of” appearance, 1991.

Loren Coleman, after the aging processes caused by blogging daily and museum building set in. Image by photojournalist Greta Rybus, 2012.

It continues to get crowded at Cryptomundo. Have you noticed? Mostly a couple guys named Loren and Craig, along with infrequent pieces by Rick Noll and John Kirk, started this journey here in, what, 2005.

I wonder if I should leave? What do you think?

What is really getting to me is this continued confusion that ever freaking word that appears at Cryptomundo is mine. Not true, of course. As you have seen with the recent addition of various other bloggers who are using CM as a signpost to drive CM readers from here to their own blogs, this is much different that my blogging on Cryptomundo. What has traditionally happened is that I have written original material for CM first, and then alerted folks on Facebook, Twitter, yahoolists, and via emails back to my piece here.

Additionally, mistakes by critics are still being made that Cryptomundo is “me” and that I own or control it. Do you know how tiresome that is?

Let’s look at this most recent example:

Recently, just a few days ago, one of the people directly involved with the Flipper Picture visited the International Cryptozoology Museum.

The museum is operated by Loren Coleman, who has a blog about cryptozoology matters. Now the blog itself—in my opinion—is dubious. It spends a lot of time huckstering bad, really bad, TV shows. But I’ve never seen anything there that casts doubt on the character of Loren Coleman himself.

Anyway, so Martin Klein visited the museum. Martin Klein in an MIT-trained engineer who developed a great deal of the modern technology now called “side-scan sonar.” Klein designed a lot of the hardware that was used to capture the Flipper Picture.

Loren Coleman has a long blog post about Klein and his visit to the cryptozoology museum: Loch Ness Expedition Member Marty Klein Visits Museum


While I appreciate this writer seeing that my character is intact, why am I constantly blamed for things I don’t do that are written at Cryptomundo? Okay, I get it. It is due to the same reason, I suppose, that someone can tell you they hate such and such a book, and frequently then cannot tell you who the author of the book is.

I toil at producing some in-depth thoughtful essays (see all the early 2012 ones on Yetis, for example) at Cryptomundo, have fun now and then, celebrate the lives of cryptozoologists and other associated with the field, as well as dealing with the popular cultural impacts of cryptids in the media and movies.

I can be accused of many things, but “shilling for” or “huckstering” bad television shows is really not one of them. Read the name of the authors, folks, please. Criticisms are taken well by me, if the critique is pointed in the proper direction.

I should hang in a bit more. That is, as long as these people begin to learn that Cryptomundo is a tent. While I happily acknowledge that with all my postings six years ago, Cryptomundo reflected a lot of me and became established. But sites change and this place is not just “me,” any longer. Cryptomundo, in general, today, houses many points of view.

Thanks to all my fans.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

91 Responses to “Time For Transformation, Transition, and Transmutation: Loren To Change His Blogging Presence At Cryptomundo”

  1. Desertdweller responds:

    Don’t give up, Loren!

    We appreciate reading your blogs and comments.

  2. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    Well Loren, I think the question you asked should be answered from within. If posting on Cryptomundo is causing unwanted stress and is affecting your other duties then yes you probably should stop. However with that said, I would most likely no longer check out Cryptomundo at lunch like I do now. To me Cryptomundo is Loren Coleman and just wouldn’t be the same with your posts.

    I know what it is like to have a job or hobby that I love to do and then overtime it starts to wear me down. I left my career in Aviation search and rescue for that reason alone. It was not worth the toll it was taking me mentally and physically. So if you decide to leave I for one will certainly understand. I just hope you consider your reasons in length prior to making your decision.

    Just because I do not comment here like I used too doesn’t mean I am not on this site every day. Now that you have asked this question of us I realize why I do come here every day. To see what Loren has to say today. I will miss your input here if you do decide to stop but I will completely understand and support your decision.

    Maybe you should take some time off, go on a fishing holiday or something. Take some time for (yourself). Then make your decision.

  3. Raymond Minton via Facebook responds:

    No sir, unless it’s what you want to do! You’re a legend in the field, and I’ve enjoyed your books & writing for years.

  4. Chloe A Veneneux via Facebook responds:

    nooooooooo! I <3 Loren!

  5. dollyfinn responds:

    Loren, please don’t leave. You have been at the forefront of this community for long enough to know that critics will always be there. But, the community is starting to heat up and we need someone who has been around a while to give the long view of all of this. Plus, I really enjoy your blogs. Please don’t leave.

  6. Alan Clark Huffines via Facebook responds:


  7. Damien Brunk via Facebook responds:

    no! the only persons blogs i even read on there is loren colemans and the once in a blue moon when redfern post something

  8. Kristen Carpenter via Facebook responds:

    No. Just no. People who know who Loren is go there to read for him. Like myself.

  9. Jeff Alford via Facebook responds:

    No. I respect Loren’s un-biased opinion on all thing Cryptid. Keep it up and who cares about the sceptics. There are MANY people that have your back Loren!

  10. Tyler Vance via Facebook responds:

    No way. Loren is my favorite.

  11. Kat-MGH responds:

    No, Loren shouldn’t quit blogging at Cryptomundo. (I created a new ID today just to tell you that, Loren.) Keep up the good work. MGH members are fans of your passion and work in the field.

    Kat. Maine Ghost Hunters

  12. Graham Gruffy Farr via Facebook responds:

    No.. Just make sure everyone knows who is posting. I have been enjoying his work for a very long time! :)

  13. nimravus responds:

    The skeptics are almost as interesting as the cryptids. Their psychology is so peculiar. The word “skeptic” really doesn’t accurately describe them, as it implies some sort of rational thought process involved in critical examination of a subject. Maybe “knee-jerk reaction denialist” would describe them better.

  14. Sean Whitley via Facebook responds:

    Hang in there and don’t quit blogging.

  15. Michael Carrico via Facebook responds:

    Keep blogging , Loren. You are above all those skeptic pansies. Don’t let them get you down.

  16. Chalupacabra responds:

    Don’t quit just because some people don’t notice who wrote which article. Maybe you and the other writers could post a small photo of yourself with a large name next to it at the top of each article.

    As for you “huckstering” bad TV shows, that’s just naive. You guys report the news in cryptozoology and I appreciate that you don’t sift through it all and only give us what you deem worthy for us to see.

  17. TheForthcoming responds:

    Loren, you write excellent articles on here that are thoughtful, intellectual, entertaining, insightful and many other great things that people expect from a professional author and blogger such as yourself.

    Good to hear you’ll be staying a while longer :)

    Keep up the great work btw.

  18. Paul Simmons via Facebook responds:

    Don’t stop Loren!

  19. Ed Ayala via Facebook responds:

    We I for one DO NOT see you AS Cryptomundo but just a very big part of it. For some reason, I can’t really explain, I feel you being more reliable and trustworthy in your posts over any of the others. Now the fact that you need to ask if you should quit says lots of what you may be battling internally and maybe you need to leave or at least take a small vacation from it to get yourself together and focus on what you need to instead of this. Good luck in what ever you deciide.

  20. Kimble responds:

    Change the masthead to something like, “Rick Noll’s CRYPTOMUNDO.” In a year, change it “Craig Woolheater’s CRYPTOMUNDO.” This way, you can be referenced as “Loren Coleman, who works for Rick Noll at Cruptomundo….”

    I think the bigger question is, why hasn’t Cryptomundo been bought by Google?

  21. Shane Arsenault via Facebook responds:

    Keep blogging. Why is there even skeptics on cryptomundo

  22. NateDawg1001 responds:

    i personally think that its ridiculous that people would critize a man for his work. Loren, you have spent decades working in the Cryptozoology field. People should respect you for just that, no matter what field you are working in. These people need to realize that they can’t insult you or anyone because you believe in Bigfoot. Loren, I think you should continue blogging. I love this website because it helps me keep updated on the cryptozoology world. keep on blogging mr. coleman. ignore the people who ridicule you for this. you should keep blogging.

  23. NateDawg1001 responds:

    also, it’s there fault if they don’t know who wrote the article. you shouldn’t take the blame for that

  24. Loren Coleman responds:

    “The journey is the reward.” ~ Ancient Chinese Proverb

  25. dawnr responds:

    Mr. Coleman, I think whiteriverfisherman said it all. If it is no longer something that gives you pleasure and brings stress then stop. Rest assured Messrs. Woolheater, Noll and the other regular contributors can carry on, it would NOT be the same without you.

  26. size 13 responds:

    I’ve been coming here a lot since the Beginning of Cryptomundo….You have contributed tons of material for this Blog page. You for the most part have made it what it is today. Big Kudos for you. As suggested in an earlier post, PUT YOUR NAME ON IT. I either agree with you or not, it’s your baby and you should put your name in bigger fonts.

  27. viking0047 responds:

    “STAY!” ~ viking0047 Proverb!

  28. mandors responds:


    I’d say if blogging gets in the way of work at the museum or your real writing projects, books, articles, etc., they yes by all means stop. Blogging and even just commenting can sometimes have the illusion of accomplishment.

  29. PhotoExpert responds:

    Well, it seems the constant pounding by the skeptics and their stupidity has finally hit a nerve with you, Loren. And that is a good thing. I was beginning to think you were made of steel or were nonhuman. I know of few people who could stand up to that constant onslaught on negativity, stupidity and general meaness from certain skeptics.

    It is good to see you are indeed human! Here’s the thing though Loren, you have to ask yourself, why do erroneous statements that are not factual, get under your skin? You also have to weigh the negatives of a few dim wits against the benefits of people seeking your knowledge. What was it that Spock said in that Star Trek movie? Oh yes, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or one, or something like that.

    Loren, no matter how hard you try, you are never going to straighten out the uninformed who happen to be ignorant. Trying to argue or reason with stupid, will make you just that. So rather than let these kinds of people get on your nerves, you have two options.

    The first option is to ignore them and feel sorry for them since you were blessed with an intelligence they will never obtain.

    The second option, is to become a little mean spirited yourself and have fun with it. Go after them a bit, humorously making fun of their stupidity, ignorance and lack of grey matter. Have fun with it. You can go after them, calling out their inaccuracies without even being mean.

    Will any of that change them or make them smarter? No, but it will help you keep your sanity while having a bit of fun along the way. And that is basically what you already do in handling people like this. But when it becomes a constant onslaught of stupidity, it can get to anyone, even you! That is your kryptonite. So either avoid it or throw a few humorous punches yourself.

    The main thing is to keep blogging. I think many people do not view you as a blogger, rather they view you as an educator. And to remove yourself from the educational process will not benefit anyone, except the people throwing the slings and arrows.

    Does that make sense? So just take a deep breath, laugh at them, and have some fun while setting idiots straight!

  30. Novelhawk responds:

    I am not new to this blog, though I have only recently registered and started posting. While I can see how your posts might be more attention grabbing due to your prominence in this field, I read and enjoy all of the bloggers (and most of the comment jockies) and have no trouble discerning you from the others.

    Maybe having a profile picture at the top of every story to further identify who is posting. At the end of the day I’m hoping you realize the critics can go pound sand. When they attribute something to you that isn’t yours, it just proves they are in general, clueless.

    Press on (pun intended) with the blog, Mr. Coleman. I’ll be reading.

    Patrick (Novelhawk)

  31. cgmaine responds:

    This will be my first ever comment on this site even though I have been perusing its topics for several years now, and I have to say that your posts Loren are by far the biggest reason I continue to check here often. Every one is thought out and well written, as well as entertaining and informative. I think these are some of the biggest reasons that we all keep coming back here for updates in the cryptid world. The choice to leave is your own but you would be sorely missed by all, and I think the site would lose a lot(your really the only regular poster anyway). I will continue to check Cryptomundo and hope I still see the regular postings from you that keep me wanting to come back

  32. Ragnar responds:


    Do what you want. We have – and should have – no control over you.

    We would miss you. We would like you to keep it up.

    But in the end you have to do what is best for you.

  33. Taylor Wypy via Facebook responds:

    Never stop! We love you!!

  34. DWA responds:

    Well, Loren, it would be up to me if I were you.

    Not up to a bunch of either (1) idiots or (2) well-meaning people who just need to be set straight.

    Illegitimus non carborundum.

    Especially when they’re really not-so-carborundum.

  35. Champ Voucher responds:

    You sir, are The Godfather of Modern Cryptozoology. I tune in daily and marvel at your ability to recount hundreds of current and past events in this field. I don’t see how you do so much as you do now. I would miss you that’s for sure.

  36. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Since I had the chance –I don’t actually believe in chance, but it’s a good figure of speech– of finding Cryptomundo, I’ve always associated as the best place to find good cryptozoological information.

    Loren is obviously the leading voice in Cryptomundo, and the people who frequent the site are full aware that he earned that position through a lot of hard work. The daily output he managed to sustain year after year with always finding something interesting and valuable to communicate is simply staggering.

    But, if you feel that blogging no longer satisfies you on a personal level as much as it used to, or that it is diverting you from focusing your energies on other worthy endeavors, like writing another book, attending conferences or managing the ICM, then perhaps you need to take it easier and let the other contributors fill in while you reduce the amount of blogs you write on a weekly basis.

    Your fans will probably not be happy with it –and that certainly includes myself– but if they are really your fans they’ll understand that blogging should never be felt like a chore in one person’s to-do list. We will be happy with how much or little you want to share with us, as long as you don’t disappear completely from the radar.

  37. Hapa responds:

    Don’t go, dude! One of the things that makes Cryptomundo different is that everyday people get to intermingle ideas and controversies with experts in the field. It’s great to bounce those ideas around and discuss the latest findings together. It would be great if we could all meet one day.

    Cryptomundo would not be the same without you :(

  38. D1metrodon responds:

    While this might not be “the Loren Coleman” site, Mr. Coleman is the heart and soul of it. His even tempered, logical, balanced and still passionate comments typify what cryptozoology should be, in my mind. His credibility in the field makes the study both accessible and understandable, as well as legitimate, to the public at large. Beyond that, he seems like a hell of a nice guy, and God knows there are damned few too many of those anymore.

    I hope you continue to post, Loren. Like others, I doubt I’ll check out the site much if you go. Whatever you decide, thanks for being a class act.

  39. pterosaurslive responds:

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I know you have been receiving a lot of hate recently, Loren, but please don’t give up blogging. Your posts are always informative and thought provoking and the field of Cryptozoology needs more voices like yours on the internet.

    I am quite surprised that the blogger you quoted above had to remind his readers that people who are in the ‘subculture’ of Cryptozoology are people too. Why do these haters call themselves sceptics, when they seem more like mudslingers to me?

    I understand if you give up, Loren, but you will be sorely missed.

    An Irish theoretical cryptozoologist

  40. crypto-samurai responds:

    Dear Loren Coleman,

    I find it very ironic that detractors of cryptozoology rarely check their facts. :)

    If the steady stream of idiotic comments, and baseless insinuations threatens to drive you insane, it would be a far greater loss than if you simply stopped blogging here. Having said that, I do hope your resolution never fades. It is in fact you, Mr. Coleman, whom taught me that it was OK to think Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster were totally possible, without surrendering my critical thinking. Without your purely empirical perspective of all that encompasses Cryptozoology, I would likely not find myself convincing skeptical friends that I am just as skeptical as they, while simultaneously getting them to forfeit that lovely “Yes… it is possible”. I look up to no other Cryptozoologist as I do you, and hold all others to your standard. If there are Chupacabras sightings down near Texas, my eyebrow instinctively shoots up; I watch all internet bigfoot footage to disprove, and let by only that which remains unexplained.

    Without you, sir, I may not today, be open minded at all, and conversely; I may be the most gullible man alive. It is you, Loren Coleman, that showed me there is indeed a balance. That the truth, is often stranger than the lie. That the lie, can make more sense than what is accepted. And that against all else, to trust my eyes, and my logic equally. Only then, will any of us Cryptozoology enthusiasts, as well as Cryptozoologists, ever reach that day in which we all crack open a bottle of champagne to the news that one of our “implausible”, “improbable”, “impossible” beasties, is in fact, a fact.

    That, I have learned from you Sir.

    *Tips hat*

  41. vladkraven responds:

    I’ll put it this way: it was because of your posts on Cryptomundo that I went out and bought all of your books. And I don’t think that I’m alone.

  42. adpotts responds:

    While I do realize that you are not the soul source of what is posted on Cryptomundo, I do feel that you are the reason I continue to check this site daily. There are 3 sites I check daily at work, Crytomundo, the local news, and ESPN. It would be a shame to see you leave because I don’t like the thought of where the absence of your voice and opinion will leave the site; however, only you can determine what is in your best interest, and that is the foremost issue at hand. I’m sure I’ll be able to continue following you in a more limited fashion, just as long as you don’t quit completely.

    Thank you for all you do.

  43. lonewolfnan responds:

    Mr L Coleman has IMO been a mainstay and a calming influence on this blog site and would be sorely missed by those who visit the site as their main substinance for Cypto-anything.However,he must do what he feels is right for him as an individual.I know many will say he should stay(and I hope he does),but it is still his decision and if he believes the time is right now,then I wish him the best in all his current and future endevors.

    If Loren goes,we riot at midnight(lol)

  44. bradach77 responds:

    Skepticism to my mind is not a place to dwell too long if critical thinking, logic, reason and undeniable, scientific evidence is your goal. To all those who blame Loren for poor evidence, shoddy journalism, bad witness accounts, hoaxes and sling names and epithets in some poorly done, fictional way I say Fie! Get thee back to the search bar ye trolls! Or, if your aim is to join a rational conversation about unraveling the mysteries of cryptozoology or fortean esoterica, that we all come here for, at least have the audacity to look up your questions using your search bar to “Investigate” actual evidence from credible, verifiable sources before blasting someone needlessly and adding not only stress to Loren and others who work hard in this field but also ridicule in the public eye to all of us who really do want to know what is out there. We will not sit idly by while you futz up the topics and flow of information like a German shepherd pup on cocaine. We will outsmart you, we will outlive you and we will rewrite history. your offspring will go to our schools and they will learn to be an amazing person who on day may save us all from ourselves. So there…..Rant Concluded. Congrats should go to Loren and all the helping hands here on Cryptomundo. I have learned much fact from fiction and I look forward to more for years to come. Loren, on a personal note, Do what you fell is good for you, if that is to write something, never let them stop you. If for purposes of time mgmt. or other concerns you need to have someone help with the writing I am sure there are those of us out there that can help you. Maybe even intern for you in a sense and go over material with you before publishing. anyhow you are the Pro here.

  45. CelticBull responds:

    Of course you should keep it up. As if you were to step down 😉
    But I have to say… I really like the recent posts by Nick. His more folklorish posts added nicely to the whole cryptomundo-concept.

  46. HulkSmashNow responds:

    The point of me coming to Cryptomundo in the first place was Loren’s insightful writing and opinion. It would kinda kill the experience for me, and so many others, if he was no longer posting here, IMHO.

  47. CDC responds:

    @Loren Coleman

    Of course the final decision will be yours, but just want you to know that all the years of study, research, field work, etc, etc, etc, that you have put in, has given you so much life experience in the field of Cryptozoology, that your absence would be a sad loss for all of us.

    You have seen and done things that many of us will never get an opportunity to see or do, in many ways, we experience Cryptozoology through the effort and time you have put in.

    Just my two cents, I respect your effort, and I respect your dedication…respect is something that can’t be given it has to be earned. You Mr Coleman have earned the respect from so many…in my opinion, you should never leave a field on anyone’s terms but your own…whatever you decide, I wish you the best.

  48. fooks responds:

    holy crap!

    not a chance brother!!

    you keep it up!

    “in Loren i trust!”

    i’ve watched and listened to you for decades

    well, maybe 2 but that’s not the point!!

    when they tell you to quit, you are doing something right!

  49. sluggo responds:

    you be your own judge.
    when it is no longer enjoyable then by all means take a break.
    We enjoy all of your efforts but your health is most important.

  50. bigfoots responds:

    You cant quit posting… your the site owner 😉
    lol. j/k

    thumbs up on this side.

  51. John Kirk responds:

    Loren has been the heart and soul of Cryptomundo since its inception and what a fine job he has done. Craig Woolheater is to be admired for the pieces he also contributes. Back when Cryptomundo began I wanted to contribute more than I have done, but I realized what a difficult task it was to write something for this esteemed blog every day. I just did not have time.

    Loren has displayed herculean fortitude here, by having something to share with the cryptozoological community virtually every day Cryptomundo has existed. This is a titanic effort on his part and he does this gladly and willingly because he is a good guy who cares about people.

    Skepticism is healthy in the right doses. Cynicism isn’t. I am a skeptic, but the people who so harshly put Loren down are not. They are cynics. While I do not always agree with some of the ideas Loren has shared on Cryptomundo, I do respect his opinions and am glad that Cryptomundo is a vehicle for respectful free speech where he can air his views and I mine and other readers theirs.

    Even when you disagree with Loren you will always find Loren a gentleman with no ego, who lets you have your say as long as it is said respectfully and thoughtfully. He used the analogy that Cryptomundo is a tent and I see many people happily bringing their camping chairs and sitting in the tent with Loren and their fellow co-Cryptomundians to blissfully discuss cryptozoolgy.

    Cryptozoology would be worse off if Loren stopped writing for Cryptomundo and judging by the incredible response from the readership here, it is clear that you all want him to go on and so do I.

    Brother Loren, do not fold the tent. It is an oasis in the midst of a world teeming with ego and cynicism. Cryptomundo is a place where one can usually, openly and happily opine about what one thinks about cryptids. Yes there are a few denizens here who don’t always behave respectfully, but they are usually excised quickly. The fact that the tone of Cryptomundo is so open and respectful says a lot about Loren and Craig. They are shining examples of what gentlemen should be.

    So Loren what’s next on the blog sheet? I look forward to the next tasty morsel of info from you to devour with my morning coffee.

  52. KentV responds:

    If you find it a hassle to blog here than I would say definitely move on. As much as I love to read your articles I would not want this to be a frustrating experience.

    Having said that, if you did go I would hope you would continue to write on a blog of your very own. It would be one way to guarantee no one would mistake who wrote the content and (selfishly I admin) we would still get the benefit of reading your articles!

    Either way, thank you for the efforts you put into your writing, I for one am greatful for the time you spend!

  53. Opalman responds:

    I haven’t the time to read all the preceding posts so forgive any gross redundancy contained herein.
    I do want to encourage you regarding your blog. The world is full of unhappy, vindictive people that enjoy attacking others; of this you’re aware. There are many bloggers on the internet who want to be seen as scientific minded, intellectually gifted, gurus of all things unexplained. They pretend to possess a superior ability to employ logic yet fail to objectively apply it to their own diatribe… nothing new here.
    There are many blogs available to me on the internet. Some are interesting, most all contain elements useful to the serious investigator, the armchair researcher or even the mildly curious. As someone with some knowledge of the sasquatch topic for many years I consider Cryptomundo an extremely useful platform with which to discern the pulse of community of believers and naysayers alike. Additionally; Cryptomundo is indispensable in keeping me abreast of current developments in the cryptozoological world and as well several of the resident posters (frequent) there offer very insightful observations regarding the areas of great interest to me.
    I know it’s difficult to see your sincere efforts unjustly misrepresented, to be misquoted, taken out of context etc. by people who presume to know something about the issues being discussed on the blog.
    But take heart; the enemy is far outnumbered. The cynical naysayers are among the minority; and although they are quite vocal, many readers see them for what they are. I looked at the article in the “Mad Skeptic”; (appropriately named at least); and I fail to see how anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of zoology, or any of the earth sciences for that matter; would fail to see the ignorant, illogical diatribe there for what it is.
    Let’s not let the hateful illogical “madmen” at these kinds of sites get the upper hand by allowing ourselves to be discouraged by their hateful, stupid, and ignorant rhetoric.

    Keep up the good fight.

  54. Piltdown responds:

    “Illegitimi non carborundum” (to quote General Joseph Warren “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell), Loren; your interesting, insightful and occasionally humorous posts are what keep me reading.

  55. Lack of Evidence responds:

    Mr. Coleman,

    Although I don’t really buy into most of the cryptids that are out there, and I think whatever evidence there is happens to be flimsy at best, I would like to make a point. First, if you don’t enjoy blogging, and it causes you stress, then stop doing it. Life is too short to have to worry about unimportant things. I will say, however, that if you remove the main ingredient in the receipe for Dr. Pepper for example, then it loses it’s magic….it’s appeal. I think this is what would happen to this site if you made the decision to leave. All points that I disagree with you aside, the site wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if you left. I wish you the best in making that decision, and of course will understand either way you chose.

  56. purrlcat responds:

    Don’t quit, Loren! Unless you would then start up your very own blog!! I think there is plenty of room in the www for more cryptid-related blogs. Maybe the ICM can have a blog you could run. We need you. Thanx for a great job!! Maybe you just need a nice vacation…..

  57. Jonathan Poulsen responds:

    No. Without Loren, the site is nothing. His contributions dominate the blog because he somehow manages to cover every aspect of cryptozoology (I suppose because he has been doing it for over 50 years).

  58. Guy Edwards responds:

    Loren, without your voice we would lose a lot of context. Topics would come and go isolated and without the unique insight you bring to the table. Your books reinforced my interest in Bigfoot. When I found out you were writing topical stuff online, I felt I didn’t deserve the fortune.

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your perspective and your thoughtful essays.

  59. INEEDPROOF responds:

    Wow! Look at the comments, Loren. Unless it makes you desperately unhappy, YOU are very much appreciated.

  60. Fausta responds:

    Stay Loren!

    Perhaps if the format was tweeked a bit to have an image of the author or some other type of identifying image or signature next to the article link might help with getting the point across there are more writers than you. Maybe having a link to the article of each person under their bio link might show a more “group” effort. I have followed this blog for a long time and am a more casual reader. I thought it was your blog as well and then when I looked closely I saw Woolheater etc.. had penned some of the articles. It is just some ideas but something that differentiates the authors might help your stress!


  61. MercuryCrest responds:

    Mr. Coleman:
    When I first discovered this blog, it seemed that you were the only one writing it. It wasn’t until I noticed the tone of certain posts differing from your own that I actually looked at the author’s name. (It might seem creepy, but I’ve read Mysterious America so many times that I can actually notice the difference in tone with regards to the writings by other people on this blog.)

    Largely, I still think of Cryptomundo as “yours,” but I recognize that Craig has given others the ability to blog here, too.

    Truthfully, I’d be much happier if it were only you; even if you only blogged once every couple of weeks. I “trust” you. The others…well, I really have no way to end that sentence.

  62. HulkSmashNow responds:

    If Mr. Coleman leaves Cryptomundo, then so will I. I come here because Loren’s involved and without his involvement, I don’t really want to stick around either.

  63. eyecitga responds:

    Hello Loren. I see that all of the following responses were from a year ago. I rarely, if ever, comment on this blog. I have, however, come here almost every day since the beginning of 2006. I eagerly await each and every story/item of news that makes its way into our little world we call cryptozoology. For me personally, not that it will have any bearing upon your decision, I would hope that you would continue with your presence on this blog. I have always enjoyed your commentary and trusted your insight and judgement on every thing brought to your and our attention. The acute sense of honesty and integrity shown by you over the years is what brings me back every day.

    Our own little personal “earthquake” from a few years back, the horrible “Georgia Bigfoot Hoax”, comes to mind as I write this. As I look back on that, I can vividly recall your calls for logical thinking, how you presented an expert opinion and plea for all to just wait and let things work themselves out. We know how that ended but we also remember your told us so. I can only speak for myself, but I’m sure there are others here on this blog daily that would truly miss your guidance and thoughtfulness within this blog.

    I was shocked to see this entry today. I hope and pray that your decision is based on the positive feedback you’ve received since it was posted. I feel as if you are a mentor to the majority of us here and you would be greatly missed if you were to go away. Thanks for all your have provided us in terms of information, insightfulness, and yes, entertainment, as well. God Bless.

  64. Michael responds:

    Same here, as I only visit to read Loren’s awesome news tidbits and articles. I’m sure it’s that way for a lot of people as well.

    Loren, I do hope you keep blogging in some shape or form, even if it’s limited to Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps you should start your own Cryptozoology website/blog/forum type of deal?

  65. nzcryptozoologist responds:

    Loren,I know we have not seen eye to eye on a number of things. But despite this, I have always had respect for you. You are extremely lucky having mentors like Sanderson, and I only wish I had the same as things would have been very different.
    As they say, my friend, that is not the age its the mileage, you were quite handsome young man (and I don’t mean that in a funny sort of way).
    You must do what feels right for you. One alternative is to create something very similar to cryptomundo yourself to showcase your books, research and museum.
    Anyway, I hope this change of direction works out for you.
    With great respect-Tony Lucas (New Zealand cryptozoologist)

  66. dharkheart responds:

    Sadly, we see an example here at Cryptomundo of people, reporters, et al, who are just not doing their due diligence in research by simply attributing a thing to an individual; it shows laziness in doing a job that has grown to epidemic proportions throughout our media and inattention to details by people in general.

    One wishes better when it comes to reporters/journalist and the comprehension of casual observers but one is usually disappointed when it comes to mainstream science, politics, etc. Cryptozoology has grown in acceptance largely due to you, Loren and a handful of others but until it sits firmly alongside “legitimate” science, there will always be those who casually report and misinterpret; after all, only Loren Coleman represents cryptozoology, correct?

    Perhaps Craig should put a banner on Cryptomundo’s homepage that reads: “Craig Woolheater presents Cryptomundo: a gathering place for cryptozoologists and those interested in it.”

    Post anonymously and only post as yourself to link to an OFFICIAL LOREN COLEMAN WEBSITE complete with a decoder ring. I’m getting ridiculous here not because I don’t understand your stress level but because I do. Trying to make people understand a thing is like herding cats. Don’t try, just keep on doing what you do best and post when the spirit moves you and screw the idiots who refuse to see.

  67. wzolotovskaya responds:

    If you do decide to leave Cryptomundo, please don’t stop blogging (and let us know where you decide to blog). I find your articles informative, interesting and I love that you stay away from the more controversial things that can cause the subject to receive negative attention. I’ve always respected your work and coming to the museum is something I look forward to one day. I also have a lot of respect for your ethics, something I noticed with the infamous Georgia bigfoot scandal a few years back. When I first heard about it I immediately wanted to know what your thoughts were about it, but you remained pretty impartial, leaving me to investigate and make my own opinions. I like that you try to leave out your own opinions or assumptions until all the facts are in, by doing so, you avoid causing undeserved hype or attention. After the scandal mentioned above, it became clear to me that you take what you put out and publish very seriously and understand the power of media (or bad media). I understand that sometimes things change and those changes may not leave a place for you here, but don’t stop sharing your research, thoughts and wisdom that you have acquired from working in this subject/field of research for so long.

  68. chewbaccalacca responds:

    Two things.

    First of all, I notice several posters are writing in and saying (in effect), “If blogging is really causing you so much stress, maybe you really should…” etc.–but my own sense is that’s missing the point, that it’s not the blogging that’s problematic or stressful so much as the misunderstandings arising around it, and the lack of clarity as to who’s writing what.

    And it seems to me there’s a simple solution to that, namely–just make the names of the authors more prominent. As it stands, they’re fairly inconspicuous, printed in green and easily overlooked. Make the names larger, and more visible. (And yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to also state something in the top banner about ownership, though I’m not sure how best to handle that…)

  69. mandors responds:

    Loren, as Bill Murray said in Stripes, “You can’t leave! All the plants will die!” But, seriously, if you go, you’ll be leaving the rest of us to suffer nothing but BS stories about giant black cats, mermaids, and UFO probings. The HORROR!

  70. woodknocker responds:

    Maybe it would help if the top of the website read “Craig Woolheater’s Cryptomundo?” The name Cryptomundo would be bigger than Craig’s name, but the owner of the website would be clear. Just a thought.

  71. jray responds:

    This is my first post although I have been coming to this site for a long time, daily. To me, this site would not be the same without you. I enjoy your articles and your insight.

  72. FunkyBunky responds:


    I truly understand your feelings and concerns and I share them with you. I value your insight on the unknown and appreciate your candor, sense of skepticism and values. Truth be known, there are too many bloggers here just posting links (Redfern) to other sites and books. Craig, MysteryMan, and yourself frankly are the only value reads on this site. Go with your heart young man and do what is best for you but for the reader like myself, you being here is truly best for me :) Best wishes!

  73. rani124 responds:

    No! Please don’t leave Cryptomundo! I understand why you’d want to. I’ve noticed more and more that the blogs I’m seeing are from others and that so many of them are just re-directing to other webpages. I for one have become annoyed with this, I come here to read Cryptomundo, not some other website, if I wanted to go to anther site that is where I would have gone in the first place!

    I greatly appreciate you Loren! I’ve gotten so that your blogs are the only ones I read at Cryptomundo! If you stop blogging here, I’ll stop coming here at all.

  74. sluggo responds:

    I agree with woodknocker, as i have always been under the impression that this WAS your site Loren.

  75. AlbertaSasquatch responds:

    No offense to the other bloggers here at Cryptomundo but Loren, you are the only reason I come here. If you leave, that will be the death knell for Cryptomundo in my opinion. I know I certainly won’t be visiting very often. So I think you should stay Loren, pretty please?

  76. semillama responds:

    I too would visit less frequently if I didn’t have posts by Loren to look forward to. But I see his point exactly about the blog. Everyone concurs that the author names should be more prominent (and I like the suggestion of a thumbnail profile picture next to the author’s name to draw more attention to it). I agree with Loren about the dubious nature of a blog post that is nothing but a teaser link to another blog (Looking at you, Bigfoot Lunch Club!). A better format would be to discuss the topic here, with a link to a bigger piece elsewhere if necessary – for example, I don’t have cable and so don’t get to see Finding Bigfoot, but I would love to read reviews of the episodes, rather than just a short preview piece on the air date. One of the best things about Cryptomundo is the thoughtful discussion of a controversial area of science, and I want to see that continue.

  77. Goodfoot responds:

    Loren: CLEARLY, you are not responsible for what you don’t say here. But I always believed a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. I certainly understand.

  78. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    C’mon, Loren, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from blogging about Cryptozoology if you tried! Since you seem disillusioned with the format and recent practices of Cryptomundo, not to mention Craig’s unwillingness to change, the solution is simple. So simple, in fact, that I hope I’m not stealing your thunder!

    Here it is:

    AFAIK, there is already a website for the International Cryptozoology Museum, correct? So… simply publish all of your original material, going forward, on the ICM website. That way there can be no misunderstanding regarding “who” wrote “what.” Any guest commentary could be clearly labeled as such – perhaps with the author’s picture on the byline, as others have suggested.

    In fact, for the first month or two, you could take a page from some of the other CM “writers;” grit your teeth and use CM as a signpost to direct readers to your “new” blog – hey, when in Rome… Let’s face it, most loyal readers of CM tune-in for your input and, if it goes, they will follow. Others will find their way via Facebook, Twitter, yahoolists, etc. as they have in the past.

    Part of the reason, I suspect, that many people considered CM to be “yours” were the occasional-to-regular Museum updates and requests for donations – they weren’t exactly “CM-centric” but appeared on CM, nonetheless, sowing seeds of confusion. By blogging exclusively on the ICM site, necessary Museum updates and requests for donations would be more apropos and clearly related to your endeavors. You might even want to consider occasional contests with the prize(s) coming from the gift shop…

    By your own admission it would seem that you’ve ridden the CM horse as far as it can take you. Now it’s time to move on, take control of the process and focus on what is most important to you: Cryptozoological research, blogging and the ICM.

    Cryptomundo was the first stage; now light the second stage and don’t look back – the sky’s the limit!

  79. Ragnar responds:

    Loren, stop pussyfooting around. Leave Cryptomundo and set up your own blog. Go, and do not look back!

  80. cryptokellie responds:

    Hey boy…man up – just do what you want to do and don’t appologize. As for Cryptomundo, you are and have been the glue that holds this site together. Besides, us over-60’s got to stick together.

  81. corrick responds:

    My worthless two cents after not reading most of these posts. But…

    I totally agree with AreWeThereYet & Ragnar. Tie your blogs to the Museum site. “Branding,” Loren. You understand that.

    Only my opinion, but over the years cryptomundo has slowly evolved from a site about cryptozoology into Bigfootmundo and Paranormalmundo. Loren, you generally add all the mainstream cryptozoology content here and aside from mystery man’s blogs I personally don’t now find any difference in cryptomundo than from all the other countless Bigfoot and paranormal sites all over the internet.

    Loren, please do yourself and this site a favor. Move your blogs and let this site becomes what it obviously wants to be.

  82. Goodfoot responds:

    corrick: ” Move your blogs and let this site becomes what it obviously wants to be.”

    And WHAT WOULD THAT BE? Is someone keeping you here against your will? Need help finding your way out?

  83. Desertdweller responds:


    As I did last year, I ask you to stay.

    But it obviously has to be your decision. If you leave, I’ll understand.

  84. Evo Schandor responds:

    Just echoing what a lot of others have already said. If you truly enjoy being a part of this sight, request (re: demand politely) that Cryptomundo include a small picture of the author next to each entry and feature the author’s name more prominently. If they refuse, start a blog that IS your own. You’ve obviously got a sizable following and plenty of name recognition within the field. I’m sure some of your technically knowledgeable supporters (myself included) would be glad to donate some time and effort into setting it up and maintaining it. If you’re interested let me know. Good luck!

  85. dconstrukt responds:

    Loren, i think this would all be solved by having authorship for each post…. like the authors name and a headshot… so ppl can easily tell who’s writing what post.

    so this way you’re not blamed for anything you didn’t say/write…. people could easily see who’s posting what.

    I’m a web designer, I’ll be more than happy to donate my services to CM to help solve this problem for you guys.

    And Loren, I’d hate to see you go dude… just wont be the same here without ya :(

  86. G. de La Hoya responds:

    Loren, I enjoy a good mystery/puzzle and in trying to solve that by using science and good old fashioned common sense is what you bring to the table. You are not the type that if a tree falls down in the woods are immediately thinking that it is Bigfoot or aliens. You have a special gift.

  87. Bambi responds:

    Hopefully the confusion can be cleared away by enlarging the bloggers’ names and adding thumbnail pictures of each blogger to each post. I just realized that some posts I thought were by Loren Coleman were actually posted by others. If you leave Cryptomundo, please continue to blog about cryptozoology someplace. I don’t like Facebook. But millions of others do so if you post at Facebook exclusively, a few Luddites like me would be left out, I guess. Mr. Coleman, I am a life long fan of yours and your work. Your posts on Cryptomundo enlighten me daily and their absence would leave me slightly depressed, to tell the truth. There would be one less little bit of informative fun to look forward to in my day. That said, it’s understandable that you would consider taking action in order to lessen some of the stress from your life. I’ve always seen you as a heroic figure.

  88. Dr Kaco responds:

    Calm down folks, when Loren first spoke of going away all together and that a lil website called ‘CRYPTOMUNDO’ was coming…. panties were in bunches, shirts were coming off….tisk tisk people. Let’s be civilized about this. It’ll be ok. Loren knows what he’s doing and I highly doubt he’d leave us all in limbo….ain’t that right Mr. C??!! ;p

  89. somebodyssquatchingme responds:

    Cryptomundo meant nothing ten years ago, and may mean nothing ten years from now. However, two things won’t change:

    1. cryptozoologists will always be a target for lazy journalists, and
    2. thousands of curious folks will always search for answers.

    Your voice, Loren, is miles above so many others. Your insight and opinions will always be sought by us. Where you go, we go.

  90. Alamo responds:

    Hey Loren,

    I guess because you regularly “own” some of the other bloggers on here they think that you actually own the place literally. I’ve always thought of Cryptomundo as a village made of several camps, with specific tents pitched within each camp. You might say I’ve pitched my tent in the Coleman camp as it’s basic precepts most closely mirror my own (as opposed to the more mystical Redfern camp, for example).

    I agree, the linking to content on other sites rather than creating content here gets tiresome. I don’t think anyone wants to see Cryptomundo as a clearinghouse for cryptozoological content rather than a source for it. I enjoy most of the stuff on here… Loren’s most of all. I would follow him if he decided to go elsewhere.

  91. MattBille responds:

    Loren, no one – including those of us who disagree with you at times on specific cases and approaches – can deny you have been invaluable to the popularization of cryptozoology and the sharing of information. To a large chunk of the media, you are the face of this business. Looking at the posts so far, I suggest going one of two ways. One is to stay on this blog and differentiate authors more clearly: not just with prominent names and photos, but even something like different colored text, if that’s workable.
    The other option is to sign off and start the Museum blog (something like “CryptoSearch: Loren Coleman’s International Cryptrozoology Museum Blog”) . Best regards, Matt

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