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Mr. Perez Writes “not a threat it is a promise”

Posted by: Loren Coleman on September 17th, 2006

Sorry, but I have to pass this along, fyi.

“dominick perez” – of Yarwen/baby Bigfoot infamy – writes on Sun 9/17/2006, saying “ATTN LOREN COLEMAN” – (with his profanities deleted):

post a message on your site and tell your loser readers to stop hounding my tenant. these a******s show up drunk all hours of the night causing trouble. well, the one who showed up this morning felt my wrath. he’s in st. joseph’s regional medical center with two busted legs. an address on your site is my rental property. the tenant is an old lady with nothing to do with this. you rejected my generous offer, and know you have caused me trouble.i am telling you one more time: tell these losers to stop showing up there, or i give you my word i will track you down and hold you to account personally. that is not a threat it is a promise. remember i am in law enforcement and i can easliy track you down. you’ve been warned m**********r!!

Several things must be noted: Cryptomundo does not condone any form of harassment or violence, although we do not assume that any of the above is “real.” Considering that there is no proof that Mr. Perez has anything to do with Bigfoot studies, but may be anything from a cryptopoacher (for seizing this site’s interest) to a possible hoaxer, there is no reason to bother anyone that lives at the address Mr. Perez uses on his internet accounts. Secondly, the address cannot be found on any Cryptomundo blog, period. Mr. Perez, who lied about his name not being real when it was first given, is the original source of his own address as it is easily found across the internet in his own self-created profiles tied to his name and businesses.

Frankly, I know many law enforcement officers, and none that I have known or have met would ever make this “not a threat it is a promise” kind of comment, on the heels of saying they had just given a person “two busted legs.”

I post this here for the public record.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

55 Responses to “Mr. Perez Writes “not a threat it is a promise””

  1. brineblank responds:

    This sounds like a 13 year old trying to get his kicks after watching too many bad police movies. An officer that would be silly enough to do such things surely wouldn’t be broadcasting across the internet his felony. But I do hear that Weekly World News will be sporting a new bigfoot cover in the coming months, maybe that is his official announcement and should start taking those things more serious. Who knew all of this time the ghost of Elvis really did elope with the ghost Marilyn Monroe?

  2. Senor Chubba responds:

    I still got a bad feeling about this.

  3. TemplarKnight21c responds:

    Just in case anyone was wondering…we don’t really break legs here. Is strictly a mob thing-that is, if there WAS a mob. Which there isn’t. So go about your business, never you mind that man duct taped in the corner…

    Besides, nobody breaks their opponent’s legs in a fight. That would constitute cruelty, possibly premeditation, and assault with a deadly weapon (most likely). Seems like a threat to me, Mr. Coleman. Call the cops.

  4. thegoblinking responds:

    I am tired of this Mr. Perez. If he indeed took a humanoid creature across state lines, I believe it is kidnapping, and if it is just a hoax.

    Well he threatened you Mr. coleman and that warrants law enforcement attention.

    Just thought you should know.

  5. robzilla responds:

    Dont worry loren just a big windbag who cant get a date. Thretening someone on the internet oooooh he’s tuff im just shakin in my size 16 boots. Wich i might add you can feel free to borrow to kick mr.big ego in the rear. Besides i dont think he had anything to begin with. In my opinion he is just someone who is to immature to come up with a good story and when he found out we were smarter than he thought he couldnt handle our views on his claim. I tell him to try somewhere else.


  6. afigbee responds:

    I would strongly urge you to contact the FBI about this because if this guy isn’t a threat to you he is certainly eager to be a threat to somebody.

  7. afigbee responds:

    Your debunking of his ‘slew’-ing of a Yarwen probably screwed up some con he was trying to pull off. Which the FBI might also like to hear about.

  8. thatericn responds:

    Hi Loren,

    As unlikely it seems that this person has actually done anything he has claimed, or that any incidents he has reported are real, I would take the precaution to “drop a dime” on him, or several.

    Let your local police know about this. That way they can keep an eye out for nosey out-of-towners, especially with New Jersey plates.

    Also let the state law enforcement in the Garden State know, as well as the police in whatever town is unlucky enough to have him as a resident.

    An ounce of prevention…

  9. Mnynames responds:

    Make what you want of this, but there IS a St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in the town where he is purported to live. Should be a simple matter to find the number and inquire about any recently admitted patients with 2 broken legs…or to inquire of the local constabulary for that matter. It’s probably safe to assume that if this attack DID in fact take place as he claims, the victim didn’t exactly just get up and walk away.

    And if indeed a reader of this blog WAS accosted by this man, I humbly beseech them to come forward and tell us (Or Loren, if they prefer their privacy) of their harrowing experience. Something tells me we shouldn’t be holding our breath on this one though.

  10. Lesley responds:

    What a nut! He really needs to seek help and medication.

  11. MinnMonkeyMan responds:

    terroristic type threat’s from the ranting’s of a person of interest to your local and State cop’s possibly the Fed’s this should be dealt with as quickly as possible :)in the mean time watch your back!!!!!

  12. jmufassa responds:

    Hello folks,

    I’ve read information on your site for quite some time, but I thought I would register and post in response to the latest.

    Unfortunately law enforcement does employ some strange and odd persons as does any profession. I’m sure that this type of story would attract some individuals that might go snooping around a residence listed under his name. I doubt he assaulted anyone in the manner that he describes as it would lead to an arrest or at least a mention in the local paper. (hint)

    I have not followed the story enough to know exactly where he is reported to live, however, a simple internet search of police reports from the local newspaper might turn up information in the event that he did assault someone. The hospital probably wouldn’t give out any information of any kind if contacted. Also if he indeed works for a law enforcement agency there would be a good bet they have a website that would list him as an employee. I know ours does as do most agencies I am familiar with.

    There are many ways to legally collect information from internet sources that may assist in either confirming or debunking his claim. He sounds a bit “out there,” but sometimes when people are put in a strange situation they act in a strange manner.

    In the state that I am employed the threat he made definately constitutes assault. He should also be aware that the manner in which he claims to have collected the creature would probably be considered unlawful. (killing the parent to collect the offspring) Many states protect any animal that would be considered an “oddity of nature.”

    I doubt his claim is legitimate but you just never know, after all it is a strange world in which we live. Just wanted to give my two cents.

  13. geaux jeaux responds:

    I know one thing for sure, if it would of been me that had two broken legs, that $17 million would now be mine. HAHAHAHAHA

  14. kittenz responds:

    It’s nuts like this guy that you eventually see on the evening news … usually after they have gone totally whacko and offed a bunch of people.

  15. PIfromVA responds:

    Hey you guys please excuse the interruption. I have been lurking here for quite a while, watching this situation come to a head. I had to sign up because I just couldn’t let this threat pass by. Mr. Coleman you must consider your safety as well as he should have done before he used his real name and location, contact law enforcement. Yes, a lot of investigation can be done and would prove to be potentially embarrassing for “Mr. Perez” and his department (If there is one). Mr. Coleman you are a national celebrity threatening emails shouldn’t be tolerated.
    If this man did such callous acts as he claims he did (speaking of the death and kidnapping and poaching across state lines) then he is dangerous. If he broke someone’s legs he has no faith in the law enforcement that he claims to be a part of. Be careful Mr. Coleman. We need you around to pop the bottle of champagne when Bigfoot is finally recognized for the North American indigenous species he is. I’ll fade back into the shadows now. Thank you.

  16. WVBotanist responds:

    The message might have been more clearly stated and directed had he busted the guys legs and taken a picture of a man with broken legs cuffed alongside a young Yarwen.

    Maybe, being the gentle landlord he is, he could provide a telephone line for the old lady who could then call law enforcement herself, thereby saving him the trouble of having to get up at all hours of the morning to share his wrath and bust legs; instead he could be off spending his millions. I guess money can’t buy happiness.

    Maybe this guy is the Yarwen, on full moons and whatnot. Even a small legbone is hard to break. Or I could be misreading, perhaps someone busted their legs, then showed up on the old lady’s doorstep, whereupon Sir/Cpl. YarwenSlayer provide him with an angry ride to St. Joseph’s.

    Whichever the case may be, one thing is certain: Mr. Perez is one of the smoothest, classiest, omiscient, and subtle landlord/insurance salesman/Yarwen slayers I have run across in my adventures, (and probably burly, to boot). I am struck with such awe as I ponder his situation I am moved to the revelation that as he reads this, he must certainly know that he will one day become the leader of the free world.

  17. caddo21 responds:

    This Perez guy thought he would pull off a good prank but didn’t count on leaving a trail back to him. Pathetic.

    Next he’ll claim Mob connections.

    If you hear from him again report him to the local authorities.

  18. Nerull responds:

    Mr. Coleman, I would be all too happy to give you my address and have you in turn forward it to this clown. Then perhaps he and I could discuss his “law enforcement” credentials. Should the matter get “out of hand” in any way, shape or form, I would be most pleased to deal with it for you free of charge either legally or shall we say “socially”.

  19. Unknown Primate responds:

    Good to see your fans & friends willing to back you up, Mr. Coleman. Count me as one of them. This guy might end up with a mess of Unknown Primates breathing down his neck…

    Hang Loose Loren, and thanks for keepin’ us posted on this dude.

  20. mooppoint responds:

    No question, you should at the very least file a police report. As someone’s already pointed out, that email clearly contains a terroristic threat as defined by law.

    This is all a bunch of hooey, to be sure, but threats and such claims are nothing to sneeze at. This pitiful person obviously has some hostility issues, and while it’s doubtful he (or she) is capable of backing up the threats, he (or she) is playing a dangerous game, and I’d want that not only on record here, but also with the authorities.

    I really think you should file a police report.

    Just my opinion.

  21. LaFlamme responds:

    Hopefully Mr. Delusional Perez has a mean mother who is making him go to bed extra early tonight without any more sweets. And no Sopranos for you for a month, little mister!

  22. cor2879 responds:

    Loren, in all seriousness I think you should contact authorities. Even though this guy is just some nut he may be nut enough to try something crazy. We already know we can track him down. Perhaps some real law enforcement folks can pay him a little visit.

  23. fredfacker responds:

    If the rental property belongs to Perez, a quick check of county tax records should have his current address. However, this story, just like his yarwen story, sounds like complete b.s. to me.

  24. greywolf responds:

    First Loren notify the police in your town and in New Jersey. That is a threat of violence toward you. No police officer in his right mind would think to make a threat like that. This guy is a nut case and if this is real he is a law breaker in several states. I would also notify all the approiate game commissions involved.

  25. Seraphine responds:

    I do find it rather disturbing that this man would threaten Loren, a man who as done *nothing* what so ever to harm or bother Mr. Perez.

    Its not unheard of that a less than honorable person can be affiliated with law enforcement (again, we don’t know what his position is at all, he could be the office clerk for all we know). Though as someone stated before, it’s not an easy task to break a set of legs. Unless he had some sort of weapon. Which would, I’m sure be grounds for charges on a very violent and possibly premeditated crime.

    I think the police could easily deal with a disturbance with out the use of excessive force. And if someone here has been annoying his tenant, it would be nice if they spoke up and verified some of Mr. Perez’s claims. Although, I do believe some of the derogatory (though perhaps amusing) remarks, probably aren’t helping Loren much at this point.

  26. ohram responds:

    Uh-oh everybody, you read that? He called us losers. We’ll be feeling that one for awhile. And if he was a police officer, why would he break someone’s legs knowing thats too much force and risk losing everything? And why does he work when he just got 17 million dollars? And wouldn’t he have charges pressed against him for killing an endargered species?

  27. bigdog82644 responds:

    He is caught and he knows it. He is embarrassed and will go about any lengths to “right” it to himself. He’s a bum.

  28. planettom responds:

    I’m so mad at this guy I don’t know what to say. I’ve already erased my message 3 times and reposted, because I had to bite my tongue. What an idiot. He just confessed to felony assault. (“two busted legs” constitutes great bodily injury leading to felony assault) That’s all I’m going to say for now. He better think twice before going any further with his comments, he has already broken the law with the email threat. Your Crypto-crew has your back Loren.

  29. Dan Spencer responds:

    If this guy really is “Dominick Perez” he is a complete idiot to get his name associated with this kind of nonsense. I did a google using his name and “insurance” and cryptomundo came up.

  30. Ceroill responds:

    Ok…let’s see. Making the assumption for a moment that any of this is true: He tried to make an arrangement with Loren. Then, these people keep coming by, apparently drunk, and loud/abusive. He lives close enough to the rental address that he can rush there after a supposed phone call, and wreak physical harm on said people. What makes me curious about this part is his assertion they are readers of this site. How did he establish this? Or did he simply assume that these loud people are readers of this site? All of these things, not to mention his ‘promise’, lead me to really question his intelligence. Aside from all that, Loren, I agree: let the authorities know about this guy.

  31. wanderingwildebeest responds:

    I have been reading these posts for quite some time now and just want to add that I feel that you realy should report this guy, Loren. Even if he is all blow and no show or just now trying to cover his tracks, any threat to do you harm should be taken seriously. Maybe his “law enforcement” ties are no more than being a security guard at a warehouse and he has way too much time on his hands. Your loyal readers are very concerened for you and your well-being. Keep us informed!

  32. calash responds:

    Again let me say up front that I think this whole think has a 90% + chance of being fake however brineblank made a comment about the supermarkets tabs. You know If some one was to do something like this the biggest of these would be a very likely choice.

    They have buckets of money

    They are experienced with controversy and are not afraid of it.

    They have teams of Lawyers

    With a teaser campaign they could let out small amounts of info over several issues to boost sales. They could undoubtedly make several times over the 17 million.

    I could see the headlines now” BIG FOOT Captured!! DNA Confirms New Species!!!

    Oh well, just some idle thoughts.


    PS This guy sounds creepy. He has definitely stepped over the line with threats.
    If what he says happened about breaking legs did happen there must be some police reports or news stories about the assault.

  33. DARHOP responds:

    I guess it will all come to an end when Loren’s so called competitor comes out with Lil Baby Bigfoot as Perez claims will happen soon enough. And when we hear or see nothing in the weeks or even months to come. We will all know what we already know. That Mr. Perez is so full of…

  34. Sky King responds:

    From the writing style, I am reasonably certain “Perez” is not a child. There is a possibility he is in law enforcement, but I doubt it.

    Although I don’t think “Perez” is dangerous to anyone but himself, I think it’s a good idea to show the emails – all of them – to the FBI. I think a little visit from the Feebies will put a serious damper of his little Yarwen game.

    On another note, has anyone pondered the similarity of “Yarwen” to “Yowie”?

  35. sasdave responds:

    From killing a parent (possible mother) sasquatch and forcing its child into his vehicle, then breaking a town drunkard’s legs. Up here in canada the law inforcement can be bad; but, not like this fella. It appears he is a law unto himself. All I know is if I wanted to see a so called captured sasquatch I wouldn’t go drunk. I’ve seen a sasquatch so his story could have weight; yet, his actions are very questionable as they aren’t lawful or respectful. Beware of the authorities you contact if they are like Perez I’d be more scared than when I saw the sasquatch.

  36. Lee Pierce responds:

    The Crypto Kids ride again. Loren, it seems you have a lot of sincere support in this foolishness. Seems Mr. Perez is on thin ************** ice.
    It’s about time the ice breaks.

  37. a_welch90 responds:

    This Perez character is becoming quite the wacko. Some form of law enforcement should be notified about him before he stops talking and starts doing.

  38. SeanForker responds:

    Loren, I agree with my fellow posters. You should get to this to the authorities. It may seem like some smart a**, but I wouldn’t take it lightly. Too many wackos out there. Be safe my friend.

  39. kittenz responds:

    Loren, you are a celebrity. (I know, I know … but you ARE!). This Perez guy seems to be fixated on you. He (or she-it could be a woman using an alias) tried to lure you from your home into his comfort zone. Then he blew all to pieces when you did not take his bait.

    It’s not something to take lightly. “Celebrity stalkers” have killed and maimed before. This guy seems to fit the pattern. Get professional assistance in this matter – please. The guy may be harmless. Most are. But the few who aren’t can be deadly. So please err on the side of caution and report this guy to the appropriate authorities.

  40. CamperGuy responds:

    Perez needs a time out.

    Such behavior from any law enforcement is unacceptable.

    Impersonating law enforcement is illegal everywhere.

    Either way after perez is out of his time out he should be handled by legal and proper authorities.

  41. Shihan responds:

    Loren, I’am a high ranking Black Belt and a former professional Body Guard to some very famous people – I hereby offer my services to you – free of charge – should the need arise

  42. One Eyed Cat responds:

    Well, my computer was down for three weeks so I missed the first of this.

    Doubt Perez is in law enforcement, his writing does not bode well for the reports Law officers must write.

    As for why he is angry, First thought Mystery Buyer could be TB, which would beg the question if Perez has even gotten the money yet.
    Then realized TB would have spilled the beans by now. So doubt it is him.

    If a baby BF really were caught. BTW would think car back seat not fit to sit on after baby shows why humans use diapers for their young, not to mention a wildly bent roll bar from baby’s struggles when it’s arms got tired.

    So a baby BF gets caught, what would it eat? What is best to feed it and how would you know it’s not still dependent on Mother’s milk? How can we tell if human and sasquatch milk even compare?

    I believe the phrase the devil is in the details fits here.

  43. UKCryptid responds:

    Well, if a reader here has found themselves with two ‘busted legs’ by someone in ‘law enforcement’ then report it, you’ve got yourself a written confession and a few million in damages right there. :) Regardless of what you were doing…

  44. cor2879 responds:

    I seriously doubt Perez is in law enforcement as well. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, one of the readers here first suggested that he might be in law enforcement. I think Perez just decided to run with that. He might be a dungeon master though, but even that would probably be too cool for him 😉

  45. skunkape_hunter responds:

    Ok did some more checking. I just got off the phone with the Paterson N.J. Police Dept, 12:05 PM. They were very helpful !! Their records show only one incident at the Perez Address for the last 6 months. This happened on 9/6/06. It seems that there was a traffic violation, blocked drive way. Ticket issued, no one went to jail. There were also no rescue calls to the address for the same period. So our poor ‘loser’ friend must have crawled to the hospital with his broken legs !!

  46. bill green responds:

    hey loren please dont let this perez person get to you about his alleged possible hoaxed nj bigfoot baby. im not trying to be mean here but you should contact your local fbi or police about him i do agree with some above replys here from people in cryptomundo. this guy just wants media attention etc. i hope your investigations continue against perez. im sure we will here more updates about perez in upcomeing weeks etc. good afternoon bill

  47. skunkape_hunter responds:

    More info !

    For those of you that question the ‘law enforcement’ angle of this story, I will try to clear it up. I must be vague, as we do not want a liability problem. This person does not work for a government law enforcement agency. He does however work in a private, for profit, crime prevention , and judicial area.

    I would also urge you, Loren, to at the very least, print out copies of these emails, just in case. Stay safe !!!

    Maybe you should come on down to Fla. We can go out in the Green Swamp and do some Skunkape searching !!

  48. skunkape_hunter responds:

    I seem to have let this fellow get under my skin a bit. You see I have a real disdain for hoaxers. So I have some random thoughts that I would just like to put out there.

    This guy is blaming Loren for alleged backlash he is feeling/getting ??? Who started this whole mess ?? HE DID !! So who is to blame ?? HE IS !!

    Nothing this guy says has panned out. He did not use an assumed name,as he claimed, he is not part of law enforcement, he does live at the address he was tracked to, his phone number is all over the internet, and his alleged ‘attacks’ from readers of this blog are not real. Yet he wishes to blame us the ‘losers’ that read this blog for his supposed troubles. I have to ask, why are we losers ?? Because we believe that there may actually be a ‘yarwen’ ? Or are we ‘losers’ because we did not buy his far fetched story ?

    Another question I have is, does this person realize that he has broken the law several times in his emails ? I have to wonder if his employer (a legal professional) would be interested in his threats and verbal assaults ? Not to mention the attempted extortion !

    The irony in this situation is incredible !!!

    I suggest that if any more threats come from this person, that maybe his employer needs to be contacted.

  49. kamoeba responds:

    Is a level 16 Mage really considered ‘law enforcement’?

    Brineblank mentioned the Weekly World News in the first post. I would like to address that if I may. I, like a vast majority of people who don’t live in their mother’s basement, always thought that this publication was comprised of 100% fiction. And really stupid fiction at that. But I have to say that on at least one occasion I personally read an article in the Weekly World News that was actually true. I won’t go into details right here, but about 10-15 years ago or so my friend and I used to get the WWN occasionaly to be entertained by the utter stupidity of the articles. My friend grew up near a town where an impoverished and mentally deficient young man had disappeared many years ago without a trace. My uncle also lives in the same town my friend is from. My uncle told me about how they had finally found this young man after so much time–years ago he had somehow gotten stuck in a wall or partially finished hidden space in his dilapidated home and couldn’t get out. They found him when the house was being torn down. Sure enough, about a week later it was in the WWN! Perhaps the story was just so bizarre the editors decided to publish it, I don’t know. Regardless, the WWN has officially had at least one “real” article in it.

    And yes, call the cops, I got your back, yada yada yada.

  50. springheeledjack responds:

    the e-mailer is obviously looking for attention and the violent references are only there to get a rise out of us. I personally will not waste any more time on this needy person who needs to get attention elsewhere. I will read no more on this nor comment, and I suggest we all do the same…save our investigations for real topics.

  51. spazel1 responds:

    I believe this guy “Perez” is about 15, and the alleged “old women tenant” is really his mama.

    Btw… wanderingwildebeest easy with the comments about “security guards”. I personally know a few and I wouldn’t rank them as low as “PEREZ”.

  52. wanderingwildebeest responds:

    spazel1 – My sincerest apologies.

  53. quill responds:

    He’s just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. I agree with spazel1- he’s more than likely a teenager living at home with mom, and has nothing better to do than threaten cryptozoologists. What a pastime 😛

  54. Shaman responds:

    Hi all, long time lurker and first time poster here. This story fascinates me.

    Has anyone considered reporting Mr. Perez to the IRS? They may be very interested in his claim of receiving 17 million dollars. They may balk at the way he says he obtained it, but if they saw his statements that he DID receive it, they may feel the need to investigate that claim.

    At the very least, it may cause him some discomfort having to explain to them why it’s not true, and they may feel the need to “review” his tax records. At the most, if his story is true, the government will get their share of his ill-gotten gains and definitely cause him some discomfort. Either way, I think it may teach a valuable lesson.

    Just some food for thought, I’m not a man of action, just a curious observer.

  55. mystery_man responds:

    It is very interesting that this guy twisted this story around so that he needs no proof whatsoever. He says he will post something on E-bay and even though I’m not sure if he could put an animal up, just before his supposed posting, he sells it to a mystery buyer. Now he says there will be “big news” coming out soon, but I bet there will be some other setback or twist that will come up. Nice way to avoid any sort of evidence. I am very interested in all the legality of this that the knowledgable posters here have put forward. I don’t know much about law and this has been very educational, however I think all this coverage is exactly what this sicko wants and we shouldn’t be giving him the satisfaction especially now that there are threats involved.

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