Unfortunate Redneck Map Includes Bigfoot

Cute, humm? But it does not get better.

Okay, I bring this pictured map business up with all due consideration of how many things on it are outright unnecessarily harsh, racist, bigoted, and a sad attempt at humor by someone in, what, 2008.  Southerners should not be called “Rednecks,” rural folks are not “Hicks,” homophobic labels are outrageous, and the desire to call an entire state after a religion is ill-advised and unwarranted.  The map shown below has animal notes on it, like “bears,” “rattlesnakes,” “buffalo,” and “cows.”

One specific segment of this “art” does bring my Cryptomundo attention to this map. It is a curious little area up in the Pacific Northwest denoted as “Here be Bigfoot.”

Why was Sasquatch placed on this map?

What person or group created this exercise in stupidity and sad prejudices?  And why throw the poor Bigfoot into this mix?

This map is disturbing, but for cryptozoology, it is downright unfortunate that Bigfoot was placed amongst this collection of psychological vomit.

I see that bizarro USA maps similar to the above are found elsewhere throughout cyberspace.  Thankfully, cryptids are not to be found on them.

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  1. Sure these are stupid, but that doesn’t mean they’re not funny. I still laughed. Spongebob is stupid too, but somehow I still laugh at that. :) Life is a lot easier when you don’t get upset about meaningless junk. :)

  2. I believe that on the last little map where it says “Yes sir & yes ma’am” in the place of Texas is accurate. I grew up there and I still say “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” to just about everyone, especially my elders.

  3. These maps are actually part of the “World According to X” Internet meme. These maps often have geotypical stereotypes in a country, usually the US, for comical reasons.

    While offensive, I still get laughs out of them.

  4. @Dark Auk, I deeply appreciate you pointing to this site, of which I was unaware. This puts them in context and I understand their intended satire motive now. Thank you.