Round-Up Of Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up

Posted by: Loren Coleman on May 19th, 2009

Here are your highlights and links to more about the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up. Sasquatch snapshots and cyberspace stops of interest, so to speak.

Bob Gimlin by Todd Neiss of the American Primate Foundation. Click on the image to get a bigger look.

The Presenters: Jeff Meldrum, Kathy Moskowitz-Strain, Bob Gimlin, Derek Randles, John Bindernagel, Chris Murphy, Bill Munns, Dimitry Pirkulov, and Scott Nelson. Cliff Barackman photo.

Bob Gimlin and Matt Moneymaker. Some acknowledge now that the event was a BFRO affair. Paul Cropper photo.

The Bigfoot Forums discussed the Round-Up, with snippets like below, in addition to photos, such as this one of the Hancock House book table:

Friday’s final speaker, Derek Randle was introduced by Matt Moneymaker….

Asked about the Skookum Cast, Randle explained his role in the discovery of the depression in the mud. Matt Moneymaker felt compelled to come up on stage to respond to one of the questions from the audience and we were all witness to a cordial confrontation between MM and Daniel Perez. Who said what? Can you direct me to that in print?

Source tugboatwa (shown on the left below, at the Round-Up).

Cliff Barackman and Bob Gimlin.

Cliff Barackman shared his review of the happenings, via his blog, for example with observations, like:
Scott Nelson spoke about his study of the Sierra Sounds vocalizations. Scott is a retired Navy Crypto-linguist….Derek Randles was the next presenter. Derek has researched bigfoot since the mid 1980’s, but keeps a very low profile. His name is mostly recognized by his co-ownership of the Skookum Cast, being one of the three individuals to find the impression. He is currently a member of the BFRO, but has worked with Dr. Meldrum’s North American Ape Project, and has done extensive independent investigations as well. He is a good tracker, enthusiastic hunter, and one of my favorite field partners.

The rest of the night was spent socializing with old friends, as well as new ones. Time flew very quickly, but eventually the exhaustion, sunburn, and beer drained me of all the built-up adrenaline, and I retired shortly after 3:30 am.

Cliff Barackman shared these summaries at his “Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Report #2” and more at “Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Report #1.” Here’s “#3.”

Giving a bit of the insiders-outsiders point-of-view, there is “Bigfoot Show 11.”

Recorded on Sunday 17th May 2009. Brian, Scott and Paul were joined by Jerry Riedel, who was fresh from the Yakima Bigfoot Roundup.

The controversy over excluding Scott was discussed, as was Bill Munns’ presentation and report, the new ‘thermal’ imaging video, which appears to be infra-red video, not ‘thermal’, and believe it or not, a discussion of the Patterson-Gimlin Film took place! Who would have predicted that?

D. B. Donlan (the Blogsquatcher) did a mini-overview of the Round-Up yesterday, which included a link to another radio show that has broadcast about the event.

The James Randi skeptics’ forum dealt with what they called “Gimlin’s Yakima Bigfoot Party” for a little while, but they have a tendency to drift and take Bigfoot blind alleys, no pun intended.

Melissa Hovey tried to be level-headed in “When It Rains, It Pours.”

As Hovey stated, when the Round-Up kicked off: “Once again we are reading about drama. Drama that in no way helps solve a mystery. Anger took over and the researchers are sitting back and wondering ‘what the hell just happened?'”

Finally, forthcoming, on 5/27/2009 10:00 PM (Eastern?), there is “The Bigfoot Mystery Special- Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up After-Report” with host “Thunderhawk.”
We will be reporting on the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up that we attended on May 15 and 16th, 2009! If you were there, please join us on the show!
Length: 1 hr 30 min

From The Munns Report. Click on the above for larger versions of these comparative images.

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3 Responses to “Round-Up Of Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up”

  1. tugboat responds:

    The photo shown above showing “tugboatwa” is misidentified. The fellow on the left is much too handsome to be me.

    I am the old dude on the right.

  2. Roger Knights responds:

    The fellow on the left is “RB”–aka Bob Strain.

  3. DWA responds:

    I find myself wondering where this all would be if Patterson were still alive. His angle on it is unique; and I can’t help but wonder what an additional 35-odd years of talking to him about this would have yielded.

    It’s still fun to see Gimlin getting the kind of attention he should get. After all, he is still one-half of the only sasquatch expedition in history.

    Oh. JREF. The photo on the right: human. Spotted it right off.

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