Rock-Throwing Sasquatch?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 3rd, 2007

This is a brief video about the MonsterQuest crew’s discovery and filming of rock-throwing incidents in Snelgrove, Ontario.

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34 Responses to “Rock-Throwing Sasquatch?”

  1. Gihdora responds:

    Didn’t the boulder canyon incident involve some rock throwing?

  2. sausage1 responds:

    Very eerie, a little like extreme poltergeist activity. Sasquatch or possibly a disgruntled hermit or recluse.

  3. Cloud responds:

    Sounds like he is telling the truth , but tossing a few rocks can be easily faked. With a full camera crew specifically looking for bigfoot i hope they have some evidence to support this claim.

  4. easternbigfoot2 responds:

    It’s interesting. Rock throwing is common, but with that many people there, I’d like to see some evidence. :mrgreen:

  5. chrisandclauida2 responds:

    a little less talk and a lot more sasquatch. i love stories but im like a man who i served soup every day. what i wouldn’t give for a little sasquatch meat in my story soup.

  6. bill green responds:

    hey loren & everyone wow thats a very interesting new video segment of monsterquest of a rock throwing sasquatch. im looking forward to watching monsterquest. thanks bill green 🙂

  7. Cryptid Hunt responds:

    I have to see this episode!

  8. stevencrawley78 responds:

    it is interesting and makes great tv, but where’s the guarantee that the film crew wasn’t just bored?

    Most Haunted started out legit until footage was released showing the crew making noises off camera

  9. olejason responds:

    It’s one thing when you hear about people just walking around in the woods, having something like this happen, and running away scared out of their wits. These guys were there for the sole reason of doing a bigfoot documentary. They get some ‘activity’ and hide inside the cabin? Come on.

  10. Mike Smith responds:

    I don’t know about olejason but if this was me I think I would have gotten my backside in the cabin as well. Mr Bigfoot isn’t a little guy, and I bet he sees well in the dark.

  11. olejason responds:

    You have a point. I don’t know, it just seems so counterintuitive that they were there for that specific purpose yet hide in the cabin at the first sign of the big guy. It’s very frustrating for those of us at home 🙂

  12. MaineMike responds:

    Did anybody else notice that the guy being “interviewed” was prompted to tell the story a certain way in the very first part of the scene? Think about that.

  13. Loren Coleman responds:

    Having been interviewed for decades by all kinds of documentary film crews, doing such interviews myself for documentaries, and otherwise seeing hundreds of hours of unedited footage, there is nothing novel about this clip’s beginning.

    Raw footage often has such interactions as “re-shoots” occur due to words being misused, comments being unheard, sentences being jumbled, and incomplete thoughts tripping up interviewers and interviewees.

    Such moments have nothing to do with anything being “staged” but is only part of the process that is often not shown. Actually, such a beginning seems in keeping with the appearance of this being an unmanufactured, realistic segment of a video being uploaded to YouTube.

  14. sschaper responds:

    If Jeff Meldrum was there, as this guy says, then he can corroborate, or not corroborate.

  15. Holmes responds:

    There was a rock throwing Bigfoot in a show from Oklahoma.

  16. Bob K. responds:

    These buggers not only throw rocks, but they can do so and stay well hidden. I tried to find an account from my former home state recently that I had once read, but I couldnt. There has been activity around the West Milford, NJ area, in Passaic County, not far from the New York state border. Apparently, whenever workers in a park located there would go pass a certain stretch of land, they got the feeling that something was observing them and would get pelted by rocks, though they never saw what was throwing the rocks at them. The workers soon refused to go to that area alone. West Milford also borders Sussex County to the west, which has long been a hot spot for Squatch activity.

  17. dbdonlon responds:

    This is something that really does happen in the field quite often. The trouble is, you never see who or what threw the rock or log. But I’ve been out there, as sure as I could be that no one else was out there besides the researchers, and rocks and sticks have come flying. We’ve even had thermal cameras during some of these times but have come up with little evidence.

    One time, the log that got thrown up into the tree just ahead of another researcher and I was just too large for a human to have thrown as high and as fast. A thermal camera was there and we found nothing, not even footprints on the ground (which will show on a thermal for some time after something warm has crossed over the cooler ground). The terrain there was very difficult so it’s possible the prints were where we couldn’t get to them.

    On a different occasion a stick was thrown and it was found because we had a thermal camera and found the heat signature on it. But the circumstances of that occasion are such that we think one of the researchers, who later admitted to several hoaxes, had actually thrown the stick himself.

    I think in cases like the one in the film, unless it was done by someone in the crew, it is unexplained and interesting, because as the witness says — to throw the rock or the log, you’ve got to have hands. But it has to be said that it’s not any kind of proof that bigfoot is out there doing it unless you see it happen.

  18. Nachzehrer responds:

    “as the witness says — to throw the rock or the log, you’ve got to have hands. But it has to be said that it’s not any kind of proof that bigfoot is out there doing it unless you see it happen.”

    Why doesn’t anyone ever dust these rocks for fingerprints? Assuming that Bigfoot is throwing them- and doesn’t own a pair of rubber gloves- they should have big fingerprints on them. That might not be proof, but it is impressive evidence.

    The popularity of TV shows like CSI has also made fingerprinting sets cheap and easily available.

  19. Mnynames responds:

    If genuine, these rocks and logs may have snagged a few hairs as well. The lack of any thermal hits bothers me a bit, just how far can these things throw? Seems to me if they’re pelting your cabin, they must be relatively close, even if the forst might obscure them. A quick wander should turn up something.
    And yeah, if I were there to find Sasquatch, I wouldn’t be huddling together in a cabin, that’s for sure. Mind you, I wouldn’t want to go out there looking alone either, but I’d like to think I would even if no one else volunteered to accompany me. You never know though, until you’re in that situation…

  20. mystery_man responds:

    The rock throwing accounts are interesting to me and I typically give them a lot of consideration. Some of the accounts have happened out in the middle of nowhere, where I would think it would be odd for a bunch of pranksters to be. Other accounts make mention of very heavy rocks that would not be possible for a typical human to lob any appreciable distance. Another thing I find interesting about some of the rock throwing cases is that it seems to point towards large scale cooperation between Bigfoot and could give some insight into their social mechanics.

    What I can’t understand is why the Bigfoot would remain hidden during any of it. If it is some sort of intimidation display, it seems to me that it would not make a lot of sense to hide while throwing the rock. To me that would be like a male silverback thumping its chest and tearing up bushes while it hides behind trees. I am curious as to how many cases involve the creatures being hidden versus those where the sasquatch are out in the open.

  21. proov responds:

    He does seem truthful. He doesn’t look around or stutter alot like he’s searching for what to say. He doesn’t look away from the camera as he tells the story. His experience may be genuine. Perhaps the crew or he alone was set up though. He does appear to be young and is probably one of the “pups” if not the only “pup” on the team. It’s curious that as soon as he started to fall asleep something else happened.

    Like olejason I am disappointed that they seem to have just retreated into the cabin. I can understand the fear associated with such an experience but I would have thought a show as serious as the website portrays would have team members prepared to go the extra distance. At least point a camera or a sensitive microphone out the door. You’d think a professional audio crew would have a microphone sensitive enough to pick up something creeping around in the woods. To be that close to possibly proving the existence of a humanoid creature and doing nothing is crazy to me. But, this is just a snippet on Youtube. Who knows if they had perimeter cameras/audio equip. and what they did the next night. I will be interested to see what else there is to this story(show is Wed night). Did they conduct an investigation of the surrounding woods the next day? Surely they did. From the info on the website about the show I don’t think they’d send a team out that distance without some qualified investigators. The website tease mentions DNA samples. We’ll see.

  22. ithilien responds:

    but they really don’t know that there were no other humans involved….could’ve just been a smart alec local who knew they were there…If they were there to presumably search for sasquatch, the rock throwing should have been their clue to get out there and start filming.

  23. DARHOP responds:

    mystery_man responds:
    What I can’t understand is why the Bigfoot would remain hidden during any of it. If it is some sort of intimidation display, it seems to me that it would not make a lot of sense to hide while throwing the rock. To me that would be like a male silverback thumping its chest and tearing up bushes while it hides behind trees.

    Maybe they hide because they don’t want to expose themselves even though they are trying to intimidate those they are throwing the rocks at. Maybe they are just trying to say hey, it’s time for you to leave the area. Maybe they hide because they know about the clothed apes and their fire sticks. As many account’ I’ve read of, I took a shot here and I shot it there. Besides I’m sure they hear the shots and have most likely witnessed hunters take down deer. Maybe they have spread the word about the little clothed apes and their great fire sticks. Maybe they are more cautious than we give them credit for. Just a thought.

  24. DARHOP responds:

    Oh and by the way, I think this kid isn’t lying about the experiance they had.

  25. mystery_man responds:

    DARHOP- That’s a good idea, that they may have some understanding of what humans are capable of and that it may be best that they do not show themselves. Good speculating and good thoughts. It makes me wonder how much they might communicate things amongst themselves and whether they have any rudimentary understanding of the tools we use. Interesting stuff to keep in mind. Thanks for giving your opinion on the matter!

  26. Mnynames responds:

    With regards to their remaining hidden, perhaps it’s an unconscious understanding of hominid psychology- most people are far more frightened of something they can’t see. On the other end of the spectrum, when they are seen, they are exposed, and their opponents can size them up.

    Ultimately, it may boil down to this- a big ape throwing rocks at you is pretty scary, but understandable. If you can see him, you have a chance of reading his intentions, and calculating the trajectory of the projectiles. Rocks hurtling at you from out of nowhere, from no detectable source, is even more terrifying. It’s seeming inexplicability only adds to that a sense of something being overwhelmingly wrong, or out of the norm.

  27. hudgeliberal responds:

    Just a reminder, tonight is the debut of MonsterQuest! Also a story about UFOs follows Monsterquest tonight. Good night of viewing on History Channel tonight! The first episode features bigfoot. Should be interesting. Peace.

  28. Loren Coleman responds:

    This is the second episode. Last week’s, about Champ, was the first.

  29. VampResearch responds:

    They claim that no town is within 200 miles of this camp. Not sure how true that is (will do searches in a minute), that is why they ruled out locals throwing the rocks. Earlier on the program they showed insurance video of the cabin that was attacked and ransacked by something. Everything was ripped off the walls and thrown to the floor. The DNA that reingardl mentions was collected off a “screw board” that was left in front of the cabins main entrance. – It is a popular method of animal/Bear deterrent you screw a bunch of screws through a board and leave it pointy side up in front of an entrance way. It was interesting with the DNA that the “expert” couldn’t pull any DNA only one of the scientists from the show after he “stripped” the galvanized (from the screw) inhibitor from the sample and “refined” what was left over. Doing some Google searches to get GPS location and using Google maps you can see the location claim seems to be true (GPS coordinates 54° 37′ 0″ N, 65° 50′ 0″ W) a big lake far away from any towns, the closest road (Rt500) looks like an estimated 110 miles away. Towns another 70 miles (as the eagle flies) they are Wabush and Labrador City.

  30. CBFResearcher responds:

    This has got to be true…

    The only reason I got involved with the idea of Sasquatch/Bigfoot was because of a boulder thrown at me while fishing in the forest of B.C. in the East Kootenay’s. Scared is just a mild word… I was absolutely frightened for quite some time. On top of it all, I was only within 2 km of my house, albeit, it was still quite dense forest where I was fishing and fish at almost every day.

    Not a bear, wolf, cougar, or anything else, and for sure not a human could throw something this heavy and large… Not a rock that big.. The size of my head… and no human could throw it from as far as I estimated it came from… No way…!!!

    I am still amazed today, 15 years later, that this even happened…

    I’ll tell my story one day, but it still bothers me to even think about it.

    Bigfoot is out there… Just wish one day that we finally find definitive proof, DNA, body, whatever it takes…. It has to be put to rest so we can protect the species, and allow it to survive in this expanding human encroachment.

  31. bigfootgotmysister responds:

    I must admit that DO enjoy these types of programs, even though I know full well that if some kind of earth shattering evidence were ever to surface, we would probably be seeing/reading about it on CNN 15 minutes after it is obtained and long before the airing of these programs that were shot who knows when. (2006?)

    It is my sincere belief that someone was “pulling the chain” of the young audio tech who was the alleged target of a stone projectile. Either that or, since it was the last night of their “stay”, the field director decided that it was his last chance to add a little “spice” to his documentary. One thing is just too damn puzzling to me… if you TRULY thought that a sasquatch (or it’s equivalent) had been hurling stones in your direction….WHY would you leave the area the next morning?? I mean, you have spent countless hours traversing the area, set up remote cameras, camped outside, etc….and NOW you finally believe you have MIGHT have encountered the object of your search…and you decide that you can’t stay for a awhile longer?????? Hell, if I was a researcher…I think I’d arrange to stay for a couple WEEKS even if I had to maintain a skeleton crew or even by myself if the need be. I certainly wouldn’t walk away from a recent encounter if I believed it to be real. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t care to hear about other “deadlines” and “obligations”, etc…. if you’re THAT close to finding something, why leave???

    But like I said… I enjoy the show just for the entertainment value. I really don’t care much for the upcoming episodes about giant squids and birdzilla, etc… but I do dig the Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Skunk Ape episodes.

  32. silvereagle responds:

    Bigfoot is always conscious of how to make the most noise with the least amount of effort. A rock on a metal roof, is the same as rock on metal roofing in Autumn Williams “Search for a Living Legend” video. Bigfoot also does not like to be recorded. So a rock thrown in the vicinity of the audio effects man, was possibly a carefully calculated tactic. Bigfoot is highly tactical. Had this Bigfoot truly been aggressive, all rocks would have found a human target. He was only playing with the crew. Bigfoot also has a good arsenal of weapons, hidden in the higher dimensions. And they can throw them from a higher dimension and likely then leave no heat signature on that weapon. Once those weapons strike hard objects in our own dimension, they seem to return to our dimension.

  33. sasdave responds:

    I’d have to some what agree with Silvereagle, those sasquatch aren’t stupid. After my personally sighting of this grand creature I came across a few experiances of others having rock tossing experiances. Those that make a point of ripping a experiance apart due to their own belief, they’d do something differant is very questionable. Even if the above story is true they should be thankful that the sasquatch were just playing with their heads. They are alive and well and in places that the little pink monkeys would be surprised. I felt their stare and then seen their being and have never denied the fear even when there was no reason for it. Believe what thy will they exist.

  34. bigfootgotmysister responds:

    Hey Silvereagle, would you please share some more insight on Bigfoot and their “good arsenal of weapons”? You are such an interesting person and I find your vast knowledge so refreshing. While so many of us spend our time speculating, I would love to hear more of your inside information. . I wish I could find that link you posted awhile back where you let us know that Sasquatch is a closet bedwetter, a lousy tipper, prefers Fords to Chevys and is horribly addicted to Pez.

    Your biggest fan,


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