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Who Are You? 400 Soon?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 18th, 2009

Who are you? Thank you for being here!

Mystery Fish Enhanced

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As Cryptomundo moves into Year Four, I want to pause for a moment to hear directly from you.

I wrote my first posting to this blog on October 13, 2005, and since then, nearly 4000 blog postings and over 50,000 comments have been published here.

You might think that only a few people are registered and can make comments to Cryptomundo, because you have actually become familiar with some “regulars.”

But were you aware that you might be among the almost 10,000 individuals who are registered and can make comments here?

Borneo Animal

So, I have a couple short questions to ask you.

In a line or two, can you tell me briefly whom you are (age, location, student or occupation or retired)?

And what are your favorite kinds of postings you would like to read going into the next year?

No negatives, please. Those are easy to figure out. Please share what categories, types of stories, animals and cryptids you like to read about.


Hey, and speak up if you’ve been quiet in the past. Don’t allow only the regulars, whom I do want to speak up too, of course, be the only ones we hear from over the next few days.

Thank you for coming here daily to read my words, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your words in the comment section in the next few days about the future.

:-) Thank You.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

381 Responses to “Who Are You? 400 Soon?”

  1. sausage1 responds:

    John – I teach youngsters with autism. I live in Bedfordshire, UK, with my girlfriend, our little girl Matilda Rose(the REAL sausage), occasional itinerant family members and numerous fauna. I am 50, but don’t look a day over 51.

    Favourites: (i) wierd but catalogued creatures brought to our attention, e.g. the camel spiders; (ii) Russian hominids. But what really makes my juices flow are (iii) stories of crytids, particularly BF, witnessed in urban settings. The juxtaposition of the unknown and the totally man-made fascinates me.

    OF course the best bit is belonging to a community with inquiring minds, healthy morals and funnier jokes than mine.

  2. Lance responds:

    34, NYC/NJ area, Online Producer. I’m drawn more towards stories featuring the all-stars of the cryptid world: sasquatch/yeti, Loch Ness/Champ, Mothman, etc. But I also enjoy the every day discoveries as well.

  3. DesertFox82 responds:

    Kudos on the Babylon 5 reference. Am I the only one here to get it?

    Age: 26
    Location: Louisiana, USA
    Occupation: IT Professional

    I’m really happy with the content I find on this blog. I like the new species posts, the mystery photo posts, the historical account posts, the works. I like reading about cryptid authors, conferences and sightings.

    I guess I’m saying I like what I’m seeing. Thanks for the great blog.

  4. CookiePants responds:

    Greenville, SC
    Advertising Copywriter

    I’ve been interested in cryptozoology nearly my whole life, since I first discovered my elementary school library’s collection of books on the subject. I particularly trust you (and by extension, your blog) on the topic because you’re a critical thinker who approaches things with just the right amount of skepticism.

    My particular interests include Mothman, Sasquatch and his ilk, and out-of-place animals. I also enjoy the historic posts and unusual photos. I think it would be fun to occasionally see essays from guest bloggers, just to mix things up a bit.

    Thanks for all your hard work and for letting readers weigh in. I always enjoy reading.

  5. Sparky1959 responds:

    Steve R., age 49. Mesquite Texas. Manager for a global technology company based in Plano Texas. Completed Associates Degree in Dallas County Community College. Some undergraduate classes at Southern Methodist University, no degree.

    I monitor this site to keep abreast of news. I am interested in discoveries of new species, rediscoveries of lost species, and of course I want to know when there is physical evidence of a cryptid. I want clear identifiable photos. When there is hair, flesh, bone, blood or physical evidence that can be turned over to a lab I want to know about that so I can wait on the edge of my seat for the results. The recent discovery of a new south american wild cat is an excellent example of why I monitor this site.

  6. GCPickle responds:

    Hi – I have been a regular visitor to your site for about the last year. I also have several of your books Loren. I am a 42 year old female, working in administration, in the tourist industry, in Las Vegas NV. Grew up here.

    I have always been hesitant to post a comment although many times I have had something to say.

    I have always been fascinated with “the unknown”, especially if it has anything to do with animals/wildlife. My favortie articles you have posted usually are about Bigfoot and ABCs.

    Keep up the good work. I think I will weigh in now and again. Now that I’ve posted for the first time. :)

  7. SOCALcryptid responds:

    Loren, you have done an awesome job posting here on this site. I have learned a lot from Cryptomundo.

    My favorite cryptid is Sasquatch.

    I also enjoy reading about the new species being discovered. Usually I will find out about them first here on this site.

    Most of the people who comment here are intelligent. Especially the regulars like Matt Billie, kittenz, mystery_man, DWA, cryptidsrus, etc.

    Thanks to all who make this site what it is. This is why I try to visit Cryptomundo on a daily basis. Keep up the great work.


  8. dwindell responds:

    Hi, I’m a 27 year old executive from Raleigh, NC. My business is technology, but my interest is in cryptids. My main reason for coming to this cite is that I use it as a consolidation point for cryptid news. I don’t care much for opinion and entertainment articles, what interests me most is the news on upcoming television programs and news feeds from credible cryptid sightings. I also tend to gravitate towards posts with images, as it’s easy to see how interested I’ll be in the article at a glance (I’m usually too busy to read full blog entries). Hope this helps!

  9. Shaster_McNastey responds:

    Wentzville, MO
    I love this sight!! Growing up I loved reading about Bigfoot and Other Cryptos, even though at that age after I would read about the latest cryptid I would have to sleep with the lights on with my head under the covers. Now that I am grown I would love to see the big guy in person ( I’ve heard wood knocks before but Anything could make those in the woods) and I have to read/watch anything on cryptids.

    I always have to read the posts with images and love hearing about new finds. I think it helps remind us how much of this world and nation is still wild.

  10. ARO responds:

    Hi I’m Alex I’m fourteen and would love if you posted more about the Mokele Mbembe,giant spiders,new discoveries and Sea serpents.

  11. ARO responds:

    O and I love your website keep on truckin

  12. vicenza responds:

    Age: 13. Hopefully I’m not too young to post!
    Location: Roseville, CA near Sacramento.
    Occupation: Aspiring dressage rider, though at the moment I just take care of a few miniature horses for $20 a week.

    I’m very interested in mystery photos, phantom big cats, historic cryptids, the mothman, and I’m quite fascinated with the Dover Demon as well, though I do enjoy the the site how it is at the moment.

  13. crowmagnumman responds:

    20. Northeast Oregon.

    I’m unemployed. I live with my parents. Don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. But for now I enjoy checking your blog every day. I’m mostly interested in the more spectacular possibilities, like Mothman, living dinosaurs, all of the more gigantic creatures. But I also think it’s very admirable that you cover even the more mundane discoveries in cryptozoology.

  14. maraudar responds:

    Age: 41 (42 in December)

    Occupation: Officer

    I found your blog after hearing you on Coast to Coast and have been reading since. First time for posting though. I dont have an actual favorite topic as all the different subjects here interest me on various levels.

    I know that I am going to find something new all the time so I really enjoy coming by on a daily basis to read and enjoy. Great work.

  15. HulkSmashNow responds:

    Brad, 29, Barry, Texas
    Film Critic

    Anything cryptid, from Bigfoot to Loch Ness to yes, even the Chupacabras

  16. browwiw responds:

    My name is Wes. I am a 27 year old water plant operator (Class III) in western Kentucky. My educational background is in English Literature (so of course I’m a water plant operator). I am a secular humanist and a skeptic…but not foolishly or cynically so. I’ve always been fascinated in legends, folk tales, Fortean phenomena,fringe science, cryptozoloogy, and how they all intertwine. This may have been heightened by my Literary background and ‘synthesizing’ all the disparate things I read. I listen to a lot of Coast to Coast AM.

    I enjoy articles on the ‘classic’ cryptids like bigfoot and lake monsters, but I’m also interested in more regional cryptids and the science and folklore that surrounds them. I think anthropology has as much to do with cryptid sightings as the actual phenomena themselves. Also, I love the news reports on the newly found species, rediscovered, and emergent species. I really appreciate the humor, too.

    Keep up the good work, Loren.

  17. Bake Neko responds:

    21, Charleston, SC
    Occupation: Unemployed

    I am content with everything you have posted so far Mr. Coleman. Thank you for keeping us all well informed with the going-ons of cryptozoology. Keep up the great work!

  18. txbuckn responds:


    I am a 37 year old male who works in the travel industry. I live in Salt Lake City Ut.
    .I am fascinated with the idea of a large, upright and bipedal ape. Whose species has yet to be acknowledged by most in academia. I enjoy most of the content on this site.

  19. shumway10973 responds:

    35 this year. Live in Placerville, CA with my new wife Melynda, our 4 cats and our German Shepherd. Right now I am working in the grocery business, but I have a degree in Graphic Design.

    I have always been curious about the world and everything in and around it. I love the reports of big foot, loch ness and all the rest. I especially enjoy hearing of the new discoveries. I also love the fact that Loren, Craig, Rick and John all will put out to us possibilities and unknown pictures. We can usually come up with the answer.

  20. Delawhere responds:

    Age/Gender: 35 years old, Male
    Location: Delaware, USA

    My interest in cryptozoology began in childhood. I would often check out the same Bigfoot book from the public library and read it over and over. Also interested in paranormal phenomena.

    Stories on this site that interest me the most: pretty much anything that makes me go “Huh?!” I am always interested in video footage, particularly trail cameras or handhelds but those often tend to show blobsquatches.

    One thing I might suggest: from time to time, there are stories from decades or even centuries ago that are posted in a “this day in history” manner but sometimes it isn’t clearly obvious that the article is something from the early 1900s or so.

    Consistently noting the date in the link or teaser copy would be helpful to those of us who think it’s a breaking news story but is actually a reprint of an encounter that had happened years and years before.

  21. Uriah responds:

    35 – Graduate Student in Psychology. Married, no children.

    I’ve always enjoyed Cryptozoology – ever since I was I was a littel kid and was captivated by that first National Geographic article on Nessie. That and In Search Of, of course.

    Anyway, I am fairly open to any possibilities as long as the assertions are reasonable, or backed up with empirical data.

    There’s only one Cryptid that I think is completely nonsense, and that is Rods. In fact, I think that was probably the best MQ show because their experiment showed beyond a reasonable doubt that Rods were just insects. Score 1 for the scientific method.

    I particularly enjoy Upright Hairy Hominid stories, and anything to do with water cryptids. Keep doing what you do Loren!

  22. skipmo responds:

    Age: 40
    Occupation:Pastor of Creative Arts at a large Church in South Texas.
    Love to stop by and see if there is anything new about Bigfoot.
    I am very interested in the topic of how Bigfoot fits in the Christian view of things.
    Keep up the great site!

  23. MayLady responds:

    I’m Emily, I’m 19, and I’m a junior at Virginia Tech (I am also the president of the Society for Cryptozoology at VT). Some of my more favored stories are ones about Thunderbirds, Yowies, and possible prehistoric left-overs/not-so-extinct creatures. Stellar’s Sea Cow and the Thylacine are always fun.
    I also really enjoy the “figure this out” types of posts.

  24. ghosttheory responds:


    My name is Javier, 30 years old and live in DownTown Los Angeles.

    I run

    and have been in the paranormal/cryptozoology since childhood. I focus my articles on poltergeist and ghosts, but I have had a long passion with the Pacific North-west creature known as BigFoot.

    I susbscribe to the Gigantopithecus theory and am hopeful that it will be proven.

    Keep up the great work.

    Cheers everyone!

  25. MattBille responds:

    Age 49
    Consultant/science writer
    Colorado Springs, CO

    I enjoy everything on the site, but what sets Cryptomundo apart is breadth. Discoveries of living and fossil species are happening every day, some every bit as fascinating and scientifically important as the “name” cryptids. My thanks to all the site’s founders and maintainers. I see nothing here in need of change.

  26. red_pill_junkie responds:

    My name is Miguel, I’m twenty-fifteen years-old —hey, I’m entitled to use a 20-based system like my ancesters the mayas!— I live in Mexico city. I’m an Interior Designer to pay the bills, but I’m also an admin for The Daily Grail (

    I like to visit this site on a daily basis, because I want to learn… well, everything 😉 And to learn about cryptos, Cryptomundo is Teh Place, y’all!

    I’m pretty satisfied with the kind of content Loren includes; my only suggestion might be an occasional guest contribution from some researcher doing work in the field, you know? I think that could be neat idea.

  27. RyanWinters86 responds:


    I am 18 and I am from Southern California… I hope to be a writer in Television some day…

    My favorite posts are definitely News having to do with Bigfoot (new sightings, video, ect..) But I also enjoy the new discoveries of more mundane creatures.

  28. devise69 responds:

    Hey Loren,

    John here, 39 years old,from Burlington, NJ work at a cable company doing internet support. I’ve been a fan of all things strange for a long time, I am most interested to see more info on things that are unexplained, always a sucker for bigfoot, UFOS,ghosts, Sea Serpents, and leftover Dinos in Africa, but I look at a lot of everything on the site. I think you do a great job of compiling what is and what’s not relevant, keep it up! (c:

  29. Munnin responds:

    I go by the name “Munnin” here, because it’s more interesting than the one on my birth certificate. 😉 I’m 50, a married father of grown children, and I am the sales manager at a small company that manufactures musical electronics (for electric guitar) in California.

    I’ve been very interested in the natural world as long as I can remember, and I am especially intrigued by rare and unusual animals. Marine cryptids and Bigfoot/Sasquatch are two of my favorite cryptozoological subjects, although I enjoy reading most all of the posts to this blog. I look forward to more of the same. I’m not at all put off by the occasional posts whose subjects include a slight paranormal shade; although I know not everyone here feels the same.

    I offer a heartfelt thanks to Mr. Loren Coleman for his dilligent work, and I urge everyone here to join me in offering whatever financial support you can manage to the International Cryptozoology Museum.

  30. spotshouse responds:

    I’m a 54 year old librarian.
    I especially love stories about re-discovered extinct species.

  31. wdsasquatch responds:

    Hi guys.

    This sight is the best! I try to visit every day.
    I love all cryptids!! But mainly Sasquatch and possible living Dinosaurs (Mokele-mbembe).
    Great job blogging Loren. And good job with the comments guys.

  32. rodbotic responds:

    27 Vancouver BC,
    cyclotron technologist. I run a few Particle accelerators.

    the site is great I don’t think you need to adjust your format any.

  33. gridbug responds:

    Male, 39
    Los Angeles, California

    Been interested in cryptozoology and the paranormal since childhood, thanks to ye olde “In Search Of…” as well as “Legend of Boggy Creek” and “Mysterious Monsters” etc. Have long felt that the universe (both inner and outer) is WAY too vast for us to be all there is. Looking forward to and dreading the eventual revelation that the Squatch really truly exists. Would love to see more unified efforts between the various other established crypto camps. Would also love seeing the Georgia BF Hunters getting pummeled right heavily in an extended Jack Link Messin’ With Sasquatch commercial.

    Am grateful for this site and for all it represents. Keep up the good work, gang! :)

  34. dudeoftomorrow responds:

    I’m Steve, 28, from Maryland. I have been reading the site for upwards of a year and have never posted before.

    As for the stories, the stranger ones tend to grab me. I especially follow stories pertaining to the lake creatures (Champ and Nessie and their brethren) but that’s by no means my only interest here. I have to say I just enjoy checking the page out every day.

  35. thehoch responds:


    My name is Andy and I love trailcam pics that are just grainy enough that it’s impossible to figure out what the heck the creature aimlessly cruising through it’s environment could possibly be. Is it Baby Bigfoot or a Bear with Mange? Sounds like a new reality show…Hey, wait a minute?

    I also love personal accounts from people from all walks of life who “claim” to have seen something…”out there in those hills…”

    Pics and stories rock! Keep em coming Loren!

  36. alandp responds:

    Alan, and I live in the San Antonio, Texas area, 44 years old, education and interests somewhat eclectic. I think the stories that grab my attention the most are of normal animals that are found in places where they are not supposed to be; I have found many of the recent out-of-place cougar sightings especially interesting.

    I also enjoy reading about recently-discovered species and news regarding the possible survival of species believed extinct.

  37. Byron responds:

    25, University of Colorado, Grad Student in psychology. Have always likes anything to do with mystery and the unknown. Particuraly like new animal discoveries posted on this page as well as cryptid sighting reports.

  38. mystery_man responds:

    I’m Brent, and I’m 35 years old. You might know me as a regular here, and you may be familiar with my guest blogs on the site (mostly concerning Japanese cryptids.) I have been living in Japan now for quite some time, but I am originally from the United States.

    I teach biology, and I take part in research from time to time as well. The research I’ve been involved with is primarily concerning the effect of non indigenous or invasive species on native wildlife and ecologies. I also do some translating to help pay the bills.

    I try to take a fairly critical and scientific approach to cryptids as anyone who reads my posts knows. I view science as our most important tool for unlocking the mysteries of these unknown animals. I’m not much into “ooohs” and “aaahs” or “believing” in things. The questions I am most interested in with cryptids are practical things such as what in the world could this creature realistically be? How does it survive? Why does it look the way it does and what functions do its adaptations serve? What is its evolution, ecological role, and general place in the natural world? What is the evidence and how can it be analyzed? I love this sight because it typically seeks to answer these things and the approach taken here is always level headed. Also, the comments tend to be of a high caliber, the majority from intelligent people who are interested in getting to the truth.

  39. Bast responds:

    41, from Virginia. Am disabled, and my favourite type of postings are lake monsters/sea serpents.

    (My favourite book by Loren is Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents, and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep. I just wish it was available for the Kindle.)

  40. tropicalwolf responds:

    Late 30s – Contractor/Freelance/Self-Employed – Graduate Degree – Midwest Resident – Passionate for all things ecological and things favoring habitat protection

    Favorite Cryptids = Sasquatch (all hairy hominids) & Mothman

    I have been interested in cryptozoology since reading my grandmothers old “National Enquirer” papers/magazines (after everyone else had gone to sleep) back in the late 70s-80s. It was the occasional mention of such “creatures” that kept me fascinated and awake all night.

    I want more OLD unexplained pictures like the first one on this page (which just happens to be one of my favorites of all time).

  41. fatherfrankjr responds:

    Andre from Denver, CO. I am a freelance videographer and I have traveled the world working for bands particularly in the Metal and Punk Rock genres. I visit at least once a day and check back regularly for updates throughout the day. I enjoy all the posts but my main interest is Sasquatch. I know when there are credible stories to be told about Sasquatch, is the place to visit. I have read your book on Sasquatch and I enjoyed it through and through. I was infuriated when a certain two buffoons burned it.
    Like I said earlier, my main interest is Sasquatch but I love all the posts.
    I wish Cryptomundo all the best in the future and I look forward to reading more posts! We live in a wonderful world of the Unknown!

  42. Richard888 responds:

    Male, 40, Toronto.

    Financial advisor. Former IT professional. Interest in cryptozoology may have to do with fact that I grew up in Greece where a forests are like city parks in North America. Since I created an account about a year ago, I don’t recall having missed one day of Cryptomundo. I believe this is the world’s top cryptozoological site. There is a good balance between cryptid stories that border on the paranormal and skepticism. What I’d like to see more of in 2009 is followups to pending stories such as the status of the Shunka Warak’in DNA test. Oh, and I can’t stand Bigfoot hoaxes!!!


  43. BugMO responds:

    Andy- 22 St. Louis, Missouri. I’ve been a big fan of Loren’s work for a few years now. Since I first read Loren’s Mysterious America years ago I became fascinated with almost all things cryptozoogical and fortean in nature. I’m a big fan of Bigfoot, Lizard men, Mothman, Yeti, Shunk ape, the Russian wild man, etc. So, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the weird fortean events if it would be possible. The posts I love the most on Cryptomundo are the old news articles, there the best I’m slowly collecting my on crypto/fortean events and it’s great when one is posted that I either don’t have yet or one I’ve never heard before. Maybe Loren could possibly post some of the fortean events he researched in the past, like in his book The Unidentified & Creatures of the Outer Edge. But, in the end I’ll just be glad that Cryptomundo stays around for a very very long time. Good luck Loren and all the others involved in making Cryptomundo so great!

  44. michbeliever responds:

    I’m Jeremy from the U.P. of Michigan. I came here interested in sasquatch, but am now interested in all things cryptid, especially mothman. I love this site and will always be a reader and will definitely try to comment more. Thanks a ton.

  45. Rob responds:

    Hi, My name is Rob, I’m 26 years old. I live near Sacramento CA and I’m a Zookeeper at the Sacramento Zoo. My favorite postings are those that involve hominids, Bigfoot type creatures, and animals known to science but thought to be extinct. And I always enjoy a healthy debate with Ben Radford when he decides to comment on cryptomundo.

  46. graybear responds:

    Hi, everyone. My name is James, I’m 58, married for 38 years (to the same woman), two daughters, one son in law and two grand daughters. M.S. in environmental sciences/ engineering, my wife is a Master’s degree registered nurse working for the Federal government.
    Most firmly interested in BF, skunk apes, etc., Loch Ness and similar, giant snakes, giant bats, thunderbirds, modern pterosaurs, human ancestors, sea creatures, out of place known or unknown creatures.
    I really love to hear from other posters, whether we agree or not. In fact the non- agreements are most likely to open new ways and means of thought or perspective.
    Guilty pleasures; chupacabra and batboy.

  47. wayne_cramp responds:

    Wow, Loren asking who I am. That’s seriously cool. I think that the best thing that has happened, because of the internet, is that now I can actually interact with authors of books I have devoured, multiple times. Years ago the only way I could have any sort of conversation with Loren Coleman would have been to write to you and wait for a response (hoping it would be more personal than a form letter). OK, enough of my praising the technology.

    My first name is Brad, I’m the 40 year old father of a 10 year old boy who has become the same way I was at his age: fascinated by all things cryptid. I started my love of all things cryptid when my grandmother gave me an enormous tome, the name of which now escapes me, that was sort of encyclopedia of all things Fortean: the moving coffins of Barbados, Spring Heel Jack, the Devil’s Footprints (still one of my favorite Fortean mysteries) and an enormous selection of other mysteries. The book also had an impressive write up on Bigfoot, and it mentioned the Patterson-Gimlin footage. After this I tore through our school’s library, reading everything I could find on Bigfoot and other mysteries.

    OK, sorry about the detour there. As I said, I am 40, married (this is my second, and last, I might add). My aforementioned son lives with his mother in North Carolina but will be coming to live with me full time starting in January of ’09. I have been a writer (copywriting, technical writing, failed novelist) for the majority of my adult years, but currently my wife and I own and operate an interactive media consulting firm. The title I selected for myself was “Supreme Air Marshall”, but my wife insists that I go by “Principal”.

    The posts I enjoy the most are any that have to do with new finds, and I also enjoy your biographies of various people within the field. I have to admit I have a special affinity for posts dealing with my favorite cryptid, the Thunderbird. The Thunderbird posts hit especially close to home as I had an encounter with what I believe to be a Thunderbird some 24 years ago.

    I also am very interested in UFO’s, and I have a UFO blog at .

  48. samspotter responds:

    I’m a student in California.
    I always enjoy postings about lake monsters, especially Nessie. Giant birds are also very interesting.

  49. jadewhiskey responds:

    JadeWhiskey – aka – Crystal P. I am 36 and I live in New Hampshire. I am a business owner – working with computer training.

    I love this site – I normally don’t post much (if any) – but, I come here daily to see what is going on in the world. This is one of my favorite sites. Please just continue posting as you are – I look forward to my daily dose of Cryptomundo…

    Thanks, Loren…


  50. Unknown Primate responds:

    Mark, age 52, originally from Muncie, In. Moved to Lafayette, Indiana 2 years ago. I am a retired professional wrestler, now on disability. I’m also an artist (more of a cartoonist) who loves drawing monsters.

    My interest in movie monsters (Wolf Man, Kong, etc.) took a turn in 1968 when I first read of the Patterson-Gimlin film. Though not a very scientific approach, I like the idea of “monsters” being real, so when the talk turns a little paranormal here, I don’t mind. The more monster-like the cryptid is, the better, although I read everything on this great blog.

  51. berno6 responds:

    Hi Loren, I just registered mi wordpress account.

    My name is Bernardo. I’m from Guayaquil. Ecuador (southamerica for the ones that dont knoow), I love cryptomundo, its the only cryptozoology web that its updated almost daily.

    I mostly like articles about lesser known cryptids (bigfoot and nessie became boring after sometime), crytid cats are my favorites, but not the out of place cats of england, I mean unknown species of felids.

    (sorry for my bad english)


  52. wanderingwildebeest responds:

    Age 52
    Self-employed Bookkeeper

    I have been reading this blog almost daily for over 3 years, but very rarely post. I really enjoy the variety of people who do post their comments and the information offered on this site.
    My main interest is Bigfoot and wish there were sighting in my area (none reported so far). Guess I’ll have to move to a more active area – I’m tired of the snow in my little section of Colorado anyhow.

  53. korollocke responds:

    Stephan, 35 retired war vet. bring it on loren, more mystrey photos, film clips, updates, hoaxs and the real stuff. Bring it man!

  54. springheeledjack responds:

    Age: 41
    Iowa City, Iowa

    I’ve been on Crypto for a while and enjoy the conversations we have here on just about every topic. If you know me, you know I love the USO’s bestest…though BF is always interesting to get in on. I think Loren, Craig, John and Rick–you all do a great job keeping the rest of us up on the latest crypto-news and keep us involved in the subject. I’ve got a four year old I’m ‘learning’ in the crypto ways so I can’t indulge in much first hand research for the short term, but this site at least keeps my foot in the door!

    I like all of the various crypto-critters encountered on this site, and as some of you others mentioned above, it would be cool to be able to network and start working together with others–maybe it’s in research for a particular active group, or maybe it’s to organize some groups and expeditions of our own.

    Either way, it was great to find this site and find lots of other people who enjoy the same kinds of things I enjoy.


  55. Alligator responds:

    AGE: 55
    LOCATION: Missouri, USA (Yes, home of MoMo in 1972)
    OCCUPATION: Natural Resource Manager
    HOBBIES: Herpetology, fishing, camping, the whole “outdoor experience” anthropology and history.
    STATUS: Married to an outdoors woman, 4 kids and a grandchild to boot.

    When I was 10 years old, I just knew that the rapid advances in technology and science would soon reveal the existence and nature of Nessie, Yeti. Orang Pendak, the Tatzelwurm, the Nandi Bear, etc. I probably checked out Bernard Heuvelmans’ books from the local library to the point that no one else could ever read them. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for that hard evidence! Although I am skeptical of the BIG (physically large) land cryptids, I am still interested in them as a cultural and historical phenomenon which is why I came to this site.

    I’ve had a couple of cryptid encounters, which help me understand why people might see or experience something that they think is unknown. I hold out only a very slim possibility of the existence of large cryptids in a few of the truly remote wildernesses left on earth. But the clock is ticking for any such discovery as the truly wild places are shrinking rapidly every day. I think the possibility of large cryptids in the oceans are greater as we know so little about them. Squids may not be the only giants in the unseen depths.

    I really enjoy the articles here about the discovery of the small cryptids such as frogs, lizards, birds and the rediscovery of “lost” animals. Those are heartening stories and teach us we should look out for the littler critters – not just the big “sexy” ones. The news of these little discoveries are posted faster here than anywhere else on the WWW and I appreciate that.

    A topic that is interesting to me is the reappearance of mountain lions, wolves etc. in places where they have been absent for decades or more. The appearance and impact of invasive and introduced species is another interesting and important topic. Introduced exotics may account for some of the cryptid cats and giant snakes that pop up in unlikely places from time to time.

    It is enjoyable to banter about the possibilities or impossibilities of certain cryptid reports. The recent stories of the “cryptid cat” photographed on the golf course and announcement of the final analysis demonstrates a fair and balanced reporting. Same with the Maine mystery beast….I mean dog and the Texas chupacabras…I mean dog. Loren Coleman was first to point out the absurdities the news media were printing regarding these mutants…I mean mutts.

    And finally its just plain fun to pick apart grainy “blobsquatch” photos and the painfully obvious hoaxes. Think Georgia. A good day to all.

  56. nick_beyondthetree responds:

    Hi Loren and everyone else. I haven’t posted for a while because I forgot my password! Silly me.

    Anyway. I’m Nick, I’m 27, I’m a student and I’m from London UK.

    Being interested in all kinds of Forteana and natural history, I’m finding it hard to think of specific types of posts that I like more than others.

    I suppose it would have to be (in no particular order):

    A) Newly discovered or re-discovered species.

    B) News of sightings of cryptids of any kind.

    C) “Retrospectives” looking back at sightings or events which many may have forgotten or been unaware of.

    D) Humour and pop-culture references to cryptozoology

    E) Your personal analysis and/or opinion of fresh sightings or evidence. This is especially effective when you bring in the views of colleagues and friends.

    To be honest, Loren, it’s a very rare day when I don’t find something interesting and diverting on here.

    Keep up the good work!

  57. dinosaurus responds:

    I’m Erik from Seattle, 24 years old, I work for the world’s leading commercial real estate company, used to be a writer for the Chicago Tribune and am an avid amateur primatologist.

    Been coming to this site for YEARS, not a day goes by that I don’t check it.

    Things I want to see more of: Any new ape discoveries (bigfoot, yeti, etc.), first and foremost. I really enjoy learning about new species discoveries. I love sea monster mythology, because I think we know less about creatures in the ocean than we do about ANYTHING in nature. Thunderbirds are fascinating in theory as well. Really, I enjoy things that have a base built around fact in one way or another. Just random sightings of random creatures don’t really do it for me, but thinking about the biology and ecology of an area and determining realistically what kinds of creatures we simply haven’t found yet is far more mind-blowing than talking about manbearpig or whatever.

    Thing I don’t want to see: Those Apple ads that play the soundbite when you show up at the page “Congratulations …” I’ve literally closed the browser because I’d rather not get my cryptozoology news than listen to that. Ever.

  58. A. L. Hinton responds:

    Andy, 40, military, from Illinois (NW corner)… currently in southern Cali. I’m like many of the 40-ish guys here… got turned-on to crypto stuff after dad took me to see “Mysterious Monsters”, “Legend of Boggy Creek”. I remember as a boy drawing pictures of the 3-legged monster of Murphysburough, IL, after hearing reports… certainly these reports came from Loren! Also, the bigfoot of the Peoria area, MoMo, and, of course, the squath & yeti. I’m planning a solo trip up to the San Bernadino Mts in SoCal this winter, once it snows. I hope this site & the BFRO can patch all differences, & here’s the big one… I hope a brave university soon offers a BS/ BA in Cryptozoology. Idaho State? SIU? Here’s something smaller… Who has a local sports team named after a cryptid? I’ll start with the NJ Devils! Keep on looking! Believe! Andy

  59. kittenz responds:

    Hi Loren and everyone!

    I’m Sheila C. from Kentucky. I live in Pike County, the easternmost county in the state, in the beautiful south-central Appalachian Mountains.

    I’m old enough to know better than to tell my age 😉 . I’m old enough to remember the election of President John F. Kennedy and to have watched in awe and wonder a breathtaking full moon, knowing that humans were walking there for the very first time on that lovely July night in 1969, fulfilling a promise that Kennedy had made. Oh what the heck, I’m 51. I love German Shepherd Dogs, Siamese Cats, Arabian horses, and boas and pythons.

    I am blessed to have grown up within the Appalachian culture, a centuries-old way of life that revolves around close-knit, extended families all working for their common good. My family has five generations living here together in my home and that is a wonderful life. From my 94 year old grandmother to my 9 month old granddaughter, the love spans the generations and holds us all together.

    My great-grandfather was an herb doctor, who treated patients in these hills before there were ever physicians here. Our whole family always been drawn to medicine, especially holistic medicine: we’ve had medicine men and women and healers, nurses and doctors and veterinarians, teachers, artists, musicians,and writers.

    I’ve done a bit of “all of the above” – taught art to grade school kids for a few years, worked as an all-breed professional pet groomer for several years, then worked in veterinary medicine for much of the past twenty years. I’ve always been an artist too, and I love to depict animals and wildlife – current, prehistoric, and cryptid – in various media but especially pencil, prismacolors, pastels, and oils. Until I found my true calling I lived a kind of checkered career and dabbled in a lot of different jobs – they’ll make good copy for a book jacket if I ever get around to actually publishing anything I’ve written :-) . I don’t consider myself an “expert” of anything, but I’m a dedicated naturalist and an enthusiastic student of the natural world. My special enthusiasms and fields of study are cats – all cats; other carnivores, and prehistoric mammals.

    I’ve lived through a wonderful section of human history – I’ve lived through and seen so many “firsts”. Now I’m sitting here at this keyboard listening in reverence to Barack Obama accepting the Presidency of the United States of America. What a WONDERFUL time this is in our country’s evolution. I see the JOY all over the country and I love it – it reminds me of the best times of the 60s and early 70s.

    What I love about Cryptomundo is its breadth, its depth, and the intelligence and courtesy of the bloggers and the members.

    What I love about Cryptomundo is the breadth and depth of the material that we discuss, and the comeraderie that I feel among the members here. The posts are always interesting and well-written, and the comments and discussion are interesting, informative, and well thought out. Cryptomundo is by far my favorite blog site. I especially enjoy rediscovered “extinct” animals, newly discovered species, especially of cats or other carnivores, and fossils. Bigfoot postings are not at the top of my list but I do enjoy them. “Weird” creatures that turn out to be mangy critters, and anomalies such as off-color animals are also interesting.

    I just really like Cryptomundo – it’s all good. The poor little Maine Mutt-ant led me here, and I hopped on and stayed, and I’ve never been disappointed.

    Thanks guys!

  60. timi_hendrix responds:

    NAME: Tim (21)
    LOCATION: London, Ontario CANADA
    OCCUPATION: Student/Filmmaker

    Loren I love the site. I check it at least 6 times a day. Just love it!

    I’m interested in Crypto conferences, new films, TV shows or cryptozoology books.

    I like posts about new evidence of cryptids, and anything happening in Canada that I can take part in.

    I’m interested in Sasquatch, Dover Demon, Jersey Devil, Mapinguari, Lizard man, Yeti, Chupacabra, and many more.

    Keep up your outstanding contributions Loren.



  61. mikfoss responds:

    I’m a 37 year old IT guy, tier 2 tech for a large group of web hosting companies. I usually am the guy they send your problem to if they have no idea.

    I’ve been visiting this site for about a year now and have decided it was time to register. My favorite would have to be Big Foot and I remember “In Search Of . . ” and lots of other TV shows that showcased these types of cases back in my younger days, but I love the new ones are also always of great interest to me. I’m just glad to see new and interesting things the few times a day I stop by. Keep up the great work!

  62. Shihan responds:

    Ed – 42, Naples, FL – Love the site and I check it at least once a day!

  63. boxerpit responds:

    from NY
    name is Richard i work in the security/law enfocement field
    i have love cryptozoology since i was a kid interested in dinosaurs
    my first criptid was the Loch Ness monster
    i first though Nessie was a Plesiosaur but thinking about it now
    i think its an ancient whale called a zyglodon that has evolved or a big eel
    i bellive in Bigfoot too i have a few native american friends that have legends about the hairy man of the woods also one friend recounts a tale that has to do with his family
    about his grandmother sister being taken by bigfoot in Canada.
    his tribe has bigfoot as a deity

  64. one4show responds:

    Age – 23
    Location – San Marcos, California
    Student (Graduating in December)

    Loren you have a great blog. I have been coming to it for about 2 years. I came across it while looking at and a user had posted a comment referring to a story you had posted.

    I love the content you post. I am specifically drawn to the bigfoot and thunder bird articles. The articles about new species and other uncommon species are also great. I would however like to see more deep sea posts. I don’t know what sources you use and don’t know how common deep sea articles are but I find them really interesting. To think we know more about our moon than the bottom of the ocean blows my mind.

    I find it even more amusing when you post pictures and movies as well. Perhaps you could try adding your own video player to the site where you can upload videos that you could come across. Whether you use Word Press, Drupal or other site building software nowadays they all offer great modules for video.

    Thank you for all your devoted work in the subject and I look forward to future postings.

  65. kithra responds:

    Kithra, 59, retired, live in the UK.

    I like to read anything about cryptids, especially Mothman, and our very own UK Owlman from just a couple of miles from me here in Cornwall.

    Keep up the great work Loren, I love the site.

  66. MPc responds:

    my Name is Marcus.
    I’m a student, 22 years old and from germany.
    My favourite topic are the seaserpents, but I also like postings about expedetions and their results (Their should be always results available of featured expeditions)
    Sasquatch is also really interesting, and posts about sightings are very welcome.
    A foto gallery would be nice (including the copyrights, so I could asks the original owner for using them)

    Have a nice day,
    and by way : good choice 😉

  67. Scrabbydoo responds:

    My name is Will, 37 years old, and I live in Dexter Missouri. I’ve been a Medic in the U.S. Army, LPN, and Salesman. I’m now retired due to a rock climbing fall that caused head injuries and my left leg to be amputated below the knee. Since then I’ve been a paralympic hockey player for the St. Louis Blues, tried out for the U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey Team, and sponsored for the Extremity Games in Rockclimbing.

    Like many here I became interested with Cryptozoology at a young age. I read every Crypto book in my schools’ libraries, the city library, and any other source I could find! I’m most interested in water cryptids, but I also enjoy the other cryptids, mystery photos, historic accounts, new discovery and rediscovery of animals.

    Keep up the great work Loren!


  68. Sharmz responds:

    Hi, I’m Sharm from Penang, Malaysia, 32 and single. Working in the automotive industry. Fascinated by dinosaurs as a child, though not a single fossil had been unearthed here :(

    Like to read about BF, lake monsters and living dinosaurs.

  69. emeraldnymph responds:

    Hi-I am 38 year old female from Houston, TX. I am in insurance. I love cryptomundo and check for new posts by Loren daily. My favorite stories are often the ones containing anything on Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but my interest are vast.

  70. Markus responds:

    I’m Markus and I’m 30 years. I live near Pforzheim (Germany) and work as employee in a police headquarter.

    I’m the operator of German cryptozoology-website Kryptozoologie-Online.

    Personally, I would like to read more about unfamiliar cryptids like bioluminiscent spiders and more about cryptid cats (I love cats!). Nevertheless, I enjoy it every day to read all categories and news of cryptids at Cryptomundo!

  71. NHCrypto responds:

    Hi, my name is Stacy, I’m 38, and I live in NH. I’m a child and adolescent therapist. I’ve loved cryptozoology since a child when I purchased the book “Mysteries, Monsters, and Untold Secrets”. I’ve been one of the quiet observers of this site until now. Really enjoy everything about the site but get most excited about new sightings of cryptids and discoveries (or rediscoveries) of new animals/species.

  72. man_on_fire responds:

    My name is Steve. I am a 46 year old male living in the US. I am a full-time creative director for a software developer and a part-time youth pastor. I’ve had a lifelong interest in cryptids and have found this site to be the most intelligent and non-sensationalized web resource on the subject.

    I am primarily interested in unknown hominids such as yeti and sasquatch, as well as water cryptids (lake monsters/sea serpents), although I get into anything that stretches the boundaries of what most folks want to believe exists in our amazingly complex world.

    Thanks for all the effort Loren! You are appreciated!

  73. 3littlepigs responds:

    My name is Anne Marie and I’m from Marblehead, MA. I am a homemaker with 3 children and I just love this web site. I have coming to this site for 2 years and this is the first time I have left a comment.

    My favorite stories are the bigfoot, loch ness monster, chupacabra-type encounters, but I also enjoy the discoveries of new species.

    Loren, keep up the good work and I will absolutely respond more to some of my favorite posts.

  74. raisinsofwrath responds:

    Just turned 46 yesterday

    Living in Chicagoland for the past 5 years but wish I were anywhere else. Oh well, got to make a living I guess.

    I am currently working in the field of nanotechnology as a lab manager.

    I like seeing blogs about Bigfoot sightings/encounters and don’t mind a Mothman story here and there. I love the rare occasions of new (alleged) bigfoot pictures. I guess I’m kind of a one monster kind of guy although I do occasionally like reading about newly discovered species. I don’t really believe or have time for other cryptids and think chupacabra is silly at best. Although I wouldn’t doubt that there are Nessie’s out there, they just don’t peak my interest.

    My belief in bigfoot fluctuates but never goes below the 60% probability line.

  75. eireman responds:

    Originally from Oklahoma, I have now been in Puerto Rico for about 2 years where I’ve been studying first hand the Chupacabras phenomena and other lesser-known mysteries. I am a writer and freelance graphic designer. I enjoy Cryptomundo – even when I want to pull out my hair. It always gets you to thinking and most all the posters have a healthy respect for one another even when they disagree.

    Those cryptids that intrigue me the most are the more scientifically plausible ones: creatures out of place/time, undiscovered but oft-rumored, and of course Biggy. Although from a folklore perspective I can also enjoy tales of the Mothman or the Flatwoods Monster and that sort of thing.

  76. cliffhanger042002 responds:

    Howdy everyone!

    I’m Cliff, 33 years old this month.

    Professional Civil Engineer, Energy Industry (cross-country transmission gas/oil pipeline projects)
    Degree in Engineering, minor in physics and mathematics.

    I live in Birmingham, Alabama but work all over the Southeast, I visit southern Louisiana quite a bit, and love it there! I spend alot of time in the wilderness there out on pipeline right-of-way, so I have great hopes of spotting a sasquatch one day on one of my trips.

    Cryptomundo is my favorite site to visit, by far. I try to visit the site every day to keep informed on the latest Bigfoot sightings and anything else that might be going on that is interesting. But my favorite topics are Bigfoot, mothman, mystery cats, chupacabra, and Loch Ness, however I read very single post and love to comment and read the comments of others and then debate if necessary to get closer to the truth.

    I deal with numbers, physics and cold hard facts mostly during the day, so it is nice to come to this site and let my creative/imaginative loose and interact with other adults who haven’t lost their imagination and realize that we don’t know everything and haven’t discovered everything, and this world isn’t as boring as some may think.

    I would also like to see Loren come to Birmingham to do a crypto presentation!

  77. Artist responds:

    The Artist formerly known as Fuzzy
    Artist – Designer – Writer – Catalyst
    Around 35 mentally, 50 physically
    Northern California Motherlode foothills
    Fascinated by Life’s mysteries
    Middle name is Loren – really!

    Cryptomundian since day one; also visit a score of other ParaSites daily. Bigfootin’ in several states, UFOin’ in more, Paranormal Discussion Group Host – always searching for data, evidence, patterns and answers.

    The Internet is the best Research tool ever; we scan for mystic news, reports, photos, new views, paranormal aspects, personal accounts, interrelationships, controversies, fellow searchers – everything!

    Let’s all get out there, where “they” are!

    Thanx, Loren and all, for the Blog, and Commenters, for new ideas!

  78. fmurphy1970 responds:

    Age:38 From Scotland.

    Background in military avionics and electronics engineering/physics. Now a Presbyterian minister/pastor(yeh, i know, you’re wondering ‘what’s the connection’?) Interests in science in general, astronomy, biology, evolution/creation debate. My oldest son has autism, so I have had to become a student of all things autism too to help my son, and support autism research. (noticed post from sausage1, keep up the good work!)

    First became interested in cryptozoology as a boy(although i didn’t know that word then), when my parents took me on several occasions to Loch Ness and Loch Morar, which was near my grandmother’s house. My dad bought me a copy of Arthur C. Clark’s book based on the TV serie Mysterious World, and I remember seeing the photo of Patty for the first time in that book. I’ve been a crypto addict ever since. Main areas of interest are cryptids reported in and around the British Isles(lake monsters, sea serpents, alien/native(yes native!) big cats and woodwose(hominids). Outwith British cryptids, I try and keep track of news on the bigfoot/alma/chinese wildman front, and lake cryptids from around the world. I love the breadth of stories in Cryptomundo and enjoy being able to comment and make a contribution to this great blog. It’s now part of my daily routine to check to see what’s been posted on this site.

  79. Ferret responds:

    My name is Matt, though I go by Ferret in internet circles, and I’m 17 and live in Texas. My favorite postings here on Cryptomundo are the ones that deal with the lesser known cryptids or “breaking news” type posts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve learned something here that I later recognized on the news or in the newspaper a few days later related to various scientific discoveries or new cryptid sightings. I also like learning about the Cryptozoological Biodiversity of our planet and am always intrigued by a story of a creature lurking in some corner of the globe that has escaped my cryptozoological reading and television viewing.

  80. supersaiyanlobo responds:

    Names Lobo…I am in Connecticut.
    I am a stay at home father who works nights and weekends.
    I absolutely love Cryptomundo..and I make it a point to post links to articles on most of the forums that I belong to.

    Mr Coleman Please keep up the great job…Cryptomundo is one of my daily stops for info.
    Thank you so very much for all that you do.

  81. markbrockman responds:

    40 yr old Govt Droog from Alabama

    Like: New species, mothmen/giant birds, dead beach animals.

  82. corrick responds:

    My name is Chris. I’m 58 and live in Raleigh, N.C. I’m an investor.

    First became hooked on cryptozoology whwn my seventh grade science teacher suggested I read a new book just translated into English, “On the Track of Unknown Animals.” Got it as my Xmas present that year. Lost interest for about fifteen years until I came upon Matt Bille’s first book. Thank you Matt.

    I most enjoy reading about recently-discovered species or news regarding the possible survival of species believed extinct. I’m pretty much a skeptic as to the existence of the “stars” of cryptozoology.

  83. Weezy responds:

    My name is Vince, I’m 24 and I’m from Anaheim, CA. I refinish cabinets and front doors all over Southern California.

    My favorite postings to read are pretty much all of those posted here. I like to read about re-discovered species, newly discovered species and of course undiscovered ones. Bigfoot is at the top and others interest me as well. I’m mainly fascinated by giant animals, unknown or known, like Bigfoot, the Giant Squid, Dinosaur bone findings, and things that like that creepy looking fish in the picture at the top of this posting. I’m also very interested in extinct animals, the thought of the unknown is fascinating to me, that there are animals that died out we know so little about like the Dodo and the Thylacine.

    I love the site though, and if it only goes forward as it is now I’ll be happy. It’s kept updated daily and I stop in daily for that reason, I think you’re doing a great job posting stories of interest, keep up the great work.

  84. LotaLota responds:

    Age: 35
    Location: Western Canada
    Occupation: Environmental Tech
    Interests: New species and aquatic related cryptids

  85. SavageDreamLord responds:

    27 years old in central California. I write software and repair computers for the state.
    My favorite topics are lake monsters, sea monsters, and living dinosaurs. I also enjoy historical stories and articles on obscure cryptids.

  86. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    The Name is Kevin and I live in south central Indiana. I am an industrial engineering technician, prior to that I spent 10 years as part of a search and rescue helicopter crew. I am 42 years of age and probably look it. I am married to my lovely wife and have 4 daughters and a Step son. I just look forward to whatever shows up here on cryptomundo. I find all of it fascinating, interesting and sometimes humorous. Keep it coming, love it all.

  87. Radical Dreamer responds:

    Hello, my name is Dylan Jacobson. I am 20 years old and I go to college at Dakota State University in South Dakota.

    First of all, I have been reading this website for more than a year now, and this is my first comment. I usually read the articles and try to learn from them and absorb what I can without getting involved.

    My favorite artciles are usually new species and discoveries along with cryptid sightings and revisitings. I love being able to follow large stories too, or get to know some of the more odd sounding cryptids as well.

  88. Galea responds:

    21 College student originally from Elwood, IN.

    I plan on becoming a Conservation Officer who will fully investigate any cryptid sightings and not ignore big cat calls or the like.

    I love hearing about the discovery of new species and eye-witness accounts of BF or others.

  89. Caisonia responds:

    Like several people who have already posted, I am a long time reader but this is my first time posting.

    My name is Taneile and I am 32. I currently live in the Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania (hoping to have a change in venue soon) and I am in the administrative field.

    My favorite types of postings are of discoveries and rediscoveries. I also enjoy stories about out of place animals. I have had an interest in the, as of yet, unexplained and all things on the fringe of the “norm” since I was little, so postings on every kind of cryptid are always appreciated.

    I look forward to visiting the site every day and am grateful for the insight the regulars provide.

    Thank you to everyone involved with this wonderful site.

  90. planettom responds:

    Name: Tom
    Age: 34
    Location: Houston,TX
    Occupation: Research Assistant, Quality and Outcomes in Pediatric Nursing and Healthcare, Evidence-Based Practice; Nursing Student attending the UTSON.
    Interests: Thunderbirds, Ivory-billed woodpecker and of course Bigfoot.

    All the best to everyone! I remember looking at a kids book in the 4th grade about Bigfoot, and I have been fascinated ever since. I stumbled across Cryptomundo two years ago and it is now part of my daily routine.

  91. Shelley responds:

    I’m a 60-yr-old retired university professor [rare book librarian and English] formerly working at Loren’s alma mater, and still living in the area, southern Illinois. Partially disabled so I don’t get out much.

    Despite my professional background in literature, I have always been interested in science, just couldn’t hack enough math to make it my profession. I can’t remember when I was not interested in cryptids and the unexplained, and have been a longtime subscriber to Fortean Times and got to this site from theirs.

    I’m interested in it ALL, with the possible exception of things that are too airy-fairy, like UFOS as ghosts and Bigfoot as a spirit manifestation. Some part of me shys away from that sort of explanation. Love the real new species, obviously love anything about Alien Big Cats, Bigfoot, the water creatures, etc.

    It’s great to see so many people in this general area [St. Louis and to the south] and would love to have e-mail addresses and persuade Loren to come to this area and do some speechifyin’. Unfortunately I have no pull whatsoever with his former alma mater, and anyway he’d be better off speaking in St. Louis where he would attract a bigger crowd.

    I’m also old enough to remember John F. Kennedy’s election night, and see much that was so wonderful then perhaps beginning again in our country, despite the horrific problems that have arisen in the past 8 years.

  92. acoinva responds:

    My name is Gary, I’m a Animal Control Officer in the western part of Va. Have always been interested in cryptids and all animals thanks to my father. Right now I’m very interested in big cats. I’ve had a lot of reports hear in my jurisdiction and surrounding area. Have also witness two large cats myself. (the latest was July 21st of this year).

    I look forward to visiting this site almost every day. Thank for all your hard work.

  93. twoly responds:

    I am Tony, 39, married, Work in IT min Minneapolis, Mn

    I have been a fan of yours for several years and own several of your books. I appreciate the hard work you put into this as I usually use it as a central point of all the crypto news of the day. I also appreciate how you post controversial topics and stories and try to be objective about them. You are a great example of objectivity in an area where people don’t even consider it science.

    The things I like are historical stories but I would like to see them brought into modern day reference more. Something like This American Indian Tribe had this story about Bigfoot and this team is researching Bigfoot in that area. The tie in between past and present I think would give a better reference sometimes since as Americans we tend to live in the here and now.

    Things I would like to see it more references to other shows and news stories. I know you have referenced MonsterQuest several times but it has not been consistent. I would like to see more postings on upcoming shows and a review of what people thought after they were over. I like watching Destination Truth but I never see anything here about it. A complaint I have about the show is that they only spend a 1/2 hour on each crypto critter and they only spend a day at each site researching them. Feedback from a site like this would help to let them know how to improve what they are doing and what we want to see just like you are doing in this survey.

  94. tennisbetsy responds:

    Greetings! My name is Betsy, I’m a 42 year old accountant from Sarasota, FL. I became interested in cryptozoology when I was a young – I grew up just south of Boston and remember hearing about strange things going on in/near the Hockomock Swamp area during the ’70’s. Cryptomundo is the first site I check out every day – I love it all – including notice on the upcoming bigfoot flicks on the Sci-Fi network. I keep my eye out for the skunk ape in all my travels down here… We (husband, stepson & self) camp often during the winter. I’ve met people who’ve seen it, so maybe I’ll get lucky one day too. Take care & thanks!

  95. Gailoh responds:

    I’m a bioscientist, and mother who lives in Scotland. I have always had a fascination with life in all its forms, and an open and enquiring mind. I’m interested in all aspects of Cryptozoology, and like the balance there is on this site. It’s one of the places I check in on every day, without fail, as there’s always something intruiging or tantalising.
    More power to all involved.

  96. Barbarian responds:

    Name: Rain, 31, from Tartu (Estonia), electrical engineer and married.
    Visiting the site daily for more than a year now but been too lazy to register. I’m into all kind of sea monsters with low quality photos or movies – it keeps the nice mystery. I like that You keep the stories short and interesting.

  97. mitchigan responds:

    Hi Loren, my name is Mitch. I am 47 yrs old and live in Evergreen Park Illinois. BF is my favorite as well as cloning of extinct species. I work for a Pharmaceutical company here in Il.

  98. cryptidsrus responds:

    37 years old.
    Unemployed (unfortunately).
    Used to work technical support at undisclosed call center.

    I’m a believer in Ufo’s, cryptids, and the paranormal.
    Came to Cryptomundo after reading Loren’s books. Keep on rocking, guy!!! :)

  99. John Cartwright responds:

    My name is above, I am 44 and live in Norfolk, VA. I had a Bigfoot sighting in 1982.
    Talking about it in this so-called “community” has been one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. If interested you can read it on the BFRO site #3335.

  100. monsterhunter316 responds:

    I have read crypyomundo almost everyday at lunch from the start. Age 38, live in the Southern tier of NY, and work as a Dog Control Officer, and always on the look out for the unusual.
    Sasquatch has been an interest of mine since grade school.

    Any cryptid news is good news. Cryptomundo has done an excellent job of reporting it. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  101. nicolet BF responds:

    Registered last year but first time to post.

    My name is Christian. I am an exhibit designer, specializing in trade shows and museum displays.

    40 years old, married with three small children. We live about 30 minutes from Bray road in Southern Wisconsin. (Which my kids will not let me drive on anymore after seeing the MonsterQuest episode)

    I am mostly interested in Bigfoot, especially anything to do with Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula. Having grown up within a family of hunters and hikers, I have been exposed to a lot of the terrain up there. Easy to imagine a Bigfoot living and thriving in that area.

    I try to check the site once a day if I can. It is definitely my favorite site.

  102. drummer responds:

    My name is Jeff. I live in Louisville, Ky. I am a Customer Service Rep. in the automobile manufacturing industry. I am also an avid drummer.
    I really enjoy the articles on Bigfoot.
    I read Cryptomundo daily and feel as I know some of the repeat responders.
    Have a wonderful day all!

  103. ksr responds:

    I’m 39, married, with three young daughters. I am presently a stay-at-home mom. I am a farmhand and metal fabricator when I work.
    I love all things Bigfoot. And new discoveries as well.

  104. dmpelley responds:

    Hey everyone,

    Its been a while but I wanted to pop in. Like the ICM I’ve been dealing with my own financial crisis over the past 6 months; but I always check back (usually daily) to see what’s new with Loren and the mysterious world.
    My name is Dave, and I’m an old “punk rocker” from back in the day (at the ghastly age of 41!). I have a 5 year old son, I am a freelance filmmaker/screenwriter; and I research cryptids with the kiddo during my free time.
    I love the “classic” cryptids, but I also enjoy the latest news on discoveries relating to plants and animals. The most exciting aspect of Cryptomundo to me is that even in today’s technologically sophisticated world unknown species are still being found. Please keep it up!

  105. Kushtaka responds:

    All parts of Alaska are home to this 32 year old female. I’ve had several possible encounters with what people have called “Bigfoot.” I’m weary to admit that, because of the responsibilities of my job. I’m a Transportation Supervisor, Commercial Driver, and Tour Guide. Because of my experiences and location, I am always interested in Bigfoot and Thunderbird reports. However, my favorite cryptids are the Thylacines and werewolves. “Please, sir, can I have some more?”

  106. lumbarjack03 responds:

    Jack- 42, brooklyn new york I am a plant technician working in midtown manhattan. I’m interested in of course any big foot news, yeti etc. actually anything out of the ordinary would be fine.

  107. fossilhunter responds:

    Hello All!
    My real name is Rob, I am 46 and live in Belleville, Illinois (an eastern suburb of St. Louis, Missouri). I am currently a “Geological Relocation Engineer” (dump-truck driver!) but am looking for something more professional. (I have 2 Masters degrees)
    I like sighting and evidence reports, whether it is a new animal, a cryptid, or an animal thought to be extinct. I especially like pictures of video with labels as to what they are.
    I got interested through a short movie about Bigfoot I saw in the early 70s. It was shown before a feature film that went from town-to-town for a night or two at each place. Probably an “Outdoor Family” movie or something. Anywho, the short film showed the P-G film, and interviewed other witnesses. It also had a reconstructed vocalization, heard by a couple who thought it was a moose splashing in their pond until it cut loose! I’ve never seen this film since, but would like to! Tah!`

  108. TornadoBob responds:

    Bob B,
    Age 49
    Archaeologist/Environmental Laision.

    Since I was a kid, I had a strong interest in cryptozoology, the paranormal and the like. Today, I’m fascinated by the cultural transmission of myth, and observing how our perceptions of cryptids, UFOs, etc. change over time. By using the word myth, I do not mean to imply that these things are imaginary or unreal, but that they often fall into this loose category. Thanks for an enjoyable and informative web site.

  109. Valen responds:

    First off, thanks for the nod to Babylon 5!

    IT professional
    High Point, North Carolina

    I have been interested in cryptids since I was a kid. I distinctly remember going to see the movie “The Mysterious Monsters” and watched every episode of “In Search Of…” that came on. That led to reading more and more books and on to a lifetime interests.
    I enjoy the diverse range of subjects covered here and appreciate being updated on the usual suspects, as well as articles on animals such as the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. I subscribe to the RSS feed and keep up with the postings on a daily basis.

  110. gkingdano responds:

    WOW! Over a hundred so far.

    48/woodville,tx(southeast texas)/lawncare business

    I have always been interested in the unknown or strange things that science can’t explain. Probably started with the “In Search Of” series.
    Really interested in:Cryptid cats,BF,new or rediscovered animals, and other animals that can’t be explained away as swamp gas or mass hallucinations. There is more to heaven and earth than can be explain by science dogma. Also would like to see some guest blogs or articles by true researchers(not monster quest-like or money making schemes). I WOULD REALLY LIKE MORE OF THESE 100 PEOPLE TO ADDIN MORE OFTEN. Half the time I go back articles just to see what others are saying.

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK & don’t let the Bigfoot buggers bite!

  111. Grasshopper responds:

    I”m Susan from Houston, TX
    Age 51
    Office Manager

    I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years now and look forward to reading it every evening. I found it accidentally when searching for info on Bigfoot. I became fascinated with Bigfoot when I saw “Monster At Boggy Creek” many years ago. Have actually heard BF “speak” just yards away from me one dark night in the piney woods outside Nacogdoches, near the Angelina river and will never forget the awe and mystery of it!
    I love the trail cam photos, and would love to hear more about expeditions searching for BF, tracking methods used, vocalization recordings, etc. I am also interested in Loch Ness, Champ, Thunderbirds, and newly discovered or re-discovered species.
    Keep up the great work, Loren. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us.

  112. Subvertia responds:

    Howdy Everyone!

    My name is Lorianne, I’m a 35 y/o living in OKC with my husband and two sons.
    I’ve been interested in Cryptozoology since I was a child.
    I grew up in Ponca City, OK, and we had a story about a lady named Deer Woman. It was a Native American tale, that was actually crossing both the Ponca and Otoe Missoura tribes’ folklore. Then, the Time-Life series about the ‘unknown’ came out, maybe mid 70’s? That truly fascinated me and I still have the “Unknown Creatures” book from that series. I’ve been hooked ever since!

    When I was 22, I went camping in Southeastern OK and was confronted by a panther. I know people say they aren’t in the area, I know also that those people are wrong. I remember the experience clear as day.

    Anyway, I found out about your site through boing boing about a year ago and became an RSS subscriber immediately.

    I most enjoy posts about new species, no-longer-endangered species, and really freaky looking cryptids.

  113. EvoSchandor responds:

    Location: North Central Indiana
    Occupation: Architectural Consultant

    Enjoy the nice mix of topics you regularly cover.
    Keep up the great work!

  114. Rogutaan responds:

    Name’s William (or any form thereof except Willy for obvious reasons >.>). I just turned 21. I’m currently employed at a petstore, and going to school fulltime working on becoming a Marine Biologist. I live in Florida (unfortunately), but I’m originally from California.

    I’m relatively new to Cryptomundo, started coming here just before the BF Hoax a few months back. I’ve always been interested in cryptozoology and the paranormal. I actually mod the Cryptozoology subsection of a small (re: nearly nonexistant) forum. I often post links to Cryptomundo.

    I enjoy the articles about sightings, new discoveries, and pretty much everything about the site really.

    Keep up the good work Loren, and here’s to another 4 years. Cheers!

  115. Rogutaan responds:

    Er, I forgot to point out that before I started coming here, I was interested in cryptozoology, but never believed any of it. Thats changed. Ever since I’ve come here I really started believing in some things like BigFoot and such. So thanks for showing me the light.

  116. dianaward responds:

    I’m a 61 year old great-grandmother now living in the Missouri Ozarks. I share a home with as well as work from home on the Internet with my husband, son and son’s wife, and help to home school two young grandsons.

    I’ve been reading this blog off and on for several years, and I heard about it on Coast to Coast like many others.

    When I find the time to read the site, I usually read everything posted since I was last here, because I have always been interested in animals of all types, and especially rare or newly discovered species, and I’ve also always been interested in reality beyond the five senses. So I enjoy info on possible new animal species, love the threads on “What is it?” stories, and keep hoping that I’ll read it first here as to what Bigfoot, Nessie, Chupacabra and the rest really are.

  117. PeterOtoole responds:

    Mike, 26 years old from Lawrence, Kansas.

    Writer, Musician.

    Bigfoot News, coverage of groups and expeditions, sighting reports, general investigation. Trunko. Mothman. Really mysterious stuff. I am interested in the experience of mystery.

  118. EastTexan responds:

    Hi Loren-
    Name is Chris. I’m 58, a semi-retired teacher (BMEd & MA degrees) with a wonderful wife and 23 year old son. I live in East Texas, not too far from Jefferson where the TBRC holds their annual bash. I’ve been interested in Sasquatch and yetis since reading about the Abominable Snowman when I was a kid. Growing up in this area, I also heard stories of hairy creatures in the bottom lands.
    The P/G film fascinates me more now than when I first saw it in the 60’s. I also had a brush with the Minnesota Iceman (in some form) in the 60’s at the State Fair in Dallas.
    “Just what IS out there?” is what fascinates me the most. I enjoy your books.
    BTW – you probably don’t remember, but about 4 years ago at the TBRC conference I outbid you in an auction for a “Save Nessie” cap. I enjoyed talking with you at the conference. Thanks for all your hard work.

  119. squatchwatcher responds:

    NAME-David but you can call me…..David. OCCUPATION-Youth Counselor

  120. squatchwatcher responds:

    My name is David, I live in central South Dakota with my 4 children and beautiful wife, I just turned 34 (Oct. 13th) My occupation is youth counselor. I enjoy movies, music, drawing, writing,reading and FOOTBALL!!(HUGE REDSKINS FAN!) I’m a nut for anything bigfoot related. I love the blurry photos and the new sightings reports. Occasionally I get outdoors for some field work but not to often (my wife is in school at the moment) My girls think I’m nuts but my son is right there with his ol’ pop when it comes to bigfoot or werewolves.

  121. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:

    I’m Justin From California, in the united states


    i’m 21.

    I’m here to find info on cryptids found.
    so far i love your site so much, that i have to check everyday to see new pics.

    i have searched your site lots of times, i had to put it on my bar under the search on my browser don’t know what is called but i click it and it takes me here. :)
    I have put my belifs of Cryptozoology with my Faith in Christianity.

  122. juliebird responds:

    I visit this site daily.
    I am an electronics
    technician, 42, in Iowa.
    Cryptostuff has been a
    hobby since I was a kid.
    Keep it up!

  123. kolobe responds:

    Hi all

    Name: Dave
    Age: 46
    Occupation: consultant in the plastics industry (world wide), game and cattle farmer in rural Limpopo, South Africa and professional hunter.
    Hobbies: Conservation, shooting, birding, and teaching my kids about nature and the great outdoors. My son at 3 can identify most South African mammals and reptiles, and is quite good at identifying the different dinosaur species and has had the priviledge to see (and handle) african pythons of 4.5meters in the wild. Reptile photography (in the wild), I have had some of my pictures printed in guides and scientific studies.

    My name Kolobe is the Sotho name for bushpig or warthog in South Africa.

    All the post so far are very good. I would really like to see it get bigger by placing more blogs etc from other countires reporting on cryptids, new species, fossils and anything that is interesting in the animal kingdom, not mainly from the USA. More info from members on animals, strange animals and strange sightings are required.

    I am quite impressed by the solutions and recognitions given by the members. If Cryptomundo stayed as is it would still be great.

  124. wisaaka responds:

    Hey, Im Shane, male 36 in massachusetts. Im a cartomancer (tarot card reader, psychic if you wanna get general).

    First, thanks for this site, its informative and thorough, and I appreciate the seriousness both Mr. Coleman and the people who comment on the given topics.

    Though I enjoy reading almost all the topics on this blog, Im particularly interested in Almas (or any reports of living neanderthals), mothman, Ropen, Kongamato, Mokele-mbembe and all the various bigfoot/Yeti animals. Also, Ive just heard of the possiblity of giant spiders, though it seems the stories are few and far between. These are a group of my Cryptozoological intrests but honestly most of what of I read on this site are excellent reads, so I suggest you dont change alot if you change anything at all.

  125. greybear responds:

    Ailsa, living in the Wirral, England. I’m 52 and currently out of work/retired following an accident.
    I’ve been interested in forteana all my life, having had some weird experiences as a child. I have an interest in dogman and bipedal man/beasts generally. I am interested in the origins of these phenomena and the links between them and other paranormal sightings at a particular site &/or time and the significance put on them.
    Thanks for what has become daily reading for me, it is well balanced and your good humour shines through!

  126. fooks responds:

    hello loren,
    i’m 54, i cook and live in hong kong by way of collinsville il, among other places in the usa.

    i have always been interested in these things.
    i like cryptomundo because of all the info you post. among pics and stories and your objective and non sensationalized analyses.

    also the behind the scenes type stuff and people i would not be aware of. cryptomundo is one of my stops when i get on the net, always.

    also it’s pretty cool when i see you on tv. lol.


  127. skelley62 responds:

    My name is Sally, I am 42, I am a night auditor at a hotel in central Kansas.

    I love all your blogs, especially Sasquatch, when I was a very young child my Grandpa took me Big Muddy Monster hunting in southern Illinois, and I have been hooked ever since.

  128. Onix Martinez responds:

    Hi Loren. I am 40 years old and I live in Mexico City. I am a journalist and news editor, doing ocassional work for magazines and other media. I am very fond of the supernatural and cryptozoology and I try to get my children into it (thanks to tv series like “Martin Misterre” and “Moville Mysteries” I am being successfull so far). My favourite area of interest are the werewolf type of creatures, wich I think are a type of unknown animal of some sort, perhaps even related to lemurs. I would love to see proof of their existence. Saludos.

  129. Ann Unknown responds:

    age, location, student or occupation or retired

    My name is Ann (what a surprise). Because I am here, I am guessing that my mental age must be at least 9 😉 ; though, my physical age sometimes feels slightly closer to 99. I was a wildlife biology student (and sometimes enjoy fantasizing that I still am), but my formal education was suddenly interrupted when I inherited all the dependent adults in my family: autism, senility, and one severe case of chronic sibling moochism syndrome (Kidding! – Bro’ does help out with a lot of the physical labor around here.) … . For the most part I am a bird in a gilded cage, living here in the beautiful southern part of the Rocky Mts, but unable to enjoy it. For me, this site is my vicarious chance to explore this mysterious world as I would like to, if I could.

    And what are your favorite kinds of postings you would like to read going into the next year?

    By far, my favorite mystery:
    What really happened to the indigenous American horse?

    There is more than enough evidence to arouse suspicion that the history books are not completely accurate.

    I also enjoy any new info on the flora, or fauna that was (or possibly still is) at large somewhere on this amazing, little, blue planet : living Neanderthals, American lions, American cheetahs, giant ground sloths, dire wolves, bear dogs, moas, thylacines, … .

  130. wolfatrest responds:

    Hey all, I’m an Alabama native currently living in New Jersey (long story) and have been interested in the paranormal and cryptozoology from a young age after seeing what I can only assume was what is referred to as a “shadow person”. I like the stories and articles that have some type of proof. Don’t get me wrong, I know you need personal stories as a starting point most times. I’ve always dreamed of hitting it rich one day and getting a real, scientific expedition to gather evidence about Sasquatch that wasn’t hindered by a lack of funds and/or equipment. My biggest pet peeve is probably folks that say if Sasquatch existed we would have found a dead body by now. I’ve been hunting many times in Alabama where we have literally millions of deer, and I can count on the fingers of one hand how many deer carcasses I’ve seen in the woods.

  131. Insanity responds:

    My age is 33 years and live in Michigan. I’ve owned a financial services business for about 4 years.

    I have an interest in all things cryptid, supernatural or unusual. In regards to posting, post anything, I always read what I have an interest in and don’t read what I have no interest in. I never know what I may want to read, so posting everything is good.

    I have very rarely commented here, mainly because when I first joined, it was just to read the articles. Perhaps I will comment more often.

    Loren, I have always considered you a very respected individual in the field of cryptozoology. Among others that do research, in my mind, you have always remained very critical.

    It is my hope to personally be involved with cryptozoology in the near future.

  132. bamsbocce responds:

    I’m a 40yo IT Professional in the SF Bay Area. I also write blogs and reviews for TV and Movies for

    I found while researching a book I’m writing on Thunderbirds. That was a couple of years ago and I’ve been coming back ever since. Of course I like the Giant Bird entries, but I also like Bigfoot, Mothman and new species sightings.

    I hope I can finish my book soon and send you a copy Loren!

  133. sschaper responds:

    Mid 40s, M.Div, Director of Christian Education, SE Minnesota

    Actual sightings, actual scientific research for non-supernatural uncatalogued animals and plants.

    An online armchair “explorers club” as in “Around the World in 80 Days.” I find discoveries of any previously uncatalogued animal almost as interesting as sightings of the ‘classic cryptids.’ There is so much yet to discover about this amazing world. I think we can stick to this, which we agree on, and leave other off-topic controversies to other sites.

  134. Ole Bub responds:

    Good morning Cryptos…

    I’m Steve S., Sheba and Rocky, (rescued Rottweilers) from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma aka Sasquahoma, I’m a 60 year old alumni of Oklahoma State University, semi-retired oil and gas producer and equity market investor. I’m active in animal and large breed rescue nationwide.

    I’ve had numerous sightings, encounters and interaction with indigeneous North American Aboriginal Peoples, over fifty years beginning as a youth at our family Summer cabin in the Cookson Hills, of eastern Sasquahoma.

    I currently facilitate, enable and network, with habituators, passive respectful no-kill investigators and scientific research groups studying the “big folks”. I am an active contributor/coordinator to several weekly Bigfoot oriented Blog Talk Radio shows. Please join us for cutting edge commentary and discussion.

    Kudos to Craig for founding Cryptomundo…and Loren for his daily blogging efforts…

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  135. apocalypsis316 responds:

    John P.
    Noble, Ok
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Custodian
    I like the posts of the new animals discovered and pretty much everything you’ve done so far. I like to see some new books from ya. Love the website.

  136. Artist responds:

    WOW! 134 responses, so far – what an information-rich trove of new demographic data for you to “dig thru”, Loren!

    One would hope there will be a follow-up analysis posted, perhaps with lists of locations, vocations and notations from respondents, the better to attract even more intellectual participants to this sophisticated electronic biological adventure! What treasures it might reveal!

    A very entertaining and informative post, folks – thank you all.

    What a great WebSite!

  137. Labyrinth_13 responds:

    I am Curt R., life-long fan of all things relating to Cryptozoology, High Strangeness, and the Unexplained. I have been a correspondent with Strange Magazine since the early days and am the self-published author of two books about strange subject matter.

    I would change almost nothing about Cryptomundo since I think that you are and have always done a great job.

    Thanks for all of your hard work,


  138. scottc responds:

    Hi Loren, my name is Scott C. and I have recently entered by fifth decade of life (well, relatively recently). Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved drawing and have been struggling to get paid for it ever since. Combine that with the fact that I learned to read and write from the Funny Pages (learned good, too!), and it’s clear why I wound up with a life-long love for comics. I’ve worked as both an artist and writer, and sometimes even an artist/writer, for publications such as Heavy Metal, Mad Magazine, Mad Kids, Nickelodeon Magazine, Archie Comics, and a slew of DC Titles, including Vertigo, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo and Cartoon Network Block Party. I even had a semi-regular comic called “In the Dark” that was published in Strange Magazine back in the ’90s.

    I am also on the verge of launching a new web comic called LIL’ BIGFOOT that is the culmination of many years of drawing and writing about hairy hominids. I can’t say for sure what caused my obsession with ape-like critters, though. Perhaps it was my multiple viewings of “The Legend of Boggy Creek” while working the concession stand at the Tower Theater in Springfield, Mo. Or, perhaps, it was the reported sightings of a Bigfoot tramping through my home state during my formative years as a teen (the creature was dubbed by the newspapers at the time as “Momo” — but you already know that, Loren, having written about it in “Mysterious America”). It could also be the influence of my Anthropologist wife, who actually gets grants from fancy-pants organizations like National Geographic to study primates in rain forests (last year it was lemurs in Madagascar). Of course, my own sloping forehead and prominent brow has been known to remind some folks of a certain mysterious creature with a similar profile; a creature that leaves behind some mighty big footprints to try to fill.

    I have posted a bit on your wonderful site, over the years, and make it one of a half-dozen webpages I check whenever I’m online. I am usually interested in everything you highlight, but would like to see a bit more about the high weirdness that goes along with certain cryptic sightings. More reportage and musings on strange Fortean-type stuff would also be welcomed. Whatever you do, though, the main thing is…don’t stop! And thanks!

  139. HKSS responds:

    Great job! You got me to register and post. I’ve been a lurker for a long time and I have one of your books.

    I’m 40, female and live in Rock Island. I have an interest in werewolves, but the other cryptids are very neat to read. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  140. busterggi responds:

    Bob J., 54, environmental health (usually lead related). Interested in cryptozoology since I read the then-new ‘The Maybe Monsters’ by Gardner Soule decades ago.

    I’d like to see more on the less well known cryptids, which you do a pretty fair job on. I could go for years without speculation on bigfoot unless a photo of Autumn Williams is included.

    Don’t let my scarcity of postings put you off – I read a lot more than I write.

    And I still want to know what that damned fish is!

  141. mjk responds:

    I’m a 32 year old School Psychologist living in Northern Utah. I read almost all postings. Keep them coming.

  142. ssaswen responds:


    My name is Scott. I am a Forester/Forestry contractor. For the last 20+ years I have been lucky enough to live and work in the northwoods of WI and MN, everyday. I am also a trapper, hunter, fisherman and wild food forager.
    Over the years I have witnessed several things I can not explain, including what I believe to be a Thunderbird. I have been fascinated with anything involving crypids for as long as I can remember.(I am nearly 40). I have read, watched and listened to everything I can find on Cryptozoology.
    Cryptomundo is my favorite website. I enjoy all the posts but really enjoy Loren’s shredding of stupid people who do very stupid things. I hope this continues, people who deceive should be exposed. Thanks for the great work!!


  143. Blue Steel responds:

    Clarksville, TN – recent transplant from Eugene, OR
    Operations Management consultant – inventory, purchasing, IT, process engineering, etc.
    On weekends I switch hats to work on my passion – composing/songwriting/music production.

    Posting favorites – Bigfoot, cryptids (in general), investigative stuff – I’d also like to see some interview-style postings (Autumn Williams, Matt M, Jeff Meldrum, etc.) Maybe you could ask some of the questions that weren’t covered in other interviews, etc.

    I also like big cat stuff.

    Blue Steel

  144. Goosey731 responds:

    I’m 32 and a stay-at-home mom to four children. We live in a rural section of southern Maine.

    This is my first post, but I am here frequently and read every posting. I am very interested in water cryptids, especially sea and lake “monsters.” I also like reading about Thunderbirds and other flying cryptids as well as modern “dinosaurs.”

  145. Jaded1 responds:

    Hi Loren, I’m Wayne, 34, from South Wales (about 5 miles or so from Swansea). I’m a Mathematics graduate who couldn’t find a job in my own field so I’m working as a Civil Servant at the moment.

    From a tender age I’ve been interested in creatures like the Yeti, Sasquatch and Nessie (being British). I stumbled upon your site by accident one dinner time about 2 years ago and since then I’ve been hooked. The cryptids I most like to read about are sea serpents, giant octopi (such as the Lusca, St. Augustine globster, etc.), the Mongolian death worm, Mokele Mbembe, Kongamato, Megalania, the Almas and the Thylacine.

    Since discovering your site I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about the lesser known cryptids and it’s taught me to appreciate how little we know about the creatures we may (or may not) share our planet with. It also prompted me to buy quite a few books on the subject and I’ve just finished reading “Shadows of existence” by Matt Bille which I thought was superb.

    My compliments on a cracking web site and keep up the good work.

  146. ejregula responds:

    21 m from fayette county pa, like the site check it regularly, appreciate the tactile skeptic first stances, image uploads( i read it when i wake up in a daze in the morning and if an article is super long i usually just skip it if not broken up by pictures or excerpts), also like new species updates, and this date in history posts

  147. MTMA responds:

    Matheus, 14, Brazil.

    This is the best Cryptozoology site I’ve ever got to.

    I have found Cryptozoology the real science I love, I’m studying to become a Marine Bilogist, os Crypto Zoologist.
    When I discovered there was a part of Science that studied unknown creatures, I’ve become a full time investigator, as I’ve always been attracted by all these things, and Paranormal and Extraterrestrial too.

    I have particular interest in Ashodred Carcasses, and El Chupacabra

  148. metaphortean responds:

    Carl, 30, an artist/instructor in Portland, OR

    Blobsquatch, by way of Sasquatch, is what first led me to Cryptomundo. I enjoy the variety, the cornucopia of cryptid phenomena and research.

    Particularly fascinating for me are the intersections with folklore, legends and vernacular culture. The histories of cryptozoologists and the occasional tangents into the Fortean are also appreciated.

  149. Ceroill responds:

    Hi, my real name is Bob, I’m 50, and I live in Tennessee (waves to Kittenz, just over in KY). I’ve long been fascinated by the possible and the unusual. I was in high school when the public first heard about dinosaurs having feathers. I instantly got the comedic image of Tyranosaurus Fluffia. Nessie was a longtime curiosity for me, and when I found out about BF, I got hooked on that possibility as well. I suppose I could say I’m a general Fortean in many ways, in an agnostic sort of way.
    I greatly enjoy reading Cryptomundo, for many reasons.

  150. bigfootboy_2000 responds:

    Eric A.

    38, Pennsylvania.

    Been interested in unusual mysteries since the age of 10. In particular Bigfoot. I’ve been actively doing field work when time permits for over 11 years. I am director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. I work for a telecommunications company where I am an escalations specialist. I enjoy reading cryptomundo every day Loren. You, Craig, Rick Noll and the other gentlemen do a fantastic job keeping us all updated. Please continue on with the excellent work you are doing. You help to fill a void that all of us crave to know more about. Kudos!

  151. Aaron responds:

    My name is Aaron L. I am a 33 yr old male. I live in Charlotte NC.

    My favorites here are bigfoot posts. Vids and pics. Lake monsters interest me greatly as well.

    I’ve been checking this site daily for a long time now it seems. I just started commenting recently for the most part.

  152. BUMP responds:

    My name is Marion K., i am 28… i am originally from the hills of West Virginia, but i am stationed at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana… My favorites are Bigfoot, Mothman, Chupacabra, and the “new species” posts….

    I’ve been an avid viewer of this site for about a year or so now, and tonight was my first post… i placed one about the children’s movie, “The Legend of Sasquatch”… i think it’s more important than some realize because it’s teaching the next generation to believe…

    I am a huge fan of cryptozoology and will be making a regular appearance on here now that i’ve finally broken the ice…

    I wanted to say thanks, Loren, for having this site and for doing so much… you are a part of what inspired me to have my own investigative group, BUMP…”Believers of the Unexplained, Monsters and Paranormal”… it’s nonprofit, so i’m not trying to advertise, hahahaha…

    Thank you and God Bless…

  153. cor2879 responds:

    Hello Loren and all others.

    My name is David C and I am a 29 year old Software Developer who lives in Hickory, NC.

    I’ve been visiting, and occasionally commenting on, Cryptomundo for several years. I’ve been fascinated with all manner of cryptids since I was a young child. I am most interested in Mokele Mbembe and other “dragon”-like cryptids, but of course everyone loves bigfoot.

    Thanks for such a great site Loren!

  154. mfs responds:

    Hi Loren & fellow Cryptomundoers,

    I’m Al N. from Pittsburgh, Pa. I’m 54, partially disabled veteran and full-time caregiver to my cherished mom.

    I enjoy music of all kinds, art (drawing & painting), reading anything that will keep my interest especially things of a cryptozoological, paranormal and ufological nature in that order.

    It all began for me my freshman year in the high school library when I came upon the late great Bernard Heuvelman’s book “On The Track of Unknown Animals” and I’ve been hooked ever since. Then came Loren’s fabulous books “Creatures From the Outer Edge”, “Mysterious America” and many others that continue to maintain my insatiable thirst for the mysterious and wonderful world of cryptozoology.

    I’ve visited many other similar sites in regards to cryptozoology and some are very good but none compare to Cryptomundo. For me it is THE SITE!

    It’s a great pleasure to meet all of you fellow cryptomundoers. And thank you Loren for all the years of tremendously exciting and outstanding work you’ve done through your writing, field investigations, seminars and this one-of-a-kind site.

  155. Scott C. responds:

    Almost 23, married, one kid, WI, youth pastor, currently finishing undergrad, may do work in cultural anthropology at UAF, plan to do mission work among circumpolar peoples.

    The possible survival of “classic” extinct beasts (sauropods in Africa, mastodons in Siberia, etc.) fascinate me most.

  156. Hatch responds:

    Hi Loren,

    Your site is always interesting, thank you.

    I’m a writer with one book published, not quite an author the way I see it. Spooky stories of fiction, when done well are my favorites to read or write. Bigfoot is one of my favorites, although I do have my doubts on whether or not he is fiction. It would thrill me to no end if you discovered him and told no one. Except me of course. :) It would be a shame if he is real to put such a magnificent beast in a zoo and I’m sure that is what would happen.

    If you have any publishing advice I’d sure like to hear it.

  157. Cashel responds:

    Hi, I’m Dylan, 17, a Kansan, and I’ve been interested in cryptozoology since I was 11.

    I’m a Christian and a Creationist, and I’m most interested in Bigfoot.

    I appreciate the opinions of the regular commenters here; I only hope I can add to this blog and to this field of study.

    I’m proud to say that I was one of the very first commenters of Cryptomundo (under another screen-name), and I hope it stays up for many years to come.

    Thank you!

  158. PhotoExpert responds:

    Well, I would like to keep my anonymity. If I left enough information here, some of you might be able to figure out who I am. So I will tell you something about myself with generalizations.

    I am in my late 40s. I live somewhere on the East Coast.

    I am a world reknowned photographer. I have used that talent and success to invest in other businesses. So I consider myself an entrepreneur. I own a very large photography company. I am also part owner of a multiplex type of restaurant. My establishment has a state of the art nightclub, fine dining restaurant, carry out shack, a pub, and a large deck that can hold bands and patrons. Recently, I opened up a Sports Marketing company with a long time friend, who is now my partner in business. It is now one of the largest sport marketing companies on the East Coast. Our agency represents many NFL Hall of Famers, NFL Alumni, and current NFL players. We also represent professional boxers, Major League Baseball players, Nascar people, Horse Racing people, and Olympians. I also own a large animal rescue and rehabilitation internet site with over 12,000 members. I love travel and have been out of our country numerous times. I always look for cryptids when on those vacation trips.

    I love the posts on BF, goat suckers, new species, and the Tasmanian Tiger. These are my favorite categories here at Cryptomundo. I read a lot of Crypto type books and visit a lot of Crypto sites.

  159. Dragonheart responds:

    I’m 18 years old, from Germany, and about to study palaeontology.
    All in all I’m very pleased with your entries. They are informative and well researched. In the future I would like to read a little bit more about cryptids like the Ropen or other not so well known creatures.
    You are doing a good job, keep up the great work!

  160. funky pixie responds:

    I’m Anna, a 36 year old Mum of 2. I work in stroke rehab therapy at our local hospital in Northampton, England.

    I am eternally fascinated with cryptids and mysteries of all kinds so this site is a daily delight – a sort of guilty pleasure. It is a haven – somewhere people don’t look at me oddly when I talk about BF or cryptid big cats.

    My favourite posts are contemporaneous accounts of cryptids. I am always interested in the new species discoveries, but the ones we don’t have scientific acceptance for are so tantalising to me.

    I have only posted 2 or 3 times previously. There are such knowledgeable people here that I often feel my contributions would be insignificant.

  161. rslateruk responds:

    Richard 33 from the West Midlands in the UK and small business owner.

    I’ve had a fascination with Cryptozoology since watching “Boggy Creek” as a young lad and my main intrests are Bigfoot and Mokele Mbembe/African Cryptids although i find all types of tales and information fascinating.

    I check out Cryptomundo nearly everyday for my fix as well as collecting books/video and DVD on the subject (which is highly expensive living in the UK!) Keep up the good work Loren you are a legend.

  162. suwalker responds:

    I’m Su, a 49 year old clairvoyant and medical intuitive from Ames, Iowa. My 14 year old son, David, and I tap into Cryptomundo every day to see the latest in cryptology from around the world. Part of the morning routine is sitting down at the Mac, fresh coffee in hand and saying, “What’s Loren up to today” before clicking on this site.

    We love the trail cam pics, the photos of new species, and the latest on old (antique photographs) and new discoveries. Please keep all the visuals (video and still photos) coming!

    Personally, I love the latest news on Saskwatch/Bigfoot/Yeti discoveries. The day is very near when we will have the DNA test on blood, bones, teeth or hair samples. Can’t wait!
    Also, being interested in Native American legend and lore, the Thunderbird info is always a welcome addition!

    Keep it up Loren. This site is a wonderful breath of fresh air and makes our day!

    Su W. and David F.

  163. Found_One responds:

    Well, I doubt anyone is going to read my post. Anyway, I am Brett, jobless, love the site, been visiting since I can remember having internet. I tend to enjoy all the blogs, articles and entries, so I just have to say KEEP THEM COMING!

  164. leins responds:

    Well, I’m 25, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Right now I’m a Hospitality Management student (back to college after 1 & 1/2 years in Point Clear AL as an intern)

    I love the site, the whole page! so don’t change a thing!! Everything is perfect!!

  165. hudgeliberal responds:

    Hugh, 42 West Virginia.

    My favorites are Bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, yowie, yeren etc. I can’t get enough of our hairy cousins of the forests. I enjoy other cryptids a little (better than nothing) but would love to have nothing but Sasquatch 24/7/365! I would love to read in-depth interviews with some of the legends of sasquatchery and their thoughts on everything from the P/G film to YouTube crap..LOL. Congrats on year 4 Loren and on a great career as a leading expert on cryptids. Peace.

  166. ladywolf responds:

    Hi, my name is Zelia. I am 12 years of age. My mom, Lori, and I love this site and visit it every day. We live in Wisconsin and love reading about one of our local cryptids, the manwolf. We’ve met the expert on manwolves, Linda Godfrey, a couple of times. She is extremely cool and has inspired me in my pursuit of cryptids and writing. Bigfoot is another one of our favorite cryptids. One of the first books on cryptozoology I read was “The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti, and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide”. It was wonderful and informative. Thank you for all the work you put into this site and your contributions to cryptozoology!

  167. debonair responds:

    I’m Drew, 23, from Cincinnati. I first found your site after my younger brother recommended it. I have always been fascinated by Bigfoot and other cryptids since I was a youngster – my mom really got tired of me only reading books on sasquatch and ghosts.

    As far as my favorite content, I really enjoy your posts regarding some of the lesser-known cryptids as well as your analysis of them. Recently, I really enjoyed reading about your visit to Florida, and your comparisons of Manatees to the merbeings of sailor lore.

    I also particularly love the old newspaper clippings about mysterious creatures. Keep up the great work!

  168. scotcats responds:

    Mark F. – Scotland 45 years, security!

    Mystery cats, bigfoot and the more unusual type of creatures or entities. Mothman, Bray Road, British apemen?’

    For me keep the postings coming as they are, covers a whole diverse range of subjects. I now check daily, interesting and informative and bloody well done!

  169. greywolf responds:

    I have spent a bit of my time hunting with firearms and a camera in the Pennsylvania woods. I am now 70 and about 12 years ago I was taking photographs in the Ravensburg State Park area on top of the mountain at a place known as Rosencrans bog. I experienced a situation that I have never had before. The woods went silent,and the hair on the back of my neck went up and I felt fear. I was armed But saw nothing,heard nothing..There had been in that area sightings in the area over the years. All I want is the answer. Something was there!! Funny thing I remember when driving up the dirt road a park range stopped me and asked me were I was headed when I told him he asked if I had a gun!! Then said have a good day and left.

  170. krvega responds:

    Ryan, 27, from Chattanooga, TN (GO TITANS!)

    I am a Graphic Designer for a photography lab just outside of Chattanooga.

    I just married the girl of my dreams in October.

    I love stories on Sasquatch/Bigfoot. I am a fervent believer in the species, and I hope to live long enough for the existance of these animals to be proven.

    Love the website. Cryptomundo and CNN are the only places I go for news.

    Great Job, Loren. Here’s to another 4 years!

  171. manetheren responds:

    I’m a 36 year old male, living in Manitoba (Canada), working in a university library. I’m interested in all things sasquatch. I’ve been coming to this site for a year or two but only registered today. I’ve been into sasquatch for 30 years now, after being scared senseless by the commercials for “Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot” in 1977 or 78. The one that stands out is the one with the guy in the plane flying over a forest who sees an giant upright hairy creature walking through a clearing. The camera closes on his amazed face and the announcer ominously intones, “What does this man see?”

  172. Tabbercat8 responds:

    Tabitha, 38 from Ontario, Canada, I work for an Independent Living Centre. Love the site, check here almost daily. Like most of the posts, especially with pics, but I don’t like spiders and snakes. Great site!! Keep up the great work. Oh and would love it if Loren came to Canada to speak!

  173. kokodhem responds:

    38 yo Office Manager in Medical Research
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Like many others, I started getting interested in the para-sciences and cryptozoology while still a pre-teen. In truth, I share a rare connection with a specific cryptid—the Wendigo—which I see related in many ways to other cryptids, not just the North American variety.
    I love the wide range of topics you all cover on this blog, and I’m a long-time fan of Loren. Keep it coming like you have, for as long as they let you. =j S’about it…

  174. memphish responds:

    My name is Brian, i am a 28 year old bartender from Memphis, TN. I have been coming to this site for a couple years and love every bit of it. My favorite by far is anything Sasquatch related. Been a huge fan of his ever since i watched a particular episode of Unsolved Mysteries as a child. I take a lot of heat for insisting openly that they are real and need to be classified as a protected species. I also really enjoy mystery animals, and rare creatures of the deep oceans. Thanks for everything, keep it up.

  175. Skitdog responds:


    Love the blog, it is the ONLY one I read with regularity. I manage a health club. I am 36 and live in Virginia. I am most interested in Bigfoot. It is a facinating mystery that I hope will be solved in my lifetime. Keep up the good work.


  176. Cryptonut responds:

    Tom, 41, from Southern California – Environmental Regulator. I like most everything that is on the blog. I like to hear about ones that show up unexpectedly out of their range. For me anyways that is what I find seductive about cryptozoology, the mystery of the unknown and the “eureka” moment when something new is found.

    I do thoroughly enjoy the variety of cryptids large and small, popular and unpopular. Of course the one that keeps me coming back is the big guy in the Northwest. While there are skeptics I think there is enough empirical evidence to suggest that it is real. I check in every day because I have a long list of “I told you so’s” to hand out when one is finally found! I was hooked early in life during a 70’s special on Bigfoot I believe hosted by Leonard Nimoy? In search of maybe?

    The one thing that is not often appreciated here is humor. There is a lot of stuff that I find humorous, whether it is intended or not. A week or so ago there was a thread on a bigfoot conference and someone was espousing what bigfoots sexual preferences are. I’d love to know as much as the next guy what the big guy likes but I think we need to find one first!

    Keep up the good work Loren.


  177. docgb74 responds:

    Greg from southern West Virginia. I’m 52 and a heavy equipment operator in the surface mining industry (coal). I read your site almost everyday. Personally I think its great just as it is. I’m interested in all things cryptid, but I love reading anything new about the big hairy guys. Guess I truly believe that Bigfoot is a real species and as someone else wrote I just hope I live long enough to see it proven. Hopefully without a dead body. Keep up the great work.

  178. coupeVdeville responds:

    Hey there.

    My names Kev. I am 36 yrs old from Melbourne Australia.

    I’m employed as a Tech at a Honda dealer.

    My Fave subject is Alien big cats. One of which I saw a few years ago here in Victoria.

  179. luigi_in_la responds:

    Christopher, 26, PhD student at the University of Southern California

    I am studying physical chemistry and chemical dynamics. I found this site after reading “The Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology”. I am originally from the Pacific Northwest and have always been interested in bigfoot and sea monsters, as well as biology in general. As a scientist, I am constantly skeptical, but unlike most of my kin I accept that there are things we do not understand. I always find the typical know-it-all scientist very strange because if we knew everything….. I wouldn’t have a job. In this scientific generation being able to accept the unknown means admitting that you might not know it all….. and I’m OK with that! Keep up the good work. I am visiting P-Town soon and hope to stop by the museum someday!

  180. skretch responds:

    Hi, I’m Frank and I work in the field of government contracts in Washington DC.

    I came across this site after watching the Monster Quest: Sasquatch Attack episode, which compelled me to research more about the scientific evidence for Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti. So, naturally, those are the types of articles I’m interested in the most on this site. I also enjoy articles about the possibility of living dinosaurs. I think this a great site and stop in daily.

  181. NHbigfoot responds:

    Hello Loren, I’m Alex and I’m fifteen years old and live in southern New Hampshire which makes me a new englander like you! I’ve been on cryptomundo since last year and really like sasquatch related posts. No suggestions just keep up the good work!

  182. MasResik responds:


    from the Pittsburgh area of PA

    I have been really enjoying visiting this site for quite a while now and make it a daily ritual and spread some of the stories to my friends.

    I would love to hear more on “living fossils” and dinosaurs and such but feel that you cover whats out there great already!

    I work as an Av tech for a company that services hotels in downtown Pittsburgh

    I’m a just a big fan *gush*

  183. cws responds:

    My name is Bill and I am 44, living in San Antonio Texas. I am in the process of retiring from the Air Force. I was born and raised just outside Cleveland Ohio where I saw my first footprint in a valley! I was 12 and did not know about Bigfoot until a year later after watching Mysterious Monsters.

    I love everything Bigfoot.

    Keep up the good work.

  184. oldphilosopher responds:

    Age 56 and I live in north central Texas (northwest of D/FW). I just have a curiosity about matters unusual and/or unexplained. Can’t claim to be a witness … though I did hear a whistle in the woods once that I can’t explain. I do very much appreciate Loren’s balanced and scientific approach.

    Davey Crocket’s motto was, “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.” I’ve always interpreted that to include “constantly re-evaluate your evidence and your conclusions, and don’t be afraid to change direction based on that re-evaluation.” Any other approach suggests a less than open mind.

  185. Allen H. responds:

    My Name is Allen H. I check Cryptomundo every day and have been interested in mysterious animals and monsters since I have been alive.

    I own a haunted house (the actors and fog machine kind, not the cold spot and EMF detector kind) as my primary income and also own a Mythical monster museum at a Renaissance Festival here in Dallas, TX. (

    I like almost all of the categories and topics posted here, my least favorite being new dinosaur species.

    I love the site and the work that you are doing.

  186. DWA responds:

    Live in Maryland (25 sightings on the BFRO database!). Fiftyish (I should really keep track). I’m a Fed – a perfect cover for an amateur naturalist/crypto.

    Found out about the sasquatch in 1968, the spring after the Patterson-Gimlin film. National Wildlife magazine, no less. Very balanced treatament. I never would have watched any sasfilm (got done with monster movies in childhood, pretty much, and “Boggy Creek” always struck me as a monster movie), so if not for that 1968 article, wouldn’t be here in all probability. Of the “marquee” cryptids, I only really care much about the sasquatch, the yeti and the orang pendek, because those are the ones for which the evidence seems strongest. (Tracks, when you personally have seen them, are pretty strong evidence. OK, maybe I’d be here without that article.) But my mind is open on any cryptid; I’m always willing to be shown that I just haven’t seen enough evidence yet.

    It’s all about animals with me; I don’t buy the paranormal, pretty much, but again I’m open to being shown. I just don’t think there’s any point in looking if science can’t prove it, so I like to keep topics outside of scientific purview outside of this forum. It’s cryptoZOOLOGY. Which is why I especially appreciate the news of the cryptids we keep finding, every day. They say now that there’s a whole vast ecosystem – and a mountain range we can’t even see, that defies conventional notions about mountain ranges – under the continental Antarctic ice. If we’re just finding that out now…

    All that said: Keep doing what you’re doing. Big tent.

    Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy….I forgot something I REALLY like about this site.

    Ben Radford.

    Where are you keeping HIM….??? 😀

  187. crypto42 responds:

    I live in San Antonio and am currently a Student. HA ha

  188. stranger responds:

    Sean – I’m 37, a student of art (architecture, eventually) and working at whatever I can get away with in North Texas. It looks like I have a lot of local company! Wow!

    I am interested in the more arcane cryptids like the Mongolian Death Worm and Tasmanian Tiger. I also love reading about the new discoveries in the animal kingdom. It might be interesting to hear about some of the lost mystery animals/”mythical” creatures from ancient sources.

    Love the site!

  189. jodzilla responds:

    Name’s Jody (I’m a dude.) 44 year old theatre faculty in Michigan.

    This site is great. I like videos and images. I especially like stuff about bigfoot but I like reading about other cryptids like thunderbirds and lake monsters as well.

  190. NatureBoy responds:

    Justin 36 QLD in Oz
    Looks like there are only two of us from Oz so far!

    Love reading about discoveries of new & old animals
    Where I live I am surrounded by wildlife and I want to keep it that way!

    Every few months I have the great fortune to record the animals the I see on my property, Roos, Wallabies, rabbits, hares, pheasants, jabirus, various water birds(ducks, wrens etc) cockatoos, galas, ibis, pelicans, finch, quail, Bass, perch, turtle, eel, frogs, snakes, koala (at least 1 every couple of months), possum, sugar gliders, dingo (every now & then) But also cane toads, carp, wilddogs & cats. All living in harmony within our cattle farm.

    It is great to be able share these sights with my children.

    My motto is LOOK, LISTEN, LEARN then TEACH.

    I also love looking up in to the night sky. Although I think now days there is to much light pollution.

    Love the site Loren, found it by googling for images of turtles for my records about a year ago.

  191. cryptozkid responds:

    Hello Loren
    I am at teen of 15 from Florida. I live in the panhandle, and in the town im in, it feels more like I live in a world full of red-necks (im no exception). I know alot about cryptozoology, ufology, and parapsychology, and I have considered starting a cryptid club at school. The cryptids I like to hear about are mothman and ones like El Lobizon (if I spelled that write) and sea serphents. I hope cryptomundo will live on for many years, and I wish you luck with your museum.

  192. HOOSIERHUNTER responds:

    I’m from Indiana. I’m an author and a photographer; in my early 50’s, an avid outdoorsman and hunter–mostly with a camera now–and I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my life. While I maintain a certain critical skepticism about some reports, I have learned never to totally disount a story; even a myth usually has some nugget of truth in it somewhere.
    I enjoy all of Cryptomundo. I enjoy the information and the various posts and exchange of information.

  193. AlbertaSasquatch responds:

    Hello Loren and my fellow cryptomundians, my name is Rob and I am 27, almost 28 years old. I live in central Alberta in Canada. My main interest is obviously the Sasquatch and anything Sasquatch related but I love all the aspects of crytozoology, and that’s why I love this site. I have been posting on here for the last two years, I used to post here quite a bit but there are so many smart people that it can be intimidating sometimes, or someone usually beats me to the punch. One of my best cryptozoology experiences was meeting Loren in Edmonton and actually being able to talk to him, it was great. Keep up the good work Mr. Coleman and everyone else too!!

  194. Three Elks responds:

    Tom-I live in the western U.S. I am in my 60’s and I spend much time travelling and listening to and learning the stories that have been passed down through my people’s history.

  195. Hawkeye responds:

    34 Amish Country Ohio
    Police Officer

    I enjoy reading this daily. I am most into Sasquatch, Mothman, Nessie, Beast of Bray Rd., those types but also like reading the old information and sightings of others. The newly discovered species are nice too they give me hope that one of my favorites will one day be discovered. I do occasionally go out into the field to check into sightings of the big guy.

    I’ve been interested in cryptids/paranormal things since I was about 6 when I had my own little unexplainable incident.

  196. thundermac45 responds:

    Well first I want to say thanks to you Loren for doing what you do and having this site. I have read and own several of your books and I try to check CM everyday. I was looking forward to hearing your talk in 2006 at the Pocatello Bigfoot rendezvous…sorry you couldn’t make it. My name is Sean. I am 37 years old and work for the State of Nevada. I have been into cryptozoology and other mysterious phenomenon since I was really little. I think my favorite cryptids are Bigfoot and any kind of Lake Monster, but I like them all. Being from Northeastern Nevada we do not have alot of cryptids in these parts. There are bigfoot sightings in the Sierra Nevadas on occasion, and we can’t forget tahoe Tessie. These are 300 miles west of me. I do enjoy reading about them though. Keep up the good work.

  197. aspenparkland responds:

    Kevin S. 42
    I live in Edmonton, Alberta and work for an environmental NGO and a garden centre.

    One of my earliest memories is learning about Kinosoo, the giant canoe eating fish of Cold Lake. I’ve been interested in legendary creatures ever since.

    I’m mostly interested in cryptids of western and northern Canada, as while as newly discovered species, esp. mammals.

  198. Gratton responds:

    Age: 35
    Location: Milwaukee, WI
    Occupation: music publication editor

    Sasquatch has always been my main interest, though I am always up for any of the more fantastical cryptids: Nessie, Dogman, Champ, EBEs, etc.

    I have been fascinated by the whole bigfoot/yeti realm since I was about 6, when I watched the incredible “In Search Of” bigfoot episode where they showed the P/G film. Hooked ever since then, can still remember the feeling of seeing it the first time as a kid.

    I enjoy the blogs regarding any of the “meat and potatoes” sasquatch stuff, particularly any photos or film (as long as they aren’t ridiculously faked), or evidence of any kind.

    Thanks for the awesome site, Loren!

  199. Joanie responds:

    Age: 47
    Location: San Diego county, California
    Work: ceramics

    I enjoy Cryptomundo for it’s entire scope of posts, but I particularly like lazarus species like Quaggas, dodos, Tasmanian Tigers, etc. Things that definitely existed in the past, and just may still exist in breeding populations. I also enjoy hearing about new species, though mammals are more interesting than most of the reptiles and bugs (gives a shiver). I am particularly drawn to discussions of cryptids that Ivan Sanderson discussed in his books… tatzelworms, glow in the dark lizards, ahools and such. An early fascination with Sanderson’s works has led to a life time of wondering. I tend to shy away from the pure bigfoot/nessie discussions… all of the life has been squeezed out of those, for me. :-) Ah, but a rousing discussion of blue tigers or man-eating trees… quite another matter. I most enjoy discussions that are the electronic equivalent of walking through an old, musty museum and coming to a stop in front of a glass case, whose dusty interior holds a beast so unusual, so startling, that even the typed, faded card fails to completely relieve the mystery.

  200. sunnydays122 responds:

    Dana, 40

    I read cryptomundo almost every day. I enjoy reading about bigfoot and other cryptids, also the stories about known animals in unusual places, like the story recently about the big cats in Italy.

  201. fortgeorge responds:

    Age: 31
    Location: Twin Falls, Idaho

    I like to see anything Crypto related, I also like the posts about new types of animals/species.

    It would be cool if you could tell us more about yourself(unless you have a personal site with this info, you could link to it?).

    Maybe talk about the process of becoming a cryptozoologist, I think some, including myself, would be interested in that.

    What crypto’s do YOU think have a REAL chance of being, well real?

    I like to read about your professional opinions and personal feelings on the various crypto postings, so I would like more of that.

  202. napalmnacey responds:

    Hey Loren. I’m Nancy, I’m from Perth, Australia. I’m 29 years old. I first became intrigued by cryptids when I read my Mum’s vast library on the paranormal. I read about the possible dinosaurs in the jungles of Africa and Loch Ness, and my favourite, Bigfoot. Now I’m older I’m a little more skeptical and scientifically minded about it all, but I still love reading all sorts of reports and your site is just pure awesome as I can read all the newest stuff right here. So keep doing what you’re doing, it’s brilliant.

  203. Loren Coleman responds:

    Wow, over two hundred people have shared information about yourselves. Thank you.

    Needless to say, this gives you all some insights into the diversity in ages, countries, and interests that overlap among all of us.

    I encourage others who have yet to jot down a couple sentences to please do so.

    As to the person who recently ask that I share some personal information about myself, well, all I can say is that my bio is relatively well-known and available here attached to this site.

    Also, the biographical sketch of me at Wikipedia is usually not too far away from being factual.

    Thank you for asking, but, for these comments, I really am more interested in all of you.

  204. simian fever responds:

    32, CT, in the technology field.

    Love the new species discovery posts. Enjoy blobsquatch photos and videos if only to look and laugh. Skeptical for sure, but certainly open to possibilities. I’ve yet to see what I would consider convincing evidence of bigfoot, lake monsters,etc but as someone who grew up loving dinosaurs, godzilla movies, and monster movies in general there is a draw to the subject even though I don’t necessarily expect major revelations.

    Keep up the good work.

  205. anthromyth responds:

    Paula V., 40
    World Mythologist, Educator is a phenomenal resource and promise of the impossible. I love visiting Loren’s site and do so almost daily. I enjoy all of the articles, many with my 7 year old daughter. I have also had the joy of sharing Loren’s work with a homeschooling class of middle grades.

    Cryptozoology and the paranormal have been passions of mine for over 30 years. I have found that by examining the folklore and mythologies of world cultures that much of what we view as unreal is indeed, real. affords me the opportunity to indulge and educate myself, both.

    Thanks again Loren for a wonderful site!

  206. asper responds:

    Union ME I’m 75 retired and interested in Fortean phenomena.

  207. Roy3rd responds:

    Hi Loren. I am one of those visitors who frequent the site, but never comment. I am a 49 year old male, live in Tallahassee, FL, and am an Accountant in the television industry. I can remember holding an issue of Argosy Magazine and reading about the Patterson film when I was a child, so I have been interested in cryptozoology for quite some time.

    I honestly can’t thing of anything I would change about the content of the site. Although, while I understand the need for advertising, the audio messages that come on sometimes when I click through to a new page draw unwanted attention to me at work! :-)

  208. Sergio responds:

    I hail from the American Southwest, am in my 40s and have seen a bigfoot. I have a diverse professional background that includes being a personal fitness trainer.

    Bigfoot holds my interest.

    Because I have seen one of these animals (yes I believe it was all animal), I have little tolerance for those who simply dismiss the idea that it exists. I understand skepticism but I am not good at tolerating closed minds.

    I read Cryptomundo daily and enjoy the blogs about new species and sightings of unusual animals, such as the recent one about the Savannah cat.

    Thanks to Craig for this site and to Loren for the daily deluge of information.

  209. klove0802 responds:

    Hi. I’m a female from MD, mid 40’s and have traveled throughout the US all my life. I am a science and history nut and have a science background and have for 20+ years been reading and researching “fringe” science. Crytozoology has always been an interest of mine. I especially enjoy researching the old (1700’s and older) descriptions of various creatures that are currently considered mythology, i.e. dragons.

    I enjoy the postings that are about the unknown and questionable, such as the picture at the top of this article but it is also important that you continue with items on new species discovered. Everytime there is a new species found, it validates in a way the searching for Bigfoot, sea serpents, cryptid cats, etc. It shows that we really don’t know everything about our fantastic planet.

    Thanks for all you do.

  210. NightFlight responds:

    Hi! My name is Barry and I live in SC, USA.
    I enjoy reading about cryptids and this is my favorite crytid site. My favorite cryptid is bigfoot, of the southern variant. I am also interested in cryptid reptiles and possible surviving dinosaurs.
    I chose NightFlight to honor my recently deceased uncle who was a WWII naval aviator in the pacific. He was one of the first fighter pilots to fly at night – call sign “Redeye”.
    Loren, keep up the fantastic work and don’t change a thing.

  211. maslo63 responds:

    I’m a 24 y/o farmhand from central New York. What I like to read about most are unusual specimens of known species such as albinos or particularly large animals (like the chinook salmon post). I’m also interested in reading about known animals being found where they don’t normally live or animals that may be expanding their range, cougars are a good example of this. In addition animals that may have escaped extinction (ivory billed woodpecker), new species discoveries and obscure species (Iriomote wildcat) also interest me. As far as classic cryptids go I am mostly interested in sasquatch and it’s kin and alien big cats.

  212. Brian Reily responds:

    My name is Brian Reily, I am a 20 year old college student living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe. I am currently working on my associates in general science at Baton Rouge Community college. After that my intention is to transfer to Louisiana State University and major in entomology.

    I prefer articles on re-discovered and newly discovered species, particularly ones about the… I guess you could say “less conspicuous” cryptid species. Not that the prospect of an American ape doesn’t interest me or that beasts dwelling in the depths of the ocean are not fascinating, but rather that there are so many little things out there to be found… and often re-found… and they are right under our noses.

  213. bray_beast responds:

    My name is Justin and I live in Santa, NM. I am a waiter and writer, and I am particularly interested in homins. After that I would say that cryptids that seem to be animals that are supposed to be extinct are my next favorite; including Mokele Mbembe, giant sloths in the Amazon, Megalania, and Nessie (I suppose I’ll count her in this section). Next in the interest ranking would be animals where they don’t belong. These are obviously the most numerous, but I love it when readers find evidence to explain them away or back them up. Finding evidence of cougars in Louisiana is something I want to know about. Explaining away a British mystery felid or black dog with perspective explaining photos is great too. What I least need from this site is updates on more Fortean creatures, such as Mothman, el chupacabra, and yes, the Beast of Bray road. I can go to Fortean Times for that. I’m not saying I don’t want to read about them here, but that I think most of your considerable efforts should be put into distributing evidence and/or stories of more likely cryptids. I also enjoy the updates on new species, although it seems a bit like a rhetorical tool to remind people that there are species that are still unrecognized by science. Of course I already know that, that’s why I’m here. I do still like knowing about them though, so thanks, and keep up the great work!

    p.s. You do a great job on Monster Quest, but some of the episodes (mystery canids, giant spiders, giant snakes, bull sharks) are just interminable.

  214. thor242 responds:


    I’m Kevin. I live in central Oregon and work in a mill (big surprise).

    I am always interested in all things cryptid, but Sasquatch is my favorite. (unless it’s another lame hoax, kinda tired of those), and the chupacabras.

    Keep up the great work Loren.

  215. leelu81 responds:

    I’m Marcie. I’m 27 and live in West Michigan. I am middle-management at a large retailer. I often go to work and talk with friends about your site and most of us believe in cryptids, ghosts and aliens. I enjoy reading your posts, but only have time to read up once a week. I think you do a great job keeping us informed of what’s happening around the world.

  216. Terrence 13 responds:

    I am Terrence, almost 44, and I live in the hip neighborhood of Northside in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a assistant store manager at Half Price Books. I also help my wife care for and home school our two children.

    I enjoy reports and information about both the major and minor cryptids, news about new species, animals in danger of extinction, and reviews of crypto-media (dvd, books, comics).

  217. Ranatemporaria responds:

    I’m sure we have done this before Loren however…

    25yrs Currently in Worcestershire UK but I get around. I got my first BSc Honours degree in Ecology and followed that with MSc in Speciation and Diversity. Now working as a freshwater conservation biologist/Watercourse officer but I’m always on the look out for the next place of work!

    I like the posts and stories where I can draw on mainstream biological research to form comparisons and parallels, (which is not always possible). My specific area of interest lies with Morphological Plasticity during development and its role in evolution. This area is often overlooked in favour of the more media friendly and popular ‘genetic mutation’ reasoning behind altered animal forms.

    Keep bringing us the new species updates Loren along with everything else Fortean.

  218. lone_elephant responds:

    Good afternoon Loren,

    I’m a wife, mother, artist and state funded educational institution employee. I’ve been lurking here for over a year now. I trust you to provide an objective, slightly skeptical review of the cryptid goings ons of the world. I am particularly interested in new species and some of the more paranormal phenomena such as the Mothman.
    I do not feel that changes need to be made to the site.

    Thanks for all you do!

  219. CalebK. responds:

    As you can tell from my username, I am Caleb K. I am a Senior in high school, and I plan to go to college for either zoology or wildlife biology. I like to see stories about legitimate cryptids and recent zoological discoveries (besides new species). I would also like to learn more history about the cryptid being talked about. The more history the better!

  220. darkshines responds:

    I’m 23 years old, live in Wales, UK, and I am currently studying a Masters Degree in Gothic Studies, as well as working part time as a bar tender.

    I like historical accounts, I never get tired of reading about sea monster tales from hundreds of years ago. I much prefer historical records to “newer” stories. Its so easy to fake photos and videos nowadays, I would much rather read a good old yarn about giant squid, sea serpants or megalodons!

  221. jtm_kryptos responds:

    hi, i’m jake

    i turn 15 on thursday
    i am co-founder of KRYPTOS (a cryptids organization in which only two members including me and my co-founder) which now has a web site.

    i just started it and it is a working progress, hopfully into a website for my documentary series on cryptids, selling stuff with our insignia on it

    eventually i will have the site up, never to cryptomundo, but better than it is now, and either keep kryptos an online documentary series or make it into a full blown pseudo monster quest kinda thing, searching for what is out ther


    ps: thank you loren for an e-mail you gave back to me this summer on how to prepare for a life as a cryptozoologist

  222. jtm_kryptos responds:

    never change this site, by the way i love that comic with loren and bigfoot examining the georgia “carcass” made me and others here in wisconsin laugh…

  223. frmrrz responds:

    38 Male – Valparaiso Indiana. Work in Investment Advisory/Management. Interested in Crypto Hominids and Eastern Cougars. I also enjoy historical accounts with media sources.

    Thanks for you diligence and creativity. It is truly appreciated here.

  224. shockbeton responds:

    Who are you?
    40-ish white male, website designer, Virgo.

    What do you want?
    Seeking 8ft tall hairy monster who enjoys long walks on the beach for non-romantic relationship.

    Seriously though… Keep doing what you’re doing.

    Also, it would be nice to see more historic reports of unexplained sightings of creatures from old newspapers or books. I often see statements such as, “Oh the such-n-such tribe of native Americans have a legend about an eight-legged bear… etc. etc.” but we rarely see the original source material for these claims which would be fun to discuss.

  225. Haley F. responds:

    Hi. I’m Haley F., and I live with my wife in the Okanagan Valley (Ogopogo’s home!).

    I work full time in the wine industry and I am a part time student taking viticulture and eonology studies.

    I am the Okanagan Representative for the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club and I am interested in many things cryptozoological, particularly things that have to do with Ogopogo, as it is my #1 hobby here.

    My preferred postings are ones that have to do with lake monsters, sea serpents, and other…. mystery denizens of the deep. LOL! There is still so much that we don’t know about this planet.


  226. lapzod responds:

    Why do you want to know about me?

    My name’s Dave. I’m 23, I live in Australia and work for a dvd company. I’ve been interested in the ‘unknown’ for a long while now, but now it’s easier for me to find information about.

    I love to hear about Bigfoot, and other stories of hairy monsters from around the world, such as the Johor Bigfoot, and the Orang Pendek.

  227. courage responds:

    Police Analyst

    Interest: I enjoy cryptomundo as it gives me a chance to try and educate people willing to abandon logical reasoning.

    I quite often don’t agree with articles that are published or the effect they have on some of the readers but I will fight for your right to speak your mind as I hope you’ll fight for mine to educate

  228. wrath of the real responds:

    27, Male
    New Hampshire

    Hi everyone,
    I look here almost every time I log into the internet. I love reading about newly discovered critters’ and possible sightings. It is comforting to me to know we are continuing to find new species. It means our planet is either still hiding some secretes or creating new ones. I think you are doing a great job Loren. Not much you can do, it is already a fantastic site. The only wish I have is for stupid people to stop doing stupid things. I fear that may never happen so we do need to know when they do. Thanks for everything.

  229. Tabitca responds:

    I’m female aged 53 .I am an academic presently researching into blogging. I have been on cryptomundo since 2006 I think. I haven’t posted much lately due to ill health and having to give up my job and be a student for a year. My background is degrees in sociology, psychology and biology, and a qualified teacher of adults. Spent a lot of time up at Loch Ness since the late 60’s/early 70’s.

    I think the site is great, well written and informative. I have just completed a novel set around Loch Ness and including the monster so will let you know if it gets published.

    Waves to Loren and Craig.

  230. jerrywayne responds:

    I’m 57 years old, live in Dallas, and married to a wonderful Mexican(a) national. She assures me there IS an onza and, most assuredly, there is NO chupacabras. I’m a Vietnam veteran, a college grad (history, philosophy), and work as a raw paper manager for a printing firm.

    I became interested in cryptozoology in my teens, thanks to Heuvelmans, Sanderson, yeti, Nessie, and sasquatch.

    I like nature and ideas. So, I very much like reading the articles and posts here. I may not agree with most of what I read, but it is all entertaining and informative. All the tensions find voice here.

    I would like to see more discussion on the verity of eyewitness reports, on the possible origin of popular myth, and a skeptical approach to the classic cryptid sightings (for instance, the Roe, Ostman, and Chapman sightings that so excited Sanderson and Green).

    (And hey, I like Ben Radford!)

  231. hlw responds:

    60 year old male.
    Recently unemployed in corporate downsizing.
    Married 37 yrs 4 kids 7 grandkids.
    I always enjoy keeping up on recent reports etc. Kudos to Loren for putting so much of his time into Cryptomundo.
    I’d like to see the boundaries open up a little. What makes a one time event like the Dover Demon any more relevant than the Kelly Hopkinsville event? Or recurring clown attacks, whats stranger than crypto-humans?
    I’d like to see a place to ask questions directly on a regular basis, open to discussion.
    I’d like to see a place for readers to post their own reports, with input from Loren and other readers. After all we are not here by mistake, something sent us in this direction.
    I’d like to see more crossover type questions like the recent Snippy and poltergeist.
    More than anything I want to thank Loren for giving us this opportunity to interact.

  232. loyalfromlondon responds:

    31, television show host/writer

    Right now I’m on the couch watching a documentary on Jonestown. In two weeks, I’ll be in Shanghai China. And in a month, in route to Gambia.

    Bigfoot Bigfoot Bigfoot. I had a sighting about 15 years ago which started the hairy ball rolling. And just this past summer in Olympic National Park, something didn’t seem right. Not another sighting per say, but something was off. You just know it, you know.

    I also once drove to Texarkana just to see Boggy Creek for myself. Some creek it was.

  233. Macleod responds:

    31 years old, Male
    Comox, BC
    Restaurant Owner

    I have always been fascinated by the unknown, I am very interested in the big guns of crypto– bigfoot, thylacine, unknown sea creatures and the like. This is one of my daily pages along with coasttocoast and the anomolist. I think you do an excellent job of reminding people that there is a world beyond the office cubicle and daily newspaper.

  234. legup2p responds:

    Randy / southern Indiana / 58 / retired

    Just recently stumbled onto your site and found myself reading well into the night!

    Particular interest is in any information that adds to our factual understanding of all things ‘cryptid’. The new species reporting is always interesting, but I especially enjoy any contributions of fact to the many tales of the odd, strange, and curious.

    Great site … best of its kind I’ve found … Keep up the excellent effort!!

  235. archer1945 responds:

    63, male

    I’ve been interested in the supernatural, paranormal, etc. for about as long as I can remember. Read some of Fort’s writings and Ivan Sanderson’s long before the subjects became popular.

    I was lucky enough in college to have both physics and chemistry professors who didn’t feel Science knows everything there is to know and there are some very real things in this universe that Science can’t explain. Btw, both were very well respected in their fields, one gave up a very lucrative position with one of the top chemical companies in the country to teach at a small college and the other had done work for NASA and went on to a very high position in the National Science Foundation.

  236. cmgrace responds:

    Hi my name is Chris and I am 27 year old stay-at-home mom in Colorado Springs, CO.

    Like many others my interest started in my childhood with Sasquatch and Nessie. While Sasquatch is still of considerable interest to me, I am mostly into the rediscovery of animals that were once thought to be extinct. I love this blog and have commented a few times. My children even like to read and discuss it with me. I have never been in contact with so many people who share the same interests as I do and I thank you for that.

  237. proriter responds:

    Occupation: professional editor of books about the outdoor sports; age: 48 in the morning, 84 by about 9:00 p.m.; interests: animals of all kinds, especially those with funny names like the wombat, the cuscus and the dik-dik. I was drawn to this subject when I discovered some of Dr. Mackal’s books in my junior high school library in Ft. Wayne, IN, where I grew up. I’m cheerfully skeptical about almost everything on this site but I have a high regard for Loren Coleman and recommend his books. One of them has stayed in my downstairs bathroom for more than two years now, which in my circles is the equivalent of #1 on the New York Times best-seller list.

  238. s7nations responds:

    I am 31, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and am a law enforcement officer.

    I have been interested in the paranormal and cryptozoology since I was a kid. I remember picking up a book on bigfoot at the school library when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. I also remember possibly seeing something around dusk hiking in the mountains above Fort Collins, CO. It was an interesting experience as a kid, but I can’t say for sure what I saw, but it has stuck with me since.

    I am always happy to see postings on bigfoot/sasquatch. Personally not so keen on “water monsters” like Nessie or Champ. Not discounting, but not really interesting to me.

  239. octavioa1 responds:

    I live in the District of Columbia, DC and work in IT. Bigfoot has to be on top of my list. Champ appears to have more solid evidence than Nessie. I want to see more expeditions to find the Yowie. (Destination Truth episode was very compeling) There were rocks thown and a flir image showed what looked like the heat signatures of an adult and child.

  240. coelacanth1938 responds:

    Age: 51
    Location: Las Vegas
    Occupation: Utility Porter/
    I just want to believe that there is more to the world than just death and taxes.
    To be honest, I’ve grown a bit tired of Bigfoot since those two idiots tried to pull off that hoax. I’m much more interested in smaller and humbler creatures like the Seattle Kangahippomouse and the Elmendorf Beast and what kind of ecological niches they’re supposed to fill.

  241. purrlcat responds:

    Phyllis, 63, southwest Ohio, retired but still working 40 hours a week to support a house and several cats. I am the finder/owner of the ‘mystery fish’ photo postcard at the beginning of this page.

    Favorite things to read about – Thylacine, giant squid, dodo, living dinosaurs and others thought to be extinct, unknown sea/lake creatures, OOP cats and ABC, new species, mystery cryptid photos.

    Also interested in new book releases relating to cryptids, either non-fiction or fiction.

    Would also like to know of any artists of cryptids who sell their work or at least have a website where I can enjoy looking at it!

    Keep up the good work Loren, et al. Thanx for a great blog.

  242. smmoulder responds:

    I make games for a living (most recently the Scene It? line of games) and have for nearly 20 years. Yes, it’s a real job.

    I have two children (7 and 14) and live near Squatch country in Seattle.

    I’m most interested in crypto research/discoveries and also new species discoveries. I’m much less interested in crypto-inspired fictional material (movies, etc.)

    Love the site and check it every day as one of my RSS feeds.

  243. MikeGmann responds:

    Name: Oceane, Age: 16, Location: Dallas, Texas

    Favorite posts to read about are Sasquatch and Cadborosaurus. I find that the open and remote wilderness of Canada and the Pacific-Northwest have the ability to support and hide a creature like Sasquatch and the vast amount of lakes and open waters in Canada makes me wonder what exactly the Native Americans were so terrified about when they crossed bodies of water in their canoes.

  244. Footsquatch responds:

    Hi Loren,
    I am a big fan, have enjoyed many of your books and appearances on different documentaries. I would have to put you with Dr Meldrum as leading ambassadors for cryptozoology.

    I am 39 years of age and am the Service/Project manager for a building automation company.

    I live in northwest Oregon at the foothills of the Coast Range so Bigfoot is the main reason I read Cryptomundo. Keep up the good work.


  245. sgajraj responds:

    Hi Loren,

    I’ve been interested in the unknown since I was a little boy, probably fuelled by lots of stories about local folklore. It’s really interesting how many of these stories from my little island have so much in common with those of other countries!

    Although I’m interested in anything crypto, I’ve particular interest in bigfoot, little people & human-like creatures.

    Best Regards,

    Age: 35
    Location: Trinidad & Tobago (most southerly islands in the Caribbean)
    Occupation: IT professional

  246. werewuf responds:

    My name is Leo H., professional musician, 56 years of age, San Jose CA, and fascinated by all things crypto. I’m a big dinosaur fanatic, so needless to say, I am very interested in would be relic animals of any kind. I have followed this sight and you Loren for many years and first became aware of you through the Fortean Times.
    Thanks for all your great work and insight.

  247. Greendog responds:

    Hi, I’m Tony from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. I work for a training provider who specialises in adult numeracy and literacy. I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for a couple of years now and it’s got to be bigfoot which is definitely my favourite cryptid, it always seemed to me that sasquatch was the most likely to exist.

    I’ve been into this sort of thing since I was really young and had pictures of Nessie on my bedroom wall. I had my enthusiasm renewed in the last 3 or 4 years since finding the digital enhancements of the Patterson Gimlin footage, done by MK Davis. This has confirmed my belief that the PG footage is the real deal and therefore I think its only a matter of time before we all know the truth.

    On a side note I am also very inerested in Alien Big Cat stories and, being in the UK, I want to organise something to prove the existence of these once and for all.

  248. Jjm3233 responds:

    Name: Jay
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Education
    Current Location: New Mexico

    I was born in Streator, IL and spent the first 10 years of my life hearing stories from the area and reading Loren’s books (which are full of Illinois sightings); most of my Dad’s family still lives in the area. I then moved to Florida, where my Mom is from, and lived there until I was 20. I lived in rural north central Florida, and went to the same church as the owners of the gas station in Bardin (home of the infamous Bardin Booger). I went to college in Missouri and now have lived in New Mexico for about five years.
    Part of my love of cryptids come from strange things observed in the woods over the years.

    I actually enjoy the variety of postings that Cryptomundo contains currently.

  249. Alex M. responds:

    Hello Loren,

    My name is Alex M. I am 38 and based in Los Angeles.

    I’m a member of Big Cats in Britain, and work on sightings based in the U.S. I also recently started Phenomena Research, in an attempt to investigate “strange phenomena” more or less on a professional full time basis. It covers a variety on phenomenon, but personally Cryptozoology is my greater interest. I’m also a personal trainer. I am originally from Los Angeles but graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with B.S in Psychology and in Anthropology.

    As far as what I would like to see on this site; I have an interest in a plethora of Cryptozoological subjects, but I do have a soft spot for the potential Hominids worldwide and cryptids that may be “prehistoric survivors” such as Mokele-mbembe. I did work on expeditions that were never realized due to funding issues, which were primarily aimed at central Africa and South America. So, any news from those regions are always welcome. Thank you Loren.

  250. mike_noodles responds:

    Name: Mike R
    Location: Guelph, Ontario (approx 80 Km west of Toronto)
    Occupation: Health & Safety Officer, Network + Systems Administrator
    Age: 29

    Hey guys, I love to read about the creatures that thousands have seen but “don’t exist” such as Nessie, Sasquatch, etc… Number two would have to be reading about the discovery of new species.

  251. yetispaghetti235 responds:

    My Name is Jake and I live in Southern New Hampshire
    I am a student, 8th grade.

    I like Bigfoot and sea serpents mostly. i liked cryptozoology since i was a little kid and i even said i want to go Loch Ness looking for nessie after i graduate college as a kid. i now want to go look for bigfoot now instead. i like cryptozoology for 3 reasons:
    1. there are things we haven’t discovered on our planet. Ex. we have explored only about 2% of the ocean completly.
    2. we have discovered new species every year and there are sightings of unknown things/happenings.
    3. It be cool to find something that is not been discovered.

  252. Andrew Minnesota responds:

    I’m Andrew, 21 I’m from Minnesota. I’m a full time student at UW-Stout for psychology. My favorite posting besides BF and Yeti related posts are lake monsters and I can’t help but fascinated by reports of lizard people, or any posts related to Minnesota or Wisconsin.

  253. madrid101 responds:

    Student, future BCSCC member, and hopefully the world’s next best cryptozoologist!!!

    My favorite cryptids are existing dinosaurs and marine dinosaurs like Megaladon, Loch Ness Monster, colassal Manta Ray (which I believe exist 60-85 ft), Mokele-Mbembe, and Sea Serpents.

    But do not get me wrong I am also fan of the Chupacabras, Thunderbird, and the elusive Cryptic Ahool.

    My passion is cryptozoology and I hope that one day that I can open a university for all cryptic lovers everywhere based on there favorite types. Also I hope to unveil 10 cryptids before my death. Also thank you Loren Coleman for showing us that cryptozoology is but a passion to find new species and thought extinct ones in our mysterious Earth. All say AYE if you love cryptids!!!!

  254. Vigus responds:

    Hi Loren,

    This is a great way to meet all the readers of this blog. I’ve only read through a small fraction so far.

    I’m a 29 year old Librarian in Minnesota. Long time reader, very little commenter. I have my own Cryptozoology site, Cryptozoology Archives that includes numerous magazine and newspaper articles from the 1800s and 1900s. The main focus is marine cryptids, but there are a few Mokele Mbembe articles as well. (After just checking, it looks like my site is down for some reason. I’ll have to look into that, not sure whats going on.)

    I enjoy hearing the stories of marine cryptids and the stories you get from Jerome Clark. Plus new discoveries as well as re-discoveries.

    Thanks Loren. Keep up the great service


    (oh wait. the site is working now. gotta love those reliable technology problems!)

  255. yeti responds:

    Hi Loren & future cryptozoologist,
    Im Lee, from Malaysia. Im self employed.
    Im a regular to this site for abt 4yrs now.My favourite topic is yeti/Bigfoot etc.
    In this part of the world, cryptozoology is as good as non exsistent.Just like to thank you for doing such a great job on this site & my biggest vision is to join one of the expedition in search of the hairy beast.

    Thanks & Good luck.

  256. bridezilla responds:


    I’m 21 and I’m from Sydney, Aus. I’m absolutely fascinated by cryptozoology, and the people that believe so strongly that these fantastic creatures are out there waiting to be discovered.
    I’m not sure that I quite believe in most of them, but I’m not really willing to doubt them entirely, either…

    The best thing about this site is the reporting of newly discovered species of any kind, no matter how small, its humbling to know that man doesn’t know everything there is to know about Earth.

    p.s. I’m heading to Loch Ness in a month… I’m going to spot me a monster!

  257. Adrienne responds:

    My name is Adrienne and I am 31 years old.

    I have a passion for cryptozoology and all unexplainable phenomena. I read Charles Fort’s LO when I was younger and ever since then I have been hooked on the subject. I believe there are such extrodinary things happening all over the world in the wild and right around people and they don’t notice or care to know. I want to share these amazing occurances with people and help them believe. We only see a small portion every day of what is really out there and sometimes certain people can get a glimpse of that. The problem is getting others to understand and believe you. The subject of the unexplained must be considered a logical study and should be apreciated just as much as any other. I hope I can contribute to work towards these goals and work with people in the same field.

    I enjoy reading your postings on Bigfoot sightings and Big Cat sightings. Most of all I love postings of strange creatures found or sighted. Such as creatures that wash up on beaches or people reporting strange unidentifiable creatures around there living areas. Although it seems most like to keep the line drawn between cryptozoology and sightings that may be of a paranormal nature(like mothman ect..) I believe that they both should be studied.

    Thank You for your wonderful site. I enjoy it every day!

  258. duskshade responds:

    Hello Loren,

    I am a 34 year old grad student and father of four – I’m a stay-at-home dad so I get to be part of my kids lives… yay me!

    I live in south Texas, so chupas, Bigfoot, and relict populations of animals all interest me. i dig anything that explores the little forgotten corners where so many interesting things can be found.

  259. butcho responds:

    My name is Andre and i live in Montreal.

    Im 31 and im a Flash developer. Im fascinated by crytozoology and especially Bigfoot and living dinosaurs. After studying sciences in university, i became a harden skeptic on various topic but crytozoology is a field where i am totally open minded. I am not sure why but maybe it is because cryptozoology have a big entertainment value for me. The possibility of discovering species thought extinct or associated with legend and folklore, is literaly mind blowing for me. So, ill have to admit, when it come to cryptozoology, im not that skeptic.

    Sorry for my english if im not able to formulate my thoughts clearly, as a french canadian im working on it daily.

  260. bermuda13 responds:

    I am 39-yr-old federal law enforcement officer, living in VT, with my wife and 2 children.

    I’m interested in all cryptids especially remnant populations, North American “monsters,” and marine cryptids. I am also interested in paranormal sightings–Black Dogs, Big Cats, out-of-place animals, etc.

    Thanks for a great site, Loren!

  261. springheeledjack responds:

    We have quite the community! And growing up I thought there were just a handful of people who hunted things like Nessie and BF….seems the internet has been a great tool for those of us like minded people to get together and discuss this stuff:)

    Of course we also need the opposing viewpoints to keep us honest, keep us skeptical, and to keep us looking critically at info.

    SO, like DWA said up there somewhere, where’s our buddy Ben? Come on now don’t be shy…just because we get heated from time to time, that’s no reason to shun your community…everybody else is sounding off, giving their two cents on themselves…might as well admit you like us here and join in.


  262. harleyb responds:

    Hey Loren its been awhile since i have written. But i have graduated from school with a diploma as a limited scope x-ray tech. My name is Harley and i live in Columbia, Tennessee and this site is like home to me. I love to just be involved in this site, its the greatest. I am 27 years old, and I am going to get more of your books they are the coolest! I got Mysterious America and its awesome. I like how you don’t get too excited until you know the facts. Keep up the freshness! Cryptomundo for life!!

  263. Coast Wild responds:

    Doug, 35, guide & field assistant for a conservation group working to protect the Great Bear Rainforest.
    I’ve been a regular visitor to your site for about 2 years and signed up earlier this year. I’ve always had an intrest in cryptids, particularly the large homonids: sasquatch, yeti & such(which in search of is how I discovered your site). Being from this area that is still very wild & a lot of it untouched I always hear stories of sightings & encounters from the people who live & work in the area. I’ve heard loud knocks on trees at night while camping and calls in the distance I could not describe as well. There’s even word of a large aquatic creature in one of the larger lakes in this area.

    I read your posts almost daily and enjoy reading about the discovery of new species, mysterious sightings/images & the big fella. Keep up the great work! I look forward to more of those posts in the future.

  264. jayhsee responds:

    My name is Jim. I live in Erie, PA and teach instrumental music to students in grade 5 through 12 in one of the school districts here. I am a big fan of this site and of all things cryptozoological.

  265. bobtnelis responds:

    I am an average guy with some college education and I like to surf the web for various things. Hockey, news, jokes, etc. I visit this site at least a couple times a week just because I find this type of thing interesting. You never know what’s going to turn up out there. I’m a skeptic in the sense that I need to see it before I believe it, however, I believe that there’s something out there. Ghosts, cryptids, aliens… Our planet is far too large to have discovered everything. I’d like to think we’re not alone, whether it be sasquatch or aliens. It just makes life more interesting to have an open mind about these things. Just how fantastic would it be if something did turn up? I like it when shows like Monster Quest don’t find anything! The Sasquatch Attack II show takes guts to film and air. I think it adds credibility to shows when they don’t find anything. The stranger the find the more I like it. Today there was a post about a new dolphin which was interesting and I don’t mean to take anything away from it because it is important to the field, however, a bigfoot find would be way better. I like the big cat stories and things concerning bigfoot. Keep up the good work!

  266. BishopAstro responds:

    Age: 37
    Location: Southeast
    Occupation: Professor
    Specialty: Astrobiology and Medicine

    No…Astro is not my real last name. But I’m a little embarrassed that my hobby is studying up on cryptids. I am one of a few who have a PhD in with specialization in Astrobiology. I also have an MD and a practicing physician. I teach at a major university. I love this site because it is as objective as one can get in this area. As you may know, astrobiology is the study of life outside of Earth. So naturally, I am interested in the unknown. As a scientist I am objective, but as my research has led me to believe that just about anything is possible (Thus, my interest in cryptids). Keep up the good work Loren!


  267. FB1965 responds:

    43, Kansas City. I build and test prototypes of new navigation products.

    I like the variety of stories I’ve read here over the past year or two. Difficult to pick out favorites. Maybe the stories and photos from old newspapers and such.

  268. The_Yardstick responds:

    Hey guys–

    My name’s Melissa. I’m in college right now in Oklahoma, studying to be…eh, something. In a perfect world I could live off nothing but my books, but I know this is unlikely. 😉 I have published one book, a fiction. More coming soon! Oh, and from time to time I muster up enough free time (and/or money) to go on a little Bigfoot hunt in the local state park, a ghost trip in the various haunted buildings on campus, or to conventions nearby. I used to post a lot–not so much now (busy!). But I still read, every day if I can, and I like pretty much all the posts–reports of sightings and the tossing around of theories. It’s all good for me.

    Great work, guys–keep it up!

  269. michaelcdunn responds:

    I’m 61 years old, editor of a scholarly publication. Married, one daughter. Somewhere back in grade school and high school I read Bernard Heuvelmans and Ivan T.Sanderson and it never completely wore off, despite a Ph.D. in history and a presumably rational view of the world. I probably shouldn’t sign my real name but I’ve posted with it so what the hell.

    I wouldn’t call myself a believer. The only “cryptid” I really believe in is the ominpresence of the cougar/mountain lion in much of the eastern United States. I grew up in the Ozarks and now live in Virginia, spending time in the mountains when I can. The oldtimers aren’t telling legends about the “painters,” they’re describing things they see and hear. Now that Missouri and Arkansas seem to have acknowledged the presence of feral cats, why not the rest of the east? Why is it accepted they’re in Florida but not north of there, despite all the sightings. Oh well, you know the rant.

    Sure, Bigfoot and Nessie are fun and my young daughter asks a lot about the Loch Ness monster after seeing the Scooby-Doo version, but I do have the usual questions (where are the bodies. Where’s the poop?) It’s also a big country (and a big loch).

    What do I want to see more of? Pretty much what you’re doing.

  270. Drukendru responds:

    Hi Loren,

    My name is Dru. I am a college student at MVCC in Utica, NY. Studying Data Processing and Analysis.
    I love Cryptozoology, and Do believe in some of these things as being real! Why not! I love to read, Sci-Fi most of the time, but an occasional Non Fiction work sometimes appears in my hands.

    I am 19, Live in a beautiful part of the Adirondacks; Stueben NY. Nothing too strange happens there. It’s always fun to believe in something that a lot of people have large arguments over. I enjoy reading Cryptomundo Every Day! Thanks Loren, and Good Luck in the Future, who knows, it could be over in 2012, or is that just a new beginning!?!?!

    Great work. Keep it up, Live long and Prosper!

  271. rodrigo responds:

    30 year old, 2 kids, artist

    i love coming to this site to keep up on my hobby of cryptozoology. This is a great site! my favorite things to read are the re-discovery of extinct creature.

  272. macyjane responds:

    I am a frame shop manager, artist, and mother of 3 kids, 2 pets, and a husband. I like to read about new species, out of place animals, mystery animals, but do not bother to read most posts about Bigfoot. I love this blog as there is almost always something of interest for me.

  273. omne51 responds:

    35 years old. Married, 2 kids. Cop in a medium sized city in Minnesota.

    I think the phrase “I Want to Believe” says it best. I want to, but I’m not quite there.

    My favorite cryptids are Champ, Ogopogo, Mokole Mbembe, and of course Sasquatch.

  274. omne51 responds:

    Oh, and I have donated to Loren’s Museum. If you haven’t, I challenge you to do so. Knowledge is priceless.

  275. Leira responds:

    I’ve been frequenting this website for over four years and this is my only post. I’m a secondary biology teacher who lives by the words of Carl Sagan…’absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’. I have been interested in primatology for as long as I can remember and I truly hope to see absolute evidence of the existance of Sasquatch (and a few other cryptids) in my lifetime. Rock On Crypto Hunter Dudes!

  276. morfillitus responds:

    I am 38 years old and a CAD Specialist for a coal mine in Utah. My wife and I have two dogs that are our “children”. I enjoy the posts about new and unusual animals. Sasquatch and related postings are intriguing to me. Keep up the great work!!

  277. eaglejm responds:

    25, In ST Louis, Mo. Software developer. Missing Mysterious Universe podcast. Been to loch ness at least.

  278. Kitsos responds:

    Age 32, single and working two jobs, Camera operator and Cycling imports/repair.
    Living in Athens, Greece. I enjoy all of your posts but watch more closely for New Species alerts and Sightings of known/unknowns. Give us more footprints!

  279. BeastInTheLake responds:

    Danish male, 47. I’ve been reading this blog for 1½ year, but till now has never commented. Partly I haven’t got much relevant competence – I studied philosophy in university and now attempt to break through as a fiction writer – partly Denmark, a densely populated and thoroughly cultivated country surrounded by shallow seas, is absolutely devoid of cryptids. Perhaps it’s this lack of mysterious nature at home, that has caused my fascination with cryptozoology, or perhaps it’s that childhood visit to Loch Ness. At least lake monsters remain my favorites, though I extend goodwill to all cryptids, and also like the new species-stories. The discussion of TV-shows are less interesting, since I can’t see them over here – but I recognize, that at least half the readership is American.

  280. mantis responds:

    29, Male, Hampton Virginia. I’m a CAD project manager for a design group at Northrup Grumman.
    I love all things obscure; that’s why I come to this site. Plus I think Loren Coleman helps keep a child’s sense of wounder alive in my life. I like to think that there are things out there, and I quite enjoy the lengths that some will go to, in order to keep a legend alive. I personally enjoy reading the histories of those who venture off into the unknown. I’ve certainlly been introduced to many great books via this site, as well.

  281. Medieval1028 responds:

    Name: Lon
    Age: 50
    Business owner
    Baltimore, MD

    Witnessed a Bigfoot in 1981 near Sykesville, MD. I have since researched and documented my personal investigations of paranormal and cryptid subjects.

  282. ZoologyEsGut responds:

    27, Male. SIUC graduate with a degree in Zoology. Work in medicine, but I spend a good deal of time in the woods. Have been fascinated with the unexplained and out of place since I was young. Have seen a few extirpated species in previous ranges, which has added to my excitement. I enjoy backpacking, camping, canoeing, reading, politics, and discussing endless possibilities. Greatly excited to go on my first trip to the B.C. wilderness next spring.

    Go Salukis!!

  283. Mik responds:

    Whew! I always have trouble getting past the wordpress log-in, so I’m usually a lurker. I’ve contributed several times to the plug-in here and bought Loren’s updated ‘Mysterious America’ during last years’ big push. I add things as the log-in allows me as I ALWAYS have something to say.

    This is MY source for all things crypto, because there ain’t no bull-shooting the bull-shooters.

    Go find ’em, guys! i know they’re out there laughing at us.

  284. Goodfoot responds:

    William, 60
    Taos, NM
    Meaningfully Unemployed, 1 daughter, 1 grandson. Both live with me.

    I babysit for the granson, so I have PLENTY to do.
    I’m slightly surprised that the average age, so far, is so young.
    Family seems to have a penchant for Bigfoot encounters. Daughter has seen one, and smelled them on several occasions. I have both aural and olfactory encounters, but no sightings.
    I’ve been interested in cryptids, especially BF, for longer than I can remember.

  285. CWatkins responds:

    My name is Cathy, live in Dallas, Texas, 45, work for a large Dr’s office.

    I have been interested in Bigfoot since I was a teenager. Half my family is in Louisiana, and we had always heard of the “Faulk Monster” not far away in Arkansas.

    I have enjoyed this site since it began, and I find all of the topics interesting.

    Keep up all of the great work Loren!

  286. silvercuellar3 responds:

    Silver (yup Silver), 30
    Dallas/Fort Worth area
    Senior Art Director at an Advertising Agency

    I’ve always been fascinated with the unknown, cryptids, EBEs and the unexplained
    since as long as I could pick up my first Project Blue Book file.

    I’ve been to Fouke poking around for the Boggy Creek Monster, spent a week in Roswell,
    and to Aurora to investigate the cemetery for the purported Alien gravesite.

    My wife and I are convinced we have had an encounter with a Chupacabra in 1998
    near Blanco State Park in Texas.

    I’d like to see even more entertainment based articles here. On how ridiculous yet
    ridiculously entertaining a Sci-Fi original about a Yeti chowing on a downed group
    of linebackers in the Himalayas can be.

    I want to believe. And I do.

  287. ravenshadow13 responds:

    I’m Marissa. I’m 17, a Senior in High School. I will be attending college, hopefully, at College of the Atlantic up in Bar Harbor come next fall, studying marine mammal zoology and ethology.

    Obviously because of the career path I am going down, I would love to read about more marine discoveries in the coming year. I also hope to do independent cryptozoological work in college, and I plan to travel abroad for research during my third term and find something myself in the field! (I know, I dream big.)

  288. audreyhepburn responds:

    I’m Alex and I am 18. I live in Arizona for the time being.

    i really love fish so information on strange sea creatures really pique my interest.

  289. mcw2112 responds:

    I am a 46 year-old male. I live in the Anchorage, Alaska area, work in a sports facility and I enjoy stories about Credible Bigfoot encounters as well as any information about Nessie. I have written a novel about ET’s and am currently working on getting published. I enjoy this site often and I particularly enjoyed the battle of the freezer corpse and was heartened that the two morons involved got their just deserves. Kudos to Loren!

  290. sculpterist responds:

    Hello from Indiana USA!
    I’ve only posted a few times but this site is one of my morning stops. Love all the cryptid stuff! Thanks so much for all you do :)

  291. YarriWarrior responds:

    Jeff, 48 years young, Artist. Born and grew up in Decatur IL., now live in the Dallas TX area. I find all things unexplained quite interesting, but my main focus is on reports from Australia. Thanks to my friend Loren for all the great work.

  292. Ken responds:

    My name is Ken, I am an elementary school librarian in Northern California.

    I am waiting for the day definitive proof of the existence of Sasquatch is found, so I can finally tell me wife, “I told you so!”

    Boy, that Biscardi thing pissed me off…

  293. caheisler responds:

    Hello Loren,

    Christine H-D
    Legal Secretary/Realtor
    Married with 3 children (we all love your site)
    Ventura, CA

    I originally started reading your blog with an interest in all things bigfoot, but since then have found that I appreciate the new discovery postings as well. For instance, every time an extinct animal has been “Rediscovered,” I find great pleasure in telling people “See? The world isn’t flat after all.”

    Thank you for all that you do!

  294. swnoel responds:

    I’ll try and help get to 300

    New Hampshire

    Any of ya southern boyz planning on capturing BF?
    Don’t use the ole BF in the block of ice in the chest freezer thing again.

    I’ll be waiting. :-)

  295. Brekkman responds:

    Robert 47
    Tucker, GA
    Comm Tech

    Love the site! Big Fan! Have been fascinated with anything crypto as far back as I can remember, Love hearing about the big ones (Bigfoot,Nessie,Champ,etc..), But the stories that I like the most are about animals that somehow beat the odds, Even though the human race tried to exterminate them, Somewhere they might still survive (Thycaline, etc…) and animals that have not been seen for many years. Those are the best of all!! Great to see so many other people who share the quest for the unknown. God Bless

  296. psychic62 responds:

    I’m Sharon from Phoenix. I’m a 46-year-old medical transcriptionist. I’m writing a horror novel series; the first one pertaining to ghost hunting (I’m a ghost hunter in my spare time) and the second book will be about Bigfoot hunters (so I might want to pick your brain). I’m always thrilled to see you do articles on anything Bigfoot and I’d like to see some more specialized ones like; how does the environment feed an 800+ pound primate? If you consider the time berries come into bloom or salmon are in abundance, what time of the year would he be in Northern California? Canada? (can you make a map of this?) Since I ghost hunt, I’d love to hear more about the techniques and equipment being used. Any new innovations in the field? I think that one of the channels (SciFi) needs to do a “Bigfoot Hunters.” Their “Ghost Hunters” show is so popular, but everyone I’ve ever known has a “Blair Witch” nervousness in the woods where we don’t rule, but the creatures do. Even if the teams are sitting in tents at night hearing twigs snap, it’d scare everyone watching. Try and make that happen! I’d be a fan for life!

  297. Mushlatubee responds:

    I never have posted here, but I read the posts all the time.

    My name is Jim. I am a Biology student in Oklahoma who has worked with the Oklahoma Biological Survey. I am 27.

    My primary interest as far as stories go is Bigfoot related articles.

  298. Asphalt Prophet responds:

    Brad – 49 IT Professional
    Rural PA, USA

    Love to hear about our local cryptids- bigfoot, thunderbirds, and eastern mountain lions. Especially the later being we see them all the time.

    Lake monsters are next on the list. Out of place animals are cool too.

  299. Loren Coleman responds:

    Congratulations. Asphalt Prophet, a/k/a Brad, comes in with comment #300. I’m not going to go back and count up the number of non-bio comments, but Brad’s addition certainly signals that nearly 300 people have shared biographical info here, and most have stated what they like.

    Okay, once the number of separate bios reaches 300, please, someone who loves statistical models and survey analysis, take this database and turn it into some graphs of males vs females, ages, locations, occupations and interests, okay? It would be mighty interesting.

  300. ejjury responds:

    I am a 23 year old college student (graduating with a BS in December) from Saginaw, Michigan. For now my jobs consist of driving horse carriages and being a zoo keeper.

    Honestly, I pretty much read all the posts…so no preference!

  301. Storfot responds:

    Hi Loren

    I am a linguist (working in the research field). An avid fan of Chomsky :) (for various reasons). I speak a handful of languages including English which is not my native tongue (German, Japanese et cetera).

    Most of the posts here are interesting and I especially enjoy the modern reports.

  302. HoneyBee responds:

    I am a 26-year-old graduate student in Louisiana.

    I come here every day but I’ve never posted until now.

    My favorite articles to read are those involving Lake Monsters. I also like to see pictures/videos of possible cryptids and discoveries of new species.

  303. roswell responds:

    Roswell here (born there in 1957)
    Live in upstate NY now and work as an engineer in the pulp & paper industry

    Love the site, drop by about once a week or so read the articles and check out the pictures.

    Started here looking for more info on Bigfoot and Champy but now find all of it very interesting.

  304. Bob M responds:

    Hi Loren,

    Though never posting till now, i visit this site everyday. I live in Lincoln NE. I have been interested in cryptids ever since a program on Nessie when i was six. I would love to see more on all the airborne cryptids: Mothman, Batmen, Rods, and Thunderbirds. Also things like werewolves, Lizard Men, and all the unidentified animals sightings. Of course i enjoy all the posts; you do a great job with the site!

  305. Rin responds:

    Rin C., 23, London Ontario.

    I work at a homless shelter and I visit this site everyday. I constantly tell my friends and family about new finds made everyday by researchers, people in general and by divine accident. I’m a fan of the unknown and people often think I tell tall tales and can’t back up claims of new species or new evidence of creatures. The bottom line is I love this world and all the things in it that can be explained and unexplained. Thank you so much for this site and all the people who contribute.

  306. DavidS responds:

    The Rev. Fr. David S., Age 41

    I am a Bi-Vocational Traditional Anglican Priest and Social Worker. I really enjoy your site and visit a few times a week. I am always amazed about all the wonderful and strange things our world has in it. We humans arrogantly think we “know it all.” I especially enjoy seeing the “newly discovered” animals. God’s creation is so wonderful and vast it is hard for us to truly appreciate it.


  307. Ole Bub responds:

    Interesting demographics for CM folks…the more participants the better the blog…JMHO

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  308. BlueJay responds:

    Broc, 16, male, high school student, northern Georgia.

    My aunt kittenz turned me on to this site. I like cryptids, lots of them. My aunt and I argue about them all the time :)

    I like aliens, Bigfoot, Nessie, Thunderbirds, Yeti, and lake monsters. Recently extinct animals like Tasmanian Tigers interest me too. I also think that black cougars are real.

  309. NickJonq responds:

    Sup, 26 year old high school teacher in Saguenay, Québec, Canada

    I come here everyday, never posted before

  310. Stan C. responds:

    Stan C.
    Early 20’s
    Cryptozoologist, Paranormal Investigator, UFOlogist, Yeti hunter, Medical Student
    I live in *undisclosed location* and study all the fringe sciences. I have a blog about weird news and intriguing discoveries and theories. I also interview people over email. I have sent an interview to Loren Coleman and can’t wait for his reply.

  311. Gothic_Thylacine responds:

    25, Forestville, CA, USA
    Animal Care Specialist

    I check the site every day for news. Been into cryptozoology since I was 5. My faves are any lake monsters and of course my namesake, the Thylacine! Keep up the great work!

  312. ukulelemike responds:

    Mike 45, US Army civilian worker

    I enjoy checking out what’s the latest in cryptonews. I’m a Christian, and have always believed God’s creation is far more complex that we think we have figured out. While I don’t believe in aliens, as the Bible clearly says Eve is the mother of ALL living, still, (Bugsport cracks me up, though!), I have always been intrigued by the various cryptids, and the probability that there are yet many critters out there that have either lived on since we think they were extinct, (as is seen almost daily), and some we have never seen before!

    And since I am also a young-earther, I think there is far more reason to believe in animals like Mokele-Mbembe, Nessie and their ilk, to still survive.

    I’d be interested in seeing an article on the writings of Marco Polo, who apparently wrote that the Emperor of China had ‘dragons’ draw his chariot in processions, and had an official dragon keeper. Could these have been dinosaurs?

  313. Bullfrog responds:

    Age: 48
    Occupation: VP of Compliance
    Location: Tomball, TX
    Interest: Bigfoot

  314. ragglefraggleking responds:

    My name is Justin. I have been insterested in cryptozoology since the third grade. I am in middle school right now and I live in New York. My cryptozoological interests are mainly Bigfoot, the Yeti, and The Lake Champlain Monster. I became insterested in cryptids when I took out a book about the Yeti from the library. I began taking out other books involved with the subject and finally bought Cryptozoology A to Z. Since then I have researched cryptids and I check out this blog weekly.

  315. jerryactrics responds:

    Name: Zachary
    Location: Atlanta
    Occupation: Student

    I love what I’ve been seeing. I would like to see more on the Thylacine. More Bigfoot videos/pictures would be great.

    I got started on cryptozoology when I saw a program on Bigfoot and started researching when I stumbled upon this lovely .com. I love it here. I hope to one day be a Cryptozoologist if the field becomes viable.

  316. GitfiddlrX responds:

    M/42 – Wanna Be Cryptozoologist…Wisconsin

    Love the Site, check it daily. Always something Cool 😀

    The mystery Big Fish Pic we keep seeing is awesome. Have you ruled out Sturgeon ?

    Thank You for all your Hard Work !



  317. oldpine responds:

    age 56
    factory worker from Lebanon, Mo.
    most interested in out of place big cats and living fossils. I have followed cryptozoology for about 35 years now, started with “On the Track of Unknown Animals” and the books and articles by Ivan Sanderson

  318. bccryptid responds:

    Gavin, I live in Victoria, BC, work in IT, and am a member of the BCSCC. I’m interested in lake and sea cryptids and the sasquatch. Currently concentrating on the latter on Vancouver island.

  319. scubaclaude responds:

    Name/Age: Claude, 31
    Occupation: Assistive Technology Specialist
    Location: Newport News, VA
    Other Info: VA Tech Graduate Student (Instructional Design & Technology)

    I love to scuba dive and hope to own my own personal submersible someday. The plethora of life on this earth is amazing! I’d like to say thank you to everyone who supports this site. The work that Loren and others like him do is so very important. Great job to all the young people out there taking an interest in the field. Great job Emily for Society of Cryptozoology at VA Tech. Go Hokies!

  320. Shane Durgee responds:

    Shane Durgee, 35, Brooklyn, NY.

    I do clerical work, but I’m also a writer and artist.

    You have the perfect mix of topics here and you seem to always be at the front of breaking crypto news big and small.

  321. thylacawomby responds:

    g’day, howyegaarrrnn! i’m david from kingsthorpe in queensland, australia. I work in the acute mental health field. i am a 41 yr old ex-defense force member and have recently accepted an offer to study history and international relations at university (i sound chuffed because i am). i’ve been a crypto fan since i was a wee spright and love everything about the site. if i ever get to the states, i’m heading straight for maine first! keep up the good work loren and co.. cheers!!

  322. Jeremy_W responds:

    Jeremy D. W., 33, Austin, TX
    educational content developer, writer, editor
    I love the Cryptomundo story choice and format. I enjoy examinations of the intersection between cryptids and folklore (a la’ the Jersey Devil, Bigfoot type creatures or Little People in the tales of Native American peoples, etc.)

  323. robzilla responds:

    My name is rob i live in East Tawas MI a little town on Lake Huron been around here for bout 3 years keep up the good work.

  324. Pangolin responds:

    Edmonton, Albert
    I’m a university student graduating with a double major in Biology/ Earth and Atmospheric Sciences this spring. Even though I get a lot of hell from my friends, I love anything crypto related. Most of what is posted here intrigues me and I enjoy it all!

  325. tx_leroy responds:

    My name is J. Ray. I live in Portland, Texas which is about 10 miles north of Corpus Christi. I am 47 years old. I work in an oil refinery as a console supervisor. I spend alot of time outdoors mainly fishing but also some hunting and looking for arrowheads. I became interested in cryptozoology as a teenager thanks to an older guy that worked at a camp I used to go to. He told Bigfoot stories and from there I just got hooked and have been reading and researching everything I can get a hold of ever since. I actually enjoy everything that you post on this site – not only about Bigfoot, although that is my main focus. I also enjoy the articles about the big cats. Here in South Texas we have cougars, bobcats, ocelots and jaguarundi. There have been jaguars spotted by credible sources especially a little south of here. With global warming it is not inconceivable that jaguars are spreading northward and the rise in “black panthers” sightings could indeed be these migrating animals. Not necessarily cryptids just displaced and, to the person not used to seeing these animals, very unnerving. Loren, keep up the good work. This is my first posting, probably won’t be my last.

  326. atule responds:

    Hi, Loren. Started visiting your site about a year ago after a C2CAM spot you did. I’m a 50 yr old government contractor by day, web designer and entrepreneur by night. Father of two in southern Illinois. My 11 year old daughter loves the Bigfoot articles as do I, but I’m still partial to the sea serpent stories!

  327. deadfoot responds:

    47 year old father of 3, senior QA engineer for a financial data provider in downtown NYC. I’ve always been interested in all the alternative stuff, but what really got me strolling down the Bigfoot path in a more serious way was after reading Lloyd Pye’s “Everything You Know Is Wrong”. I don’t remember when I started visiting cryptomundo but it’s always on my visit list for any given day.

  328. FodderButWiser responds:

    I’ve just read every post here, and I gotta say, WE ARE IN EXCELLENT COMPANY!

    Such a wide variety of intelligent, questioning people.

    Hey, WE know the Truth of these things;
    Let’s just go out and prove it.
    (But we will keep it among ourselves, right? Har, Har).

    BTW, I respect your other work, also.
    Recognising patterns in the Evil men do,
    and helping to train folks to be aware, and prevent further pain and loss?
    Man, that alone is GOLDEN.
    And the rest is gravy.

  329. GoodyTShoos responds:

    Hi, Gayle here! I live in rural, King County, Washington. Age 51, stay-at-home Mom for 17 years, recently ventured back into the workforce as a preschool/daycare assistant. Also, my husband and I own a family-run, landscape construction business which has allowed me to stay home and raise 2 children, both now pretty much on their own and starting their own lives.

    I am interested in anything Bigfoot and have high hopes that proof of their existence is close at hand. I had an eerie experience in 2004 while mushroom hunting (matsutake and chanterelles to clarify) that resulted in an internet search for any information on this elusive creature and found this site. Have been an avid Cryptomundo lurker for the last couple of years. Surrounded by skeptics in my family circle, this site brings a bit of comfort. I’m an Army brat who enjoys Genealogy and family research because of my multi-ethnic background (Caucasian father and Japanese mother) and interest in ancient peoples and cultures, i.e., where we came from, how we got here and what next?

    Anything cryptic, paranormal, and ancient history are my favorites. This site is a source of reading relaxation for me. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  330. youcantryreachingme responds:

    Hi all,

    my name is Chris Rehberg. I’m 33 and previously have completed first year science for an environmental biology degree and then a further 12 months as a biology lab assistant. After this I switched to IT and completed an undergrad in computing science and a diploma in information technology.

    I have always had a love for wildlife and an interest in rare and/or “unknown” animals (and myths).

    For the past 3 years I have run a website dedicated to examining the evidence for rare fauna, particularly Australian.

    I am particularly interested in the Tasmanian tiger and other rare Australian fauna, and also in the division between the search for extinct species and the search for unknown species within cryptozoology.

    I think Cryptomundo does a fantastic job to draw together a wealth of crypto and wildlife news and the opinions of what is obviously (from the above comments) a very large and diverse audience.



  331. Uglybob responds:

    Wayne. 42. courier. I live somewhere near Edmonton Alberta. Love the site and really enjoyed meeting Mr. Coleman when he was at the museum this past summer.

  332. F15Pilot responds:

    Lloyd, 42, Manager. I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC, and attended last year’s BFRO Expedition. Been interested (relatives and friends would say obsessed) with seeing a Sasquatch for all my life. Formed a little club called VICSET, Vancouver Island Cryptozoological Search & Expedition Team. We go on weekend trips to promising areas on the island. Also interested in Caborosaurus.

  333. Daryl Colyer responds:

    I am from Texas, 47 years old, and on occasion Craig has invited me to guest-blog for Cryptomundo, and it has been my honor to do so.

    I am a banking management professional now, formerly USAF intelligence: an airborne linguist, SERE-trained.

    I am with the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy and am interested in all stories/articles that seriously explore the plausibility of the sasquatch’s existence. I have seen one of these things so they’re no myth to me.

    I also am very interested in all articles regarding large cats in North America, particularly large BLACK ones; my father saw one along with two cubs in the 1960s in Southeast Texas, and my daughter saw one in Central Texas, about 5 miles from where I presently live. I did put out two Reconyx camera traps in that area and was able to collect over 70 very nice images of two bobcats.

    Loren, I don’t know how you do it, but heck of a job on the daily blogs and articles. Keep up the good work, my friend.

    Craig, brother, thanks for the cool site; it’s been a game-changer.

  334. Adidas182ia responds:

    Becca – 28 – Southeast Iowa – Surgical Supply & Processing Tech

    Mom’s a 911 Dispatcher, one night she received a call from a genuinely freaked out old hunter. He saw something by the roadside on his way home from deer hunting with his wife. It was taller than the “No Passing Zone” sign it was standing next to and covered in dark hair. With one step it cleared a ditch then went over a fence into the ammunition plant we all suspect “he” lives in. I’ve been hooked ever since. Mom bought me Cryptozoology A-Z for Christmas a few years ago. I devoured it! :)

    I love love love to hear about Sasquatch, Orang-Pendek, Mokele-mbembe, and all the awesome new species that are being discovered!!!

  335. lyndonn... responds:

    hello. My name is Lyndon J. N., born and raised in Southeastern Oklahoma.

    I am 24 yrs old. Graduated in Fall of 2007 with my Bachelors in Conservation and Wildlife Biology from SOSU.

    Despite my education, I am employed as an actor, gun wrangler, and etc. on the Global Broadcasting Company Series, Hidden Histories.

    I have had a fascination with cryptids since I was a young child. My favorite subject of study in cryptozoology is the “Black Panthers” of Southeastern Oklahoma and surrounding areas.


  336. Data responds:


    In cryptozoology I am mostly interested in Bigfoot and similar. In this regard I especially like that Cryptomundo also report of the Russian Alma research.

  337. G_Model101 responds:


    I check Cryptomundo every day and find it does the job of bringing otherwise niche research and articles on the unexplained to the masses. Keep up the good work. I for one am glad to be part of the community.

  338. osiris_investigators responds:

    Orlando, FL USA
    IT and EMS Instructor (I also do paranormal research and investigation in Central Florida, but not for a living)

    I’m a semi-regular reader and a fan of your work. My first request for content would be anything to do with Florida cryptids (selfish, I know), but more realistically, I’m less of a fan of bigfoot and the “standard” cryptids and more into the really creepy high-strangeness stuff like the so-called “Wisconsin Werewolf”, Chupacabras, anomalous canines, and the like.

  339. Daniel-san responds:

    Howdy. I’ve been lurking since the beginning.

    I’m 32 and live in Denton, Texas. I’m a sculptor who runs an art supply store for money.

    As far as what I would like to see?

    I like a little John Keel flair to things when it makes sense in context. That already happens, though.

    I like reading old stories I’ve never heard before. You already post those, though.

    Really, everything I can think of is already being done or I wouldn’t have stuck around this long.

    Thanks for your time and effort.

  340. LadyPhoenix responds:

    Hello, site. Have read stuff here for some time, but if I registered before, I lost it. 44-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother, in the U.S., no permanent spot yet with a soldier for a husband.

    Love the entire topic of cryptozoology, and have since I was a kid. I like hearing about various sightings, information on newly discovered (or re-discovered) animals, opinions form the pros in the field, details on the latest expeditions after any cryptid, and pictures that might or might not be the real thing. Personal favorites are sea and lake monsters, and flying cryptids, like the ropen.

    Love the idea of getting us all to introduce ourselves a bit. Great, professional site.

  341. PapaKrok responds:

    PapaKrok here,

    Age: 42
    Location: Utah
    Anarchist, Naughty Shaman, DustMaker

  342. cryptocarolyn responds:

    Age: 34
    Location: Charlottesville, VA
    Occupation: Catsitter and Freelance Writer

    I have a B.A. in History from U.V.A. and J.D. in Environmental Law & Policy from Vermont Law School. I have been a Board member of CASPER (Charlottesville-Albemarle Society for Paranormal Education & Research), member of hiking and cooking clubs, and recently founded the Central Virginia Cryptozoology Club.

    I have so many interests, but particularly those of cryptids in the Eastern U.S. where I have resided most of my life. I love reading biographies of people in the field, photos of cryptids and cryptid evidence, new species discoveries, discoveries of species thought extinct, historical research, and really have been interested in most of what I have read here.

    For the coming year, I would be interested in defining a separation of the science of paranormal research from the science of cryptozoology, and whether readers and researchers think combining the fields in articles, posts, books, and websites impacts one or the other. I am also interested in tracking the development of educational and research opportunities.

    Great job Loren. I look forward to the day when I can make a living as a full-time cryptozoologist!

  343. Dr.Cocktail responds:

    Hi Loren and everyone else on this fantastic site,

    I tried posting on this topic when it first came up, but for some reason wasn’t able to. So here goes:

    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Location: Rochester, UK
    Occupation: Security Services
    Education: B.A. in History from the University of Wales, Lampeter.

    Sea serpents and giant snakes seem to be the most likely candidates for me (although I would love it if all of the creatures and plants discussed in these fields existed!).

    Keep up the good work!

  344. Dr.Cocktail responds:

    I should just modify that last bit from “sea serpents” to the far more scientific term “sea beasties”.

  345. cryptogirl responds:

    gender: female
    age: 30
    occupation: law student
    location: Portland, Oregon

    I love everything sasquatchy or otherwise hominid-related; living in Portland, I expect to run across a bigfoot any day now (although, given the number of fuzz-faced hipsters in this town, it may be difficult to know for sure). Anything to do with Thunderbirds, Mammoths, or other allegedly extinct Pleistocene megafauna always piques my interest. My favorite posts are definitely sighting reports – both current and historical.

    Cryptomundo is consistently one of the best sites on the web. The balance between skepticism and romanticism is dead on. Thank you Loren for your scholarship, diligence, wit, and your profound ability to remind me that beyond my often mundane life waits a world that is wonderful and mysterious and open to almost every possibility. Next time you find yourself in the “other” Portland, look me up; I’ll buy you a drink.

  346. kittenz responds:

    AWESOME! 347 of us care enough about interacting with Loren and the rest of the guys, and with each other, to post these little bio profiles. I’ve read them all – Hi Y’all from Sheila in Kentucky!

    Now I’m gonna go way out on a limb and issue a challenge: I pledge a $10 donation to the Museum/Loren, and I challenge all of you to do the same! Why, that would pay the IRS with a bit of change to spare!

    One drop of water does not seem too significant. But many drops of water together dug the Grand Canyon. If we readers join together we can really make a difference!

    I copied your donation addresses here Loren; I hope that’s OK:

    International Cryptozoology Museum
    c/o Loren Coleman
    PO Box 360
    Portland, ME 04112

    You may also merely use PayPal to

  347. nzcryptozoologist responds:

    My name is Tony L.
    Im 44.
    Live in New Zealand.
    Am Disabled.
    Taken me a while to find this as my health deteriorated last year and Im just recovering and able to work again.
    I am a New Zealand Cryptozoologist and UFO investigator.
    Have collaborated on a couple of books.
    Elementium Beastia and The CFZ Yearbook both of which have had fine contribution from Loren I note.
    I have published various articles online and in different Magizines regarding both UFOS and Cryptozoology along with other mysteries.
    I have appeared on 20/20 and various radio shows here in New Zealand.
    I have two websites one on New Zealand UFOs and another on New Zealand Cryptozoology.
    Im currently working on a couple of book projects and various articles, fileing projects and theories.

    Anyway enough self flag waving as there is work to be done.

    Tony Lucas
    NZ Unnatural Mystery Centre.

  348. magneticcrow responds:

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Location: USA

    Education: BFA Fine art Printmaking

    Profession: Freelance illustrator

    Particular interests: Anything monstrous.

  349. Maine Crypto responds:

    I missed this one so I need to add my 2 cents! I am a 25 year old female and I teach Pre-School and am working on my masters. Also, I obviously live in Maine. Too bad that so few people responded out of a possible 10,000! Keep up the great work Loren!

  350. wuduwasa responds:

    St. Louis, MO

    Hello, everyone! I’ve been obsessed with sasquatch since the Patterson-Gimlin footage terrified me as a five year old.

    I received my doctorate in literature this past December. The topic of my dissertation was the Wild Man in American Lit, which was inspired in part by Loren’s (and other) books on sasquatch. If you want a taste of the figure in American literature, check out Mark Twain’s “Wild Man Interviewed,” a short piece from the Buffalo Express. Grendel is another good example of the literary Wild Man (though not the American version) and is featured in Loren and Patrick Huyghe’s Field Guide to Bigfoot. Wild Men play a bigger role in the literature of this country than you might think!

    Of course I’m partial to wild man reports, but I’d love to see more on deep sea (that other vast wilderness) cryptids. I’m also interested in theories that cite hominoids other than gigantopithecus as potential ancestors of the modern sasquatch.

  351. size 13 responds:

    Dan S. from Tx. I’m into music (Guitar, I’m damn hot) and Bigfootery. Done already sent Loren a hunert bux in ’07. I’ve seen the critter and am more into researchn stuff. Oh yea my name is my shoe size. get it? nevermind. More Bigfoot Stuff Paleeze.

  352. Kirsty08 responds:

    Im a 21 year old female from Derby in the UK, I work as a carer but, am desperatly trying to get a job in the animal based field. I am a huge lover of animals and cryptozoology and love checking this site for new discoveries like the pink iguanas of the Galapagos, mystery photos and videos that I can try to help identify and to learn more about popular cryptids such as Bigfoot, mokele mbembe, mothman and others.

  353. Lightning Orb responds:

    New York college dude in the Hudson River Vally area – into bizarre science, strange truth, weird theories and philosophy, etc. Particularly enjoy the singularly strange and abnormal reports (stuff like Mothman, Kentucky space goblins, hellhounds, Flatwoods monster, Enfield horror, etc.) Live in a supposedly paranormal area (known for the infamous Hudson River Valley UFO flap, not far from a supposedly very haunted grave yard and an old woodsy road decked with stone gardian lions whose eyes are supposed to glow; also the Hudson was supposed to have a lake monster at one point). I’ve learned to be quite open-minded over the years after certain… unusual events. Great sight, love reading up on all the strange cryptid encounters here when I’m not bogged down with college and such – thanks for all the work here

  354. springheeledjack responds:

    okay, If I’m not mistaken we still haven’t heard out of Ben R….so what gives? It may kill you, but you are part of the Cryptomundo family…can’t believe those words escaped my keyboard…so come on be a sport and sound off!!!

    In the meantime…repeat after me…Champ is not a stick, Champ is not a stick…

  355. Loren Coleman responds:

    Thank you!

  356. groovyghosthunter responds:

    College Graduate
    Creative Director
    Kentucky, USA

    I’m mostly interested in anything Bigfoot related, but also like to read about sea monsters and UFOs. I’m a big fan of Destination Truth even though a lot of people think it’s just fluff. I find it very enjoyable.

  357. davidk responds:

    Gender = Male
    Location = Melb. Australia
    Occupation = Software Developer, Small Business Owner, Part Time Politician
    Age = 45

    Crypto Interests: Ice Age fauna survival, paleo anthro survival – into modern times. BF, Euro/Asiatic hominoids, Flores homonid progress (or lack there-of), Australian predator survival including Tas. Tiger, thaleo etc. Small “hidden” discoveries such as those you share with us here regularly, confirming the existence of small, but none the less important and unknown species.

  358. Jason C. responds:

    My name is Jason C.

    I am a 40 year old radiological technologist, former USMC, unit coordinator of an ER, Unitarian minister [am on “hiatus” from the church], father of two four year olds, and married to a wonderful woman for seven years now.

    I love hardcore punk music, David Lynch movies, and William S. Burroughs is my favorite writer, followed by a draw between H. H. Munro and Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

    I first stumbled into cryptozoology through the writings of Colin Wilson and John Keel. My interests lie more towards so-called “paranormal” subjects, but through studying the history of The Bell Witch and Gef the talking mongoose [notice the similarities between the two of them and a Kobold from Germany called Hinzelmann!], I have developed an interest in Mr. Coleman’s books, William Corliss’s Sourcebook Project and Dr. Karl Shukur’s work. All interesting, compelling stuff.

    I would not say I am a total skeptik, per se, but I do adhere to the “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” philosophy towards claims of things not-yet-understood. Orbs, blobsquatches and “pixel enhancement techniques” do NOT represent “evidence” to me.

  359. Loren Coleman responds:

    It has come to my attention that some of you have sent in donations to me by using the “Support Cryptomundo with PayPal” button in the upper right hand corner above. This method, which does not reach me, has been employed instead of directly using my email address,

    As mentioned before, I am not the admin or owner of Cryptomundo, and donations via that button are not for the museum or for my use, but go to the folks in California for Cryptomundo.

    If you have sent in any amounts that you wished would have reached me instead via this page’s button, please email me at so I may sort this out.

    Thank you.

  360. auscryptoboy responds:

    My name is Tom
    i am 17 and have been reading cryptomundo since i was 15 and have great respect for Mr Coleman and the other regular conributors to this site.
    i became interested in cryptozoology through my interest in australian hairy men or dhulagahl as i live on the australian southeastcoast which is a so called hairy man hotspot
    family friends have had experiences with these creatures one friend even has a property on which sits gorrilla gully named becuase it is supposedly the place the last australian gorrilla was seen. i also know many aboriginal people who have had personal experiences with various kinds of hairy men throughout their lives and accept their existence as readily as kangaroos

  361. SKM responds:

    Age: 19
    Location: Upstate NY
    Occupation: Student majoring in Journalism
    Interests: Articles that involve strange behavior by known animals, anything with questionable photos, Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie.

  362. Endroren responds:

    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Writer (Sci-fi & Fantasy)
    Last Sighted In: Michigan

    I love the unexplained. So much of what we accept as fact today was once the realm of fringe science. At the same time, I like a reasoned approach – one that embraces new ideas while maintaining a skeptical mind.

    I love stories about: expeditions, relatively well documented sightings, and old unsolved mysteries (like the “fish” picture in this post!)

    And have I asked you to start Paramundo recently? So much to explore in addition to cryptozoology – and you’re so good at it Loren!

  363. Averagefoot responds:

    Hi, I’m Michael. Im 26 yrs. old. I live in the Pacific Northwest but was born and raised in Arizona. I have been deeply fascinated with biology, genetics, zoology and cryptozoology since I was a child.

    My love for the unknown started when my father told me several stories as a young boy. They are too long to get into here but several have to do with strange creatures, strange lights, and other such unknown things. The Arizona desert is vast. Even today many places in AZ (even ancient burial grounds) are uknown to “foreigners” and the desert is mysterious and amazing. I’d love to post a column in the future on AZ Sasquatch sightings, but first I have many interviews to get through.

    P.S. I’m not limited to cryptids. I also very much like all things supernatural (aliens, demons, ghosts, etc,) whether I believe in them or not.

  364. ponyboy responds:

    I’m 22 years old, living in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m an IT professional, who also writes comic books. As a hobby, I enjoy taking part in skeptical research into cryptozoological and paranormal mysteries.

    My favorite types of posts on the site are those highlighting the less-known cryptids in the world, sightings of extinct creatures, and anything related to the South-East!

  365. clancyryan responds:

    Sorry I took so long, it wouldnt let me write comments for awhile, and I thought id add a little to your demographic finally.

    My name is Calum and im 27 from Nova Scotia, Canada. I live on an island called Cape Breton, and as far as I know there havent been any reported sightings of bigfoot here (though i read an account in a book of ghost stories about a wild hairy man, which I will eventually scan and send to you, Mr. Coleman).
    Ive been interested in Bigfoot, and other cryptids to a lesser extent for as long as I can remember. Anything involving Sasquatch or the Yeti I read right away, but I enjoy all kinds of posts, except for ones about big cats, which I honestly think are dull.
    Im a film school and university grad, and I hope to one day make a short film about bigfoot. I currently work as a researcher on a culture/history website.

  366. Loren Coleman responds:

    Testing this to see if it works on here.

    Please press on this button and tell me where it goes:

  367. theprof responds:

    Terry H-S [“the Prof”], 52 years old, naturalist/writer and between 1976-2008 I was a consultant to UK police forces on exotics in the wild, blah, blah, blah.

    I check Cryptomundo every day and I think it has a good balance of material.

    Keep up the good work.

  368. Troy Adam responds:

    Age: 39
    Occupation: Lumber Industry
    Location: Saint Marys, Pennsylvania

    I’m interested in Bigfoot, Thunderbirds and Mystery Cats. I read Cryptomundo almost every day and enjoy all the stories. It’s a great website and a great community of open minded people.

    Thanks you for your dedication.

  369. Martin of Pines responds:

    The link seems to work Loren, it goes to the museum donations paypal page.
    Martin K-T (Mashpin/Sentevan)
    16 years young
    I am constantly uplifted by the level of insight and open mindedness on cryptomundo which is so pathetically absent in the mainstream scientific community!!
    Best wishes and good luck (btw does anyone know of any worthwhile cryptozoological seminars or societies in or near Princeton New Jersey?) I hope to see an article about con rit or the fierce Irish waterhound!!

  370. Fhqwhgads responds:

    Age: 27 (in hexadecimal)
    Location: WV
    Occupation: Physics professor

    Interests: I’m more interested in the reported sightings of either presumed-extinct animals or some of the more off-the-wall creatures that almost certainly don’t exist (Mothman, etc.). Bigfoot falls somewhere in between — no problem with him.

    I’m less interested in the “inside baseball” reports on what is coming up on MonsterQuest, etc.

  371. maeko responds:

    Female, 29, appraiser. Historical accounts, discovered species, hominoid stories, archeological discoveries, many misc.

  372. kittenz responds:

    Hi Loren and y’all from the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky!

    Everything is so beautiful here this spring! Twice this week, on my way to work, I’ve seen elk, and the flowering dogwoods, redbuds, and wildflowers are just glorious. C’mon down to Pike County and the spectacular Breaks Interstate Park on the Kentucky / Virginia border! Dunno if you’ll see Bigfoot, but it’s Hillbilly Days in Pikeville so anything’s possible 😉 !

    The donation button works, Loren. I’ve sent a small donation, and here’s a little challenge to everyone on this list, amd all the readers who aren’t represented here: send what you can, to keep the museum going and keep this terrific blog community going. A buck or two really adds up fast when many people send them.

  373. Asherz_Carrion responds:

    Hello there! Well, I have posted before but not very often. I’ll share some information about myself.

    Age: 18
    Location: Ohio
    Occupation: My profession is in body modification. I spent 5 years learning to do everything except tattooing. I’m also an aspiring model, musician, and author. I’ve had great experience with 2 out of the 3.

    I love the posts that include mystery photos. historical sightings, and anything else that gets everyone in an uproar. The articles are just the cherry on top. The comments are what really makes it interesting.

    My favorite cryptids would have to be Thunderbirds and anything that swims. I’m very much so interested in the search for the mystery Thunderbird photo. I have never seen this photo but I come from a family who have all seen this photo. It’s strange to me because if I get into any sort of crypto talk, they shut down. They are not interested in anything that has the possibility of not existing. Since mentioning the photo to them (I remember being a child and them talking about it occasionally) they have been searching, frantically, for it. We’ll see how the search goes.

  374. apithacus responds:

    I enjoy the stories about the ropen, and lake monsters. I also like hearing about new species. I read daily and can only hope that one day I read some great news.

  375. Drosselmeyer responds:

    I’m Forrest, eighteen years old, currently finishing up highschool.

    I’m a Fortean. While I don’t believe that Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster and such are, or can possibly be, physical animals, but rather projections from the human psyche, I do believe that there may be Yeti in the Himalayas, and am 100% certain there are massive, undiscovered marine animals in the deep oceans.

    I like reading about the sides of cryptozoology that even cryptozoologists seem to sweep under the rug. That even though there is no possible way that an undiscovered great ape could remain hidden in England, there are still many sightings of Bigfoot like creatures there that can’t be explained away. That these creatures people see might not all be “survivors of the Prehistoric Era.”

    I want to read about new theories, not the same old tired ones.

  376. odingirl responds:

    Odingirl here. 40 year-old female who works in the Death Valley-dry field of medical research regulatory compliance (believe me, I’m yawning too). I check in with this website several times a day.

    I like to think of myself as an ‘anomalist’; that blanket term seems to cover it well enough. Everything unidentified or that isn’t as it supposedly should be fascinates me. I remember reading the works of Charles Fort when I was a kid and as an adult, became a huge fan of John Keel, so I like to think I can appreciate a wide variety of perspectives. I also enjoy Loren’s work immensely.

    I have no preference for any subjects in particular; it’s all good. I just love me some cryptids.

  377. Eeny responds:

    I’m Lauren, and I’m a 15 year old student. I live in the United States and I’m currently a freshman in highschool. I visit Cryptomundo every day but never decided to make an account until now.

  378. gbi_club responds:

    Greetings from Indonesia, this is Ben, I’m in my mid 30s, graduated from Universitas Indonesia Masters Program in American Studies. I currently work for Indonesia Olympic Committee. I have been interested in Cryptids since the 1980s, when I was a little kid I saw a big snake (must have been a python reticulatus) swimming in Java Sea, which made an impact on me, I fell in love with water cryptids in general and sea serpents in particular ever since. I have begun web browsing in 1996, and have been reading cryptomundo since 2008.

    I am here to read the discussions between fellows cryptofans and read interesting articles about cryptids, especially those written by our friend from Japan, Mister Mystery Man.

    I’d like to submit articles about Indonesian folklore with relation to known cryptids, but I don’t know the procedures (computer illiterate dude here :) ), please help me Mr. Coleman. Thank you very much and selamat bekerja (translation: have a good day at work).

  379. Pheona responds:

    38 yr old woman from Missoula MT. I’m a department manager in a Property Management Company.

    I love this site! I like all the stories, especially when there is a new photo or video involved. Even if it’s obviously not what it looks like it’s fascinating to read peoples views on it. And I’m so impressed with how knowledgeable the posters are here.

    Keep up the good work Loren!

  380. Morgaine responds:

    Hi – I don’t know if I’ve ever posted here, but I’ve been a reader for a long time. I’m 48, female, retired from the federal government and I’m a Dianic Witch. I love sea monsters and lake monsters, but I enjoy hearing about all the other cryptids, too.

  381. John Savoy responds:

    43 male retired tankerman former US Marine from Rose City Texas

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