July 25, 2012

Have Vietnam’s Wildmen Killed Humans?

Patterson Bigfoot

Jeff H. Johnson is a well-known artist. His sculpture of the Patterson Bigfoot (above and below) is an important resin model, and not a toy. His cryptid replicas are familiar to most researchers.

Patterson Bigfoot

Johnson was recently in Dallas, working on larger sculptures. He wrote the following, concerning an interaction about the Vietnam Wildmen or Nguoi Rung, that occurred there.

One of the people I was working with is a Vietnamese man named Chung. I have known him for years, and he is a quiet, serious, and hard working man. I saw the Destination Truth episode about the wildman in Vietnam, and thought I would ask him about it, to see if he had ever heard anything about it while he lived there.

I asked him, “Have you ever heard of the Vietnamese Wildman?”

I explained it is something like the Bigfoot of North American fame, an ape-like creature. He said “Yes,” and that they are quite violent.

Chung said that some people had been killed by this creature, all due to a group of men that had shot one. He said that (while drawing a map with his finger) a group of men had traveled from Laos, cut through the edge of Cambodia, and at the border of North/South Vietnam, encountered and shot one of the “Wildmen.” Then they fled back to Laos. Apparently, revenge was on the mind of the creatures, who attacked a small village in the area where the shooting took place, killing some residents. Chung made stomping and tearing motions while he described what they did to the victims.

I asked him when this took place, and he said about seven years ago. I then asked how he knew of the story, and he said he was visiting relatives in Vietnam while on vacation, and it was on the news there, even showing photos (of the victims, I believe). Interesting story, and I felt the need to relate it to you. Chung is a serious guy, and can be taken as such. So, somewhere in the media in Vietnam, there could be this story. Makes you wonder how many other “incidents” never reach Western news. I looked on a map when I got home that day, and the layout was exactly as Chung described it. Wanted to share this, Jeff

Nguoi Rung. Source: The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates

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