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Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 2nd, 2009

The following are photographs of the exact location of Dean Harrison’s alleged Australian Yowie attack.

Harrison writes: “There is an uphill view from where it came from, the track it leapt on and the downhill slope where it finally got to me down the bottom.”

Please note, the Australian word “track” is translated as “trail” or “pathway” in American English.

Harrison notes: “The granite area where we are standing is where I landed flat on my back.”

All images may be clicked to enlarge the photographs.

For those who called for visual evidence of the attack, Harrison had previously released photographs of the physical outcome of the event.

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5 Responses to “Yowie Attack Site Photos”

  1. WOLVES-TALON responds:

    In your defense …… Good save Loren !

    When the first post said that there was more photos, and were less “In Your Face” <– Literally ! You really meant it….Whew !

    I now do believe that those bruises could have come from a tumble down that terrain.

  2. raisinsofwrath responds:

    I don’t understand what these pictures are supposed to prove or convey. I am of the opinion that the guy took a tumble down that incline out of sheer clumsiness. If in fact he was hit that hard by a Yowie he’d likely have hairs on him as well as a distinct odor. As a cousin of Bigfoot the Yowie is likely going to have a strong odor.

    Where are the hairs? Did he mention a smell on his clothes? If so I didn’t read anything about it.

  3. airforce47 responds:


    I’ve emailed with Dean and discussed his findings several times. He has always been polite and straight forward. I disagree with raisinsofwrath but he’s entitled to his opinion.

    To me if Dean said he ran into a Yowie he ran into one. I won’t suggest anybody manufactures evidence unless I’ve got pretty good proof. My best,

  4. YowieLover responds:


    You may be correct…

    On the sound file 5 minutes and 45 seconds before the alleged attack, there was a comment from Joe exclaiming “What was that?!” To a sound that we all heard up where Dean (AKA Colonel Flagg from MASH) went.

    To me it sounded like a crash, thump, then arrrgghhh! as if he was winded from a fall about 70 meters away from camp. One voice is then heard saying “that was Dean falling over” and all at camp laughed about that remark. I hope to receive permission from all present on the night to be able to upload the whole sound file in the near future.


  5. nimbunje responds:

    That looks to me like Brooyar forest to me near Gympie-I live over the hill in the Wonga Valley.I have had extremely strange and frightening experiences in Brooyar Forest and Wrattens forest near Widgee at night.I have been stalked through the Hoop Pine in the predawn hours myself around ten years ago and will not under any circumstance go into the hills unarmed at night.Over the hill in Brooyar Forest(where I presuppose these photos are taken) a mate and I found a huge sprat on a log with orange hairs embedded -it definately wasn,t fox and smelled like Tiger and lion shit-just go to your local travelling circus and $5-00 buys tiger poo for comparison.Interestingly enough the original aboriginal inhabitants the kaira Bora(my spelling is not accurate)a subgroup of the Kabi kabi tribe were called derisively the “sweet bite people”because of their tendency to favour human flesh in times of drought-particually in the winter.Widgee is an aboriginal name for Yowie as well.Be warned it is local opinion that these yowies are inbred and are extremely agressive hunting in packs .It is a very wet year with rain again last night -time will tell if this impacts on the local Yowie mating season that starts in August where lack of moisture and colder weather(no growth) force these creatures out of the hills looking for mates and food.

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