January 14, 2016

Today in Bigfoot History | 2001 | Bigfoot Gains Traction With Scientists

Bigfoot Lunch Club

How we picture Sasquatch being welcomed by academia

Today in 2001, Theo Stein of the Denver Post wrote an article originally titled, “Not All Scientists Doubt Bigfoot Now.” it was later retitled when it was archived as, “Legend of Bigfoot put to test, Mounting evidence gives many reason to believe.”

The headline may have changed due to the push back from Science Frontiersmagazine. We will get to that a little bit later.

Overall the Denver Post article listed a few Colorado Bigfoot hotspots, but it mostly centered around the premise that respected scientist were gaining interest in studying the Bigfoot phenomena:

An eclectic assortment of scientists and academics is testing the proposition that Bigfoot isn’t a myth but an ice age survivor that has managed to persist just outside the vision of Western science. Drawing on each other’s disciplines, these researchers are sharing information and applying sophisticated forensic techniques as never before.

As the article continues, it focuses on an Idaho State University professor named Jeff Meldrum. Read why Theo Stein thought the tide was turning towards an academic approach to Bigfoot and why Scientific Frontiers disagreed at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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