Bluff Creek Historical Videos

Posted by: Steven Streufert on August 5th, 2015

Two classics from Bluff Creek history, to which I’ve added the stabilization from YouTube. I’ve posted these so that they won’t ever disappear from the internet.

Rene Dahinden’s footage from Bluff Creek, while investigating the Blue Creek Mountain trackway, and subsequent footprint finds. This is the so-called “Tracking Dog Video,” which is mistakenly associated by MK Davis and others with the Patterson-Gimlin film event that occurred nearly two months later. This is from late August and the first days of September, 1967, while the PGF was shot on October 20th that year. Please note, there are no “dead Bigfoot” in this footage, and no blood on “Titmus'” hands. In fact, that is Keith Chiazarri, the pilot for the trip down from Canada.

Rene Dahinden’s Blue Creek Mountain Bigfoot Trackway Footage:

YouTube stabilization and color balancing added. Bill Munns has confirmed this as an unedited film sequence, a copy of the full camera roll that was in Roger Patterson’s Kodak Cine K-100 camera that day of October 20th, 1967.

Roll One, Complete: Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film and Preliminary Scenery of Bluff Creek

Read the rest of the story at Bigfoot’s bLog.

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