Yesterday in Bigfoot History | 2009 | Hopeful Skeptic Says Both Bigfoot Camps Need Help

Posted by: Guy Edwards on January 14th, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Eugenie Scott, a skeptic who would like Bigfoot to exist

“I would like [Bigfoot] to be real” — Dr. Eugenie Scott

Today in 2009 Eugenie Scott spoke at the Ask a Scientist event in San Francisco. The topic that night was Bigfoot. As an anthropologist and a skeptic Eugenie seems to have more patience for bigfooters than she has for creationist.

Dr. Eugenie Scott represents the Bay Area Skeptics. She quickly identifies two camps of bigfooters. In the first camp, as she describes them, are the paranormal, mystical bigfooters that believe Bigfoot can shape shift, she quickly marginalizes them and says that is an argument for theologists. In the second camp are, as she defines them, cryptozoologist. She is critical of their lack of scientific process and ability to test their explanations. Dr. Scott does say Scientist like Dr. Jeff Meldrum are heading in the right direction. The description of the event is below.

Tuesday, January 13, 7:00 PM
Ask a Scientist: Bigfoot and Other Wild Men of the Forest

Bigfoot, Yeti, and hordes of other cryptoid missing links have been igniting human imagination for ages. Even the most skeptical of us must wonder if it’s possible there really could be large, undiscovered primates on earth, still unknown to us humans. Can we be so sure we’ve found them all? And if some enticing evidence presented itself, how would we test it scientifically? Tonight physical anthropologist Eugenie Scott will help us answer the question of whether or not we might one day be able to welcome some long lost relatives to the family tree. This event is presented in collaboration with the Bay Area Skeptics.

Speaker: Eugenie Scott; Physical Anthropologist and Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education

Although we don’t know exactly what happened at the Ask a Scientist event, we can get a pretty good idea based on a video of her presentation for The Bay Area Skeptics. You can watch the video at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

Guy Edwards About Guy Edwards
Psychology reduces to biology, all biology to chemistry, chemistry to physics, and finally physics to mathematical logic. Guy Edwards is host of the Portland, OR event

3 Responses to “Yesterday in Bigfoot History | 2009 | Hopeful Skeptic Says Both Bigfoot Camps Need Help”

  1. Goodfoot responds:

    “I would like Bigfoot to be real.” I can’t even understand what that means. To me, it just sounds condescending: “there, there, dear… I wish Bigfoot were real, too. Let me get you a cup of tea.”

  2. sasquatch responds:

    Pastor Bob Enyart from Denver schooled her the air once.

  3. Deception Detective responds:

    Hmmm! If Bigfoot actually exists, why isn’t there more tangible evidence to support its existence (e.g. dead carcasses, bone fragments, hair, feces, etc.)? If the creature is illusive and shy, as some believe, and if the creature prefers to dwell, give birth, die, shed hair and defecate somewhere other than in the woods (e.g. a cave), why aren’t the BFRO field teams including caves in their searches? Iridescent eye shine after dark is evidence of a wild animal’s presence in the woods. However, alleged eyewitness reports of glowing red and/or green eyes, supernatural speed and strength, the ability to instantaneously dematerialize or disappear, the ability to evade bullets and not leave a blood trail when shot at point-blank range, rotten-egg/sulphur/decaying flesh odors, wood-knocking, rock-throwing, howling, whoops, low guttural growls, evil chuckling, and gibberish language vocalizations strongly suggests an alternative explanation that few people consider: paranormal, poltergeist activity, like that experienced in so-called haunted houses. Contrary to popular belief, haunted houses are not inhabited by the spirits of dead people, but rather by demon (evil) spirits … more specifically ‘familiar spirits’ … so-called because they possess knowledge about a house’s history and the people who lived there. Demon spirits are particularly attracted and drawn to geographical areas and locations where evil acts have been perpetrated (murders, rapes, abuse, torture, sexual sins, occult rituals, Satan worship, etc.). Paranormal activity is nothing more than demonic manifestations. Demons are disembodied, malevolent spirits that roam the earth. Their objective is to deceive and torment mankind with their manifestations and pranks, often leaving so-called physical evidence of their passage to further perpetuate the deception. For example, belief in Bigfoot supports one of the greatest satanic end-time deceptions … “Evolution” … an unproven ‘theory,’ … which attacks and seeks to discredit the existence and reality of God Almighty, Creator of the heavens and earth, mankind and all living things. Demons also seek to possess animals and humans so they can experience our physical world as animals and people do. Consider the similarities between evil spirits and Bigfoot: Demons are able to appear and disappear at will because, as spirits, they pass from one dimension to another. They also possess supernatural powers and strength, as evidenced in exorcisms. They are able to change form and appearance and assume the visage and characteristics of animals and people. They are able to change the atmosphere (changing the temperature of a room to cold) and manipulate or move objects in the realm of our physical world. Their presence always instills fear and dread when detected or discerned by animals or humans, as is the case when a Bigfoot, UFO or alien is allegedly encountered. Foul odors always accompany an evil spirit’s presence and manifestations. They are able to possess animals and willing humans who are vulnerable to the power of suggestion and/or hypnosis. Since demon spirits communicate to humans through the mind and subconscious, hypnosis is an open door for a demon to enter in, take control and deceive through manifestation. Interestingly, the profile records of people who allege to have seen a Bigfoot, a UFO and/or to have been abducted by aliens and undergone medical examination, indicate that Bigfoot and alien entities choose not to manifest or appear to born-again Christians who are knowledgeable of The Holy Bible and filled with God’s Holy Spirit, who leads them into all Truth and exposes deception. The Bible clearly warns that, in the end times, there will be an increase in demonic, lying signs and wonders that will manifest in the heavens and on the earth to deceive mankind. Therefore, my personal opinion and uproven theory, which are based on experience and Biblical knowledge, is that Bigfoot, UFO’s, aliens, and other unexplained paranormal activity and manifestations may be demonic in origin and should, therefore, not be pursued or trifled with. Even Native Americans and people of Old World tribal cultures consider Bigfoot a spirit-being that possesses supernatural powers and warn that they should not be meddled with.

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