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Huffington Post Glosses over Recent Bigfoot News

Posted by: Guy Edwards on January 2nd, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Comparison of Patterson/Gimlin Film (1967) Bigfoot and a recent Bigfoot “camper” video

The Huffington Post’s Lee Speigel filed a report about the current state of Bigfootery from his limited perspective. We can give you the Readers Digest version. People are waiting for Melba Ketchums’ Bigfoot DNA results. Facebook/FindBigfoot (FB/FB) have positioned themselves as video analysis experts and are claiming 2013 to be Year of the Bigfoot. Finally, Idaho State University Anthropology Professor Jeff Meldrum supports a Bigfoot Blimp project.

Each of these three Bigfoot news items (DNA, video, blimp) have encouraged great conversations and debates within the community. These items are not without concerns. Regarding the DNA, after 5 years there are those that are anxious for results. As far as FB/FB video analysis? There are those that feel FB/FB does not take into account the submitter of the videos, some known submitters are considered dubious at best. And the Bigfoot blimp? Some feel no matter how great the camera technology is (and it is really amazing, best of the best) a blimp may not be a practical way to navigate under a forest canopy.Despite these concerns, at Bigfoot Lunch Club we find these high visibility projects encouraging and innovative. As for most Bigfoot endeavors it is best to take a “wait and see” approach.

If you wanna see some high quality, quick-witted Sasquatch video analysis, check out Phil Polings YouTube channel ParaBreakdown.

Read our favorite quotes from the article at Bigfoot Lunch Club or jump straight to the article at Huffington Post

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9 Responses to “Huffington Post Glosses over Recent Bigfoot News”

  1. MR JOSHUA responds:

    Sadly you will still be sitting there waiting for the Melba Ketchum results this same time next year. Enjoy your blueberry bagels until then. (3..2..1..Ketchum Police bash me)

    Finding Bigfoot will also still be trying to find Bigfoot by new techniquies like “blowing bubbles” and setting up “pin-wheels” in the woods.

    Help us Dr Jeff Meldrum….your our only hope.

  2. Ploughboy responds:

    The blimp to operate “under” the forest canopy? I might not be as up on this as some, but isn’t the idea to have the blimp operate above the canopy, utilizing that amazing camera technology from a distance? A blimp under the canopy is most likely to result in: A. No Squatch photos, and; B. One punctured blimp.

  3. CDC responds:

    A word about Jane Goodall…

    I live here in Pasadena, a few blocks away from the start of the Rose Parade. Every year I get up early and take my kids down to watch the floats line up…by about 5am all are in line. My kids have outgrown the Parade so we don’t hang around in the cold to watch the horses and bands, we just walk home and wait for the B-2 Bomber fly over.

    Well, this year Jane Goodall was the Grand Marshall of the Rose Parade and as I was walking home just around sunrise, Jane Goodall was at the Tournament of Roses House on Orange Grove. She was near a tent about 10 feet away and I asked her “jokingly”, “hey Ms Goodall, did you hear they may have captured a Bigfoot”, and to my surprise her response was, “yes isn’t that great, Happy New Year”, and she went into the tent.

    Now, take it for what it’s worth, but she did say “yes”, and she did say “isn’t that great”, so if anyone in the world would know I believe it would be her.

    Not saying it was “Team Quantra” or Dr Ketchum, or anyone for that matter, in fact, she may not have understood what I had said, but it was JANE GOODALL and she did not say “no”, or that she “did not hear that”…she said the opposite.

    If you ever visit this site Ms Goodall, I apologize as I forgot to wish you Happy New Year back :)

    With all the gossip and rumor around Bigfoot, it was actually exciting to see a legend in science and the realization that there IS REAL SCIENCE out there.

    Jane Goodall looked great, and she represents all that is right in science, and the study of animals…good way to start out 2013 ;)

  4. DWA responds:

    Well, this doesn’t help the cause any.

    “”What’s so amazing about this new video is how close the Bigfoot is to the camper’s tent,” Jack Barnes, chief video analyst for FBFB, said in a press release. “A Bigfoot usually maintains maximum distance from humans, but this one couldn’t have been more than 25 feet away.”

    Most “bigfoot skeptics,” who know nothing about animals or the outdoors, would be all over this one. BULLETIN: most animals try to stay away from us (except for those habituated to human presence), with individuals occasionally being overcome by curiosity. I have on several occasions been within easy rock-toss range of wild bighorn sheep, a notoriously skittish and retiring animal.

  5. greywolf responds:

    It is a sad state but news gathering folks weather national or local seem to get the giggles when they do a Big Foot report. They are of the city type of folks who most likely know very little of the natural world around them and would not know a Big foot if one walked into there news room. That would be a story!

  6. Bee responds:

    People keep forgetting about the Oxford-Lausanne Project. They’ll have results before Ketchum, and probably more respectable, too.

  7. MR JOSHUA responds:

    2013 is off to an awful start for Bigfoot thanks to this new “QUANTRA” bigfoot capture report. The creature is sedated and being examined as we speak ? Dear God…….

  8. springheeledjack responds:

    CDC–I’m pretty sure Ms. Goodall has weighed in on this before and was supportive of the idea that Bigfoot was real.

    As for 2013, I think video evidence will ALWAYS be suspect no matter whether it’s legit or not…there’s just too many ways to mess with footage, hoax or stage things to use video evidence as any kind of unequivocal proof. Now it may add to the weight of the already substantial sighting database, but for every vid shot, no one’s going to be able to say that it is 100% legitimate.

    I’m curious about the blimp project–of course if they could have it traveling an area for weeks or months and watching from above, it might have a shot at getting some footage.

    As for the DNA, we’ve got Ketchum, plus Oxford and probably others all going at this from a genetic material standpoint–at present this is the our best chance at “proof” until a body does indeed fall into our hands (and no I don’t think the latest flap is upstanding…watch and see is the war cry for true skeptics).

  9. alan borky responds:

    Guy if that’s a REAL Sasquatch I’ll be highly surprised.

    Not only does it has a hairless face but in different versions I’ve seen on line it seems to have sideburns a beatnik beard [minus moustache] daddy-o and either a balding hair line or a thick military style crew cut.

    It might be a REAL elemental like a troll or a goblin but its Ray Harryhausen style movements make me suspect it’s a piece of film from some obscure troglodyte movie or student piece modelled on something like Raquel Welch’s One Million Years BC.

    The background on the ostensible Bigfoot’s side of the tree doesn’t quite seem to match with the background on the other side of the tree. It seems somehow closer flatter more yellowy and aboveall less differentiated and detailed than the herbiage on the non-Sasquatch side of the tree.

    Put it this way if I wanted to conceal the ‘Sasquatch’ I was filming was actually a computer generated image moving on a large flat screen TV placed slightly behind and to the side of a tree a good way of doing that’d be to shoot it through a restricted aperture such as the zippered opening of a sleeping bag.

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