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Posted by: Micah Hanks on March 24th, 2014


While Bigfoot often tends to take the center stage in relation to Cryptozoological stories that involve non-human bipedal humanoids, there are other varieties that exist in the literature, which are less often discussed, but perhaps of merit for consideration in the greater context of human-like beings, and the possibilities afforded us by natural variety and evolution both in the past, and potentially even in the present day.

On a recent edition of The Gralien Report Podcast, I decided to take a look at a few of these, and weigh the veracity of some recent reports appearing in the Fortean blogsphere. I think it’s important to note, however, that at least a few of the cryptozoological stories we touched on, while addressed lightheartedly, also came directly or were originally sourced from a particular site called “Cryptozoology News,” which has drawn controversy over the last few days due to a disclaimer on the site expressing that some content featured their may be essentially fictional, or presented as satire. However, within the context of the discussion, and with a nod to the likelihood of dubiousness that will inevitably emerge in discussion of claims of the exotic or unusual, such is par for the course, and I hope that this discussion addresses those topics with the kind of necessary skepticism that must be expected from time to time.

It is unfortunate that so many stories that emerge in the cryptozoological community these days are of this dubious ilk (not to mention, for instance, claims of dead Bigfoot bodies being toted around the country for display, as we’ve been seeing in the headlines lately). What will it take to eventually steer the discussion of mystery animals, and possibly even extant hominid species similar to ourselves, into the realm of serious scientific inquiry? Have media groups, with what are essentially their carnival-like approaches to these subjects, done lasting damage by devaluing the discussion in promoting mostly hoaxes and other credulous stories as the most visible cryptozoological offerings in the field today? Perhaps these are subjects worthy of addressing in the future, but for the time being I hope Cryptomundo readers may enjoy a discussion and analysis of the not-quite-human among us, and a probing consideration of the likelihood of some recent claims along these lines.”


In the first hour of The Gralien Report Podcast, we hear about news stories that include disappearing asteroids and white whales, as well as Japan’s tsunami ghosts, and a few listener emails. Then we spend the majority of hour one looking at mind blowing possibilities that may soon be afforded us in relation to our universe… do we need a program like SETI in order to find aliens in our midst, or could there be far stranger varieties of phenomenon we’ll soon experience and learn about through science?

Then during hour two… Bigfoot, wolf men (or maybe a “Moth-wolf”), trolls, reptilians, and a host of other strange presumed nonhuman entities are examined. How likely is it that creatures like this could exist, and is there any way to prove this with science? Maybe not… but does that mean we can rule out all such reports of high-strangeness? We’ll explore this, and other themes, on this week’s Gralien Report Podcast.

Micah Hanks About Micah Hanks
Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, lecturer, and radio personality whose work addresses a variety of areas, including history, politics, scientific theories and unexplained phenomena. Open minded, but skeptical in his approach, his research has examined a broad variety of subjects over the years, incorporating interest in cultural studies, natural science and scientific anomalies, and the prospects of our technological future as a species as influenced by science. He is author of several books, including his 2012 New Page Books release, The UFO Singularity, as well as The Ghost Rockets, Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule: The Search for Sentient Intelligence from Other Worlds and Reynolds Mansion: An Invitation to the Past. Hanks has served as a consulting editor for Intrepid Magazine, FATE Magazine and The Journal of Anomalous Sciences. He also writes for a variety of other publications including New Dawn, Mysterious Universe, and UFO Magazine. Hanks has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland, National Geographic’s Paranatural, the History Channel’s Guts and Bolts, CNN Radio, The Jeff Rense Program, and many others. A weekly podcast that follows his research is available at his popular site,, in addition to a news and current events podcast, Middle Theory, at

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