Larry the Cable Guy Goes Bigfooting

Posted by: Guy Edwards on January 11th, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Larry the Cable Guy “Gittin’ ‘Er Done” with Kentucky Bigfoot

We had somebody go out (as a practical joke) and howl, and they howled back and thought it was a Bigfoot. They were fun guysLarry the Cable Guy

In our previous Larry The Cable Guy post at Bigfoot Lunch Club we reprinted an excerpt from a Mufreesboro Post article. In the article Larry is interviewed and asked about his new season of “Only in America.” One of the topics covered was Larry’s Bigfoot episode. As you can see, from the quote above, at one point Larry and the crew from Kentucky Bigfoot did some calls and heard some responses.

While Larry claims in the interview he was convinced somebody from his production team did the return howls, Kentucky Bigfoot is not so sure.

Parker Duvall, one of Kentucky Bigfoot’s lead investigators, noted on BLC’s Facebook Page, “Larry thought he was joked and cussed at the Producer (Eric) for pulling a trick on him……it wasn’t a trick–we had a close range howl and was stunned because of cameras, amount of people, etc….”

Charlie Raymond, Leader of Kentucky Bigfoot had this to add:

“This is the howl isolated from our 11-11-11 investigation with the History channel. We received two vocal responses immediately after we made calls, both within seconds of each other. I sent the audio out for analysis by a bigfoot-sound expert/friend, Mononga Hela. Here is what he said, “The first one sounds like a yahoo vocal. The second one is a good howl. Frequency is low enough that it could be a dog, but I don’t think it is. Dogs like to howl repeatedly, and throw a few barks in there too.”

Below is the audio of Larry’s callblasting, embedded here with permission from Charlie Raymond of Kentucky Bigfoot

11-11-11 larry the cable guy by BigfootLunchClub

You can read the rough transcript at Bigfoot Lunch Club

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9 Responses to “Larry the Cable Guy Goes Bigfooting”

  1. TheBeardedMan responds:

    I don’t hear it.

  2. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Monogahela is a river and a city in Pennsylvania. Somebody is trying to pull something here, people.

  3. DWA responds:

    Larry The Cable Guy debates Jeff Meldrum. Tonight on Fox!

  4. DWA responds:

    PoB: Mononga Hela is likely an internet pseudonym.

  5. wuffing responds:

    POB wrote “Monogahela is a river and a city in Pennsylvania”

    It is also the name of a whaling ship implicated in a sea-serpent story from 1852. From Heuvelmans 1968, p 227…
    “By far the finest hoax was the story of the Monongahela…”

  6. flame821 responds:

    I heard the train whistle after the first howl at 0.24, but I didn’t hear the second howl response or the vocalizations they are discussing at the end. (this was with noise cancelling headphones on). If anyone can hear the second vocalization after Larry’s rather strange call, please let me know the time marker so I can give it another try.

  7. fuzzy responds:

    At first I thought, “Oh swell – that’s EXACTLY what the science of Cryptozoology needs, a recognized good-ol’-boy clown stompin’ around in the woods, a-hollarin’ and laughin’ and scarin’ the local wildlife into the next county, more proof for all those stuffed-shirt skeptics out there that cryptid research in general and the Bigfoot quest and its participants are all smokin’ too much wacky-tobaccy!”

    Then I listened to this and other samples, and I rethought about my snap-judgement, and I can see where I was off in the weeds somewhere. This IS exactly what fringe sciences need, participants from all parts of mainstream humanity, intelligent, curious and energetic people wiling to reveal their intellectual viewpoints and invest their time and activities in gathering and investigating the evidence.

    Sure, to some it’s a snipe-huntin’ party, but that’s just it – most of the BFRO Expeditioners are REAL people, puttin’ their pants on one leg at a time, not snobby self-centered divas – but the divas are part of the whole picture, too – as I mentioned in another post, they’re all part of the “Finding (Cryptid)” program, and I’m in it for a dime, so I guess I’m in it for a hollar, too.

  8. windigo responds:

    “Monongahela”, is a Sasquatch researcher from West Virginia that I have done field research with. He is one of the best there is at obtaining audio recordings of Sasquatch, and regarding his knowledge of the equipment associated with it.

  9. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    He’s obviously not concerned with being taken seriously then, is he? Choosing a handle associated with a hoax like the one mentioned by wuffing is either foolish, misguided, or an unfortunate mistake that he should now rectify. Which one is it, do you think?

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