“Look, it’s Bigfoot!”

Posted by: Nick Redfern on May 2nd, 2013

Richie and Naomi

Naomi West, Texas representative of the Center for Fortean Zoology, tells us:

“I wanted to share some mildly interesting alleged Bigfoot sightings that took place in my general area, all within a few miles of each other: First of all, several years ago, I overheard one of my high school students sharing with a few others that she had spotted what appeared to be a Bigfoot a day or so earlier. The ground had been covered in snow (which happens one day a year at the most around year – so getting a specific date shouldn’t be hard as this was0 2010). At the time, my student tried to get others in the car, including her mother, to look. ‘Look, it’s Bigfoot!’ she was saying, but her mother told her she was being stupid and everyone ignored her. The alleged Bigfoot was walking in a field beyond the intersection of CR 2657 and HWY 190.”

And here’s Naomi’s complete account…

That’s Naomi with her husband, Richie, above, when they came to visit in 2010. The location of the photo: where JFK got the fatal head shot in Dealey Plaza, Dallas.

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One Response to ““Look, it’s Bigfoot!””

  1. DWA responds:

    A couple of things bear mention:

    “The only thing I remember specifically about her description of the Bigfoot was that his arms were “huge.” I have heard of them being long, but she seemed struck by their thickness as well. (Not sure if that weakens her allegation or not — I’ve never heard of that particular feature.)”

    Many have, in fact, cited the sheer size of the arms of the animal they witnessed; a lot of big guys have said the arms were considerably bigger than their legs.

    “When Jocy asked him about the gait of the person, he imitated it and it was that exact bobbing gait specific to Bigfoot sightings.”

    This is interesting, and I’m not sure where it comes from. (Hmmmm. Facebook Find Bigfoot cites this. Ohhhhh-kaaaaaayyyyyy.) The most frequent citation is of an incredibly smooth gait, differing from ours precisely in that it’s ours that “bobs” by comparison (an artifact of our rigid arch and heel/toe stride). But of course, semantics being what they are, one can’t really tell what’s being described here, and it’s the sheer size and unlikely location of the subject that seem much more worthy of attention.

    Other than that, yet another demonstration of patterns and consistency of reportage that just don’t happen with things that aren’t real.

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