Wild Men and Bigfoot

Posted by: Nick Redfern on July 5th, 2012

“Throughout the United States, they have been called Oh-Mah, Skookum, and Sasquatch, while in Asia names like Yeti and Yeren are common. Australia has the Yowie, and Maylay cultures have their spectral visitations of Monkey Men and Orang Pendak. In modern times, the creatures best known as Bigfoot in the Western World may represent a variety of different things: for some, they are the stuff of folklore and legend, while for others, they may represent a holdover from our past… perhaps even a relic hominid species.

“Speculation over the existence of Bigfoot in modern times has led to heated debate regarding the nature of the alleged creatures. Folklorists believe largely that they are merely carryovers from Native legends, while those who associate themselves with cryptozoology, the study of animals that may exist beyond the scientific classification of known species, argue that there must be a very real, physical animal underlying the reports. And yet, there seems to be a less tangible area someplace in between, where the lines are blurred between Bigfoot, and the more subtle Wild Man of myth and culture.”

The above are the opening words of a new article at Mysterious Universe from Micah Hanks. Titled Chasing the Beast to its Lair: The Wild Man in Myth and Culture, you can read the full piece right here.

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