Mountain Monsters: Grafton Monster Review

The Grafton Monster is terrorizing local farmers, and the A.I.M.S. team has caught him on tape!

Guest review by Cryptomundian JW:

Destination America has a hit show with ‘Mountain Monsters’. With a rag tag group of hardcore hunters and trappers, calling themselves (AIMS) The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings are on the trail of the Wolfman, Devil Dog, Grassman, Wampus Beast and even the Grafton Monster! These guys are on the hunt and will not take their tasks lightly.

We’ve all watched shows over the years with groups searching for Bigfoot or other mysterious creatures. Shows like ‘Finding Bigfoot’ have taken America by storm over the past several years. Destination America’s ‘Mountain Monsters’ is the new kid on the block with season 2 just getting underway. Tracking, building traps and getting results for their audience is what this show is all about.

The latest episode, “The Grafton Monster” takes place in Grafton, West Virginia. It begins with a very interesting video clip showing a gray figure darting quickly through the trees. The AIMS group is headed up by John “Trapper” Tice is on the scene. This is not your average scientific type group but rather a rag tag group of mostly older bearded men. But don’t let that fool you. These guys are high intensity when it’s time to go on the hunt.

With a large repertoire of colorful metaphors Trapper and his team go after the Grafton Monster. It doesn’t take long for the action to begin and I do mean action! With thermal cams and shotguns in hand they go at it full speed.

If you want some serious Mysterious Monster/Bigfoot entertainment this is the show for you! Give it a watch on Destination America, you will be entertained.

More Finding Bigfoot?

I have been contacted to assist in finding a witness for a future episode of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot.

More details to follow Monday morning.

Remember, you heard it here first on Cryptomundo!

Survivorman: Bigfoot Radium Springs Reviewed

Video #1: Todd Standing Bigfoot video as seen in second Survivorman Bigfoot show with Les Stroud. Warning: Explicit Language.

Guest review by Cryptomundian JW:

Suvivorman: Bigfoot Radium Springs premiered on Discovery Channel on April 16th here in the US.

Once again we meet up with Les Stroud professing to be a Bigfoot skeptic with Todd Standing.

This episode picks up where episode one ends. Stroud is camping out and comments, “I’ve done a good job of spooking myself! I heard repeated ‘thuds’ in the ground.”

When daybreak arrives Stroud is ready to head out to the location Standing says is a Bigfoot hot spot many miles to the South. It’s the area where Standing claims he was ‘almost’ attacked by as many as seven Bigfoot. The area is called Radium Springs.

Our explorers spend a lot of time talking broken trees and tree structures as they
wander through the forest. Standing seems excited talking about seeing “the big guy” beside that rock. Stroud echoes his same experience in Alaska.

Next we hear the story about as many as seven Bigfoot surrounding Standing. “You get to a point you just shut off, it was too much panic, I fully went into shock”, says Standing. We see some shaky out of focus video clips lit up by flares and hear Standing yell, “Get out of here! Get! … You want some?” Images of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ began to run through my mind.

Once again the scenery is beautiful. Standing is hearing banging rocks in the distance that we do not hear on the video. Stroud comments he might be more agnostic now than skeptic. We get to see a several of Standing’s video clips showing what he calls Bigfoot running up a mountain side and standing up while facing away from the camera. Also included is the ‘eye blink’ video. Like Stroud says, “it’s either real or it’s not.”

Les Stroud ends the episode with “There’s only one answer. There’s no in between. I need that answer and I know where to find it, it’s out here … in the dark of remote wilderness. So that’s what I’ll keep going until I have my answer.”

I was looking forward to this episode with expectations of action or perhaps unseen video but in my opinion this episode was nothing more than stories. Well articulated, scripted out stories.

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Craig is the co-founder of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, as well as the co-founder of Cryptomundo. He claims he saw a Bigfoot in Louisiana in 1994, and in January of 2014, was filmed telling his story and recreating his sighting for Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot to be aired later in the year.

Monica – says it like it is and much like the Honey Badger, Monica don’t give a damn. Monica will slap the shit out of it. A researcher for over 13 years, Monica has been seen on MonsterQuest and Weird Travels. Over the years she has seen and heard it all, so you had better have some damn good evidence to go with that story…

Howard, also known by his code name Chalupacabra, has always loved investigating a good mystery. But crop circles don’t qualify. They’re just not scary enough. A good mystery needs fangs. Ever since an early interest in the Greer Island Goat Man and the Lake Worth Monster, Howard has been on a quest to separate fact from fiction, scat from splat, and joke from punchline. And he never misses a TV show with the word “monster” in the title.

Nessie on Land Sighting

Cryptomundian searching2 shares the following account with Cryptomundo in response to Nick’s post from yesterday:

I would like to pass on an experience of mine which I hope will help people to keep watching the waters of the loch and its surrounds.

Back in the 70′s I was having morning tea with a lady named Liz McLeod who held the responsible position of Secretary to the General Manager of a Melbourne Television Station. If the name McLeod rings a bell, it is because Liz was married to Torquil McLeod when he was the Gamekeeper at Loch Ness.

She told me that one morning, her husband flung open the door to the cottage and came rushing in. He was ghostly white and could hardly speak! Liz said to him: “Don’t tell me you’ve seen Nessie?” He had!

The story is now well documented. Torquil saw the animal with binoculars OUT OF THE WATER on rocks across the loch.

I have no doubt what Liz said to me was true as she was a friend and a very reputable person who was holding an important position at a major TV Station. She was there when it happened and from my point of view, it was good to have this famous sighting confirmed.

With the power of the internet many years later, at least I have been able to share the story she told with others who like me, would dearly like answers to the perplexing puzzle of Loch Ness.