Minnesota Iceman Found in a Block of Ice

From my good friends at the Museum of the Weird in Austin Texas:

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Minnesota Iceman Found in a Block of Ice

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Commentary on the Mark Anders Sasquatch Photos

My good friend and fellow Cryptomundian, Steve Busti, proprietor of the Museum of the Weird and the keeper of the Minnesota Iceman, weighs in with his thoughts on these photos:

If real, I’d say these would be some of the best photographs since P/G.

Unfortunately, I feel they are a hoax. And the perpetrator, Mark Anders, even gives us several clues.

If you notice, in each photo the right arm is stuck in a reaching-out position. It only gives the illusion of movement because the figure has been slightly rotated in each subsequent photograph. No arm swing, and we never clearly see the other arm. The only other perspective we have is of the rear, and now the right arm is obscured.

At first I thought maybe it was just a statue placed in the woods, which would have been costly to make and cumbersome to move. However, I’m pretty sure it’s all CGI (hence the “blur” to conceal the edges that would give it away).

In one of his last videos, Anders shows in plain sight how he did it, with two computer generated models rotating on either side of the “photo”. Here it is:

One look at Anders’ YouTube channel trailer will show you that he is a master of CGI and Photoshop effects:

If you remember, Anders was also the source of the “Georgia Bigfoot” photo a few months back.

And in case you didn’t catch it, Anders’ footage of the “Amazon Bigfoot” is pretty hilarious as well:

Also, Anders choose Rogers County, OK as the site where these photos were supposedly taken. Were they taken by the same idiots who shot each other in recent news?:

And lastly, it appears the Oklahoma Bigfoot photos are old news, as Anders just uploaded some new remarkable pics of an Oregon Bigfoot, only now he’s added some good old-fashioned Photoshop lens flair effects:

Now I’m not saying this is a hoax… just that we need to back up our critical thinking with a few minutes of investigation! ;)

CryptoComics: Museum of the Weird Comic Book

My good friend Steve Busti, owner of the world-famous Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas, which is the new home of the Minnesota Iceman, has announced the following:

From press release:



Steve Busti, owner of the world-famous Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas, proudly announces the relaunch of Busti’s original comic book company from the 90′s, Flashback Comics, with their first new title in almost 20 years: Museum of the Weird!

Busti is returning to the comics industry, where he got his start in 1994, with a new comic series inspired by his own acclaimed tourist attraction in Texas. He says the stories will be along the lines of an anthology, inspired by individual exhibits in the museum’s collection, but tied together by a cast of characters, including none other than a fictionalized version of Busti himself.

“The Museum of the Weird comic will have a heavy supernatural influence”, Busti says, “as well as deal with stories of the fantastic and the unexplained, which includes delving into subjects such as aliens, ghosts and cryptozoology.”

The first issue, a special preview edition numbered #0, is available now at the Museum of the Weird’s gift shop, Lucky Lizard Curios & Gifts, and through their website, luckylizard.net. It features original stories and art by Steve Busti, Lyle Blackburn and Eerie Eric. The series is planned to be available quarterly, with the next issue coming in early January 2014.


Steve also informs me that he is looking for writers and illustrators for future issues, and that anyone interested should contact him directly at steve@museumoftheweird.com.

Bigfoot, ESP and The Iceman

My good friend Steve Busti, proprietor of the Museum of the Weird in Austin, TX, was interviewed by J.R. Dobbs Jr.

Is Bigfoot psychic, was the Iceman a real creature, and has science been compromised by money and hubris? Mr. Busti delves into the mystery of Sasquatch with wit, skepticism, and an open mind. Enjoy!J.R. Dobbs Jr.

One of the comments on you tube:

Oh Lord, ESP, huh. No wonder bigfoot and its followers are a joke.Jim Payne

And Steve’s response:

Mr. Payne, I’m sure you can accept the reality of animals’ instincts and human intuition; most people do.

What I’m saying is that “psychic ability” or “ESP” (Extrasensory Perception) and instinct/intuition are one and the same.

So the question is, why are the words “instinct” and “intuition” generally accepted, while the terms “ESP” or “psychic ability” carry a negative connotation and are considered laughable (by some)? It’s all the same.MuseumOfTheWeird

Minnesota Iceman On The Air Tonight!

We received the following message this morning to pass on to the Cryptomundians:

Hey Guys, I thought you’d like to know that Terry Cullen will be broadcasting tonight on the topic of the Minnesota Ice Man. Mr. Cullen was the original person who saw the oddity and reported it to Ivan T Sanderson and Bernard Heuvelmans. The resulting report written by Sanderson can be found in the appendix of “The Search for Big Foot” by Peter Byrne. Richard Grigonis, who is currently writing the biography of Ivan T Sanderson, will also be on the show.

SPECIAL 90 MIN EPISODE! 7/24 8 p.m. CT. Click and listen: Minnesota Ice Man – what may have been the only actual remains of a Yeti or ‎Bigfoot-type creature ever brought to science. Joining Terry ‎Cullen is our guest, ‎Richard ‎Grigonis, author of an upcoming book on naturalist and cryptozoologist, Ivan T. Sanderson.

Discussion Topics:
1) The historical background of the actual “Ice Man” and controversy;
2) Terry’s involvement in bringing this to the attention of the scientific community;
3) About Frank Hansen, the owner and showman of the “Ice Man” carcass/body;
4) The involvement of renowned naturalists and cryptozoologists, Ivan T. Sanderson and Bernard Heuvelmans.
5) Most people who debunked the “Ice Man” either never saw it nor saw it through clear ice;
6) The fakes made after the disappearance of the original by Frank Hansen.

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