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Exploring American Monsters: Colorado

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 17th, 2015

Known for its Wild West history, and great skiing, Colorado also boasts a wealth of dinosaur fossils, is the birthplace of Frank Welker (the voice of Fred from Scooby Doo), and a variety of geography, such as high plains, most of the Southern Rocky Mountains, and desert. The perfect habitats for Bigfoot?

Well, sure. Colorado has a long history of Bigfoot encounters, but “Exploring American Monsters” isn’t about well-known cryptids like Bigfoot, it’s about bizarre hidden monsters like the Slide Rock Bolter.

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River Monsters: Unhooked – Legend of Loch Ness

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 24th, 2015

Jeremy remembers the search for the world’s most famous water monster deep within Scotland’s Loch Ness to find the legendary creature.

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Cold Case Cryptids

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 22nd, 2015


What’s more frightening? The monster… or the history behind it?

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Coming Soon-Into The Fray Radio with Shannon LeGro

Posted by: Shannon LeGro on May 6th, 2015

A new, multi-topic show is coming, Into The Fray, hosted by Shannon LeGro. With knowledgeable collaborators in specific fields, we explore the biggest questions ever asked by mankind.

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Exploring American Monsters: Arkansas

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 6th, 2015

The state of Arkansas in the southern U.S. is known for its lush green mountains, roaring rivers, and University of Arkansas football. It’s the headquarters of the world’s number one retailer, Wal-Mart, and is the birthplace of musician Johnny Cash, and former U.S. President Bill Clinton. It’s also the home of monsters. The most famous of these is the Fouke Monster, a sasquatch-type creature immortalized in the 1972 movie “The Legend of Boggy Creek.” But this series, “Exploring American Monsters,” isn’t about well-known beasts, it’s about the lesser-known creatures the world sees from the corner of its eye, like the Ozark Howler.

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River monsters: Canadian Horror

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 5th, 2015

From Canada’s waterlogged wilderness come stories of a twenty-foot lake monster that attacks humans. Freshwater detective Jeremy Wade tries to track down this shadowy predator with a mouth said to resemble a bear-trap.

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North American Cryptids

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 31st, 2015

A fun map showing many of the North American Cryptids in the locations where they have been sighted.

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Altamaha-ha: Story of a Monster

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 15th, 2014

Documentary about the “monster” that lives in the Altamaha River.

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Cryptologic Radio Archive: Taylor James Johnson of Taylor Trash Productions

Posted by: Shannon LeGro on November 15th, 2014

Join us this week as we speak with Taylor James Johnson out of Texas. Taylor is a radio show producer and producer/filmmaker for his production company, Taylor Trash Productions. Taylor Trash makes short and feature films, documentaries, web series, music videos and animations. He has always been interested in film and cryptozoology so it’s no surprise that he often utilizes cryptozoology as a theme for many of his films and projects and has gone on quite a few expeditions in search of Bigfoot, sea creatures in Georgia, big cats in Texas, “Hogzilla”, and Chupacabras.

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Boogeymen Canada: Lagarfljot Worm

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 13th, 2014

Airs tonight, Thursday, November 13 at 6 PM EST the Travel + Escape channel.

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Unknown Creature Seen in Chicago River

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 24th, 2014

Not only seen, but also captured on video!

Watch the video here on Cryptomundo.

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Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 10th, 2014

Cryptozoology is going mainstream! Nowadays, people can’t get enough of bipedal monsters, lake monsters, cave monsters, flying monsters, and mutated monsters. To feed this exploding appetite for monsters, it seems you can’t turn on the TV or go to the movies without seeing one of several different types of formats.

To help clarify the splintering genres, here’s an overview to help us all understand the various categories.

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Meanwhile at Loch Morar

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 22nd, 2014

…a sighting of the Loch Morar Monster being briefly seen almost wholly out of the water.

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The ‘Other’ Encounter Between a British Saint and a Lake Monster

Posted by: Karl Shuker on July 19th, 2014

Every self-respecting cryptozoologist knows – or should know – about the famous encounter claimed for St Columba and the Loch Ness monster during the 6th Century AD (its specific date varies from one authority to another). Having said that, in reality the encounter apparently took place not in the loch itself but in the River Ness – so the creature in question may not have had any bearing upon the cryptids allegedly frequenting the loch, but may simply have been a vagrant sea creature of known form, such as a bearded seal or possibly even a walrus. Anyway, regardless of its specifics, this encounter is, as I say, a very famous one in the annals of cryptozoology. Far less famous, however, yet no less interesting, is the ‘other’ encounter between a British saint and a lake monster.

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Discovery: Beasts of the Bayou

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 16th, 2014

For hundreds of years, the marshes of Louisiana have been plagued by mysterious creatures intent on causing mass destruction. Some believe that these creatures are ones of mythical ancestry. Others believe there are more scientific explanations for the increased levels of destruction in the area over the years. Whose theories will be proven true? Featuring some familiar faces from Shark Week 2013‘s successful special Voodoo Sharks, Discovery Channel ventures deep into the bayou to explore all possible scenarios in its all new program, Beasts of the Bayou, premiering on July 10 at 10 PM ET/PT.

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