Today in Bigfoot History | 1976 | “Baby Bigfoot” DNA Results Published

Posted by: Guy Edwards on January 4th, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Oliver was known as baby bigfoot, the missing link and even the humanzee

“I still get inquiries about Oliver really being a Bigfoot.” — Loren Coleman

Today in 1976, a newspaper declared the mDNA results of a captured “Baby Bigfoot,” while unique, the Baby Bigfoot was merely a chimpanzee. Oliver (pictured above) was often known as Baby Bigfoot, but a more modern, and perhaps cleverer moniker, was coined in a recent documentary broadcast on the Discovery Channel. This documentary called “Humanzee,” featured an upright walking chimpanzee named Oliver. For those who have heard of Oliver before, he’s just a chimp according to test results. Chimp or “Humanzee,” Oliver was a remarkable, upright walking chimp who appeared to prefer living and behaving as a human being than a chimpanzee for the better part of his life.

In 2007 Loren Coleman posted here at Cryptomundo, “I still get inquiries about Oliver really being a Bigfoot.” (See When Oliver was Bigfoot)

Oliver’s had a real strange and sordid history. Others have noted Oliver’s peculiar smell, eye coloring, bird-like voice and various mannerisms as being very un-chimp-like. And then there is Oliver’s sense of himself. The prevailing view was that Oliver is simply a mutant chimp. Could Oliver be the result of clandestine genetic alchemy? A mutant or hybrid chimp? Missing link perhaps?

Read the mDNA results from the original 1976 article at Bigfoot Lunch Club

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4 Responses to “Today in Bigfoot History | 1976 | “Baby Bigfoot” DNA Results Published”

  1. Goodfoot responds:

    Poor Oliver. One of human history’s most mysterious and sad mysteries. Ollie, this beer’s for you.

  2. Goodfoot responds:

    “mysterious and sad, mysterious mysteries,” I probably should have said.

  3. alan borky responds:

    Guy the technology in ’76 was a billion years behind what they’re capable of now surely another look should be taken at Olly’s DNA especially given how easily back then undesirable data was brushed aside with vague worded responses. Actually I suspect that’s still true!

  4. norman-uk responds:

    Poor Oliver mistreated for much of his life and misunderstood as well. There was something extraordinary about him and no way was he just another chimp. His extraordinariness was not apparently reflected in his DNA according to Dr john Ely Ph D in his 1998 paper following a count of Olivers chromosomes (48) and a small test on his mtDNA. and it was concluded that Oliver was just an ordinary chimp !

    Dr Ely also concluded that, seeming to take the evidence he had to amazing lengths ,

    ” I might add that, from what I have seen so far, those who really want to believe in highly intelligent, bipedal African man-apes (“Apamandi” and whatnot) who continue to elude field primatologists, the bushmeat market etc, will not be dissuaded by any amount of evidence. The persistence of these deeply-rooted beliefs, as psychological facts, are an interesting phenomenon in their own right. ”

    Would Dr Ely recommend psychiatric treatment for us unfortunates?

    Of course the Bononbo almost fills niche of manapes and this might be the direction to go in understanding an Oliver if the situation ever arises again.

    Unfortunately Oliver died recently and his remains were cremated and the ashes spread around the Primary Primate Centre where he last lived. My entreaties and pleading for the centre to keep samples from Olivers body for further tests now or in the future were denied as the Centre considered Oliver had had enough of testing ! I think Oliver would have been more respected by doing so than not and he was clearly misdiagnosed as a simple chimp and thus probably missed much he should have received.

    It would be nice if some samples of Oliver had been kept but seems rather unlikely now and I hope he was not the last of his kind. Bless him.

    With modern DNA analysis

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