September 4, 2015

Not Nessie, It’s the River Tay Monster

There may be something to this. The Provost of Dundee is the equivalent of Mayor anywhere else. I have seen video footage from the River Tay of an object very similar to this. It was animate and highly unusual.


There is a long history of the River Tay cryptid. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Loch Ness Monster. This is a separate entity that rises to the surface occasionally. There is footage of a similar animal here:

I have seen the Tayport Monster a few times and waited patiently for days to capture this very rare (or even unfilmed) footage of the monster. On asking locals of Tayport they seemed to be unaware that there is a monster in their river although rumours lead me to believe otherwise. I am glad that I believed the rumours and was rewarded with a rare sighting on THE TAYPORT MONSTER!!!!

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