From Bigfoot’s bLog: Argosy and National Wildlife PGF Bigfoot Articles

Posted by: Steven Streufert on February 18th, 2011

Hello to all Cryptomundo readers! This is Bigfoot Books calling, from Willow Creek, California, the heart of Bigfoot Country. Steven Streufert, proprietor and Bigfoot investigator and historian, writes the periodically confrontational, humorous, and historically analytical site, Bigfoot’s bLog. We hope the posts you find here on Cryptomundo will lead you from time to time to check out what we do on the homefront, on our own blog site, Bigfoot’s bLog.

Here we present research copies of the original pages of two scarce, famous, early and important journalistic reactions to the Patterson-Gimlin film. Both are from early in 1968. The Argosy article was written by Ivan Sanderson, and contains the first color reproductions of close-ups of frames of the Creature to be published, and a fine initial presentation of the story and the early scientific reaction to the film and its controversial subject.. This is its 43rd anniversary month. The National Wildlife article came soon after. Roger Patterson was asked to take a lie detector test before the editors would risk publishing this article. Patterson PASSED this test with no doubt in the examiner’s mind.

Read the full articles in all of their original pictorial glory through the following links. You’ll also find some other interesting tidbits including the SquatchMaster “tree break” YouTube hoax, the credibility problem with FindBigfoot on Facebook, Angry Bigfoot Speaks, and our usual reporting on all things strange and Squatchy.

Argosy 1968

National Wildlife 1968

Here is a photo from the SquatchMaster Salt Fork State Park, Ohio video, wherein one may clearly see that the subject is not a Sasquatch, and is in fact wearing BLUE JEANS. (Courtesy of Nancy Snodgrass)

Watch for Bigfoot’s bLog posts here or on the main site. Coming up we’ll have the latest in our series of BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT videos, the exposure of some more recent hoaxes, the weird and wild imagination of Leroy Blevins, some new photos from Larry Lund, and of course… MORE.

Best to all  of you,

Steve, Bigfoot Books, Bigfoot’s bLog

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One Response to “From Bigfoot’s bLog: Argosy and National Wildlife PGF Bigfoot Articles”

  1. DWA responds:

    It’s great to see the NATIONAL WILDLIFE article again, complete with pictures. Shoot, I’d forgotten it was that colorful! THANKS!!!

    Unlike so many who seem to come to this topic via a fascination with the paranormal – or with “The Legend of Boggy Creek” – this was my initial exposure to the topic. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t eleven yet. But I credit this treatment – still one of the very few non-eye-roller treatments – with the open mind I have maintained ever since.

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