September 13, 2013

Proof of Giants?


In a new article at Mysterious Universe, Micah Hanks begins…

“A recent video appearing online that features Michael Tellinger, author of books like African Temples of the Annunaki, shows the author as he leads a hike up to a hillside where the apparent presence of a huge footprint exists. Indeed, the impression left in stone that is displayed in the video is quite impressive, and perhaps even anomalous in nature; according to some, it has been touted as evidence of beings of tremendous stature that once existed long ago.

Thus, as the video has gained attention on the web, it has also somewhat renewed the existing controversy over the debate about ‘giants’ which some believe may have roamed the Earth in ancient times. The footage is indeed compelling, and the impression visible in the rock certainly does look very much like a human foot, right down to the five toes that are visible. Tellinger explains that the discovery exists near the Swaziland border in South Africa‚Äôs northeastern corner, and has apparently been preserved ‘in rough granite,’ which geologists estimate to be between 2 billion and 3 billion years old.”

Disclose.tvREAL Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old South Africa LD Michael Tellinger

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