Giant Worms and Lake Monsters

Posted by: Nick Redfern on April 22nd, 2015


There’s a new crypto-themed feature from me at Mysterious Universe that deals with an intriguing aspect of British-based lake monster accounts. It starts as follows (and here’s the link):

“My recent article on the legend of the ‘giant worm’ of Linton, Scotland, led a couple of people to contact me and inquire if I suspect the ‘worms’ of centuries past are the very same creatures that are said to lurk in Loch Ness and other large bodies of waters – in both Scotland and England. Well, yes, I actually do think that’s a very real possibility.

“If the Nessies (and I use the term ‘Nessies’ because, if they are flesh and blood beasts, then there has to be a fairly significant number of them) exclusively live in the deep waters, I would say no. As for why I would say no, it’s because the worms of old were often seen roaming the landscape, and provoking havoc and mayhem in the process. But, here’s the important thing: there are far more than a few reports of the creatures of Loch Ness being seen on the land – and not just in the water.”

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2 Responses to “Giant Worms and Lake Monsters”

  1. dogu4 responds:

    Eels have long period larval stages that can span years and during those stages they can live submerged and hidden in places we seldom explore…deep alluvial fans, waiting for conditions to trigger the end of the larval stage and the initiation of their reproductive stage at which time they travel in water and even over land when it’s cool and damp.

  2. springheeledjack responds:

    I’ll agree with Nick on this one. It is indeed possible to my mind that Nessie-like critters could have been “dragons” and “wurms” from old stories and legends. And yes, there’s quite a list of accounts of Nessie being seen on land–not sure about other lochs, but I’d guess whatever it is, represents more of an amphibious critter than a purely water bound creature.

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