Today in Bigfoot History | 1901 | Wildman Escapes from Circus Train Wreck

Posted by: Guy Edwards on January 8th, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Recreation of Bigfoot escaping a train wreck

Today in 1905 The Washington Post published an article regarding the sighting of a “wildman”.

Sometimes we forget the term Bigfoot was only coined popularly after 1958. Prior to then, he/she was known as the wildman. The “wildman” was described with all the Bigfoot characteristics we have become familiar with.

The story continues to speculate that the wild man may have escaped from a traveling circus during a train wreck. You would be surprised how often “a wild animal escaped from the circus” is used to explain a Bigfoot sighting. In the book Historical Bigfoot by Chad Arment there are at least 24 counts in as many papers suggesting circus train wrecks as the origin of the escaped “wildman”. Here is a quote from the Jan 8th 1905 event.

Read the excerpt from The Washington Post at Bigfoot Lunch Club.


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3 Responses to “Today in Bigfoot History | 1901 | Wildman Escapes from Circus Train Wreck”

  1. samk responds:

    A couple of weeks ago I searched Google’s Newspaper archive for the term “wildman” and was rewarded with a relatively hilarious story about a wildman who had been spotted in the wilderness. A couple of LEOs were dispatched and they found the wildman. Turns out he was a man who went to the weeds because toothaches were driving him insane. The LEOs extracted the man’s bad teeth and they and the “wildman” went their separate ways.,6552191&dq=wildman+toothache&hl=en

  2. Goodfoot responds:

    I wonder how he/she paid the fare.

  3. Goodfoot responds:

    I wonder how I could escape from a circus train wreck. Anyone got a line on one?

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