A Mammoth-Sized Discovery

Tales of mammoths feature occasionally here at Cryptomundo (as this link shows), so I figured why not highlight this latest development in the saga of the beast?

Oskaloosa Man Discovers Mammoth, Keeps Bones in Living Room

It was around two years ago that an Oskaloosa man – named John – along with his sons made a startling find. It was not just a bone, but a big bone. A very big bone. In fact, it was nothing less than the femur of a mammoth.

And such is the importance of the discovery, the University of Iowa is now involved in the study of the bone, as well as a search for additional remains of the legendary creature.

Says Holmes Semken, Professor Emeritus of Geoscience at the university: “It’s what most of us here find interesting. The mammoth is just a great plus.”

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  1. What’s the story on the pic at the top? Is it another Photoshop gem, or what?

  2. It doesn’t appear to be fossilized. I can’t imagine manhandling a fossilized bone that size.