New Bigfoot Movie with Frank Stallone

Posted by: Guy Edwards on March 26th, 2011

A Bigfoot creature is roaming the piney woods of south Mobile County, feasting on pretty blondes, brunettes and bad guys alike. Yes another Bigfoot movie where Bigfoot is the killer and everybody who dies deserves it.

In a trend where D-list actors make Bigfoot B-movies (read our post on Danny Bonaduce). Night Claws is the newest low-budget action film to spring from the pen of David Prior. Prior, 54, a screenwriter, director and producer, made 18 movies the late 1980s and early 1990s, including “Mutant Species,” “Raw Justice,” “Night Trap,” “Raw Nerve” and “Invasion Force.”

Producer Fabio Soldani promises the movie will be gory, but not that gory:

“We have a great creature coming up. It’s a traditional rubber, foam and latex costume; no CGI. I didn’t want any CGI in the movie, although David wants some,”Fabio Soldani

You can read more about this bigfoot movie and 51 highest rated Sasquatchploitation movies at

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One Response to “New Bigfoot Movie with Frank Stallone”

  1. YowieLover responds:

    Wouldn’t it be great to have an ‘A’ grade Bigfoot movie with an ‘A’ list actor or 2? Something with historical depth instead of the corny stuff with dreadful Bigfoot suits.

    Surely there is a decent script to be written…and I’m not talking about one of those lost hikers found camcorder movies.

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