Dr. Who meets the Yetis!

Dr. Who meets the Yetis! The first-ever robotic cryptid wasn’t Bionic Bigfoot in ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ but the cybernetic yetis from the 1960s episodes of ‘Dr. Who.’ The Great Intelligence uses the snowmen to prepare for its nefarious arrival into our dimension — also marking a familiar aliens/squatch nexus in films and t.v.! ;-)

Dave Coleman About Dave Coleman
Author of THE BIGFOOT FILMOGRAPHY, a new non-fiction reference guide and critique of Cine du Sasquatch. From McFarland in Fall 2011. Hardbound. Oversized.

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  1. You’re right! I’m a big fan of the Six Million Dollar Man and Dr Who but he takes it! It was quite cheesy by any standards, but that was always the norm even in the 70′s and early 80′s for Dr Who. That’s where the fun was!
    Good story!