Dracula, Frankenstein, And The Creature All Get Rebooted

Posted by: Monster Island News on May 24th, 2010

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Halcyon International Pictures

Remember last Tuesday when I posted a rumor coming out of Cannes that “Famous Monsters of Filmland” magazine was planning on getting into the movie making business?

Well, now it’s official.

This morning, Halcyon International Pictures has announced that it has teamed up with “Famous Monsters” to reboot several of the classic movie monster franchises made by Universal Studios.

The indie movie maker, that first broke into the business in 1985 with “Re-Animator”, issued this brief statement through their website:

“For decades, they roamed the cinemas, video stores and late night TV, haunting us, exciting us and inspiring us… Now, the Famous Monsters are back…in Five ALL NEW movies ready to entertain an all new generation.”

Here is the list:


Along with this announcement came four new graphics for all of the films, except the Creature reboot.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know quite what to think about all this? How are fans going to react to some of the most beloved movie monsters of all-time getting remade for the 2000’s?

From these images, three of the films look like standard remakes, but the Wolfman on a space station?

Well…..that’s what the pic looks like? Doesn’t it?

I’ve got a bad feeling, though I will reserve my comments until more information surfaces.

Maybe it’s a good thing that they haven’t come up with a new design for The Creature yet?

Check these out:

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Founder of the popular monster and sci-fi blogs Monster Island News and Godzilla 3D News and Information. Ken Hulsey began his writing career in 2000 when he founded kensforce.com a popular site with fans of Japanese sci fi/monster movies (Godzilla, Gamera and the like) and other B movies. In 2008, he closed down his original site and created the blog "Monster Island News" a showcase for classic horror/monster films and independent/alternative cinema.

5 Responses to “Dracula, Frankenstein, And The Creature All Get Rebooted”

  1. dabode responds:

    Thanks for the heads up Ken, I also have that feeling.
    While it will be nice to have new horror films let’s be clear, you can regenerate, resurrect, rebel and rebirth Universals classics all they want you will not get Lon, Bela, Boris’s performances, you won’t capture it again, it’s gone.
    You can CG until Microsoft puts out a new OS, (which is VERY scary).
    Dracula should never had the stake pulled from his heart. Vampire movies are a dime a dozen. Brendan’s franchise showed us that it was time to weld that sarcophagus shut. Werewolves have been done to undeath, seriously ‘Werewolfs in Outer Space??? Kinda reminds me of Rob Zombie’s Werewolf Women of the SS song title hahaha. And if Ms Shelley was still among us I can see her having a most uncreative nightmare over this latest patch job.
    Bringing the characters back okay, but don’t promote them as remakes, they aren’t and never will be no matter what FMoF thinks. Poor Forry I don’t think he’d be impressed.
    So resurrect them, rebirth them, regenerate them what ever and we’ll have 5 new horror films.
    We won’t have Universal’s classics in anyway shape or form sorry.

  2. tropicalwolf responds:

    What a waste. The only one that hasn’t already been butchered by schlockywood in the last decade is “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”…..still my personal favorite.

  3. Ken Hulsey responds:

    Hold on tight ‘Wolf’, there’s already a remake of the Creature (besides this one) in the works over at Universal.

  4. MrInspector responds:

    I loved all of these movies originally and I still drag them out and watch them on a regular basis. I’m not opposed to seeing them redone. I’m not holding out too much hope that they’ll be anything other than video store fodder though. I would much prefer to see an “Original Idea” come out of Hollywood though, at least on an occasion. Has the entire writing scene just run completely out of ideas? If so, FIRE THEM! Hire someone fresh and young that hasn’t been beaten into submission yet.
    Again, not opposed to the remakes, I would just really like to see something truly “NEW” for a change.

  5. tropicalwolf responds:

    There are no more original ideas…

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