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Posted by: KryptoKelly on March 1st, 2013

From Kickstarter:

Lord of Tears is a feature-length supernatural chiller set in the remote highlands of Scotland. The idea for this film came about from my deep interest in the dark mythologies of ancient civilisations, old gods and legendary monsters – not to mention my obsession with terrifying ghost stories.

As a director, I’m passionate about telling uncanny tales that bring new nightmares to audiences. I want to create alternate realities filled with mystery, terror and suspense – fusing the ancient and modern, preying on our most instinctual fears with threats and twists we cannot foresee.

When researching the Pagan folklore of the Highlands I discovered accounts of a terrifying stalker never before seen on film. It reminded me of the chilling Slenderman and the old ones oft referred to in the short stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

During my research I visited the alleged haunt of this legendary creature, an isolated mansion in a frigid landscape of bleak hills and ancient woods. The location for Lord of Tears had been found. So, in March 2012, our crew of thirteen descended upon the place to shoot our movie and bring to life something secret and ancient.

After months of intense work, the film is now complete. But really, the work is just beginning. We produced the film ourselves and have invested countless hours and lots of our own cash into making our spectral tale a film reality. Now that the movie is in the can and edited, we just need your help getting it out there into the marketplace.

Set against the bleak backdrop of a Scottish winter, Lord of Tears is a classic gothic-style ghost story with an insidious Pagan twist. Our film is inspired by classic horror movies like The Shining, The Wicker Man, and traditional horrors like The Haunting and The Innocents including the sinister influences of the J-Horror subgenre.

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