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“Skookum” Movie Update

Posted by: Lyle Blackburn on June 25th, 2011

According to Chinook Jargon (an old trade language used in the Pacific Northwest), a “skookum” is a variety of mountain giant or monster, similar to the Sasquatch or Bigfoot. It is also the title of a promising looking creature-feature which is planned for release in December of this year. Skookum, the movie, is headed up by director Rob Gaudet, a long-time Louisiana Bigfoot researcher who has worked previously in indie films. It also features acting skills and expert input from Dr. Jeff Meldrum.

The movie is currently in production and Gaudet has just released a teaser trailer.

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Lyle Blackburn About Lyle Blackburn
Lyle Blackburn is an author and musician from Texas. His investigative cryptozoology books, "The Beast of Boggy Creek" and "Lizard Man," reflect his life-long fascination with legends and sighting reports of real-life 'monsters.' During his research, Lyle has often explored the remote reaches of the southern U.S. in search of shadowy creatures said to inhabit the dense backwoods and swamplands of these areas. Lyle is a featured speaker at cryptozoology and horror conferences around North America. He has been heard on numerous radio programs, including COAST TO COAST, and has appeared on television shows such as MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA, FINDING BIGFOOT, and the CBS SUNDAY MORNING SHOW. For more information, visit Lyle's website at:

5 Responses to ““Skookum” Movie Update”

  1. Hambone responds:

    And yet another bigfoot slasher movie.

  2. flame821 responds:

    Actually the teaser looks much more promising than the poster does. The poster screams B-horror, the little teaser made it seem more like a mystery movie than a slasher movie.

    And I liked that little scene towards the end, you ‘just’ barely see the creature walking towards the tree. I hope they don’t show too much of the creature in the film. Many famous directors have stated that what you imagine is far worse than anything they can physically create.

    My biggest question is: will Netflix have this? As I am assuming it is a direct to video release since its indie. The nearest rental place is over 30 miles away and they’re selection is SMALL to say the least. It took them over a year and a half to get ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ on the shelf.

  3. Hapa responds:

    Looks pretty interesting. While watching the trailer, I was reminded of the movie “Abominable”, also about a Sasquatch menace. I hope that the creature for this movie is better designed than most scary movies about bigfoot, or even more realistic than any bigfoot movie period (though a family movie, Harry and the Hendersons” featured a legit-looking bigfoot. Stan Winston was a wizard, and using that actor (Kevin Peter Hall) in that movie magic getup, one could have made a stunning, believable hoax).

    It’s kind of funny that the title of the movie is “Skookum”, a phrase for Bigfoot from the Pacific Northwest, Yet the movie takes place in Louisiana. Nevertheless, it seems intriguing…

  4. Pdwyer responds:

    So, when is the movie coming out? Skookum looks good, we need something to hold us over until the Erickson project comes out!

    Help a man out will you?

  5. Craig Woolheater responds:


    We here at Cryptomundo have not received any updates on this film.

    I will contact the film production company to get the latest scoop and update you and the rest of the Cryptomundians.

    Thanks, Craig

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