Weta Helps Repatriate Yeti Artifacts

Posted by: Lyle Blackburn on March 1st, 2011

Weta Workshop technician Duncan Brown was recently engaged in recreating the long lost Yeti relics stolen from the monastery in Pangbouche. Read more at Monstro Bizarro.


Lyle Blackburn has been possessed by music and monsters since childhood. Not only is he frontman for the outlaw horror rock band, Ghoultown, but also an avid horror movie fan, monster aficionado, and writer. Growing up in Texas near the film site of the creep-classic The Legend of Boggy Creek, Lyle has always been fascinated with legends, lore and sighting reports of real-life monsters such as the one who allegedly stalks the swamps of Boggy Creek. After hanging out with many of the RUE MORGUE staff over the years, they suddenly found themselves with a resident monstrologist and blog contributor. Thus was born, MONSTRO BIZARRO!

Lyle will be sharing his Monstro Bizarro blogs from Rue Morgue here at Cryptomundo.

Lyle Blackburn About Lyle Blackburn
Lyle Blackburn is an author, musician, and cryptid investigator from Texas. For more information, visit Lyle's website at: www.lyleblackburn.com

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