VIDEO: Spokane River Bigfoot Sighting!

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 25th, 2011

A new Bigfoot video shows up on youtube.

What do the Cryptomundians think?

From The Pacific Northwest Islander:

It’s not wreaking havoc like the Mississippi River by any means, or all those little creeks in southeastern Montana that are really screwing people on the Crow reservation, but the Spokane River has officially topped flood stage, and may just have flushed one of nature’s most (only?) elusive (fictional?) man-apes into the open.

Yesterday, a YouTube user with the handle Samantha13950 posted a video that shows hikers wending their way down to the river. The video then goes dark and asks, “did you see it?” The video resets and plays again, in slow motion. Yep, sure enough. In the upper right corner — conveniently and beautifully illuminated by a ray of sunlight — a black, hulking man in a gorilla suit real effing sasquatch!!!???!! figure of unknown provenance walks through the frame:Luke Baumgarten

Samantha13950 says on the post that no one noticed Big Foot until after they got home and checked the video (if they taped the entire lumbering hike that must have made for a less than exhilarating editing room sesh).

The Inlander has a team of 80 forensic videographers checking on the authenticity of this. In the meantime, though, can I just make a plea, on behalf of Big Foot, for humanity to step up its game?

The sasquatch have been playing hide and seek with us for millenia, and it’s pretty obvious who’s winning. I mean, they’re always right there, crossing into a clearing — dappled sunlight creating a halo of light that may as well be a flashing “Big Foot here” sign — just as there’s a camera rolling.

And yet, besides John Lithgow, no one has ever nabbed one.

Shameful.Luke Baumgarten

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

21 Responses to “VIDEO: Spokane River Bigfoot Sighting!”

  1. MountDesertIslander responds:

    Skeptical of this would be an understatement.

    It’s always problematic when the opening scenes of these videos seems staged or lacking in any real content. What was the videographer filming if not the most boring hike ever? The subjects’ demeanor seemed unnatural to me and the appearance of Bigfoot in the frame too providential.

    The creature, well there’s another whole set of problems beginning with his physique. He looks more like a bulimic basketball player than the noble old man of the forest. Of course it might have been a long winter in Hoaxville. One never knows.

  2. Kimble responds:


    In every one of these videos, the subject walks across the camera. My experience has been that wild animals always run ~away~. Even those blasted rare Portland albino squirrels won’t cut across my path, but head ~away~ from me. These video subjects walk parallel.

    They are sneaky too. Patty got up and walked away. In Herriott’s grainy tape the subject just sits there. I’ll even throw a bone to Todd Standing in that the subject of his video just turns and walks ~away~. In these sorts of videos, they are always sneaking across the line of sight.

    Just an observation.

  3. DWA responds:


    The only prediction one can make about how wild animals will behave is that they will. No, not that way.

    On two separate occasions, about 2500 miles apart, I have had the same precise thing happen: two enormous black bears, together for some damn reason, ambling just as slow as you please at direct right angles to me, right across my path of travel.

    There is no conceivable way these four animals were not aware of our (I was with company in both cases) presence. No freaking way. Yet not one of them gave the slightest sign that they even knew we were in the state, much less on the trail yards from them. (Your three-year-old could have hit any of the four with a poorly-tossed rock.) They remain among the biggest bears I have seen, all four of them, which may have something to do with that. They weren’t exactly worried, in other words.

    In another instance I had a bear cub charge right at, and climb, a pine tree about five feet from my face. On another occasion, I was surrounded – quite literally – by about a half-dozen big female bears and their litters. None of whom seemed particularly concerned about me.

    And all of the above wild as they get. That scratches the surface of my close encounters with wild animals that didn’t go *away.*

    I’ve had animals come at me (even squirrels), away from me at every conceivable angle, and cross my path at right angles and obliquely. That in and of itself takes nothing away from this video at all.

    If it’s a fake, at least it looks like something that could actually happen. I will give them that.

  4. mandors responds:

    The Patty-esque head turn and arm swing are both suspicious. The ration of head size to body looks too high, more humanlike. Also, I never heard of Bigfoot having bad posture.

  5. size 13 responds:

    I will say this: Every time a video of a squatch comes out, very few will believe it, most will say it is a fake. Even those who have never seen one of these creatures live in front of them. Hoax or not, Footage will always be called into question and very few will believe good footage of a real squatch. If I had good video of one, why would I want to go through the ridicule?

  6. Dogsqueezins responds:

    Fake. Moving on …

  7. DWA responds:

    Size 13:

    Precisely. I mean, look at Dogsqueezins here.

    Very few here have the technical chops to pronounce on sasvid. All one needs to do is read the comments. But it’s “cool” to yell fake.

    Well, no it’s not, but you know. (Why do they even come here? To yell fake? Wow.)

    All one can do in the way of pronouncement is: inconclusive. Unless the proportions and movements are simply not backed up by evidence so far on fille, in which case *I* am yelling fake.

    I once thought that 3.5 million years of evolution as a hunter would make most of us recognize good footage of a sasquatch if we ever saw it. Our search-image software would yell “not human.” (As I yell “human” when the figure in the video clearly is.) I’ve since backed off that view. Most people, including the one-line fakeyellers, don’t get outside much; and their hunter chops have eroded, badly. Those of us who do get out a lot – and who have paid attention to the evidence – recognize inconclusive when we see it; and I am satisfied that we will be the ones who spot a good photo or video for what it truly is.

    This one, whether authentic or fake, isn’t. Good, I mean.

    If I ever had good video, I would privately contact Loren or Craig, and have them pass it to the right folks for further review. And if *I* didn’t think it was good, it wouldn’t go to anybody; it would be my personal souvenir. I’d be content to finally know. I wouldn’t care if the world knew or not.

    Because, as you say, more or less, the world really doesn’t deserve to know, when it comes right down to it. Not until the world gets off the dime of regarding things it knows nothing about as targets of ridicule.

    Just sayin’.

  8. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Fake or not: I honestly can’t say either way.

    The hunching posture bothers me a bit. And the profile looks too “chimpanzee” like. But it’s too short and far for me to reach a conclusion.

  9. John Kirk responds:

    If this is a hoax it is a good one. Anyone notice that the alleged hominid walks with its knees bent? Too distant and too blurry to be evidence, but interesting because of the gait.

  10. tropicalwolf responds:

    While I too have had bears act as DWA describes, I tend to agree with Kimble on this one. Often field researchers describe how quick and agile these things are…but often what we get in hoaxes is “copies” of the PG stride, with the head turn and all. I posit this, if they are often regarded as fast and elusive, where are the “a$$hole and elbows” videos? Where are the videos of a sasquatch bounding away from the viewer quietly hurdling everything in its path? Why no videos like that? Answer: you can’t convincingly jump in a fake sasquatch suit…it would be a dead give-away. Someone show me a bounding sasquatch or even a full stride running sasquatch (closer than the Memorial Day footage) and I’ll be more apt to not call it a fake. This video is HIGHLY suspicious at best.

  11. manticora responds:

    To me it is a real cool vid.

    I love the chimp-like face and also the gait.

    It is inconclusive as always, but a cool video!!!

    If it is a fake, cool work!! I like it!!

  12. Mausinn responds:

    I have to give them a bit of credit if it is a fake, the camera didn’t leave focus on the subject, which was the female hiker. So many would have just zoomed in, shaking and out of focus, on the supposed BF, and included comments such as “Oh my God”, or “No way”. Then followed by a bunch of “Did you see that?” Yeah, the footage may be boring, but at least they aren’t doing the usual over blown production.

    As far as animals crossing your path, I can’t tell you how many deer just blot right in front of you rather than running the other way. This subject appears to be moving away from the hikers, I don’t see where it is crossing the path as much as I’ve seen in other purported BF videos.

    The subject does not appear to fit into what has become the expected image of BF. It appears to be too thin for the accepted form of the creature. Often people look for how a subject walks or turns or reacts in a video. One would think, or imagine, that by now anyone who would set out to fake a video of BF would have the expectations down as to how the subject should look, walk, or act / react. Applying the expected norms to an early video may be relevant, but in the present, to claim that a video be weighted more to the believable side due to the fact that the subject looks or acts like the accepted visage of BF, is being a bit presumptive. I think any video that come out needs to be looked at not only for video clues of either hoaxing or validation, but the circumstances of the video capture as well as a great deal of background on those offering the video be looked into. It is unfortunate that we can’t take anything at face value anymore, but there have been so many hoaxes and misleading videos now, that everything is suspect. As the public become more savvy on what is expected from a sighting, it becomes better equipped to engineer the results and outcome.

  13. DWA responds:

    Red_pill and mandors: slouching, slumping and other “bad posture” earmarks are frequent in sighting reports. It’s not bad posture for a sasquatch. So I wouldn’t discount based on that.

    John Kirk: pretty much agree. It’s hard, unlike most hoaxes, to say what this *isn’t*, as it’s too indistinct to say clearly that it’s human – the sole dead giveaway that you are looking at a hoax.

    Tropicalwolf: one thing you will never see in a hoax, that’s for sure, is the fast and elusive. Nobody’s gonna get the cam up that quickly. Of course they don’t always sprint for the hills. Patty didn’t; and there are many other reports of animals that either departed leisurely or actually threatened and even chased the witness (probably intimidation behavior, never followed through in any report I’ve read, which is not inconsistent at all with known ape behavior).

  14. Richard888 responds:

    Because the alleged hominid is too far and too blurry, the information given is too little to draw definite conclusions. So the most sensible classification of this video is “inconclusive”.

    If it is a hoax, the perpetrator (yes, perpetrator) decided to alter posture in order to confuse viewers. As much as we loath hoaxers, we should give them a few points for originality.

    He (or she) has crouched the back forwards, bent the knees, widened the gait and moved as fast as a jogger.

    Although it seems difficult, if not impossible, for a normal-postured person to imitate all this, I tried it and it is doable.

    So although the alleged hominid looks bizarre, it is not impossible for it to be a person.

  15. whipthorn responds:

    This one is reported to have happened near my home town. In all the years I’ve lived here, we’ve never really had a decent sighting this close to the town, as far as I am aware.

    There are a plethora of places in and around town that have walking and hiking trails, so it’s just as likely that the creature in the film is simply a hiker.

    We’ve also got a decent population of mountain folk and homeless who make themselves comfortable in our woods, and the woods between us and Canada.

    I’m at first skeptical considering the source, The Inlander, which is unreliable at its best. Filled with young “journalists” and a lot of opinions, it’s more of an entertainment read than actual news. I’m willing to bet we see an article about bigfoot in the next couple weeks.

    Second, having rafted, hiked, and hunted all over this and several other states, it’d be really difficult for a bigfoot to survive near the Spokane River, given the little amount of safe sources of water. The river is very dangerous, and we have deaths year round from people being killed when they fall in and drown. There is a strong undertow on most of the river. Thats not to say this isn’t near one of the safe spots, but the rest of the area has natural springs, more game and wild edibles just a little further north of Spokane. There’s also a large population of outdoorists, who climb all over the area for fun, and if there was such a creature living near us, we’d see more reports and more often than just one in almost 30 years.

    I haven’t actually watched the video thoroughly yet. (My internet is off because I’m moving across town and YouTube is blocked from the work computers) But if it does seem like a credible lead, it’ll be easy enough to get local trackers and experts out there to find more evidence.

  16. sausage1 responds:

    Don’t buy this ‘it would run away, not across’ argument. You can’t get in a car in the English countryside without some dopey piece of fauna running across the road in front of you from side to side. And when I saw an ABC in Norfolk, England, I was standing on the pavement (sidewalk to our US cousins) outside my house and it walked straight in front of me, right to left, as if I wasn’t there.

    I thought this looked chimp like as well. If it is a fake it is well done, very understated – less is more.

  17. zpf responds:

    Ichabod Squatch?

  18. Mïk responds:


    There are several quiet spots along the Spokane River, in town, for a sasquatch to homestead. The poster of the video says it was in town, but the river flows from Lake Coeur d’Alene to Fort Spokane on the Columbia, a trip of several hundred miles. That would give Patty plenty of room to forage.

    Sasquatch is mostly a nocturnal creature and wouldn’t be very noticable, even in a city.

    Whether this is real or not, who knows? The poster claims to have discovered it after viewing at home. I don’t understand the wavy, and I’m inclined to think it’s a post-production flaw but, unless it can be proven false, let’s just stack it atop the pile of brief glimpses…and move on.

  19. planettom responds:

    Um….no, I’m not convinced. I would like to see an unedited version. Also, the camera seems to conveniently point in the general direction of the unidentified figure just as is passes. Seems a little too staged for me to believe it is authentic. Interesting, yes, convincing, no. Need background and to see more of the orginal video. IMHO

  20. skimmer responds:

    frame 35, 36

    It looks like the cuff of a pants leg near the foot. The general thickness of the calf supports this observation.

    It could be that the intervening foliage caused the feature, but it seems to persist over two frames indicating that the feature is attached to the leg.

    My first guess is this human is wearing pants.

  21. whipthorn responds:

    Mik – I agree, there are many, many spots in town for a Sasquatch to hide out, but they seem unlikely to me given that he/she/it would have to leave that area to forage, and there’s just not a lot of evidence to suggest that is the case. Let me give you an example.

    The South Hill is actually pretty active for what we would consider “wildlife”. For years there have been tracks, signs and evidence of a family of deer living in the woods between 24th and 27th off of Thor. I have never seen them, but I do find new tracks, fresh sign, and hear about people spotting them from time to time.

    There’s also a family of turkeys that have been living near 14th and Thor as well, though I haven’t been down there to see if they are still there this year yet.

    My point is that if something was making its home in the town, there would be more evidence pointing to that. As you pointed out as well, the Spokane River is very long, and there are more places with less populace outside of town, between us and CDA, or as far north as Canada.

    It makes more sense to me that the sasquatch would seek areas away from us, where they have a bit more freedom and room to forage adequately. The Washington Bigfoot Research Group has a North East branch, and the majority of their sightings takes place out in the woods, not inside cities. Coupled with the sightings back in the 70s out in Colville, it makes sense that our outlying areas would be more inviting to them.

    That’s not to say it isn’t possible, I just haven’t heard of a sighting this close to town before, and it makes me very wary of this video.

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